10 Best Gaming Chairs In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Gaming Chairs To Buy in 2017

Will a gaming chair enhance my gaming performance? This is one of the most common questions asked among gamers. Since the purchase of these chair requires making a significant investment, the question can be validated, but perhaps it is not the right question to be asking. While they improve the gaming performance to some extent, they are primarily produced to foster good sitting habits to avoid long-term back and muscle problems.

If you are a gamer, you might think a chair is just a chair, but since you are going to spend long hours in that chair, it only makes sense to find a comfortable game chair you can sit in for hours on end. So if you are a gamer looking for the best comfortable chair for desktop gaming or console gaming or both read on. This detailed guide will bring you a step closer to finding a chair that suits you.

Top Gaming Chairs Reviews

Here are the highly-rated gaming chairs.

NameItem WeightItem DimensionsMaterial TypePrice
DX Racer King Series62 pounds27 x 25 x 52 inchesMetal & FiberView Price
AmazonBasics Chair35.3 pounds30.7 x 27.6 x 45.1 inchesleatherView Price
X Rocker 51259 Pro50.3 pounds29.1 x 22 x 20.9 inchesWood & metal View Price
Best Office High Back_24.6" x27" x46.5"(Highest)LeatherView Price
BirdRock Home12.5 pounds41.2 x 6 x 21.2 inchesPolyester & MetalView Price
Turismo55.4 pounds32.5 x 25.7 x 12.7 inchesMetal & FiberView Price
GT racing50 pounds27.6 x 27.6 x 52.4 inchesMetal & LeatherView Price
BestOffice__PUView Price
Homall33 pounds29.1 x 23.1 x 12.6 inchesLeatherView Price
Essentials33 pounds30 x 13 x 26 inchesLeatherView Price
This list is revised every month to keep the audience updated. Last, this page was edited on 6 January, 2019.

1) DX Racer King Series DOH/KS06/NR With pillows (Black/Red)  – Best Gaming Chair 2019

DX RACER King SeriesThe first impression when you look at the DXRacer is that it is not your ordinary office chair. The DXRacer is a racing-themed office chair that can also be used as a gaming chair.

In regards to looks, this seat features racing type bucket seats that hug your body for maximum support. With this unit, you can choose one of two color options.

The first option is a plain black for people who prefer a minimalist look while the other option is black with some red accents that make it look sportier and more vibrant.

When it comes to comfort, the DXRacer is miles ahead of other chairs. This unit comes fitted with supportive cushions on the headrest, the armrests as well as the lumbar support for maximum comfort.

With adjustable height, armrests, and back support, the DXRacer is one of the most ergonomically designed chairs in its class.

As far as everything is concerned with the DXRacer seat, the only downside is its hefty price tag which can easily be overlooked when you consider all the chair has to offer.
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Conventional tilting mechanism
  • Sturdy, breathable mesh
  • Great looking
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Expensive

Is it worth paying the premium price for this DXRacer seat? The answer is a resounding yes. In the case of this chair, the premium price you pay is a testament to its greatness.

In some instances, people feel shortchanged when they buy premium-priced products. However, this is not the case with the DXRacer chair. In fact, it is one of the few chairs that features adjustable armrests in our review.

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2) AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair – Best Budget Game Chair

Amazon Basic High Back Executive ChairThe first impression about the AmazonBasics chair is you get a feeling that it is more of an office chair than a gamers’ chair.

The truth is that the looks of this chair will divide people right in the middle if they are buying it for the sole purpose of gaming.

However, whichever way you feel about the looks, the AmazonBasics is more than just looks but practicality, ergonomics, and comfort.

If there’s one thing that should drive you to buy this executive seat, it should be the thick padding fitted all over its surface including the armrests.

Regarding construction and build quality, the AmazonBasics features top-notch materials such as a high strength steel frame for resilience and detailed with leather and PVC on its surface to give it a smooth, elegant feel.

If we were nitpicking the flaws, the only questionable bit about the seat is the backrest. Granted, it is not a deal breaker whatsoever, but the backrest of this AmazonBasics chair flexes in a more dramatic way than most of the chairs we tested.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fully adjustable
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Accommodating size
  • Does not feature a lockable back support
If you like minimalist design cues on a game chair, then you should consider the AmazonBasics seat. While the simplistic design makes the seat look ideal for office work, the truth is that this seat blends into its surroundings and wouldn’t look out of place anywhere. Also for its price and features, there is no doubt that this AmazonBasics is great value for money.

