65 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for Boys (1-13 Years) In 2020

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Choosing the most appropriate kind of toys and suitable gift ideas for boys can be a cumbersome task. It requires understanding of their unique developmental needs. In comparison to girls, development in boys especially in their physique is totally different. Boys have more pronounced physical development especially in their strength, stamina, balance & coordination. Their ability to integrate complex cognitive process, especially their imagination & creativity, is also different.

That’s why we have provided you this comprehensive list of top, amazing gift items & toys for boys. These products fit the developmental need of boys for any age group. The products we have listed in our collection are safe, of highest possible quality, fun to play with and appropriate for your growing boys.

Pick The Right Boy Age Group Below First

Best Toys For 1 Year Olds – Unique Gifts For One Year Old Infant

One important part of being a parent, one that many will not immediately realize at first, is providing your child with enough opportunities for play. Having fun and playing, both indoors and outside, both alone and with others, is a highly important part of every little one’s development. As your child reaches its first year of age, this will become more and more important.

One thing that you as a parent will have to address is your offspring’s now hugely inflated need for toys. Thankfully, you’ve got a lot to choose from to remedy this. But wait! Don’t just go out there and buy any old toy, that won’t do! Let us show you instead; let us guide you through the current market for unique first birthday gifts for toys and games so you can fully plan out your little one’s next present. Thank us later.

NameParent's Rating
VTech Learning Walker4.7
Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes4.7
Nuby Octopus Floating Toy4.4
Nuby Keys Teether4.3
Sassy Bumpy Ball4.5
Munchkin Bath Toy4.0
VTech Color Flashlight4.4
VTech Dump Truck4.8
VTech Sports Center4.6
Gund Baby Plush Toy4.8

Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

vtech learning walkerAt this young an age, expect many, if not most toys available to be primarily or at least largely educational in nature.

This is also the case with the VTech Sit-to-Stand, a walker that not only aims to encourage a healthy walking posture for still inexperienced toddlers, but also includes a handful of pedagogically useful and fun games to play.

The walker can be used lying down flat on the floor or, with the included handle grip and wheels and propped up in a vertical position, pushed around on the floor like a regular walker. Although we found the Sit-to-Stand to be a very capable learning tool for toddlers just taking their first steps, the built-in games are obviously the main attraction.

From numbers to letters of the alphabet, simple vocab training, listening comprehension and puzzles, the Sit-to-Stand almost has something of everything on offer, and all of the activities and games seem to entertain their young target audience really well.

For a sub-$30 price tag, this bundle really packs quite the punch, and we see no reason not to recommend it.

2. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

baby einstein take along tunesThe Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes musical toy is like a baby-friendly iPod; easier to use, appropriately-styled and with melodies that can make any one-year-old cry out in joy.

With seven pre-installed tunes, all of them renditions of classical music pieces, it offers enough variety to remain entertaining for quite a while. In fact, we were surprised to hear that most of the 7 pieces provided are quite long; some exceed half an hour in total length!

The controls are as easy as could be, with large, colored buttons used to switch between songs. The internal display lights up along with the rhythm of the piece being played, which injects a visual element into the otherwise purely auditory fun.

Another useful feature: With the included volume control, the loudness of audio playback can be set in three steps: off, normal or loud. Note that even the highest setting isn’t nearly voluminous enough to fill even a small room.

The speakers on the Baby Einstein are very small and ideal for close proximity only, as you would expect. With all of this taken into account, the laughably low price of $5 seems criminal.

3. Nuby Octopus Bath Toy

nuby octopus floating toyBath toys are sometimes overlooked, but completely unjustly so. Babies love them, and their sheer simplicity is a godsend for parents; just get one, plant it at its spot, let the young one have their fun with it, profit. Easy, right?

This particular one, called the Nuby Octopus due to, well, looking like a cartoonish octopus, comes in four parts: The main toy itself and three ring-shaped playing pieces.

You see, the octopus is supposed to float on top of the bath water’s surface, its tentacles pointing upwards, and the three rings can be used to play something quite akin to ring-a-bottle.

As we’re sure you’ve heard from experts countless times by now, throwing and aiming games like these, as repetitive as they are, help develop a child’s motoric skills and are very important for hand-eye coordination.

Or, to use more appealing arguments, the Nuby Octopus is simple, cheap and just plain fun for all involved! Since all parts are made of rubber, it’s going to last for a long time to come, and during it’s life, it will serve your little one very well.

4. Nuby Teether

nuby icybite keys teetherA teether is mainly interesting for parents due to its sanitary importance, not necessarily as a toy in the traditional sense. But, what we ignorant adults don’t know, one-year-olds are actually very fond of teethers and find them extremely fun to use.

The fact that it helps their little fangs develop properly and healthily seems to be nothing more than a nice bonus.

This particular model by Nuby is designed akin to a key ring, featuring a circular handle and multiple small teethers attached to it. By rotating the handle, the child can easily select between multiple surfaces to use.

The IcyBite, as the name implies, is designed to stay cool and soothe the young gums, which might be in danger of getting damaged or inflamed by the excessive amount of chewing that is common for babies of this age.

For $4, you really can’t go wrong with the IcyBite,as, whether you already have a teether for your child’”in which case, what are you waiting for, exactly? Go buy it!’”or not, it presents a great deal for a great product that’s both healthy and fun at the same time.

5. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

sassy developmental bumpy ballThis toy is perhaps the most experimental and unusual of all entries on this list of ours.

Described as a toy designed to teach toddlers and young children about tactile experiences and variety in different materials and shapes, the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball goes about this by…being comprised of a variety of different shapes and materials stuck to a ball.

Okay, so the design may be a little awkward, but the concept is just as easy to understand as it is quirky.

With ten cylinder-shaped, easy-to-hold protrusions, all composed of a different material and two making a rattling sound when shaken, it is a dead-simple, but nonetheless effective exercise in how different shapes and materials feel to touch, smell, taste, hear and look at.

It may look weird for us adults, but a one-year-old will greatly appreciate this unique and fun opportunity to learn one more bit about the world around them. It’s simple, fun, hard to break and remains interesting for quite a while. And for $10, what have you got to lose, right?

Round Off

Which of our top five will you choose, then? Have you made your mind up yet? Each of our top toys provide a healthy blend of educational and fun value for any one-year-old, so you don’t have to worry about that, but perhaps you should consider your little one’s interests. Perhaps there is a certain subject that they already show a great interest for?

It might be a good idea to encourage them to spend some more time with it, possibly develop it into a hobby. And what better way to do that than to gift them a new favorite toy? Don’t underestimate the importance of this decision. It will matter a lot for the development of your child. In any case, we wish you the best of luck on your path.

Age Appropriate Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

The best toys for two-year-olds, you ask? Isn’t that a little overly specific? Well, actually, as your child reaches their second birthday, you will start to notice a variety of changes taking place. The first unassisted step may take place during the second year of life, though some start to walk sooner than that. Mobility will increase in other ways, too.

