8 Benefits of Pressure Washing Around Your Home

pressure washing benefits

Generally speaking, pressure washers are expensive machines that cannot be classified as everyday tools. In fact, buyers of these machines only use them a few times in a year so one might be forgiven to ask themselves what are the benefits of pressure washer. It is only when you take a long-term view on pressure washing that you begin to realize its benefits.

If you pressure wash your home as recommended (once or twice a year), your property will maintain its original look for longer. This will cut the need for spending money on repairs or renovations. As for the immediate benefits, it helps improve the appeal of your property, therefore, raising its value. Let us now take a more in-depth look at the long-term and short-term benefits of pressure washer.

Main Benefits of Pressure Washer

#1. Improves Curb Appeal

For most of the winter period, your curb remains covered by snow. This means if you are selling your house during this period, you can just about get away with having an unkempt curb.

However, your curb is visible during spring and summer, so if it’s unkempt, you can be sure that it will reduce the value of your home ever so slightly. If you own a pressure washer, you can take a few minutes or hours to improve your curb appeal depending on its state.

With a pressure washer, you can get rid of the peeling/chipping paint and clean off the mildew, mold, and dirt leaving the curb looking attractive.

The best part of it is that it is a minor job and you don’t have to spend a dime on the improvement; the pressure will do all the work for you. Also, applying a fresh paint on the curb will go a long way in improving your curb appeal.

#2. Increases Your Property Value

increases property value

Nobody wants to see the value of their property depreciate from the negligence of letting dirt and grime build up in key areas.

Doing routine maintenance of say, three months helps your property maintain its value and even appreciate in value from your good maintenance habits.

Pressure cleaning curbs, bricks, driveways, sidewalks, and windows is an effective way of ensuring realtors quote the highest possible value for your property when it comes to selling it.

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#3. Preventative Maintenance for Your Home

As stated earlier, maintaining your property on a regular basis ensures your home or property stays clean and beautiful. Mold and mildew are notoriously known for damaging property and making it look older than it is.

When mold and mildew are not controlled, they invade surfaces and cause irreparable damage overtime thus forcing you to incur more costs by replacing them.

When you pressure-clean your home or property on a consistent basis, you will be disrupting the formation of mildew, mold, and grime on its surfaces.

While maintenance takes a little bit of time and energy, it increases the longevity of your property and helps you save money in the long run.

#4. Protects Against Harmful Bacteria

When dirt, grime, mold, and mildew build up in your home, they make your home more prone to harmful bacteria. Young children and pets are at more risk of catching harmful bacterial infections and falling sick. Cleaning your home regularly with a pressure washer gets rid of filth leaving no chance of bacteria forming.

#5. Saves Your Time

save time

Cleaning a surface manually is time-consuming. This is true especially if you factor in the time it takes to scrub the dirt and filth away.

If you are cleaning a long driveway with just a brush and hose pipe, it might take you a whole day to complete the task, and at the end of it, you’ll be completely spent.

A pressure washer, on the other hand, lets you complete the same task in just minutes or hours depending on the surface you are cleaning. You’ll also get to do the job more efficiently and will not be nearly as tired as you’d have been doing the job manually.

#6. Get Those Hard To Reach Areas

In every house, you will find hard to reach areas that give homeowners a hard time to clean who end up abandoning the job. These tight spaces provide mold and mildew the best environment to thrive since they receive little to no interference.

The only way to clean these areas effectively is by using a pressure washer. By simply selecting a nozzle and pointing it in the right direction, you will effectively eliminate any and all mildew.

#7. Saves Water

save water

In case you didn’t know or thought otherwise, pressure washers are water efficient.

You end up saving up to 80% of water using a pressure washer as opposed to manual cleaning.

Water being dispelled at high-pressure is more effective at getting rid of grime and dirt; therefore, you’ll end up using less water cleaning a surface.

#8. An Eco-Friendly Method

When washing manually, you need detergents or chemicals to get the best results. Such detergents or chemicals are often hazardous to people and the environment.

A pressure washer, on the other hand, uses the force of water to clean, thereby eliminating the need to chemicals and detergents.

How Often to have Power Washing Performed

Power washing is simply the act of pressure washing your property to maintain its appeal. Within a few minutes or hours, you can power wash your entire household to leave it clean and toxin-free.

Power washing has long-term benefits whereby if done correctly helps maintain your property’s original condition for longer so you won’t have to spend money on repairs or replacements.

The best thing about power washing is that you only have to do it once or twice a year and you are good to go. You can choose to do it more than once a year if your property shows constant signs of dirt/grime build up.

When Should You Power Wash Your Property

  1. When your property’s roof is heavily infested by algae
  2. The siding of your property is covered in dirt stains
  3. When you spot mold and mildew around your property
  4. You spot bird droppings and cobwebs around your property
  5. When your gutters have blocked from twigs and leaves

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Wrapping Up

Pressure washing has become the main method of restoring a property’s original status, and it is easy to see why. Pressure washers can clean just about any surface to leave it sparkling. Before pressure cleaning, hard to reach areas were often neglected and later become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. However, with pressure washers, no surface is too big to clean, and no corner is hard to reach. With a simple change of the spray nozzle, you can eliminate all harmful organisms that are breeding in the hard to reach areas to protect your home.

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  1. ProClean Pressure Washing of St. Petersburg

    Pressure washing a home also removes termite tunnels, insect nests, cobwebs, and other areas where insects gather. This keeps those pesky bugs out of your home and off your property, so you don’t need to worry so much about beestings when outside or termite damage inside the house.

  2. That’s a good point that when you use a pressure washer, you don’t need to use chemicals and detergents that could harm the environment! We want to get our home pressure washed after winter is over since it always leaves behind such a mess, and having an eco-friendly way to do that would be great. We want to reduce our environmental impact anyway, and I think this would be a great way to do that.

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