10 Best Wireless Earbuds In 2020 – Enjoy Music in a Tangle-free Way

Best Wireless Earbuds in 2017

There has never been a time when wireless earbuds have been more popular than in this moment. More people are embracing the idea of wireless ear buds where Apple has been a major contributing factor with the release of their new iPhone in 2020. Our job is to spot trends, so we thought we’d compile a review and buying guide of the wireless earbuds to help you stay in course with the revolution. So, without further ado, here is the review.

Product Table List

NameRange & BackupCustomer RatingsPrice
SENSO8 hrs, 30 ft4.2View Price
Otium8 hrs, 30 ft3.9View Price
Hussar Magicbuds9 hrs, 33 ft3.8View Price
Phaiser BHS-7308 hrs, 30-40 ft4.2View Price
Anker SoundBuds7 hrs, 30 ft4.0View Price
FOCUSPOWER F106 hrs, 33 ft4.3View Price
Simenmax (Gold)6 hrs, 33 ft3.7View Price
Syllable8-12hrs, 30 ft3.1View Price
Simenmax6 hrs, 33 ft3.9View Price
XIAOWU3-4 hrs, 30 ft3.5View Price
This list is revised every month to keep the audience updated. Last this list was edited on 26 January, 2020.  Please note that its not necessary that every time you see a change in our list. If any new product is in the buzz and qualifies our passing list then only it is added in our list.

1) SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones– Best Earbud of 2017

best earbud of 2017To start the list off are the SENSO headphones. In regards to features, the team at SENSO pulled out all the stops to make sure this set of headphones got all the features you could possible need.

For instance, the battery on the SENSO is so powerful that eight hours of uninterrupted charging can get up to a week of use without having to recharge.

Another interesting fact about the design of headphones is that their hook shape was purposefully structured to hold them in place when doing physical activities like jogging.

As previously stated, the team at SENSO did not leave any stone unturned with their headphones. This is especially true when it comes to storing these headphones.

First of all, their wire is tangle free, so if you are in a rush, you can easily just store them in their case without having to fold them carefully. What’s more, the SENSO headphones have been rated waterproof meaning you don’t have to worry about getting them a little wet.

Also, the earbuds on these headphones are covered with silicone gel to provide maximum comfort for your ears. After reviewing these earphones and scrutinizing them with the help of my colleagues, we could fault them whatsoever

  • None

The verdict is that these best headphones offer great value for your buck.The SENSO pair headphones can be used for just about anything, whether you are commuting to and from work, going for a jog or are taking a stroll in the park.

This particular pair of headphones with a variety of things in the package including a nice bespoke case, a car charger, and different sized ear buds.

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2)  Otium Best Wireless Sports Earphones– Best Wireless Earphones for Working Out

Best Wireless Earphones for Working OutThis particular model of Otium headphones comes in two colors, a full black color which is more conservative and a partial black with red accents which gives them a more vibrant look.

Regardless the color you prefer, you get the same great experience. For instance, you get the same long lasting battery life that can be used for days without recharging as well as a superb audio experience that is full and rich in both treble and bass.

In terms of the best use of the Otium headphones, you can use them for just about any physical activity such as jogging, biking, hiking, and working out. This is made possible by the ear hook design that holds the headphones in place and the comfortable ear buds.

On top of that, the ear buds on the Otium are silicone coated not just for comfort but also to waterproof them for heavy perspires. After testing and reviewing the Otium ear buds, we did not find any fault with them in terms of design, quality, and functionality.

But this is an unbiased review, and if we are nitpicking, Otium does not include a car charger in their packaging like the SENSO pair featured above.
  • Hook design
  • Comfortable ear buds
  • Easy to use
  • Superb sound
  • Compatible with all systems
  • Car charger is not included in the packaging

It is easy to see why the Otium headphones come second in our review.

When you consider everything they offer, is easy to overlook the fact that these pair of earbuds don’t come with a car charger included in the packaging.

Therefore, I would easily recommend the Otium set of ear buds for anybody in the market for such ear buds.

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3) Hussar Magicbuds Best Wireless Sports Earphones with Mic– Best Battery Backup Earbud

Best Battery Backup EarbudThe first impression about the Hussar Magicbuds is that they are a one of a kind ear buds. They feel great and produce good quality sound.