Once the kids have figured out standing and walking, they’ll go to running, climbing and jumping within a few months. But motoric skills aren’t the only thing that’ll change drastically over the course of, and leading up to, the second birthday. The child’s innate creativity will become more apparent, too, as this is the age where they’ll start getting serious about doodling, scribbling and drawing.

All in all, these changes in their development result in one thing that all parents should be aware of: The children’s gradual change in playing habits and interests. To accommodate this change, we’ve assembled our top ten picks for the 2-year old birthday gifts. Enjoy!

NameParent's Ratings
Mega Bloks Building Bag4.7
Little Tikes T-Ball Set4.6
VTech Kidibeats4.3
VTech Moosical Beads4.6
Fisher-Price Tough Trike4.4
Munchkin Bath Toy4.5
VTech Learn Toolbox4.0
Melissa & Doug Wooden Toy4.5
R/C Race Car Toy4.4
Electronic Pet Dog4.5

Best Toys For 2 Year Olds

1. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

mega bloks big building bagA great choice for furthering any two-year-old’s creativity without compromising on fun, the Mega Bloks 80-piece Big Building Bag will most likely remind you of the good ol’ LEGO blocks at first glance. After all, who hasn’t played with LEGOs at some point during their childhood?

However, the Mega Bloks are a different dish based on a similar, but not equal recipe. As the name implies, Mega Bloks are much larger than any regular LEGOs and similar offerings.

With 80 blocks provided in one box, this allows for some seriously large structures to be built.

As it gives your child the opportunity to experiment with shapes, build up their portfolio of tactile experiences and learn how to properly plan, design and put together a creation of their own, the educational value of the Mega Bloks cannot be understated.

As any number of blocks can be used to build almost any imaginable construction, the only limit to your child’s creations’ complexity is your budget. It should be a relief, then, that the Mega Bloks go for $15 per 80 blocks.

2. Little Tikes T Ball Set

little tikes t-ball setT-ball truly is one of the best ways to get a young child interested in exercise and play outside through sports early on in their lives. For those who’ve never heard of it before, t-ball, or tee-ball as it is sometimes spelt, is basically a simplified, child-friendly version of baseball.

The equipment is simpler and safer, as are the rules. A truly unique sport in that it was designed from the start a child-friendly way to learn and practice the more serious’”and dangerous’”Baseball, it should be plenty of fun for kids 2 years and up.

This particular set by Little Tikes contains pretty much everything a kid would need to start playing t-ball as a hobby, including some t-balls, rackets, a stand and storage container, and thanks to above-average build quality, it looks like it can serve that purpose for more than a few years to come.

Inexpensive, valuable, useful, engaging, educational. We don’t know of any quality that this set doesn’t have.

3. VTech Kidibeats Drum Set

vtech kidibeatsHow about introducing your little one to the world of music? The VTech Kidibeats, a toddler-friendly, ultra-simple drum set with educational features and a fool-proof design, may be your best bet to do just that. Featuring all the most important bits you would find on a real set, including three miniature drums, some appropriately-sized sticks and a cymbal.

The base of the set, which is designed to easily stand some centimeters above the ground at a, for a two-year-old, comfortable height, is equipped with some buttons, which can be used to toggle between playing modes.

There’s a free playing mode for pure, unassisted fun, but also some enhanced ones, which can help your child memorize anything from numbers to the letters of the alphabet with the help of some catchy play-along tunes. There’re also some pre-programmed pieces that feature a full orchestra soundtrack, where your little one just fills one spot, that of the drummer, in one big composition.

No matter which one you pick, though, the VTech Kidibeats is one of the best rhythm-based toys of its kind we’ve ever tested. Recommended without a doubt.

4. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

vtech baby lil' critters moosical beadsThis little toy is actually comprised of two separate ones, stuck together a little crudely for our taste, though the design may be more of a hit with its intended target audience.

The Moosical Beads by VTech consists of a plush toy and a ring-shaped handle with beads-like touch-sensitive blocks and balls stuck to it.

By touching these surfaces, various games can be played, like a numbers counting exercise, a storytelling game where one has to pay attention to the narration and test their ability to comprehend a simple storyline or a game where the alphabet is practiced by sing-alongs.

The variety is pleasing enough, and the sounds’”the volume of which can be adjusted in three steps by a lever on the device’”aren’t cheaply-made; the Moosical Beads is definitely going to be entertaining for the kids.

Since it doubles as a plush toy, your child developing emotional connections to it is not to be ruled out just like that. For $12, the Moosical Beads by VTech packs quite a lot of long-term value, then.

5. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

fisher-price harley-davidson tough trikeGetting your two-year-old a kids’ tricycle is a very wise decision; it will help with the development of their now swiftly-changing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This example, made by Fisher-Price in a Harley-Davidson-branded design, thus mostly suitable for boys, is one of the best on the market. It is made out of thick, and we do mean thick plastic, easily withstanding some rough use, including outdoors.

The pedals are great and not too hard to turn, as is the steering. Overall, nothing about the construction of the Tough Trike disappointed us one bit. The kids really like it, too.

In fact, we haven’t really heard of any significant number of negative reviews; the Tough Trike seems to be a nearly universal hit, we imagine for good reason. And, with all the benefits that come along with one of these tricycles, it shouldn’t be too hard to see how the $30 that Fisher-Price is asking for in exchange for it will be well-spent.

Rounding Off

And with that, our roundup comes to a close. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the kinds of toys and games that make a two-year-old’s heart beat just a tad bit faster, and how these differ from those of most, if not all other age groups. The second year of life really is a crossroads for your child, where lots of things change at once and it’s difficult at times to keep track of them all. Just make sure that your little one has some fun while you figure out all that adult stuff, alright?

Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

It’s happening; your lad’s third birthday is coming closer and closer. Or perhaps it has already arrived a while ago. Either way, the third year of his life is going to be a huge milestone, both in retrospect and for you in the moment. The boy’s behavior is going to change, his habits and preferences are likely to, as well. With that comes a big change in the way your child goes about playing in particular.

Whether it’s board games with the family or running and playing sports outdoors, it’s only natural for a child of this age to develop wholly new interests and experiment in ways that they haven’t tried before. And to contain all of these dramatic changes, it’s important to diversify the toys and games that your boy uses from day to day, to give them some new experiences. Thankfully, we have assembled a handy list of educational toys for 3 year olds for that very purpose. Feel free to go through it below.

NameParent's Ratings
CASDON Toy Vacuum4.1
Gears! Building Set4.5
Pull Back Vehicles3.7
My First Flybar4.3
Lincoln Logs4.5
Just Play PJ Masks Vehicle4.6
Fisher-Price Batcopter4.7
WolVol Transport Car3.8
WolVol Electric Fire Truck3.5
Liberty Imports Racing Car4.5

Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

1. CASDON Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

casdon toy ball dyson vacuumEven if it might sound a little strange to us, kids between the ages of three and five are almost notorious for enjoying role-playing and make-believe of all kinds, a side-effect of the psychological changes that the young mind undergoes right between the ages of two and three.

A vacuum may not sound like the most exciting of props or toys to use, but children of this generally enjoy mimicking what they may see their parents or older siblings do around the house, like doing various chores, cleaning and such.