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3) X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Chair – Best Gaming Chair under 200


If you have ever wondered what the perfect gaming chair looks like, look no further than the X Rocker Pro H3.

The only accurate way to describe this chair is that it features a laidback rocker design that is suitable for gamers.

The reclined nature of the Pro H3 provides maximum lower back support to ease the strain on the upper back and shoulders.

Unlike with other gaming seats, no one would confuse this model to an office chair, and that clear distinction enhances the value of this chair to gamers.

Without any negative remark about the Pro H3, a special praise has to be passed to the design team at X rocker for their attention to detail and their willingness to push boundaries in their production.

With Bluetooth capabilities, four internal speakers and a subwoofer fitted into the chair, the Pro H3 is truly unique.

The subwoofer produces realistic vibrations to create an immersive experience when gaming. What’s more, this seat is fitted with storage pockets for storing gaming equipment.

  • Great design
  • Super comfortable
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Fitted with speakers as standard
  • Fitted with storage pockets
  • None
The X Rocker Pro H3 is one of those products that make both adults and kids salivate upon. It is a gamer’s dream come true with all its features. The reason why I would recommend this chair to every gamer out there is that with this seat, you know exactly where your money went.

Also, the fact that the X Rocker Pro H3 adds something different to this market segment such as speakers and Bluetooth connectivity makes it one of our favorite gaming seats.

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4) Best Office New High Back Chair – Best PC Gaming Chair under 100

Best Office High Back Gaming ChairThis model of Best Office is optimized for office work rather than gaming but can still handle gaming adequately. The high back is without a shred of doubt the star of the show of this chair.

It is padded with an ergonomic cushion on the interior while the synthetic fiber cover on the exterior is detailed with contours of different shapes for enhanced support and comfort.

What’s more, the high back features a non-removable headrest as well as a detachable pillow that is finished in the same color accents as the rest of the seat. A nice comfort feature about this gaming seat is the padded armrests.

Perhaps the most exciting feature about this Best Office is the car style bucket seats that are fitted into it to provide a snug fit for support.

While this particular Best Office chair features a ton of ergonomic features and is moderately priced, it still feels more like an office seat than a gamers’ chair.

While the statement about the Best Office looking more of an office chair than a gamers’ chair is true, it is a minor fact that will should not impact the decision of potential buyers.

  • Sturdy build quality
  • Height adjustable
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Moderately priced
  • Bucket seat design
  • Lacks a wow factor

If you want a functional game chair that can double as an office chair and will not burn a hole in your pocket, this Best Office seat is the chair for you.

Despite not having the exciting features equipped in other gaming chairs, this seat will do its primary job of easing the tension in your muscles adequately. To sum it up, this Best Office is simple and worth every penny.

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5) BirdRock Home Adjustable Chair – Best Comfortable Gaming Chair

Bird Rock Adjustable Gaming ChairThe first impression about the BirdRock is that it is a different type of chair from the ones that dominate this review.

With no legs and armrests, the BirdRock is optimized for gaming on consoles such as Xboxes and PlayStations.

However, whatever the BirdRock lacks in ergonomics, it more than makes up for it with comfort.

The entire surface of this seat is covered in plush fabric that features a contoured design for support while the interior is filled with chopped memory foam.

The memory foam on the interior coupled with the 14-way adjustable back ensures maximum comfort for its users at all times.

The lack of an armrest and legs is the only deficiency of the BirdRock Home chair. This limitation exposes the users of the seat to fatigued shoulders and arms which are not an ideal scenario for gaming.

Also, since this seat lacks legs, you cannot use a desktop PC for gaming, thereby limiting your gaming options to options such as Laptop, PlayStation, and Xbox, etc.

  • Super comfortable
  • 14-way adjustable
  • Moderately priced
  • Cozy
  • Lacks arm supports
  • Lacks legs

It is not a secret that the BirdRock Home chair has some significant limitations with its lack of armrests and legs. These shortcomings are enough to put most desktop PC gamers off, but other gamers can use this seat without a hitch.

