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Shopping for a good range bag is almost as important as choosing the right gun or scoping tools. It will affect your shooting experience by determining just how many shooting accessories you can carry. Here is a guide that will help you choose the best range bag for all your specific needs.

What is a Range Bag?

By definition, a range bag is a carrier used to organize, store and transport firearms and accessories used in shooting. This makes the shooting experience a lot more enjoyable by facilitating easy and convenient access to all that is needed. Some bags take things the extra mile by providing special protection to the guns and equipment. This is done through special padding and soft inner linings.

It is important to note that a range bag is not limited to use in shooting scenarios. You can also get one for other outdoor applications such as camping. If you have multiple functions in mind, it would therefore be best for you to settle for a large duffel-style range bag.

NameMaterialSizeOur RatingPrice
Osage RiverNylon18"4.7View Price
NPUSAPolyester22"4.3View Price
EXPLORERPolyester18"4.7View Price
Nexpak 15"Polyester15"4.2View Price
Nexpak 22"Polyester22"4.1View Price

Top 5 Range Bags

Here are the most popular shooting range bags.

1. Osage River Gun Bag – Best Range Bag

osage-river-range-bagThis bag has a lot to offer in terms of storage with 2 adjustable dividers that create 3 main compartments. It also has several zippered pockets and a removable pistol pouch.

It is made from 600D ballistic nylon fabric. Truth be told this is not the strongest fabric out there. However, it services its purpose offering a reliable storage solution.

The design also includes a removable shoulder strap and fixed briefcase-style handle for easy carrying around.

Design flaws

It has poor quality construction with unstable stitching combined with the weak material. In order to avoid holes and material ripping, avoid overburdening the bag.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The central storage is customizable
  • Poor durability
It is a superb option if you want something that is affordable and offers just enough space for your basic shooting accessories.

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2. NPUSA Duffle Range Bag – Best Duffle Range Bag

npusa-duffel-range-bagThis range bag is made from 600D high-density polyester. The fabric is significantly stronger than nylon. This ensures durability and resilience.

The fabric also includes a PVC waterproof layer to protect handguns and accessories from water damage.

It is a fairly large bag with dimensions of 22″ x 12″ x 10″. This offers plenty of storage in the bag’s main compartment.

It also includes 6 zippered side pockets. These offer secure and convenient storage of smaller items including spare magazines and other things like keys and phones.

Design flaws

It has an undivided central compartment. This makes it inconvenient to store few items. You will be dealing with a lot of rattling and bumping in such cases.
  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • It is water-resistant
  • Loose stitching reduces durability especially when used to carry heavy equipment
If you want a bag that has multiple applications where a lot of space is needed then this is the bag for you. You can take it anywhere from military training camps to the gym.

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3. EXPLORER Range Ready Bag (18″) – Best Shotgun range Bag

explorer-tactical-range-bagThe Explorer Tactical 18 inch range bag has a spacious inner compartment. This part is partitioned for easy and convenient storage of items you want to be held steady.

It also comes with ample space for magazines with its 11 poaches. There are of these 7 in front and 4 behind with zipped flaps for additional security. Finally, the range bag includes 2 secured handgun pouches for safe and convenient storage.

The bag is made from 600D denier polyester fabric. This is stronger than nylon but not as strong as 600D heavy duty polyester.

Design flaws

The shoulder strap of this bag is fixed. This can be inconvenient when you just want to use the main handle to carry the bag. A common trick in this case is to adjust the strap length to the shortest and tightest possible point.
  • The compartments are padded for additional protection
  • It has special partitions for magazines for convenient storage and access
  • Limited applicability due to the fixed pockets and compartments
This is a great bag if you have a lot of shooting equipment you want organized in an easy and convenient way.

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4. Nexpak Tactical Handgun Bag (15″) – Best Tactical Range Bag

nexpak-tactical-range-bagThis is made from one of the highest quality material possible; 600D high density polyester.

It also includes a PVC waterproof layer for additional protection. It is an average-sized bag with a 15 inch long body. This would be sufficient for storage of basic equipment and accessories.

It also has several storage nooks on each side and on the front of the bag. These are secured with a zipper and reinforced with a fastening buckle.

Design flaws

This bag’s biggest let-down is the low quality zippers used. They tend to get stuck making access to stored accessories a challenge. A great tip to overcome this challenge is to rub some granite over the zipper teeth for lubrication.
  • It is available in a variety of aesthetic designs
  • High quality and durable material
  • It is quite small for a duffel range bag
It is a compact range bag with great construction. And it would be ideal for rough outdoor situations like hunting and military training.

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5. Nexpak Tactical Duffle Range Bag (22″) – Best Bag in Size

nexpak-duffel-bagThis bag has the same design as the Nexpak option previously reviewed. It includes the same accessory pockets and has the same high grade polyester and PVC combination.

One key difference is in the aesthetics. This bag comes in a shinier black while the previous one has a dull matte finish.

Another key difference is in functionality where this option has a lot more to offer in terms of storage space. It has a body length of 18 inches which makes it significantly more spacious.

Design flaws

The main flaw with this option is that there is no shoulder strap provided. You have to incur an extra cost if you want the convenience that they provide.
  • It is spacious and well divided
  • High quality material
  • Water resistance
  • Poor quality zippers
With its space and high quality construction, this bag is great for a variety of outdoor applications including fishing, camping, target practice and so much more.

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Final Words

A range bag without a doubt has a lot to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the military or a hobby shooting enthusiast. It is important to consider the key highlighted factors when making the decision on which bag to settle for. That way you can rest assured that you made the very best possible decision when you settle.

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