The CASDON Vacuum, stylized under license to look astoundingly similar to a Dyson, is the perfect toy for this purpose, looking and feeling like the real deal whilst featuring a more child-optimized form factor.

A very advanced role playing toy, the CASDON actually does provide some suction, unlike most competitors. With the included miniature pellets and pieces of paper to scoop up, your boy doesn’t even need to make-believe; he can just do it like mom and dad!

For an immersive experience that will fascinate almost any child at this age, the CASDON Dyson Vacuum, as unrelatable as it may seem to adults, is a great toy. The $20 price doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set

For the ultimate exercise in creativity, there is nothing that can beat the Gears! Deluxe Building Set.

As the name implies, no, makes abundantly clear in no uncertain terms, the set includes a whole lot of gears, 48 of them to be exact, along with various struts, connectors and base plates to aid in building something out of them.

All these parts can be used akin to traditional building blocks like LEGOs to create fascinating, incredibly detailed and unique-looking structures.

There is even a crank provided, meaning the gears are not just for show; if done right, one can actually create a fully working, mechanical system, like a planetary gear set or similar! This can teach children about the basics of engineering and design at a very young age.

As you have probably heard, less and less young adults go into STEM fields these days, perceiving them as too boring or too technical. With something like the Gears! Deluxe Building Set, though, that may change as future generations discovery very early on just how fun science and technology can be.

Why don’t you inspire your boy to the same? He may have a great future lying a head of him!

3. Pull Back Vehicles, 12 Pack

pull back vehiclesToy cars and other vehicles have been a staple of any young boy’s toy collection pretty much since the invention of the automobile, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon.

Right around the age of 3 is where most young lads develop significant interest in cars and automotive-related topics, so getting them the appropriate toys at this age should be a no-brainer if their interests lend themselves to it.

This pack includes 12 different toy models, from race cars to construction vehicles, all of which measure about 2 inches in length and are thus easy to hold in a young boy’s hand. They can also all be launched forwards at admirable speeds by pulling them back on the ground, then letting go, akin to a slingshot, hence the term ‘pullback toy’.

The materials used consist mostly of PVC and other synthetic plastics, which are not really renowned for being high-quality, good-looking or particularly resilient, but one good thing about that is the fact that the they are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be 100% non-toxic and safe from a health standpoint.

Also, a great surprise considering their relatively low cost’”$20 for the whole set of 12’”almost all of the toy models feature at least one movable part. Great attention to detail, we call that!

4. My First Flybar

My First FlybarThe My First Flybar is a child-friendly alternative to traditional pogo sticks, featuring a higher degree of safety along with more reasonable performance than some truly high-jumping models intended for older children and adults.

Available in 5 colors, the My First Flybar can appeal to both genders, though it’s more common for boys to yearn after a movement-based, sporty toy like this. Designed for users ages 3 and up, the My First Flybar can support up to 250 pounds, a very generous number, we find.

The base is designed for safety, comfort and fun, also being the My First Flybar’s probably most unique feature compared to normal pogo sticks. Instead of two pedal-like protrusions, a large, rectangular foam base serves both as a footrest and as a replacement for the more common and much higher-performing, if sometimes unpredictable, spring system in other pogos.

All in all, the My First Flybar is a great, safe and fun way to get your boy to flex those young muscles of his, without the risks posed by more serious hardware.

5. Lincoln Logs

lincoln logsLincoln Logs are a traditionally American kind of toy, not found that often outside of the States. What they are also is incredibly fun. The concept is similar to LEGO, but perhaps a little more real life-oriented.

Instead of just plain colored blocks, Lincoln Logs resemble actual wooden logs, roof tiles and chimneys, which when combined can create amazingly authentic-looking structures, buildings in particular.

The realism is what makes Lincoln Logs so different from other building block games. Whereas LEGOs are made to be universal, to facilitate the creation of literally anything imaginable, Lincoln Logs are for those who have an interest in architecture and construction in particular.

This does make them more specialized, but on the other hand also more interesting for their young target audience. For any budding architect, or any lad fascinated by the wooden buildings of old, Lincoln Logs are just about perfect.

For $50, you get 111 high-quality pieces, and more can be added at any time. It’s not as cost-efficient as some others on this list, but oh boy, is it fun.

Round Off

As our Top 5 have shown, there are lots of possibilities open to you for nurturing and developing your boy’s intellect, skills, future hobbies and bodily development at the ever-so important age of 3. Our picks are just examples, of course. Perhaps what you need isn’t even on here! We hope, though, that our roundup has given you at least a new perspective on things, a little push in the right direction. And with that, we wish you the best of luck!

Best Toys For 4 Year Old Boys

What do you get a 4 year old boy for his birthday: At four years of age, young boys will rapidly increase the rate at which their dainty bodies develop. Height especially will increase very rapidly, and clothes will thus get discarded as soon as they’re properly worn in. That alone is not the only thing that’ll drive up your expenses at this point in their lives, though. One other need that you’ll need to keep track of: Toys. They’ll need them, and they’ll need them in spades. So, taking all this into account, here are the top five award winning toys for 4-year olds, compared and reviewed by our talented team. Enjoy!

NameParent's Ratings
Slime Kit5.0
LEGO Creative Brick Box4.7
Little Tikes Basketball Set4.3
LeapFrog Scribble4.3
Hot Wheels 9-car pack4.8
Outdoor Exploration Kit4.4
DIMY Binocular For Kids4.0
Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set4.6
LEGO Superhero Toy4.8
LEGO Juniors Building Kit4.8

Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys

1. Fluffy Slime Kit

slime-kitOkay, so perhaps this isn’t really a particularly regular idea for a gift, or anything you would buy for your child, for that matter, but bear with us here. It is likely you’ve never heard of Slime Kit before, so let’s approach this from a layman’s perspective.

The kit, put simply, are collection of 12 multi color scented smell slimes, 5 glitters, 1 foam balls, 1 mixed color foam balls, fruit slicers, 2 spatulas and more and are made from natural resin, water and eco-friendly material.

Your kids can create unlimited number of DIY projects using this slime kit. Its great for doing group activities and relief stress & anxiety.

Slime kit, as strange as it may sound, can become a very long-term project for some kids; the main interest lies both in trying to make something fun and creative and also to experiment with their texture, to play with them in their hands.

As such, the enjoyment of slime kit is both tactile and strategic, so it requires planning skills, ingenuity and curiosity all in equal measure. That is why, awkward concept aside, they are a really popular gift option for parents of children ages 4 and up.

This complete fluffy slime kit is conveniently filled with everything your artistic child needs to create unique & fabulous slime including fun mix in to personalize and play with their slime.

2. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

lego classic creative brick boxAs the name already makes abundantly clear, LEGOs are a classic. So much of a classic that they’re sold under that name and description, it seems.

The Creative Brick Box is as simple an idea as could be; an assortment of LEGO blocks, almost 500 of them in this case (!), contained within one stylishly designed container.

To clarify, these are not just traditional LEGO blocks; included within the package is almost anything from wheels and tires to eyes and some other non-standard blocks like large horizontal planes and doors with separate frames.