That being said, the BirdRock is easily the most comfortable seat we tested, and its discounted price only makes it more attractive. Overall, if you only partake in desktop PC gaming, steer clear away from the BirdRock otherwise other gamers can use it for its unrivaled comfort.

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6) Turismo Racing Ancora Series – Best PC Gaming Chair

Turismo Executive Gaming ChairAs one of the most expensive units in this review, the manufacturing team at Turismo Racing brand pulled out all the stops to produce this Ancora.

Everything about it from the aluminum body frame to the padding and the exterior fabric feels expensive and durable.

The car-themed bucket seats are a nice touch to the seat to give it more of a gaming feel than an office feel.

Ergonomically, this seat is a leader in its class having many adjustable components with the rarest one being the armrests.

Only premium chairs feature adjustable armrests, and the Ancora has this feature. Its armrests are capable of adjusting up to 180 degrees to offer support to the arms and shoulders.

For its build quality and all of its features, the Turismo Racing Ancora is priced on the higher side especially considering cheaper options are offering what the Ancora is offering.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Aluminum build; strong yet light
  • Bucket seat design
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Highly adjustable
  • Expensive

When you look at the Turismo Racing Ancora and then look at its price, you may be baffled. Without discrediting its design, this seat does not look overly special especially since you can find a similar design gaming seat at a fraction of the price of this Ancora.

Overall, the Turismo Racing Ancora doesn’t look any more special than seats that are half priced. However, the sense of touch puts everything into perspective. It feels premium and durable, so if you don’t mind paying a premium price for a high-quality gaming seat, then this Ancora is for you.

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7) GT Racing Chair – Best Quality Gaming Chair

gt racing gaming chairThe GT racing is a multi-functional seat that can be used for various purposes whether at work or home as a gaming seat.

This ergonomically designed seat features a bucket seat theme that is popular for providing excellent support.

The GT racing is ergonomically optimized with an adjustable back support, height adjustability, and 360-degree swivel capability.

With this unit, you get a handle lever that lets you control the tilt of the chair such that you can recline the back to an angle that feels most comfortable for you.

In regards to comfort and support, this seat features a cushioned and contoured back and bottom.

With non-adjustable armrests, the GTracing seat falls short of being a top-tier gaming seat. However, at its price, this limitation is expected and therefore is not such a big loss for this seat.
  • High-quality build
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Multifunctional
  • Highly adjustable
  • Nonadjustable armrests

While you cannot classify the GTracing gaming seat as cheap or expensive, the price is just right whereby the lack of an adjustable armrest cannot be faulted.

While there are cheaper seats on the market, none of them comes close to providing the utility provided by the GT racing.

The final verdict on the GT racing is that it is a great seat that looks great and offers gamer comfort and support. Therefore, if you spend hours on end gaming, the GT racing chair will suit you perfectly.

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8) Best Office New Chair – Best Gaming Chair for XBOX ONE

Best Office Gaming ChairJust as the name suggests, the BestOffice New Gaming chair is a new model of the chair from the BestOffice brand. This chair looks and feels unique with its racing theme bucket seats and high back.

When it comes to the design, this BestOffice chair is beautiful to look at, but that’s not all because, despite the beauty, the design is also functional.

The bucket seats and the high back provide snug support for the head as well as the entire back. The build is just as impressive with a steel frame and a metal base to provide maximum stability.

In terms of ergonomics and adjustability, this BestOffice chair can be adjusted to lay flat at 180 degrees if you wish to take a quick nap. This flexibility is made possible by the adjusting mechanism fitted adjacently between the high back and horizontal.

The seat is fitted with a 360-degree swivel coupled with a height gas spring that lets the user adjust the height of the seat as they see fit. Seats in this price range do not feature adjustable armrests and as expected this BestOffice doesn’t.

While the lack of adjustable armrests can be forgiven, one cannot forgive the fact that you can save a small chunk of your money by looking at other less expensive brands that offer the same utility as this model.

  • Great design
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Bucket seat style
  • Sturdy build
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Armrests not adjustable
  • A tad bit expensive

Being one of the newer models fromBestOffice, this chair has been optimized for gaming unlike in previous models. The racing style bucket seats on this chair guarantee the gamers long hours of support and comfort as they enjoy playing their Wii games.

I would recommend this seat to any gamer because unlike other chairs, this BestOffice chair lets you game with high intensity for long periods without muscle fatigue.

