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This is one of the best sections of ours. Here we have included products’: How to, Tips, v/s, and Reviews.

How to

The ‘How to’ section helps you to understand and clear all your doubts about the particular product you wish to buy.


The ‘Tips’ section gives you tips for your desired product or the product you’ve already bought. It includes tips for techniques, repairing, maintenance, buying, and many more.


The ‘v/s’ section is for those who are confused between two. For this section, our team picks topics from various forums and the other popular places where people usually discuss. In this section, you will see the products’ side-by-side in-depth comparison.


The ‘Review’ section is the result of our thoroughly studied buyers’ reviews analysis. When you go through one, you will see the page consists of Pros, Cons, Verdict, Buying guide, and then we conclude the article with our thoughts about the product.

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