Being the ultimate exercise in creativity, literally anything is possible with LEGOs, but you probably already know that from experience.

The fact is, for a four-year-old, a large set of tried-and-true, classic LEGOs may just be not only what they need, not only what they’ll have a lot of fun with, but also ultimately one of the best gifts they could possibly get. For $35, this one’s a steal, too!

3. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

little tikes easyScore basketball setAs life goes on, at least in kids’ case, the body grows stronger and more competent.

As a result of this, you are likely to see your boy develop a higher interest in sports and the like around the age of four or five, even if activities like that haven’t been much of a topic up until now.

To aid the kids with their higher level of activity at this age, it might be worth considering introducing them to a sport of some kind. Basketball is particularly attractive for that purpose, being suitable for both outdoor fun and some great play inside.

The Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set includes just about everything your child will need to start playing, including a basket mounted to an adjustable stand that grows as your boy does, and a set of balls. The stand is particularly interesting in this case.

Usable both indoors and outdoors, the thick base can be made even grippier and harder to move by filling it with water or suitable sand.

If you want your boy to get into sports, then basketball might be a good idea. If you think basketball might be a good idea, then the Little Tikes set is one of the best age-appropriate options out there. Simple as that.

4. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

leapfrog scribble and writeAs technology advances, we are forced to see new methods of doing tried-and-true things evolve in front of our eyes. This is the case with the LeapFrog Scribble and Write.

Whereas back in the olden days, one would teach their children to read and write with the help of pen and paper, nowadays, technology has left that practice behind.

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is an ingenious device. Consisting of an alphanumerical keyboard’”so, yes, learning to write the numbers is possible, too’”a stylus and an LCD, it works very simply; just press the button corresponding to a certain symbol and that symbol will show up on the screen.

Retrace it with the stylus to write it out and practice as many times as you want. No need for paper, unlimited space to practice writing, yet a high degree of realism and authenticity through the use of a stylus.

A simple, but ingenious solution to a problem we never knew existed, all made possible thanks to modern technology. The one drawback is the same that all early adopters of new-fangled tech will inevitably face: A high price. $60 is what LeapFrog will charge you for one of their Scribble and Writes. Ouch.

5. Hot Wheels Car

hot wheels 9-car packAh yes, Hot Wheels. A true classic gift for any young boy, the die-cast toy cars, licensed or not, just seem to never, ever be getting old.

This set of 9 cars, randomly selected out of Hot Wheels’ vast catalog, is one of the best ways for a newbie to start their collection or for an experienced veteran to expand their existing one. Either way, the 9 models included in this pack promise lots of fun for a long time.

Hot Wheels models are known for being well-made compared to their competitors, most of which have left the market by now as a reaction to the former’s near-monopoly, and none of the cars included in the 9-pack do anything to disprove the clich.

To clarify, although the selection process is random, the 9-car pack only consists of 1:64 scale models, not the highly popular 1:32 and 1:16 scale models that Hot Wheels also offers. This does mean a lower space requirement, lower price and higher potential to start a large collection without too much fuss.

So, it’s a win-win, right? Provided your lad has any interest in the automotive world at all, this could make for one great gift.

Rounding Off

So, how did you like our picks? We tried to feature as diverse a roundup as possible, going both for obvious choices and more obscure toys that wouldn’t immediately pop into anyone’s head.

In any case, we hope you learned something from our roundup; perhaps you even found the perfect present for your child skimming through this list. As much as we would like to offer a more personalized experience, there’s only one person who knows your needs and wishes well enough for that, and that’s you. Besides, writing over 7 billion versions of this article would be quite tiresome.

Best Toys & Birthday Gift Ideas For 5 Year Old Boys

They grow up so quickly, don’t they? You’ve barely become accustomed to him, and already five years have passed since you first met. You’ll notice your boy’s eating habits change, his body grow and his language develop. You’ll also notice an increasingly worrying demand for increasingly expensive toys.

Now, don’t turn this into a large-scale issue. We have experience in this matter. You can trust us. And to help you out concerning the toy non-issue in particular, here are our top five picks for the best 5-year-old-certified toys for the young men out there.

NameParent's Ratings
DROGRACE Kid's Camera3.7
VTech Smartwatch4.4
YKS R/C Flying Ball3.8
Star Wars Mask4.5
Diggin DodgeTag4.2
Thinkgizmos Fires Discs3.8
Luwint LED Light Gloves4.4
Newisland Blaster Gun4.6
Toy State Caterpillar4.6
Robot Toys3.7

Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

1. DROGRACE Kids Camera

drograce kid's action cameraAction cameras have always been a great convenience. Forgoing the complexity and image finesse of, say, DSLRs, they instead feature a build so rugged competitions have actually been held to determine what on earth could possibly break the likes of a GoPro.

Meant to survive harsh environments, these cameras may not have the artistic freedom or attractive looks that a DSLR gives you, but they’re also much more affordable and more durable.

Now, perhaps after all that explaining, it might seem a strange idea to manufacture and market a camera like that to today’s youth, who are usually satisfied with smartphones (and only start using them by the age of twelve at best), but that is exactly what the DROGRACE Action Camera is.

With Full HD video and photo capabilities, a tight, compact and rugged build and simple controls that are mostly set-and-forget, it’s quite similar to other action cameras not specifically dedicated to young boys.

What sets it apart is the ultra-low price of $38 (!) and the small form factor, more compact than even your average GoPro. All in all, a great choice for those lads who are always active, always doing something outdoors.

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

vtech kidizoom smartwatchAre smartwatches just a fad, or will all future watches look like them? We can’t know at this point, but what what we can and do know is they’re hugely popular, especially among today’s teens and tweens.

The though of combining the features of a touchscreen-powered smartphone with the portability, style and comfort associated with wristwatches probably is one of those things that future generations will look down on and say, ‘Man, that is such a typical 2010s idea’.

In any case, a smartwatch could be a great gift for a young lad, even as young as five years old, provided they know how to handle it and provided it’s the proper kind of smartwatch that is suitable for their age. This is where the Kidizoom by VTech steps in.

It’s mainly a digital watch, and is supposed to be used as such, but what makes it so ‘smart’ are the pre-installed educational games and applications like timers and calendars. So, it’s not nearly as feature-rich as the smartwatches you will find Apple and their kind selling for hundreds of dollars, but perhaps that’s a good thing.

Not only due to the low price, $70 being all that VTech asks for in exchange for a Kidizoon, but also from a safety standpoint: Exposing five-year-olds to the vast world of the Internet may not end that well, no matter how disciplined they are.

3. YKS R/C Flying Ball

yks r/c flying ballR/C toys have been a popular choice of toy for a couple decades now, R/C helicopters in particular, but have you ever seen a remote-controller flying ball? Probably not.

The YKS Flying Ball, probably one of the more uniquely-styled toys on our list, performs only slightly similarly to a traditional R/C ‘copter, flying in a much more stable manner and with less twitchiness when turning. It also isn’t as prone to spin in midair as helicopters poorly calibrated or just heavily used often are.