Also, the Magicbuds are unique in that stay in place while jogging unlike other ear buds in this category that feature the same hook design and sound great but don’t stay in your ears while jogging.

One useful feature about the Magicbuds is that they have controls located on the earbuds themselves. The controls on the earbuds make the headphones easy to use and don’t hit you when running like the controls that are fixed on the wire.

The built-in microphone in the ear buds also comes in handy when someone gives you a call while doing other hand-intensive activities like working out, driving or cycling.

These pair of headphones do not have any drawback. However, users of these headphones should be extremely cautious when wearing these headphones in busy places with lots of traffic.

This is because the noise cancellation technology works so well in drowning sound such that you will not hear a car or a cyclist approaching you.

  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Universal connectivity
  • Excellent battery life
  • The noise cancellation can cause accidents
The Hussar Magicbuds have it all. Not only are these ear buds well priced, but they also have all the features you could ever need in ear buds.

They allow you to carry out the various activities you would normally do such as driving, working out, jogging, etc. It goes without saying that the Hussar Magicbuds will not disappoint you when you get them.

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4) Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earphones– Best Earbuds Under 100

best earbuds under 100As expected with the Phaiser, the ear buds look premium, are of great quality, and they feel great to hold. So far, unlike the ear buds, we have featured above, Phaiser is a little different and unique in its design.

The hook design is not as elongated as the other models and what’s more is that Phaiser has included magnetic ear buds that clamp together whenever you hang them around your neck when not in use.

This makes them look extremely cool, nothing like other models. Charging the Phaiser to full charge takes about two hours after which you will be notified by the green notification light turning blue.

Also, the Phaiser earbuds also come with features you would expect such as sweat proof ear buds, great battery life and a built-in microphone for communication.

The only problem we experienced with the Phaiser is that the sound got a little scratchy when you adjust it to the highest volume setting.

However, this should not be a problem because they are quite loud and you won’t have to listen to them at the maximum volume setting.

  • Waterproof/ sweatproof
  • Secure fit
  • High-definition sound
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Magnetic
  • Scratchy sound in high volume
In conclusion, the Phaiser has it all. I would confidently recommend these ear buds to anyone since the price is just right and you get the same features you would normally get in earbuds costing 50 times that amount.

The fact that the sound gets a little scratchy when you set it to the maximum setting should not be a deal breaker since this problem is shared between ear buds of this price range. It is not a unique flaw in this model.

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5) Anker SoundBuds – Best Lightweight Earbud

Best Lightweight EarbudThe standout feature on the Anker is the design which features slim sound buds and short hooks. Those two design cues complement each other as they allow a better fit for comfort and enhanced listening.

The durable design is waterproofed, and sweat proofed such that you can work out in the rain or through sweat without worrying about spoiling the ear buds.

You also get a variety of free ear tips with the Anker. These ear tips come in different shapes and sizes not only to fit all ear sizes but also to give the user different options for different activities.

When fully charged, the Anker can take you through a few days of gym work or commutes.

The overall quality of the Anker is great except for the ear tips which seem a little bit thin and flimsy which is a minor problem that can easily be solved by replacing the tips with other tips.
  • Lightweight design
  • Water resistant
  • Powerful high-quality sound
  • Compatibility
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Thin eartips
In conclusion, if you want a uniquely designed ear bud that offers great battery life, you should seriously consider the Anker. Complete control is also part of the package with the Ankara thanks to its inline microphone and remote. To round it off, the Anker comes equipped with magnetic clips and weighs just 15g for simple storage.

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6) FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud – Best Wireless Mini Earbud

Best Wireless Mini EarbudThe FOCUSPOWER is a set of moderately priced ear buds have been fitted with all the bells and whistles possible to fit in a set of ear buds.

Of course some of the features fitted to this model such as compatibility, sweat resistance, powerful high definition sound and a storage case, etc. are standard across the price range.

This earpiece also features Bluetooth 4.1 which is among the latest Bluetooth technologies that help with power efficiency.