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9) Homall Gaming Chair – Gaming Computer Chair For Kids

Homall Gaming ChairThe Homall is a high back gaming chair made of PU leather bucket seats and can also be used as an executive office seat.

The bucket seats coupled with the computer swivel lumber support increase the support offered by this chair meaning the gamers can sit in it comfortably for extended hours.

The thick padding and PU leather fitted on the seats are also extended to the armrests for additional comfort.

With no major drawbacks for the Homall, we have to touch on the wheels of this chair.

The wheels are made from some special sort of PU rubber made exclusively from Homall. These rubber wheels not only look good but they roll smoothly on both hard and soft surface floors and will not scratch or cause damage to your floors.

As for the adjustability, this seat is ahead of its competitors with its many adjustable options such as the adjustable armrest which allows the seat to save space in the gaming room or even in the office.

  • Multi-directional wheel use
  • Quality build materials
  • Rocking function
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Great design
  • Decent price
  • None

When we carried out the test for the Homall, we looked for negative talking points, but we couldn’t find any. Whether it is regarding price, comfort, ergonomics, support, materials and build quality, the seat is up to scratch.

All in all, if you are an avid gamer, you should seriously consider this seat if you are after ultimate comfort while gaming intensely.

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10) Essentials Game Chair (ESS-3086-BLU) – Gaming Chair For Adults

Essentials Racing Gaming ChairThe Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) is a racing style chair made of high-quality materials to provide ultimate comfort and durability for gamers.

This chair is optimized for ergonomics, motion and most importantly offering a unique gaming experience.

For comfort, the Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) is padded with extra thick material and fitted with additional comfort features like a padded headrest and armrest.

What’s more, this seat can handle weights of up to 250 lbs. The bucket seats in this model are fitted for two major reasons.

The first reason is that they give this chair a gaming appeal that is desirable to all gamers. The second reason is that the seats foster good gaming habits within the gamers by providing snug support that forces gamers to maintain the right gaming postures.

In terms of ergonomics and adjustability, this seat is fitted with flip-up arms for saving space, a back seat recline control as well as 360-degree swivel.

As expected the Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) lacks armrests but at its price, it is not a problem since that feature is reserved for more expensive models.

  • Full adjustability
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Lack of adjustable armrests

Although the Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) lacks adjustable armrests, you cannot fault this seat any further than that.

Not only does it have all the bells and whistles to make it one of the most desirable gaming seats on sale today but the price on the ESS-3086-BLU model is just right. Therefore, I would recommend it to any gamer who wants to adopt the right gaming habits and avoid long-term back and muscle problems.

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Winner: DX Racer King Series DOH/KS06/NR

When you look at the many different gaming seat options available, it is easy to see why gamers have a difficult time selecting just one seat. There are many great gaming seats available, but none is quite like the DXRacer model number DOH/FD01/NR.

Most manufacturers have a difficult time combining all the suit ingredients to make the perfect product, but the DXRacer DOH/FD01/NR is a great example of such a product.

Our team of professionals spent hours trying to scrutinize this seat but other than the price, the seat had no shortcomings.

In terms of design and build quality, most people agreed that it was special to look at and was premium to touch and sit in thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction.

Comfort wise, the DXRacer is padded at every spot the body comes in constant contact with the chair. Ergonomic wise, this racing themed seat features an adjustable armrest which is a pretty rare feature in its class. As you can see, it is not a stretch to claim that the DXRacer ticks all the right boxes for a game chair.

How did we pick?

It is widely known that gamers tend to sit for long hours when playing games. However, there are serious health implications involved in sitting for long hours as well as standing for long hours.

The most healthy way to play games is changing your sitting position every few minutes and getting up to move and stretch your muscles after every hour or so. However, if this is too much of change, the next best alternative is getting you a game chair that will provide maximum support for your muscles.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of gaming chairs are aware of both health implications and have optimized the seats for gaming. Gaming is different from working where an upright posture is recommended for working; a more reclined posture is recommended for gaming to relax your back muscles.

Therefore, one consideration we made for picking the best chair was the support offered by the backrest. A tension-controlled backrest is ideal in a game chair.

The next feature we looked for in these chairs is a seat pan slider which allows the user to slide his or her bottom forward or backward. This feature allows people to get additional thigh and leg support to prevent dead leg, a common occurrence among gamers.