There are two rotors with balance bars in between them, which does make the Flying Ball quite tall overall. Of course, the disco ball-like, semi-transparent base is the main attraction of the device. With built-in LED illumination in dozens of colors and a high-quality look that belies the $10 price tag, it’s quite a looker!

Thanks to great, calm flying characteristics more indoors-friendly than your average R/C helicopter, being much less prone to bump into nearby objects, and an attractive, sci-fi-esque design, the low price being the cherry on top, the YKS R/C Flying Ball might just be the world’s best remote-controlled toy for this age and price range.

4. Star Wars Chewbacca Face Mask

star wars chewbacca face maskThanks to the recent release of the 7th installment, The Force Awakens, Star Wars is back in the foreground of pop culture, and that includes lots of tie-ins and merchandise to go along with that.

One good example is this licensed Chewbacca Face Mask, a great fit for boys between the ages of 5 and 10 and possessing a great look, too! Besides the well-made, textured plastic surfaces adorning the exterior, the big seller of this product has got to be the movable lower jaw.

Unlike static, boring masks, then, it is actually possible and very easy to create authentic expressions wearing the Chewbacca Face Mask. But the jaw goes beyond simple aesthetics: In between the eyes, camouflaged among the ‘fur’ is a hidden speaker.

When the mask’s jaw opens, it lets loose a sound that any Star Wars fan will instantly recognize as Chewbacca’s trademark moan. The volume of the sound scales with the degree to which the jaw is opened, so one can dial from a loud roar to a more subdued grunt, or perhaps something in between.

A perfect idea for a Halloween costume, or a general present for any young Star Wars fan, the Chewbacca Face Mask is well-made and offers some nice touches that you don’t get to see on other masks like these, too. Do expect to pay a premium for all that, though.

You can get a mask for a lot less than $45, but then again, can you get one as good as this?

5. Diggin DodgeTag

diggin dodgetagFor fun outdoors, there’s DodgeTag, a unique game by Diggin.

The concept is simple: Two players try to hit each other with thrown, soft, so-called dodgeballs, which are similar to tennis balls. To keep score, both players wear a DodgeTag vest, which contains a large bullseye on the center.

Any of the other player’s balls will stick to the vest upon contact, so one can determine who got hit how many times by just examining the vests after each round.

Being highly competitive and requiring a lot of movement, DodgeTag is great for those boys who just love running and playing outside, but it is a great, yet nonetheless fun sports exercise for any child.

The official rules only allow for two players, but since the DodgeTag vests are color-coded, one could buy multiple game packs and arrange a team-based match with four or more players. That is, unfortunately, going to cost you dearly: Each set of two vests and six balls goes for around $40.

Round Off

As your boy is officially half a decade old, his style of play will become more complex and specialized. It is important to follow that with your buying habits and expectations. Many of the top picks that ended up on our list, we wouldn’t have recommended for any kids younger than five. But that in itself is a testament to just how much children, especially boys, change during this period.

So, long story short, be open to the new things that your lad will inevitably desire, and don’t hesitate gifting him something you wouldn’t have last year, or the year before.

Best Imaginative Toys For 6 Year Old Boys

Toys for 6-year-old boys, huh? How awfully specific, we hear you say. Well, to be frank for a second, the sixth year of life is actually pretty monumental in a child’s development, male or female. At six, boys and girls will start to exhibit much better language skills than before, and they’ll also possess a much more detailed grasp of complex topics such as mathematics.

This is also the age where most artists take their first steps towards their future craft, be it musicians starting to practice reading musical notes and playing some simple melodies on the piano or up-and-coming painters practicing their first strokes with watercolors.

All in all, the sixth year is going to offer you and your boy a lot of new possibilities and experiences. And what better way to encourage their development than with some truly amazing toys and games as a present for 6 year old boys? Let’s take a look, shall we?

NameParent's Ratings
Sokos Walkie-Talkies for Kids4.1
Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad4.3
Osmo Genius Kit4.6
Hasbro PieFace!4.4
Scientific Explorer Kit4.4
Robots Game4.2
Card Game for Kids4.7
Backyard Safari Cargo Vest4.5
ZOOB Car Designer4.4

Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

1. Sokos Walkie-Talkies for Kids

sokos walkie-talkies for kidsWalkie-talkies will become handy devices to have in your and your boy’s respective pockets at this point since, guess what, their outdoors activity and affinity for sports, no matter where it was last year, is going to astronomically increase.

But walkie-talkies are not just for keeping tabs on the kids and making sure they don’t run off; they’re also great for role play and various other forms of outdoors fun.

This model by Sokos is a perfect example of what a walkie-talkie for boys right around the age of six should offer: Easy controls, high range, battery life and an age-appropriate look.

To elaborate on those qualities, the Sokos walkie-talkies feature labeled push button controls for all the important settings such as tuning and volume, which makes them easy and intuitive to use, even for six-year-olds.

Range tops out at a staggering 5 miles, and one charge lasts for about 5 hours, up to 9 hours if the device is put into standby. For just above $25 a pair, we can’t complain.

2. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

crayola light-up tracing padAs previously described, you can expect your boy’s artistic visions to start appearing at this fundamental era of their lives, and so it should be no surprise to see what very much is an artist’s tool as opposed to a mindless toy be part of this list.

The Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is great for giving kids a first taste of what it’s like to draw professionally.

The concept, as with any great product, is still reasonably simple: What you get is a board, some pencils and twenty sheets of paper. Ten of these sheets are not blanks, though. Instead, they are tracing sheets, silhouettes of finished drawings.

By laying a blank on top of them, one can trace the existing artwork, or deviate from it, and receive a sort of guideline as to how to go about drawing, say, a human face by learning the proportions of it, learning where to place which stroke and how the result should look.

It’s a basic exercise, but very well-executed, we must say. Small extras like the built-in LED illumination, useful for when drawing in the dark, and the low $25 price round off the already great picture. Pun intended.

3. Jenga

jengaIt’s Jenga. Does anything else really need to be said at this point? For the two remaining people on this planet who’ve never heard of it, here’s a quick rundown.

In Jenga, one constructs a tower out of wooden, rectangular pieces. To start off the game, one of the minimum of two players takes out one of the pieces and relocates it to the top of the tower, the goal being to create the highest possible tower with the amount of blocks staying the same.

Ultimately, the inevitable will happen; one block will be pulled out and the whole tower, or large portions of it, collapse. The player that caused the fall loses.

Those are the official rules of the game, but there are so many other ways to play it, some of which turn the concept upside down and make crashing the tower the winning condition, so no-one is ever going to tell you that you’re playing Jenga ‘the wrong way’.

And that’s what’s so great about it: Being able to sit at one table, play one game and forget about all intricacies or regulations. Just some people having fun with some wooden blocks.

Note that we did write ‘people’ there, and not without reason. Jenga truly is one of those games that’s for all ages, not just the kids.

4. Osmo Genius Kit

osmo genius kitOne common aspect of children six years and older that we haven’t touched so far is the increasingly high interest in scientific discovery. At first, babies and toddlers don’t think that much about the world they explore with their senses.