The few features that are unique to this model is the quick charging capability where you can get a full battery in just half an hour of charging.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about connecting power cords to charge it since it has wireless charging technology. With a multi-connect technology, you can connect the FOCUSPOWER headphones with two devices at the same time.

This allows people with two cell phones to connect to the FOCUSPOWER headphones simultaneously and switch between the two cell phones with ease. For all its glory, the FOCUSPOWER lacks a hook to hold it in place.

The lack of hook greatly reduces the FOCUSPOWER’s functionality where a user cannot jog without constantly adjusting the earbuds to keep them in place.

This can be a little frustrating unlike with the other models that spot hooks in their design.

  • Small and light
  • Multi-connection
  • Magnetic inductive charging
  • Energy conservation
  • Lacks hook
The FOCUSPOWER is a combination of many things, but the bottom line is that if you want an ergonomically designed earbud that offers reliable connectivity, you should seriously consider this model.

Also, if you hate untangling tangled earphone wires, the FOCUSPOWER comes completely wireless which makes storage simple. With this earphone model, you no longer have to worry about the wires crisscrossing when storing them.

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7) Simenmax Wireless Earbud (Gold)– Best Bluetooth Earbud

Best Bluetooth EarbudWhen you look at the Simenmax ear buds for the first time, they give an impression that they are more expensive than they are.

This is a testament to their great build quality, and also the expensive-looking rose gold color they come in.

A crystal clear audio system coupled with compatibility gives the users of the Simenmax earbuds an unrivaled sound experience regardless the device they are using

One nice feature of this model is that it is completely wireless and therefore provides you with wireless charging. This only adds to the convenience offered by these ear buds since you can charge them at any time wherever you are.

The ergonomically designed Simenmax earbuds are small and lightweight for comfort as well as for easy control. While the hookless design makes the Simenmax more pleasant to look at, there is no denying that the hooks allow for a more secure fit.

That said, you can still take part in activities such as jogging, working out, etc. with these best wireless ear buds but be prepared to keep on adjusting them to stay in place.
  • Wireless charging
  • Clear, crisp audio quality
  • Small and lightweight
  • Great compatibility
  • Sweat resistance
  • Hookless
The truth is that there is not a lot of difference in these ear buds in terms of build quality, features, and functionalities. So the question you should be asking is, “What am I getting with the Simenmax?”

Well, first of all, you get a premium looking set of ear buds that come equipped with all the bells and whistles that can fit in their tiny frame. Really, what more could you ask for?

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8) Syllable Truly Wireless Earbud– Best Noise Cancelling Earbud

Best Noise Cancelling EarbudImmediately you handle the Syllable headphones for the first time; you realize where your buck has gone. The attention to detail with this headphone is amazing.

For instance, the Syllable pair of headphones comes with a portable premium case that supports quick charging.

What’s more the charging case can recharge the Syllable headphones up to six times meaning the battery life gets an extra 12 hours of audio play.

Also , due to its small size, the Syllable is equipped with only one multi-purpose button for convenience.

Compared to other models such as the Simenmax and the FOCUSPOWER listed above in six and seven respectively, the Syllable earphones are a little overpriced.

The only additional features you are getting for that price is a portable charging case and a hook design that helps secure it in place for sporting activities.

That high price might seem a little redundant for people who don’t intend on using the earphones for sports.
  • Cordless
  • Wireless charging
  • Small and light design
  • Carrying case
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Expensive
These ear buds normally split the opinions of many people. On the one hand, they are fully equipped and even have a hook to hold them securely in place for sporting activities. On the other hand, they are overly expensive, and for their price, you can easily get two sets of Simenmax.

As a conclusion, if you think they are too expensive and you are not a sports person, you should consider other affordable models while if you can afford them and are a sports person, you should go for them since they do not lack in any aspect.

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9) Simenmax Bluetooth Earbud – Best Design Wireless Earbud

Best Design Wireless EarbudAt this point, you must be asking yourself what makes the Simenmax different from all the other Bluetooth ear buds we have reviewed so far. And the answer is nothing. Don’t be too surprised because that is a great thing.

It means that the Simenmax is on par with the other brands and models featured in this review and therefore it is a worthy participant.

Just a quick mention of the features, you get a fast charging wireless ear bud with the simenmax.

