10 Best Beyblade Toys In 2018 – Perfect Gift For Growing Kids

Beyblades Toys

Some of the great toys in the world are inspired by popular TV shows or movies, and Beyblade Toys fall into this category. These toys recreate the Beyblade TV show experience and provide great fun for kids. Fortunately, Beyblades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. When battling in the Beyblade realm, you need to equip yourself with the right arsenal in your war chest to stand better chances of winning. With this in mind, let us now look at some of the best Beyblades you can buy for your little ones.

Beyblades Toys

NameAge GroupParents RatingPrice
Beyblade Rivals Battle Set8 years & up3.4View Price
Beyblade Burst Beystadium8 years & up4.0View Price
Oliasports 4D BB-433-15 years2.4View Price
BB-28 Pegasus Metal 4D4 years & up2.4View Price
Beyblade Burst Roktavor8 years & up4.4View Price
Beyblades Metal Fusion Starter6-15 years4.1View Price
Takaratomy Kreis Cygnus Starter Set13 years & up4.2View Price
Beyblade Spryzen and Roktavor8 years & up4.3View Price
Takara Beyblade Burst B-796 years & up4.5View Price
Beyblade Burst Master Kit8 years & up4.3View Price
This list is revised every month to keep the audience updated. Last this list was updated on 16 January, 2018. You may see a price difference in case of certain products as it depends on demand supply chain at the time of publishing article and at the current scenario.

Top 5 Highly Rated Products Reviewed

A large volume of the search seekers of toys look for this toy category on web. And we, keeping in mind of this volume of people, have prepared a list of top 10 toys with first five reviewed in detail. You can select from the option which suits you the most.

1) Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle SetThe Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals is the ultimate Battle Set to set your kids up for the Beyblades experience.

Unlike other Beyblade-pieces and toy sets, the Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set comes with everything your kids need to start playing.

To enhance your kids’ Beyblade Burst experience, you can buy additional parts and accessories to complement this toy set, but you don’t need to do it for your kids to enjoy the game.

This is because this battle set comes equipped with a Beystadium, two energy layers, two launchers, two performance tips, and two forge discs.

But that’ s not all; this battle set provides versatility to Beyblade players thanks to its compatible pieces and accessories.

All in all this toy set is both technical and fun to play with. It helps nature your young one’s competitive edge as well as strategy development skills.

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2) Beyblade Burst Beystadium

Beyblade Burst BeystadiumThe Beyblade Burst Beystadium is where all the action lies. This stadium provides a platform where opponents with Burst tops can battle it out to find a winner.

The Beystadiumis plastic-made and features a basin-like design that measures 15.1 x 15.5 x 3.9 inches to provide ample battlefield space. The 3.9-inch height is designed to prevent tops from flying out of the Beystadium and getting lost under seats and tables in the living room.

In typical Beyblade fashion, the Beystadium is fitted with a code. The code can be scanned using the Beyblade app to unlock a digital Beystadium within the app.

This means opponents can play with it in physical mode or digitally. This stadium provides great fun for kids and young adults who enjoy the Beyblade experience.

But to fully enjoy the Beyblade stadium, you need to have several pieces of Beyblade Burst tops and an opponent to battle against. The Beystadium on its own is pretty useless as it is sold as a lone piece.

Lastly, this stadium also acts as a great storage space to put away all the Beyblade pieces once your kids are done playing.

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3) Oliasports Gold Galaxy Pegasus Masters 4D BB-43

Oliasports Gold Galaxy Pegasus Masters 4D BB-43The BB-43 toy set is a Beyblade Burst top but is manufactured by a third party company called Oliasports. The BB-43 features a golden Pegasus made of metal that is built to destroy tops during battle.

This toy set also comes with a power launcher in the packaging that projects the golden Pegasus across battlefields to knock off tops from your rivals’ Beyblade toy.

Overall, the BB-88 is a great accessory to have in your Beyblades arsenal. If your child is a fan of Beyblades, they know that it all comes down to points. But to get points, they must approach the game with a clear strategy.

Well, this toy set allows them to strategize on creative ways to knock off rivals’ tops to earn themselves precious points.

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4) BB-28 Storm Pegasus Metal 4D

BB-28 Storm Pegasus Metal 4DJust as with the BB-43, the BB-28 Storm Pegasus is a product of Oliasports, a third party Beyblade developer.

Due to this reason, it ships in an unbranded packaging. All the items in this toy set are wrapped in poly and enclosed in a protective shipping box.

In the packaging, you get a metal wheel, face bolt, spin track, energy ring, performance tip and a sticker set. Despite coming from a third party manufacturer, all these accessories are compatible with other Beyblade parts and pieces.

The best part of owning the BB-28 Storm Pegasus is that it comes equipped with its power launcher. This launcher is a game changer.

All things considered, when battling opponents, this launcher will give you an advantage due to its power. It will allow you to project any Burst top in your arsenal to knock off your opponents’ tops.

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5) Beyblade Burst Roktavor

Beyblade Burst RoktavorThe Beyblade Burst Value Starter is a must have item if you own the Beystadium toy set. The two-pack toy set comes with a Raging Roktavor (Roktavor R2) piece and a king Kerbeus (Kerbeus K2) piece.

You also get various accessories on the packaging. They include; 2 energy layers, two performance tips , two forge discs and two launchers.

A great thing about owning this Beyblade Value Starter set is that these accessories are compatible with other Beyblade Burst tops.

This Value Starter set has various burst rates, and when it bursts, it knocks off opponents’ tops in battle. Two points are awarded to the last standing player while the first player to earn 3 points wins the game.

Another cool feature with this toy set is that you can use the Burst tops to unlock similar tops in the Burst app version of the game. You simply scan the code on the Burst tops to gain access to them in the Burst app.

In conclusion, the more Burst tops you have, the higher the chances you have of bettering your opponents.

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Final Words

Beyblade toys are unisex; they can be enjoyed by kids of all sexes. But that said, these toys have been more popular with young boys. This game is impact based which involves pieces knocking into each other. Kids can use different techniques and strategies for launching their Burst tops. The sharpshooter and shield techniques are two of the most common strategies used in the game and offer varying degrees of efficiency. The more kids play, they better they master these two techniques to win games.

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