The only problem is that the seat pan slider feature is not popular among most other chairs. This feature tends to be mostly found in executive office chairs as well as high-end game chairs which are more costly.

Some considerations such as the cover material on the seat are purely subjective, and therefore we didn’t put much emphasis on it. Some people prefer a leather covered seat while others prefer fabric and others will choose a breathable mesh depending on the aesthetics and comfort provided by each material.

While gamers should choose sturdy build chairs, it is advisable to avoid seats with fixed armrests since they are one-dimensional and are likely to lead to fatigue. Although we believe that price should not be the determining factor of buying a gaming chair, it is one other important factor we considered.

Before you set a budget, it is always recommended you research the market to find a seat that will suit your needs then set a budget based on your findings. When it comes to price, your body type will play a huge factor in finding a suitable chair that looks great and provides the support your body needs.

Testing chairs

Through intensive testing procedures as well as the considerations we made above, we settled on the best testing chair for PC gamers, and that is the Office Master 5 (OM5). All our colleagues tested this chair, and we all found it to be highly customizable with an ergonomic design and having impeccable quality build.

Also, the OM5 is one of the best looking chairs in this segment and can be acquired at a fraction of the price of other high-end chairs. The only shortcoming of this chair is that it features a simplistic design which does not allow advanced features such as a seat pan slider.

Future testing

Testing chairs is a lot like fashion in clothes. It is a highly subjective exercise where the users favor certain chairs over others as personal preference in looks as well as the feel of the chair which varies according to body shape.

Another inconsistency in testing the chairs was the lack of uniformity across different countries around the globe. These inconsistencies are the reason why we will take a different approach to future testing of these chairs.

For example, we will consider racing style bucket seats as game chair options. These bucket seats are completely different to the regular seats we featured in this review. When it comes to design, they have a fun, eye-catching design that is appealing to most gamers.

As for support and comfort, these bucket seats are geared towards providing a tight snug fit for support, and they come with different cushion options for the head, back, lumbar and bottom. Price wise, they are more expensive too.

Buying Guide – 15 Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Gaming Chair

If you are searching for the gaming chair, our review and buying guide will point you in the right direction. We have considered every possible factor you can think of to help you make the right decision. A good chair is one that’s comfortable, supportive, and durable. Here are some of the features that determine a good gaming seat.

  • Comfort: Comfort is imperative for gaming chairs. Comfort on a game chair is about putting your muscles at ease to prevent physical stress on your muscles. That is why these chairs are fitted with additional features such as headrests and armrests to boost the comfort levels. Also, the material used for padding greatly determines the comfort levels of the chair especially if you are going to be sitting in the chair for prolonged hours.
  • Ergonomic Design: Many people often ask how to determine if a seat is ergonomically designed.  The most appropriate answer is that any seat that adapts to your body’s type is an ergonomic seat. Such seats have features such as lumbar support, extra back support, thigh support and seat slide.
  • Height adjustment: This is one the most basic features of a gaming chair. Fortunately, most chairs have this feature.
  • Armrest elevation: Sadly, most chairs come with a fixed armrest. A good chair features an adjustable armrest to ease stress on your shoulders and arms.
  • Tensioning system: This feature allows the gamer to adjust the degree tautness of the backrest to ease pressure on your back or offer more support to your back depending on how you adjust it.
  • Backrest locks: This feature locks down the chair’s backrest position at the most comfortable angle for your back.
  • Seat slide: This feature slides the seat pan forwards or backward to reach the most comfortable level.
  • Construction: The construction build of the seat is critical to gamers. No one likes something that looks like it’s about to come apart. Intense gamers tend to get a rush of emotions whenever they are playing, and this causes them to wiggle in their seats enthusiastically. For this reason, they need a sturdy seat that will not crumble under the added pressure.
  • Looks: To some people looks a play a huge role in their final buying decision while other people don’t pay much attention to how these chair looks as long as it is comfortable. If you are the former, a little style and design in the chair go a long way in improving the general aesthetics of your gaming room. Gaming chairs that feature a plain design and color are suitable for people who prefer a minimalist look.
  • Material: The materials used to construct your gaming chair are important because they determine the chair’s durability. These gaming seats come fitted with different build materials that have different appeals to the prospective buyers. Some seats are made of leather, others fabric and others are made of mesh. Leather seats are perfect for heat retention and are suitable for cold places while seats made from breathable mesh are suitable for hot places where people tend to sweat a lot. Fabric seats are suitable for both climate conditions. Materials such as steel and plastics have their pros and cons when it comes to game chairs. Also, you will want to know the type of material used for padding and whether the cover material is made of cloth or leather.
  • Style: Different brands come with different build styles. Again, the different styles are subjective where some people may prefer themed seats to go with their themed game room while others prefer a simplistic design since they can use the chair in any room of the house without looking out of place.
  • Types: There are a variety of chair types. You have to choose according to your personal preference. Some types are Beanbag, Rocker, Pedestal, Wheelbase, Custom, Racers etc.
  • Size: Most chairs are constructed for the average sized person, but that averaged sized seat may be too big or too small for you depending on your size. Therefore make sure you fit comfortably in the seat before finalizing the purchase.
  • Price: Needless to say, the price is a huge factor to consider when buying gaming chairs. Just because a chair is priced higher than another, it does not necessarily mean it is better. You should carefully determine all the features you want then do research to ensure you get the best value for money.
  • Unique Features: The most important things you should consider first in gaming chairs are ergonomics, support, and comfort. Secondary features such as connectivity jacks, audio speakers, wireless connectivity and other bells and whistles should come second since most of them are just gimmicks.