On top of that, you also get crystal clear audio quality, compatibility with all Bluetooth devices as well as great battery life. The impressive bit is that all of these features are equipped in its tiny frame.

The packaging contains a wireless charging case as well as extra ear tips just in case you need to change the size or you misplaced the ones you had.

The simple, hookless design of the Simenmax limits its usage. The lack of a hook makes it unsuitable for sports people since the bud will keep shifting out of place when running, jogging or working out.
  • Enhanced compatibility
  • Small and compact
  • Single multi-functional design
  • Fast charging capabilities
  • Affordable
  • Hookless
The question to ask when you are in the market for a Bluetooth ear bud is what you are getting for your dollar. Well, with this Simenmax, you get a device that keeps you connected to your phone everywhere you go. You also get to control the level of noise cancellation and tune into your favorite audio show all in one button. All things considered, the Simenmax is great value for money.

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10) XIAOWU True Wireless Earbuds – Best Wireless Headset for Android

Best Wireless Headset for AndroidTo round of our review is the XIAOWU ear buds which ranked tenth on our list. If you are asking yourself what is special with the XIAOWU. The answer to that question is the attention to detail put into manufacturing these ear buds.

The portable charging case included when you purchase the XIAOWU was a nice touch since it allows the users to recharge the ear bud from anywhere when it is running low on battery.

Other features included in the XIAOWU include a sonic audio system that produces excellent sound.

Also, despite this device’s small size and small 40mAh battery, it can give you more than six hours of audio playback which is above the benchmark figure.

What’s more, the 450mAh charging case extends audio playback time by more than 12 hours. As expected, the XIAOWU is super compatible meaning you can connect it to any Bluetooth device on the market.

There are no drawbacks with the XIAOWU ear buds. If you are one of those people who like to compare prices for features, then the slightly higher price might put you off.

Also, if you are a sports person, you can look for a model that features a hook design for the same price.

  • Portable charging case
  • Maximum noise cancellation
  • Amazing audio quality
  • Wireless control
  • Great compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • None
Last but not least is the XIAOWU headphones. Just because this model ranked last on our list does not mean it is not suitable for you. In fact, it compares favorably with other models that rank way higher in our review. The slightly high price that has been quoted for it did more harm than good for i ts current standing.

To wrap it up, the XIAOWU has impressed you then you should buy it, but if you want to save, you can look for other slightly cheaper models with the same features and functionalities. That said, you will not regret going either way.

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How we picked?

We had to do a lot of elimination before we picked the wireless earbuds on the market. Luckily for us, the best wireless earbud market is still not as oversaturated as other markets. However, we still had our work cut out due to the quality that was on display.

Price: The first criteria we considered was the price range to help narrow down our list. Our goal was to review mid-tier best wireless ear buds that were not too pricey and not too cheap either.

Comfort: Because ear buds are notoriously known to be uncomfortable when worn over a long period, the next criteria we looked at was the comfort. We ended up eliminating a lot of plastic finished ear buds.

Audio Quality: The next thing we considered was the audio quality. Good wireless earbuds are supposed to produce high-quality sound whether you are listening to music or answering calls.

Battery Life: Battery life played a huge role in determining the best wireless ear bud. Our benchmark was six hours of battery life; anything less was considered a failure.

Charging time: The ear buds that came equipped with wireless charging featured high on our list. Also, we wanted to tell apart which earbuds you could use while charging from the ones that cannot be used while charging.

Spill-Proof: Finally, water and sweat resistance separated high-quality models from low-quality models, therefore, helped us rank the ear buds.

Winner: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones

The task of selecting the best wireless ear buds out of the ten final models was not a stroll in the park. Each one of the models had a strong case to be made, but we are professionals, so we finally picked a deserved winner. Out of all the earbuds we tested, the SENSO seemed the most rounded of the bunch. The beauty with the SENSO is that any person can use them comfortably.

In conclusion, the SENSO is a great choice for you whether a sports person, a gamer on a gaming chair, whether you are buying to replace lost ear buds or even if you commute to work every single day.

Buyer’s Guide – #11 Factors to Consider When Buying Best Wireless Earbuds?

