4 Best Automatic Pool Cleaners In 2018

best pool cleaner

There are countless signs of wealth, countless ways to distinguish the 1% from the average populace, people often say. Many of these are curiously linked to water. Whether it’s owning a yacht or living on a tropical Pacific island, it’s the wealthiest and those with the most prestige that get to surround themselves with more H20 than the average Joe, it seems.

But the one that represents the cherry on top of this watery cake is definitely being in possession of a swimming pool, preferably quite a large one. However, those who do own one of those will know from experience that it’s not a show-off machine, and it doesn’t take care of itself.

In fact, pools of all kinds need lots of attention to keep their clean, envy-inducing appearance. Which is why we took the liberty of selecting ten of the best pool cleaners (currently 4, expanding soon) from the myriads of devices currently available and listing them here. Thank us later.

NameBrandTypeCustomer RatingsPrice
Dolphin Nautilus PlusDolphinRobotic4.4View Price
Aquabot Breeze XLSAquabotRobotic3.1View Price
Dolphin PremierDolphinRobotic4.2View Price
POOL ROVER S2 40AquabotRobotic3.3View Price

4 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Here are the top rated robotic pool cleaner in 2018.
best robotic pool cleaner

1. Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

dolphin nautilus plusWhen it comes to pool cleaners, many would argue those of the robotic kind are the cream of the crop. After all, what could possibly be more convenient than an intelligent, autonomous device that not only cleans every single spot, but does so without needing any of your attention?

We tend to agree, however, many of these pool cleaning robots often fall short of expectations. Either they need to be recharged way too regularly, or they aren’t as truly independent from you as their marketing would lead you to believe. Or, very commonly, they are just wildly overpriced, inaccessible to even somewhat affluent pool owners.

The great thing about the Nautilus Plus? It exhibits none of these flaws. Essentially a larger, more heavy-duty-oriented version of the already great Dolphin Nautilus, the Plus model may not be the company’s most expensive or feature-packed offering of them all, but it does positively surprise in many ways.

From its smart anti-tangle cable design to the intelligent pool scanning feature, which practically eliminates missed spots, to the high-powered water filtration system that cleans much more than just the pool surface, the Nautilus Plus has all the gadgets and gizmos of its most expensive competitors.

Key Features

  • CleverClean Technology
  • Extra-Large filter capacity
  • Patented floating, swivel cable
  • Easy Fix modular technology
  • PVC bristle brushes
  • 2 Year Warranty
The only caveat? The built-in filters are not likely to last for nearly as long as the machine itself. Clearly, Dolphin had an incentive to design them that way; it allows them to sell add-on and replacement filters at a high cost. Unfortunately for the consumer, there is no solution other than to put up with this design flaw and enjoy the Nautilus Plus core strengths.
In conclusion, the Nautilus Plus by Dolphin is one of the best robotic pool cleaner’s we’ve ever reviewed. It’s reliable—if you forget about those pesky filters—it’s as mechanically simple as the design allows, it’s intelligent and functions completely without your supervision as it should.

It cleans as much as physically possible in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of fuss, and we could go on for hours. Add to all of that the rather affordable sub-four-figure price, and you’ve got a great deal.

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2. Aquabot ABREEZ4 X-Large Breeze with Scrubbers Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools

aquabot abreez4 xlsWhen manufacturers try to combine the high-end in features with the low-end in price, the product is only bound to fail spectacularly.

Or is it? The Breeze XLS by Aquabot begs to differ. Sure, it may not have brand bias at its disposal thanks to the relatively unknown name, but at least it tries to impress with its performance instead.

Combining the best of both worlds, this robotic, fully autonomous pool cleaner boasts with having all the features, gadgets and tricks up its sleeve that are commonly found on luxurious, high-priced models by the big brands.

From that handy anti-tangle cable design, although only up to 70 degrees as opposed to the competition’s 360, to the dual-filter water purifying system to the intelligent pool scanner on the bottom, it ticks all the right boxes.

What’s more, unlike some more cumbersome models populating higher price brackets, the Breeze XLS is rated for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

However, its pricing comes off as very budget-friendly, at an MSRP of just $415. That’s less than half of what the models the Breeze XLS is trying to compete with sell at. Sounds like quite a bargain, doesn’t it?

Key Features

  • Agitating brushes
  • XL Filter Baskets
  • 50-foot kink free, EZ swivel cable
  • Patented Power Washing Jets
  • 1 Year Warranty

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula that enabled Aquabot to develop this model. There is no magic trick, no special technique, it’s exactly as you would expect: The Breeze XLS is deliberately made using the cheapest components available.