More about Gaming Chairs


Roughly there are 6 types of gaming chairs. Roughly means, it has been categorized according to use and convenience of these chairs.
So here are the six types below:

  • Bean Bag: Bean Bags are the entry-level and most basic type of gaming chair. Most bean bags are made from soft materials such as foam, cushions, etc. making them extremely comfortable and cozy. The main problem with bean bags is that they lack adequate support and this makes them only suitable for console gaming as opposed to desktop PC gaming. Also, bean bags only bring comfort to the table; they cannot do basic stuff such as roll, swivel or rock.
  • Rocker: The rocker is another type of chair that is primarily used for console gaming. This is because the rocker does not have legs and features a curved bottom surface that allows the gamers to rock back and forth while playing. There is no doubt that these chairs are a step above the bean bags with their support and utility. For example, a rocker chair like the XRocker features incredible support with the armrests, storage pockets, Bluetooth connectivity and audio equipment such as speakers. All these are features that lack in the bean bag. The only drawback with the rocker is that you cannot swivel sideways or diagonally.
  • Pedestal: Like the rocker and bean bag before, pedestal chairs are primarily designed for console gaming but can be used for desktop gaming. Pedestal chairs look a lot like rocker chairs with the only difference being that they are raised a little higher off the ground than rocker chairs. They are not as comfortable as conventional office chairs for desktop gaming but can occasionally be used without much strain. Pedestal chairs are a tad bit expensive than rocker type chairs but are worth the extra cost due to their 360-degree swivel ability.
  • Wheelbase (PC Gaming Style): Wheelbase chairs are the best chairs in terms of ergonomics, support, and mobility. Do you want to roll around or spin to reach something? The wheelbase chair lets you do just that. The more expensive models and latest models even let you recline the back up to 180 degrees to form a bed-like structure for catching naps. Wheelbase chairs are distinguished from their resemblance to office chairs, and most of them are fitted with features such as armrests, back support, wheels, and adjustment features.
  • Custom: Custom chairs are more common for racing simulators, flight simulators, and workstations. This type of chair is in most cases categorized by its steep price tag. The most common features included in custom gaming chairs include gaming equipment such as joysticks and monitors while things such as wheels, wings, and other additional effects are options that will require additional funds.
  • Racers: Racers are chairs that are specifically made for racing. They are categorized by their unique design which features racing equipment such as a steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake pedal, a clutch, a gear and a handbrake. Basically, all the features you will find in a car.

Consider Using a Footrest

Resting your legs on the ground can be exhaustive if you are sitting for long hours. Getting a footrest allows you to alleviate your feet thus easing the pressure on your feet. Also, the activity of alternating your feet between the footrest and the ground every few minutes help prevent dead leg.

Finding Good Office Chairs for Desktop Gamers

As a gamer, the level of comfort of your seat plays a huge role in your overall gaming experience. A study revealed that a high level of comfort gets the best performance out of gamers as opposed to a low level of comfort.