#1. Fit and Comfort

Perhaps the most important factor to consider before buying a pair of earphones is their fit and comfort. This is because how they fit in your ears plays a huge role in the sound you hear.

What’s more, the fitting of the ear buds will allow or restrict you to take part in physical activities. If the ear buds are loose, they will keep getting out of place and therefore should not be used when jogging, working out or such activities.

When it comes to comfort, the earbuds should feel comfortable in your ears especially if you are the type to wear headphones for hours at a time.

Regardless the type of headphones you are buying, testing their comfort levels in your ears is important because it will ultimately determine how you will utilize that investment.

#2. Battery Life

The battery life is one very important factor to consider when choosing a pair of headsets. Battery life varies between different types of headsets.

For instance, when you compare the battery life of a wireless headphone to that of a wireless ear bud, then it is no doubt that the ear bud has a superior battery life.

This difference is because of the size difference in the two devices. Since a set of over-ear headphones is larger, they use more battery than a pair of ear buds.

Another important aspect that determines the battery life is the Bluetooth technology equipped in the devices. Newer devices are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology which has been calibrated to be more power efficient.

#3. Technologies

Newer technology is always better. This statement is especially true when talking about earbuds. New technology helps improve the sound quality to give you a much better experience. They include:

aptX: This technology was introduced in Bluetooth headsets because Bluetooth is not fast enough in compressing files. aptX helps compress large audio or video files in your playlist to help produce smooth sound free from buffering.

Bluetooth Versions: Bluetooth versions vary in different devices. It goes without saying that the latest devices are fitted with the latest Bluetooth versions.

For instance, the latest iPhone and Android devices are fitted with the latest versions of Bluetooth. The latest Bluetooth versions are not only more power efficient but are faster as well.

#4. Active Noise Cancellation

The level of noise cancellation in earphones is vital when picking out the ideal set of earphones. Active noise cancellation simply blocks out noise that is not coming out of the earphones themselves through the use of electronic circuitry. Blocking outside noise enhances the sound experience you get from your ear buds.

#5. Type of Headphone

1. Earbud/In-ear Headphones

Ear bud headphone models are known for their tiny and lightweight nature. They are worn in the ear canal or rested on the outer ear, and some have extensions shaped like hooks, wings or fins for a secure fit.

Most models come with microphones as well as navigation controls for volume adjustment and accepting calls. There are so many types of earbud headphones and these range from high-performance earbud models and smartphone ear bud models to the disposable ear bud models given on planes.

In terms of performance, most of them are average in terms of sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, and reliability. If you opt for the high-end models, you will get solid earbuds with great sonic sound and great reliability.

However, most of the ear buds you will come across have poor bass and treble response and what’s more, you will get scratchy sounds in the highest volume setting. When it comes to comfort, full-sized headphones offer more comfort and thus can be worn for longer periods compared to ear bud earphones.

2. On-ear Headphones

These types of headphones are characterized by how they are worn on top of the outer ear and extend all through the gamut. These types of earphones also feature a microphone and navigation controls.

Some people prefer the closed design of these on-ear headphones since they provide enhanced sound isolation for privacy if you are in a public place such a library or an office environment.

Like other earphone models, you can get cheap and unreliable on-ear headphones or high-end models that are much more reliable. That said, most on-ear headphones are compact and give your ears space to breathe, unlike the full-sized models.

What’s more, some on-ear models fold for easy storage. Despite the enhanced sound isolation, people in office settings prefer earbud type earphones since they can still communicate with the people around their office.

On-ear earphone models sound great, but when compared to the full-sized earphone models, on-ear models offer less noise isolation as well as less bass and treble levels.

3. Full-size Headphones

A full-sized headphone is characterized by ear cups that enclose your ears fully. Since they are a little bit bulky and offer extreme noise isolation, full-sized headphones are better suited for home use rather than as a portable option.

Driving, jogging or cycling in wearing full-sized headphones is not advisable in public places such as roads to avoid accidents. Regardless of the safety warnings, wearing full-sized headphones is considered fashionable by some people, and therefore they use their headphones everywhere.

For instance, you can see a lot of ?ool kids’ cycling or skating while listening to music on their full-sized headphones. It is common for most full-sized headphones to have terrific bass and treble levels, microphone, navigation control and detachable cord.