As soon as the second year of life kicks in, imagination runs rampant, and they start inventing things about what they already know. The next milestone is the one your boy is heading towards right now; that of actively pursuing knowledge about what’s truly out there, and how to be sure. It would seem we are stuck in that phase our whole lives.

The Osmo Genius Kit was made to encourage scientific thought and playfully get kids to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge without giving them all the answers straight up while combining aspects from more traditional puzzle and drawing games. It’s a very high-tech piece of kit, requiring an iPad to work properly in conjunction with the so-called Genius base.

The games and activities that are included are too plentiful to review here, but let us stress their sheer diversity. There are drawing exercises that can take images and automatically turn them into traceable, silhouette-like lines. There’s a puzzle game that gets progressively harder each time you win.

There’s another puzzle, but one played on the iPad, where the player has to recognize and adaptively use simple laws of physics to their advantage, and that’s just scratching the surface. Truly wonderful. We don’t have anything more to say. If you have an iPad, this is a must.

5. Hasbro PieFace!

hasbro piefaceThis one’s a classic. No, really! Iterations of Hasbro’s PieFace! have been sold since the early sixties, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since, with only gradual, slight changes to the formula over the years. What makes it so popular? Well, it’s easy to play, and fun for both the kids and us adults.

It goes like this: The players take turns with a wheel of fortune that has numbered fields from two to five. Since there is no ‘zero’ field, all players will inevitably have to sit down at the so-called hotseat on every turn.

The hotseat consists of a frame that the player puts their face into, a hand-operated crank and a platter stuck to a lever, styled to look like a stretched-out hand and arm.

On the ‘hand’, you’re supposed to lay a sizable drop of whipped cream, but a wet sponge will do just fine as well. Now, at the hotseat, the player is supposed to operate the crank as many times as the field they landed on said. Each crank is distinguished by a loud clicking sound, so there’s no way to cheat.

At random, the crank may release the ‘hand’ it’s connected to, and its contents will be sent flying straight at the unlucky player’s face. The player that makes it to 25 turns of the crank irrespective of how many times they’ve been ‘PieFaced’ wins, so a high-risk playstyle is encouraged.

The idea may be silly, but both adults and children love it, have done so for more than half a century now. And there must be something to it in that case, right?

Rounding Off

And, concluding our overview of the best toys for those lads reaching the magical number six, how did we manage? We bet you didn’t expect this particular lineup. Granted it was out of the ordinary for the most part, but isn’t that the point, or rather, shouldn’t it be?

Remember, your child isn’t a teen yet. The age of experimenting is still on, and that should be reflected in your toy-buying habits. Think about that. In any case, we hope you enjoyed our top rated list. Always be free to come back for more!

Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys – What Do 7 Year Olds Like To Play With

Every 7-year old boy is unique in his own way; they have different interest. Some like cars, others sports, others math, others science, others art, others board games and so on. It would be so much easier if all 7-year old boys had similar interests as it would make gift-shopping a breeze, however, that is not the case.

The only constant thing all 7-year old boys share is their love for fun and exciting toys. It is from that premise that we compiled a review of the best birthday ideas for 7-year old boys. Apart from providing fun and excitement, we also picked the top 5 gifts based on their usefulness. Let’s now get into the review;

NameParent's Ratings
Magnetic Dart Board4.5
Hasbro Connect 4 Game4.6
ALEX Sewing Kit4.3
LEGO Creator Robot Toy4.8
K’NEX Motorized Building Set4.4
LEGO Train Toy Accessory4.6
Playskool Transformers Rescue Bots4.2
Kid Galaxy Bumper Cars3.7
Engineering Building Blocks Toys4.6

Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

1. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

doinkit darts - magnetic dart boardRight about now, we know you are wondering why we picked a dart board as our top pick gift. Well, for starters, the game of darts has a very rich history, which we’ll not explore at this time. And apart from the game’s rich history, the game of darts is universally recognized as cool and fun.

This brings us to the Doinkit Darts. It comes first on our list for maintaining the high-darting standards set through years of evolution. The game of darts is meant to be safe, and that is why the evolved Doinkit Darts features a magnetic dart board as well as magnetic darts instead of the traditional sharp-pointed darts to prevent injury.

This thoughtful modification means that the Doinkit Darts is completely safe for young children and adults as well. You can play this game with your young son as a bonding activity. You can teach him how to focus and hit stationary targets in a fun way. By the end of a few gaming sessions, your son’s aiming and hand coordination will have improved greatly.

All you need to get started on this gaming experience is simply hanging the magnetic board on a vertical surface; then you can start shooting the darts. New players such as your son can start shooting from a short distance away and gradually increase the distance as they get better at the game.

Lastly, the Doinkit Darts comes equipped with an instruction manual that provides all the information regarding the game.

2. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

hasbro connect 4 gameIf there is a game that defines the 7-year old age group, it’s the Classic Connect Grid. It’s a simple, tactical game that prepares the young for much more tactical games such as checkers and chess. The Hasbro Connect 4 game comes with a grid and a set of two discs; 21 gold and 21 red discs.

As advertised, this two-player game promotes fun and laughter while at the same time fosters healthy competition among opponents. With this Connect Grid, Hasbro has taken a classic game and improved it with modern styling cues, brighter colors as well as with new twists and new methods of playing to enhance the gaming experience for young kids.

The rules of playing this game are easy to grasp. One player takes the gold discs while the other player takes the red ones. Opponents aim to match as many same-colored discs as possible, and the first person to line four discs in a row is declared the winner.

Your son can employ one of the many connect grid strategies to win the game or prevent the opponent from winning. He can opt to stack the discs vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win the game. And if the opponent has the upper hand, he can opt to block/counter his opponent’s moves to prevent them from winning. In this case, a stalemate is better than a loss.

3. Bananagrams

bananagramsIf you want a game that will make your 7-year old go bananas, the Bananagrams will do the trick. This crossword game is both educational and entertaining; it teaches your 7-year old boy to spell words while providing fun and friendly competition between him and his opponents.

This Bananagrams is a great game that brings people together. If you are traveling with friends and family, you can gather them together and try to better each other at word creation.

Points are awarded to every word created, where complex words are awarded the most points. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins the game.

If you are traveling for the holidays, you will love the Bananagrams. This crossword game comes enclosed in a banana-shaped case which is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space during packing. With the Bananagram, activities such as camping will become livelier and more memorable for everyone involved.

The Bananagrams can support up to 8-players. This means that your boy, his siblings, and friends can battle it out to find the wordsmith king among themselves.

That said, the Bananagram is a unisex toy set and can be gifted to both sexes. The ideal playing age of this toy is 7-years old but can be played by much younger kids with advanced grammatical skills.

4. ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

alex toys craft my first sewing kitAs a parent, you should know your child inside-out by the time he turns 7-years old. If your son has shown an interest in clothes and fashion trends, the Alex Toy Craft may be the best gift you ever get him.

The Alex Toy Craft is a beginner sewing kit that comes with all the necessary material and accessories required for sewing. If your son has the ambition of becoming a famous designer in the future, the Alex sewing kit will go a long way in helping him realize his childhood dream.