That is the only way Aquabot could cram in this many features and gadgets into such a budget device. The pitfalls? Quality, of course. Don’t expect this one to last. And don’t expect its pathfinding, scanning or filtration systems to rival those of Polaris or Dolphin, either.

In the end, the Aquabot Breeze XLS is just what it looks like. A bargain. However, buyers will need to realize that this doesn’t rid it of quite a few compromises.

Whether you really want to forgo those additional few hundred dollars in exchange for longevity and general quality is up to you, of course, but make no mistake: The Breeze XLS, as good as it is at what it does, is not a competitor to those devices costing twice as much. That part is just pure PR.

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3. 2018 Dolphin Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

dolphin premier robotic pool cleanerFrom the same geniuses that gave us the Dolphin Nautilus Plus, here comes the Premier.

With a sci-fi look that is sure to polarize critics, and a mechanical design borrowing much from its slightly less expensive brother, the Premier is set to be Dolphin’s, well, premier range-topping model, the king of the hill so to speak.

Improvements include an upgraded navigation system, much lower power usage, more brushes and even more filters. Additionally, you get one additional year of standard warranty for a total of 3. Performance-wise, it’s as good as you would expect it to be.

Thanks to the four simultaneously working filters, it cleans like nothing else, and you can really see the improvements on the navigation tech watching the Premier’s movements on the pool floor. It’s definitely much more efficient, never gets stuck, and always seems to know where to go next.

Whereas the Nautilus Plus would sometimes have problems with very steep angles and high walls, the Premier climbs them effortlessly. What’s more, for cleaning mainly floor residue and detritus, you can equip the Premier with a handy, oversized bag as found on many compact cleaners.

However, when it’s time to purify the actual water, simply plug in any of the many filter media and you’re ready to go.

Key Features

  • Dual filter cartridges
  • DC motors reduce energy use up to 87%
  • Microprocessor controlled Smart-Nav™ software
  • 3 year warranty

Perhaps it would have been a slight improvement if you were able to use both filter and bag at once. After all, switching to and fro every second day or so can get tiring. Additionally, we were slightly disappointed to find that the Premier includes neither a caddy for easy transport nor a remote control.

Bummer, as otherwise, the Dolphin may have been the best pool cleaner ever, period. As it stands, it’s just about the best, but with quite an asterisk.

If you absolutely want the most capable, reliable and efficient pool cleaner out there, then the Dolphin Premier may very well be your best option of them all. Still, don’t expect a perfect design; this one does have a few minor flaws and quirks. Overall, though, there are few things that can beat it when it comes to daily use.

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pool rover s2 40Think you can’t get any more budget-friendly without (terribly) compromising on performance than the Aquabot Breeze XLS? Think again.

The Pool Rover is everything that it’s sister model was, but taken to another extreme. Even less expensive, but bragging even more about its capabilities. This is what you end up with when you design a product solely around its price-performance ratio.

The Pool Rover does stay true to its name; we imagine that, with a different paintjob and some minor touchups, it wouldn’t look totally out of place traversing the surface of the Moon or Mars.

But chances are most people won’t be buying the Rover for its looks. Instead, they’ll be looking for something that can give them a clean pool, quickly and without hassle. Is the Pool Rover just that? Maybe. Depends on the person and the pool.

It does clean with some fervor and speed, that’s for sure. It also has those anti-tangle cables all the high-end cleaners sport, and it scans the ground layout too, so there’s barely a chance you’ll have to step in to tell it where to go or to remove it from an obstacle it’s gotten stuck in. It’s also pretty compact in size, so reach is borderline excellent.

Key Features

  • 40′ kink free, EZ swivel cable
  • Top access to filter media
  • Powerful Suction
  • Safe for all surfaces including vinyl liner pools
  • 1 Year Warranty
What’s not so excellent is, to name one thing, the filter media. There are two slots for two different kinds, and while that’s generous, it doesn’t really matter what you plug in there; the actual filter isn’t that good.

And you don’t get a bag, either. Not to mention the suction power, which leaves something to be desired, too. Oh, and the fact that the Pool Rover is practically useless in in-ground pools due to the way that the path finding is programmed.

Clearly, this is one pool cleaner one has to be very patient with. It’s not the most well-built or the most efficient, but if you know when and how to use it, it can be a real money saver. And for that reason, it does deserve a spot on this list.

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We hope you felt this overview of pool cleaners and everything there is to know about them was as much of a treat as we felt it was when we wrote it. We spent hours upon hours compiling the data that led to what you have just read, and we would be tremendously glad if you would stop by in the future.

Of course, we don’t write stuff like this purely for your entertainment, and we do hope you learned enough from this so that you can shop with more confidence from now on and buy the products you really deserve. That’s all for this time, folks!

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