You can also find others with folding design for easy storage. There are some downsides also associated with full-sized headphones. The most common is that is it can be disruptive to your glasses, earrings and even hairstyle. Furthermore, the ear caps trap a lot of heat around the ears thus causing sweat.

4. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have become more popular as the years pass by. They are characterized by the lack of wire between the headphone itself and the audio device.

Wireless headphones rely on Bluetooth technology to play audio files with the latest models featuring aptX technology to enhance the audio quality of the compressed audio files.

Most of these earphone models feature noise cancellation technology and also support an audio jack despite being wireless. However, if you are tired of the wired connection, the Bluetooth range of these devices is about 10m or 33ft so you can work out without having to store your phone in your pocket.

The downside to these wireless headphones is that the music stops playing when the battery dies and so you will have to recharge them to play more music.

5. Totally Wireless Headphones

Totally wireless headphones are categorized by their small and compact nature as well as their ability to function at 100% capacity without ever needing a wire. These types of headphones were made popular by the launch of Apples iPhone 7 which uses this technology for ear buds.

Apart from Apple’s AirPods, leading electronics manufacturer, Samsung also engineered a unique totally wireless headphone. Other models include Skybuds from Alpha Audio, Dash Pro by Bragi and finally, Hear One by Doppler Labs.

All in all, their zero reliance on wires makes them super convenient, but that said, you should watch out for their battery life which is known to be relatively short.

6. Noise-canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones use active noise cancellation technology that essentially creates anti-noise that counters the noise in your ears. These types of headphones are great for eliminating background noises such as airplanes flying over, trains passing and even drowning out the sound of air conditioning systems.

There are several forms of noise canceling headphones such as earbud models that are great for public places like libraries because they don’t eliminate the noise. On the other hand, full-size models are known to be excellent at eliminating background noises and therefore are perfect for recording studios.

7. Lightning or USB-C wired Headphones

Lightning or USB-C wired headphones are wired headphones that are connected directly to the lighting port on Apple devices or USB-C on Android devices rather than the traditional audio jack port.

They draw power directly from the battery of your smartphone to play audio. Most of them an integrated Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). You can get an on-ear, an in-ear or an over-ear ear bud for this type of wired headphones.

8. Sports Headphones

Sports headphones have become more popular over the years where the bestselling models are wireless and feature a hook-like design for a secure fit.

Some of the other subtle features on sports headphones include sweat resistance, good battery life, and a semi-open design to allow external sounds in for safety reasons. Most of the sports models are poor at noise cancellation but have extra features like a heart rate sensor among others

#6. Battery Life

It is needless to describe how important battery life is to ear buds. Some ear buds such as the Jaybird X3 comes with a different charging port to the standard micro-USB charging port fitted in most models.

This means you cannot charge it anywhere you go and therefore you have to carry its dedicated charger. However, since most ear buds guarantee you over six hours of battery life, you can probably survive a few days without recharging.

#7.Charge Time

Most ear buds have a small battery capacity and don’t require a long time to charge. You should consider buying ear buds equipped with fast charging technology if you are one of those people who do things last minute and only remember to charge your devices a few minutes before you leave the house. For instance, the Powerbeats 3 gives you up to one hour of play time with just five minutes of charge time.

#8. Weight

Depending on why you are buying your ear buds, the weight will play a huge factor in how efficient they are. For instance, if you like to work out with your earphones plugged in, lightweight earphones will serve you best. However, if you are buying earphones for everyday use, weight is not an issue, and you can survive a heavier set of earphones.

#9. Quick Pairing

The faster your ear buds pair to your device, the better it is for you. The standard pairing time amongst wireless ear buds is about five seconds.

Anything faster is good while anything lower falls below the industry standard. Also, you will notice that newer models are fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology and will generally pair much faster than older models.

#10. Clear Sound and Calls

It is uncommon to have Bluetooth earbuds that produce poor sound quality due to cut-outs. This is a huge problem when listening to audio clips or making calls and is most likely a result of a faulty Bluetooth system.