In regards to sewing material, the Alex Toy Craft comes equipped with stuffing pieces, various fabrics, six buttons, rickracks, 28 felt shapes, pom pom strips as well as embroidery floss. What’s more, it comes with accessories such as scissors, measuring tape, thimble, needles and pin cushions included in the packaging.

With these materials and sewing accessories your kid can make a total mess of them and if not, don’t be surprised to see him come up with the latest clothing trends. All in all, the Alex sewing kit encourages creativity in kids and helps them develop their sewing skills as a hobby or as a future career move.

5. LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

lego creator robo explorer 31062 robot toyWith LEGO toys, there’s no greater achievement than creating something out of nothing. If your 7-year old son is a fan of LEGO toys, he will appreciate the building challenge posed by this Robo Explorer toy set.

It comes with 200 LEGO pieces that your child has to put together to create a toy robot that can transform to form either a robot dog or a robot bird.

If your son is feeling adventurous, he can use the bright-green eyes and light-up jetpack LEGO pieces included in the toy set to modify his creations. He can add the jetpack piece to Robot Dog to make it fly or enhance Robot Bird’s look by fitting it with the bright-green eyes.

The 3-in-one play modes increase the gaming possibilities offered by this toy set. When in Robot Explorer mode, it stands at 4-inches while in Robot Bird and Robot Dog mode, it stands at 3 and 2-inches respectively.

Since this Robo Explorer is compatible with all LEGO toy sets, your son can introduce new pieces to this toy set from his old LEGO collection to enhance his gaming experience. All in all, this toy will make a great addition to your son’s LEGO collection and will impress his friends with its awesomeness.

Round Off

When it comes to gift giving, there’s no one perfect gift for all 7-year old boys. From our experience, the best gifts come from parents who are observant and pay attention to their children’s interests. Therefore, before choosing one of the five games featured above, here are some questions you need to ask yourself;
• What are the interests of the kid?
• Is the game fun and exciting?
• Is the game engaging?
• What value does the game add the kid?
• Does the game help develop important skills?
• Can the game lead to a future career?
If you answer these questions adequately, you will be in a much better position to choose the perfect gift for your 7-year old boy.

Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys – What Do 8 Year Olds Like To Do For Fun

He is choosy, and it breaks your heart! It doesn’t require the knowledge of a rocket scientist to know that at the age of 8, boys can be a bit irritating and demanding. All in all, you need to make him happy; he is still your baby. Gifts for 8year old boys are easy to find, but the best are rare. With the knowledge I gained through interacting with kids, I decided to make a list of the most suitable gifts that would make any boy happy. Below are the top five.

NameParent's Ratings
Nerf Strongarm Blaster4.4
Jenga Classic Game4.7
Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow4.4
Wonder Workshop Dash Robot4.2
LEGO Minecraft The Iron Golem4.8
LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom Island4.5
LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox4.0
K’NEX Battle Set4.2
4M Doodling Robot3.9

Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

nerf n-strike elite strongarm blasterLooking for a classy and high quality toy blaster to award your eight year old son on his birthday? Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster is the ideal choice.

It features a barrel that carriers six darts. The Elite darts blast from the rotating barrel at a high speed intensifying boys’ combat games; the faster the firing, the faster the darts blast.

This terrific blaster can fire up to a distance of 75 feet; your boy can target a shot to his competitors when a distant away. With the Elite darts, accuracy when blasting and high velocity are assured; only a perfect target is needed to bring the enemy down.

Slam Fire slide allows control over firing rate. Pull the trigger and push the Slam Fire Slide back and forth speedily to throw a stream of darts at high speed. Loading the six darts in the barrel is an easy task. You can advance this toy buy attaching N-Strike components; they are not included in the package.

2. Jenga Classic Game

jenga classic gameFun, skills, creativity, joy, and suspense all in one pack! Jenga Classic Game is one of a kind that can be played by a group of friends any time of the day, anywhere they wish. No fixed rules for the game, the players agree on a set of rules they make together.

It is a simple game; pulling a block and placing it on top fingers crossed that the tower doesn’t fall. This great match inspires laughter and positive attitude and relieves any stress your boy may be having.

Whether you are playing alone or with friends, the game does not disappoint; so refreshing. Bring the wooden blocks down try to build the tallest tower possible; whether it stands or crashes, the game will still be lively and full of laughter.

The game creates suspense as more and more blocks are stalked; great balancing skills will determine the winner. Any kid would enjoy this game to the fullest. Jenga Classic Game is sold at a pocket-friendly price; get one today and put a smile on your boys face.

3. The Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow, 4 Rockets

the original stomp rocket jr. glowThis beautiful toy is what every kid for vigorous outdoor activities. Kids can either jump run or stomp to enable the rocket to fly over 100 feet upwards; a fantastic view.

Kids not only have fun but also engage in physical exercise which is of the essence for healthy growth. This beautiful toy glows when exposed to darkness thus can be used at night, in the day, or when the weather is gloomy.

The rocket requires no fuel or batteries to get going; hence o extra costs after a purchase of the package. The Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow, 4 Rockets promotes love for technology, science, and math; kids understand why the toy moves and glows.

It is a quality toy that last and serves your kid for an extended period. It is easy to assemble toy fit for use by kids aged three years or more. This outstanding toy is a perfect gift choice for your kid anytime, any day, any season.

4. Cozmo

cozmoThe more you interact with Cozmo, the more the relationship grows; an astonishing robot.

Technology has made it possible for Cozmo to convey a variety of emotions; intelligent, curious, playful, persistent and much more. This robot will learn your kid’s name, character, and appearance; is it not amazing? The toy robot explores moves, knows, masters, and plans.

The toy has a Code Lab that allows new coders to practice. Few blocks are enough to make Cozmo act as per your creations. Cozmo loves action and play; you never get bored when with the toy.

When the robot is in exploring mode, it allows you to control him with his surroundings so you can view what he sees. Whether in the day or night, this beautiful robot is always active, and his games and skills upgrade with time.

This excellent toy comes intact hence nothing to fix. It requires an Android device or suited iOS in addition to Cozmo app to make it work. It is highly secure and long-lasting. The full package comes with a charger, Power Cubes and Cozmo Robot.

5. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

wonder workshop dash robotFree apps downloaded on Android devices or iOS are all you kid needs to bring Dash Robot to life. This breathtaking robot is characterized by a variety of different but rousing coding adventures found in Blockly and Wonder apps.

With an Android or Apple tablet or smartphone, you can command Dash Robot to create sounds, shine, move, avoid obstacles, and dance among other actions. Kids can make this robot their pet or friend and have fun during play time.

Blocky and Wonder apps offer tutorials on how to program the robot at the inception of every program; the tutorials are easy to understand. Dash Robot is intact at purchase; no batteries or assembling needed.

A complete package of this great toy robot includes a USB cable, 2 Building Brick Connectors, LEGO Technic suited bricks and USB cable for charging. Sold at a surprisingly affordable price and it’s of high quality.