Different types of office chairs provide different comfort levels depending on your body type and the hours you spend gaming. If you spend long hours gaming, you should test the office chair thoroughly to ensure it provides comfort and support before making the purchase.

And since you will be spending most hours of your day on the chair, it makes a lot of sense to invest a considerable amount of money for the chair that suits your needs best.

However, if you’re not an avid gamer who spends most of his/her time gaming, a less expensive chair with less ergonomic features will do the job.

Why Gamers Need Ergonomic Seating?

The simple reason why gamers need ergonomic chairs is to safeguard their health. Looking after your health should be a huge priority if you are a gamer.

An EU research discovered that as much as 80% of gamers and office workers are at risk of muscle pains if proper gaming habits are not observed. Therefore, both young and old aged gamers who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer should adopt healthy sitting habits to avoid future complications.

The long-term health implications of sitting for prolonged hours is a slouched back. This back problem develops over a long period and is known to reduce the efficiency of people. To avoid this problem, specialists encourage office workers and PC gamers to align their desk, seat, PC screen, keyboard and mouse in positions that will not strain your muscles.

Aligning your workstation or gaming station to complement your position as well as your height will ensure you maintain good sitting postures. Buying an ergonomic chair is the first step in the right direction but alone, does not solve the future problems you might face.

So, apart from adopting good sitting habits, you should engage in physical activities such as taking a long walk, jogging, and exercise and so on. But since most gamers and office workers ignore this advice, taking breaks in between long hours of sitting where you get up, stretch and take a stroll to ease the tension in your muscles.

General Thoughts on the Right PC Gaming Chair for Gamers

Addressing The Mentality

You would be totally shocked if you count the number of times people forego buying an important thing only to end up spending the money on luxury items. Most times, they make that rash decision in the heat of the moment without considering future consequences.

A good example of this occurrence is with gaming chairs. Getting a good gaming chair is not only a priority but a good investment for gamers since they spend a lot of time on them while gaming.

However, when the latest, hottest game comes out, you will find most gamers rushing to purchase the game without thinking about future repercussions.

While buying the latest Wii games is not a crime, buying the latest games when your gaming chair is causing you all sorts of back problems, and muscle pains can be considered a crime. Your health should be a priority, but unfortunately, most gamers don’t see it as such partly because the effects are long term.

Addressing The Health Implications

Every gamer should consider the effects of gaming on their health. Often, young gamers neglect the health implications on their bodies which could, in turn, lead to serious health medical concerns in the long run.

As a middle-aged person, you don’t want to be walking around with a slumped back and regretted why you did not observe healthy gaming habits while you were younger. A study in the UK in 2013 revealed that back pains affected 4 out of 5 workers which resulted in over 15 million work days.

Therefore, as a gamer, you should use your chair and desk in the recommended way to help you maintain an upright posture and prevent a slouched back.

Addressing The Cost

The rule about cost is never to buy a product based on the cost alone. Instead, you should research what you want in that product and then set a budget for it even if it means you have to save up for a little while to achieve reach the budget.

In the case of game chairs, your gaming habits should determine the chair you are going to purchase. For example, if you use your chair as a multitasking product for gaming and working, it means you spend most of your day on the chair.

Therefore, you should look for the most ergonomic, most comfortable and most supportive chair you can find that suits your body type. However, if you only spend a few hours a week on the gaming chair, a less expensive chair should do the job adequately.

Casters and Wheels

Types of Casters

There are two main types of casters, they are:

  • Rigid Caster: Rigid casters were the first type of casters to be placed in chairs. These form of casters were as popular as can be back in the day but had the limitation of moving either forwards and backward. You were out of luck if you wanted to move the chair diagonally or sideways.
  • Swivel Caster: The swivel caster was introduced later to address the shortcomings of the swivel caster. Swivel casters have the ability to move in any direction whether forwards, backward, sideways and diagonally. There are different three types of swivel casters;
    • Kingpin-Less Casters: As the name suggests, the kingpin-less casters are not fitted with a nut and a bolt kingpin. This makes them the most durable casters and therefore the most suitable for enthusiastic gamers who can’t contain their feelings.
    • Locking Casters: The locking caster is fitted with a locking mechanism on the caster to prevent the chair from undesired movements
    • Plate Casters: Plate casters make use of a plate that is attached to the chair’s underside. This type of swivel caster is not as functional as the other two but is also widely used since it is easy to attach the plate


When it comes to wheels, metal wheels and rubber wheels have proven to be the most durable over the years. However, both types of wheels are prone to scratching floors and leaving unsightly marks. This is most common with steel wheels than rubber wheels.