If you are ever unfortunate to encounter this problem and your diagnostics indicate that the Bluetooth ear buds are malfunctioning, you should return the ear buds you bought for an exchange. Making and receiving calls wirelessly is part of the wireless ear bud parcel so you should get a pair of ear buds that has a microphone.

The purpose of having a wireless ear bud is to free your arms to do other things, and so it can be a bit tedious and annoying having to disconnect the ear buds and holding up your phone manually to make or receive calls. However, you shouldn’t be too worried about this if your sole purpose for buying the wireless ear buds is to listen to music.

#11. Bluetooth Range

Most Bluetooth devices differ in the connection range they offer. What’s more is that some signals are weaker than others such that penetrating walls and doors can be problematic.

If you are stationary or moving with your smartphone in your purse or pocket, this should not be a problem because you are constantly within range. You will only experience a network disconnection if you happen to leave your phone unattended and step out of the room.

More About Wireless Earbuds

Who Needs a Headphone Jack?

Ever since the first Walkman was introduced back in the 80s or 90s, people have been putting up with the struggle of tangled wires on their headphones. Unfortunately, we had to put up with that because inserting your earphones in a Jack was the only way to listen to music.

That is almost 40 years of using wired headphones, but luckily when Bluetooth audio was introduced a few years ago, it became an instant success. One of the major reasons it was embraced is because it offered a level of convenience that wired headphones cannot match.

It took long, and it was perhaps overdue, but it came as a surprise when Apple released their latest iPhone 7 in 2017 without a headphone jack. Despite the new Bluetooth audio technology taking o ver recently, the transition hasn’t been smooth. Critics said that the audio quality produced by the Bluetooth devices was poor due to the file compression.

This problem is being fixed as newer Bluetooth audio devices feature newer technologies that enhance the Bluetooth signals as well as improving the compression ratio to enhance the sound quality.

With all things considered, newer Bluetooth audio devices sound great and it is hard to tell the difference is sound quality from using your traditional audio jack. The truth is that most people will not notice the difference in sound quality and only audiophiles will notice the difference.

That said, it is unlikely that the sound quality difference will put off any potential audiophile buyer since the convenience offered by these devices more than makes up for slight sound deficiencies.

Earphones or Headphones – Which one is Better?

There is no right answer to this question because both sets of headsets have their strengths and weaknesses. Your intended purpose for a pair of headset should ultimately decide your decision of either buying a pair of headphones or earphones.

If you work out a lot, a pair of in-ear earphones will suit you best since they are light, small, and even some are water and sweat resistant.

If you are not the gym-type, and record or listen to a lot of music, then pair of over-ear headphones will suit you best for their noise cancellation prowess and powerful sound experience.

Battery Concerns

If you own a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you are unlikely to experience any problem with them until the battery runs out on you. For all their convenience, Bluetooth headphones become completely useless when they run out of battery since they need that juice to function.

Some wireless headphones are so small and compact that they can’t be fitted with a charging port of any kind and the only way of charging them is through wireless charging. Luckily, the manufacturers of these devices foresaw this problem and introduced a portable charging case for these devices.

A good example of this is the Apple AirPodsthat are featured on their latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 & up. Other models of Bluetooth headphones are fitted with a wired option where you can continue using them as conventional headphones until they are fully recharged.

What About Completely Wire-Free?

The newest member of the Bluetooth headphone devices is the completely wire free models that don’t rely on any types of wires whatsoever. Some popular examples are the Apple AirPods, Samsung Gear IconX, and Bragi Dash. Both ear pieces on these models are completely independent and isolated.

They don’t have wires interconnecting them nor do they need wires to charge them since they also charge wirelessly. You should use caution when buying this type of wireless headphones. Because these are relatively new on the market, you should make a point of only buying authentic from trusted outlets.

Some models, which I suspect to be knock off models had common problems between them such as poor battery life and flimsy controls. My advice on buying the completely wire free headphones is simple. If you are not sure if the headphones you are buying are authentic, you are better off using that money buying authentic ear buds.

You are also likely to a get high-end on-ear or over-ear headset model for the same price as buying the completely wire free models.

Popular Brands


SENSO is a brand that manufactures various types of electronic devices. Their products are known to be class leading as is with the SENSO featured on this list. The SENSO brand prides itself in manufacturing diversified gadgets that anyone can use regardless your personality.


Otium is another brand that manufactures electronic devices. Unlike the SENSO brand, Otium has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices. An example is the Otium featured on our review which closely resembles one of the most expensive wireless ear buds on the market but sells for fractions less.


When it comes to sound quality, few brands can match up to Hussar. This company has proven time and time again over the years that it is among the best in the business for when it comes to making powerful speakers. The speakers are characterized by a full sound filled with a deep bass and a powerful treble.


In any industry you look at, some brands have built a reputation of being reliable. Phaiser is one of those brands when it comes to making reliable wireless ear buds. The brand has received glowing reviews from all around the globe for their reliable ear buds.


In the ear bud manufacturing circle, the Anker is a brand known for its innovative prowess. Anker was among the first ear bud manufacturing companies to include magnetic clips on their products for easy storage and transportation


How do I pair my earbuds with my device?

First, ensure your wireless earbuds are within the Bluetooth range. Next, press and hold the multi-function button until you hear a voice prompting you to pair. Next, turn on your device’s Bluetooth then scan for nearby devices.

Once it detects your wireless earbuds, simply tap, and the pairing process will automatically start. If you are requested to enter a password, look for it in the user manual. Once you do this, you will hear a confirmation tone letting you know that the devices have paired successfully. See step by step instructions for connecting bluetooth.

Are the earbuds waterproof?

Not all earbuds are waterproof. However, most of them are sweat proof and should be able to handle sweat and small amounts of water.

My earbuds are not connecting. What can I do?

You need to make sure they are adequately charged and are in pair mode before attempting to pair. To set them in pair mode, simply hold down the multi-function button until you hear a notification tone prompting you to pair.

How long do I have to charge the earbuds to get a full charge?

It usually takes about 2 hours to charge your Bluetooth ear buds fully. The small battery should not be overcharged so that it does not gradually weaken over time

How long is the battery life on the earbuds?

These Bluetooth ear buds have an average battery life of about six hours

Within how much distance from my device will my earbuds stay connected?

They will stay connected up to about 10m or 33ft allowing you to place your device a safe distance away when working out.

Do I need a headphone amplifier?

If you constantly find yourself unsatisfied when listening through your headphones, it might be time to introduce an amplifier to boost the sound experience. Luckily, there are options and you can choose between a home amplifier or a portable amplifier for your headphones.

I lost the ear tips that came with my earbuds — do I have to buy a whole new pair of headphones?

No. You don’t have to. Losing an ear tip can be frustrating especially if you do not have an extra replacement tip. That said, buying a new set of headphones might be a little pricier than getting replacements tips from your local manufacturer.

Does a higher price tag mean the headphones will sound better?

No. Not necessarily. But generally, you would expect to get a better quality set of headphone if you are going to fork out more money. It is always advisable not to assume that one pair of headphone is better than the other based on just the difference in prices.

Therefore you should do research and thoroughly test out different headphones to determine for yourself which is better suited for you. You might even surprise yourself by going for the cheaper option.

What is the Average Range of Bluetooth?

In most devices, the average range is about 30ft or 10m. This distance varies depending on the obstacles between the Bluetooth devices.

Is Sound Quality with Bluetooth a little Worse than With Wires?

Yes. This is because the files are compressed during the Bluetooth transfer, and therefore some audio quality is lost. Newer devices with AptX technology have addressed this issue and produce much better sound quality than older devices.

What Devices are Compatible with Bluetooth Earbuds?

All modern devices that are equipped with Bluetooth technology have the ability to connect to your Bluetooth headphones.

Final Words

And, that wraps it up folks. Those are 10 of the best wireless earbuds on the market. We have tested tried and tested each one of them, compiled them into a review and created a buying guide to help you pick out a pair of ear buds that best suits your needs.

You should know that picking the winner was an extremely difficult task since it made us overlook other great ear buds but still, the choice had to be made. If you are in a rush to buy a pair of earbuds and don’t have time to shop around or do research, we highly recommend you go for the SENSO headphones.

That said, if you have time to shop around and do research, we hope this review and buying guide helps you make the right decision. All the best.

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