The other types of wheels are made of plastic, polyurethane or pneumatic materials. While these types of wheels are not as durable as metal and rubber wheels, they are more gentle on the floors hence will not leave scratches and unsightly marks.

Office Gliders Caster Replacement

Office glider casters are made of friendly polyurethane material that provides advantages such as no scratches as well as no noises and squeaks from these casters. Office glider casters are also suitable for soft surfaces such as carpets where they simply glide over without any drama.

The last advantage of these office glider casters is that they can be installed easily without any technical knowledge and expertise. All you need is the instructional manual that comes with the product.

Premium Chair Caster Replacement

Like the office glider caster chairs, the premium caster chairs are also made of friendly polyurethane materials, and therefore both chairs share the same benefits.

Premium caster chairs are lubricated with lithium-based grease on all office chairs to provide smooth movements. This type of caster office chairs is easy to clean and come with only two color schemes, black, and gray, to match any office or gaming chair.

Reliable Hardware Company Casters Replacement

Reliable Hardware Company has gathered a lot of popularity online for its versatile casters. These swivel casters are the plated type that can fit on any gaming or office chair.

The reason these casters are so popular is that they are coated with rubber to provide smooth movements on both hard and soft floors while protecting for the floor against scratches.

High Ground Perspective: Sitting Disease and Other Trunk; Back Pain Concerns

If you look at the human history, it is only recently that we humans started sitting for long hours whether you are working, gaming, learning in school, watching movies, etc. This new trend in human history reveals that humans are now spending most of their waking hours sitting down.

Sitting renders your body inactive meaning the intricate network of nerves surrounding your spine are prone to suffering from bulging discs and hernia from the inactivity. Bulging discs or hernias can be detected through x-rays, and they may or may not be painful.

One way of preventing these health complications is through constant movement which counters the effects of developing hernia and bulging discs. Movement allows better flow of fluids within the cores of the discs which leads to the compression and decompression of inter-vertebral discs to help muscles relax and recover.

Is a Branded Gaming Chair Worth It?

When you look at gaming chairs from a neutral perspective, you will notice that they are just normal office chairs. The only difference is that they are fitted with flashy extras like bucket seats and sprayed with bright colors to give it a gaming verve.

In most cases, these modifications lead to manufacturers slapping premium prices on these chairs, but gamers are more than willing to pay the premium prices. This is because these modifications affect the gamers subconsciously to think that the chairs will improve their gaming performance.

The truth is a normal office chair that is ergonomically inclined, comfortable and supportive is just as suitable for gaming as a chair optimized for gaming.

Popular Brands


Before the DXRacer brand started manufacturing gaming chairs, they were in the lucrative business of making race car seats before they expanded their market. The DXRacer brand has built a solid reputation for creating new trends in the chair market that are of high-quality and ergonomic. So far all their gaming chairs have been received well by both gamers and critics.


The AmazonBasics brand has not been in the gaming chair market for a long time but so far so good for the brand. The brand is renowned around the globe for producing affordable chairs that can keep up with the best in the market in terms of utility and features. AmazonBasics is now a respected brand and a major player in the gaming community.

X Rocker

The X Rocker brand will go down in gaming chair history for the role they played in introducing and popularizing the rocker gaming chair. While the rocker chairs are limited to forward and backward movements, they let you rock the chair for a more relaxed and soothing gaming experience. Overall, the rocker chairs have been welcomed in the market, and that is because of the tireless dedication the X Rocker brand put in designing and promoting these types of chairs.


First and foremost, we hope you enjoyed this review and buying guide about the best gaming chairs on the market today. Our main goal was to provide you with all the meaningful insight about these chairs and list the best chairs on the market. Ultimately, the buying decision lies with you, but we sincerely hope you pick at least one of the products we have listed above since we vetted them professionally and they are all extraordinary chairs that put a smile on your face once you use them.

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