Rounding Off

They say work without play makes Jack a dull boy. No parent wants to raise a dull boy. The information above is of the essence when choosing gifts for 8-year-old boys. Besides having fun, your boy will gain essential skills, engage in physical activities, socialize with friends during play and make independent decisions. You need not dig too dip into your pockets to acquire one of the toys listed above; they are cheap. What are you waiting for? Make a move!

What To Buy A 9 Year Old Boy for his Birthday

Missing to see you baby boy active and happy? Feeling guilty since it has been long since you awarded your baby? I know the feeling. Gifts for 9-year-old boys are not a mystery; with relevant information, you will get the best. I realized some parents purchase toys and later complain about the bad choices they made. Lack of knowledge is the primary reason behind such reactions; I have however tried to solve the problem. Look at the list below.

NameParent's Ratings
Electronics Discovery Kit4.8
Hot Wheels Track Set4.5
Nerf Target Set4.5
K’NEX Thrill Rides3.5
Air Hogs RoboTrax3.9
Christmas Advent Calendar Playset 3.0
Transformers Optimus Prime4.3
K’NEX Building Set4.7
GBlife Toy Cars3.6
M-jump Pull Back Vehicles4.5

Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

snap circuits jr. sc-100 electronics discovery kitGive your kid an enjoyable experience like no other and a start to electronics in his early years. With thirty color codes, circuits constituents that snap at a go, this fantastic toy creates a breathtaking view of working circuits.

This kit by Elenco can be handled and made to work in more than a hundred different ways enabling your child to be creative and innovative and creates a definite taste for electronics.

A full package of Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit contains switches, snap wires, music meshed circuit, an alarm circuit, and a speaker that work together in a variety of different ways that your kid can create.

Every component is uniquely color-coded and numbered for fast and easy identification. The circuits formed on the plastic grid resemble those located inside radios, televisions, among other electronic devices.

Also, the package contains instructions that are easy to comprehend. Eight years old and above kid will enjoy playing with this toy and gain additional knowledge on how circuits work. The different projects include police siren, flying saucer, doorbell among others; boys love this kind of real actions.

2. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

hot wheels criss cross crash track setInitiate some real action using four criss cross crash paths and a fast car. Contestants assemble their classy Hot Wheels vehicles with features of a car feeder and allow them to roll for misses or wipeouts.

Tracks are 16 feet up or more and feature hairpin corners motor boosters and a considerable crash region. Kids will enjoy for hours the movements, sharp turns, and crashing action. Crash and bash action yields stories and encourages imaginative play.

This fantastic toy provides enough parking spaces for appropriate storage. A complete box contains motorized boosters, parking space, track, crash zone, hairpin corners, loops, Hot Wheels cars and four intersections.

All the pieces work together to unleash real actions your boy will love. Kids can use the toy in school or when at home. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. A gift package of this fantastic toy set will put a smile on your boys face anyway. Its quality is unquestionable and made to last long. Get it at a pocket- friendly price today.

3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set

nerf n-strike elite precision target setMake a perfect shot using this excellent Elite Precision Target Set. Any kid will enjoy a combat action and lively competition using this toy.

Similarly, a kid new to gun actions can practice how to target and make ideal shorts with the help of this incredible set. The target can be placed on the door or stand and at a distinct position and aimed at by every participant.

The game comes with quality Suction Darts that attach to the target one blasted hence you can tell whether your accuracy is improving or deteriorating. The ten Suction Darts provided are decorated in two unique colors. Kids can improve their blasting skills alone or with friends to make it more exciting and compete in the process.

It can be used with other N-Strike components; they are however not included in the package but can be purchased separately. A combination of Firestrike blaster, Suction Darts, and target build your kid to be the best shooter in town. Award your baby boy with this classy set, and you can never regret.

4. K’NEX Thrill Rides

k’nex thrill ridesBuild a breathtaking coaster using K’NEX Thrill Rides building set. It comes with more than four hundred and thirty pieces of unique colors. Joining one brightly colored piece to another using the connectors is an easy task; kids can set up a beautiful 2.5 feet object in minutes.

Amazingly, the components glow in the dark hence kids can play even during the night; the view when the castle glows is overwhelming. The package contains coaster car that requires batteries to move at high speed along the vertical and horizontal thrills.

Apart from fun, this toy boosts the love and understanding of science, art, engineering, technology, and math; they become creative, innovative and bright when still young. Skills such as eye-hand coordination, motor skills, problem-solving abilities are gained as kids try to build; this has a positive effect their development.

This toy can be used at home or in school as a part of indoor or outdoor activities. Simple instructions are given on how to join the components. Finally, if any part is missing or broken, correction is guaranteed after purchase.

5. Air Hogs RoboTrax

air hogs robotraxKids can enjoy block and tackle action on rocks, grass, sand or gravel using Air Hogs RoboTrax. Outdoor adventures scale to another level when this toy machine is involved. When its start button is pushed, it stands and moves over every ground and balances perfectly like a robot.

Kids can get into a battle with the toy since it contains two missile bays and six missiles in addition to balancing ability. This toy acts as a combat tank and a robot.

It maneuvers at high speed over a rough ground when in tank shape. Push on a transformation button changes it into a robot that erects upwards up to eight inches high. It is made using durable material hence can last long even after moving on rough surfaces.

A controller with two buttons is provided; the buttons command the toy and change modes. It features sound and lights to make the game more exciting as missiles are blasted at high speed. The package also contains a USB for charging purposes. This perplexing toy is everything you boy needs to remain jovial and active all day long.

Round Off

Knowledge is a great asset, but actions make it better. You now have an idea of what would make your adorable boy happy. Best gifts for 9-year-old boys are many, but the best are rare. All the toys listed above are the best and most convenient. Quality is top and price is low. Place an order ASAP and get ready to watch your boy spend some quality time in active play.

Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

As the first decade of life nears its completion, expect vast changes to take place. It won’t be long before puberty kicks in; by then, your boy will undergo a transformation so significant, he might come out nearly irrecognizable at the other end. Still, to commemorate his first decennial birthday, a more extravagant, more matured present than usual might be of order. Thankfully, with this list of ours, you will have no trouble choosing the perfect one. Scroll down below to read about the gifts for 10-year-old boys!

NameParent's Ratings
Gravity Maze4.7
Ripotik Caster Board4.7
OWI Solar Robot3.6
LEGO Star Wars Building Kit4.8
LEGO City Police Station4.9
LEGO BATMAN Building Kit4.6
Meccano-Erector Robotic Toy2.9
OWI Solar Robot3.3
Yahtzee Handheld Digital Game4.0
Maisto Rock Crawler Vehicle3.8

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

1. Gravity Maze

gravity mazeOur first top tip is the so-called Gravity Maze game, an exotic idea invented for those especially smart kids among ten-year-olds. It’s a puzzle game, to put it short, but a highly unique one.

The rules go like this: The game is started by picking a card, which contains a diagram of some blocks on a grid. These represent towers that have to be put on their indicated position on the playing field, as well as a so-called landing piece. There are 9 of these towers in total, with different colors indicating their height. Differently-colored cards indicate different levels of difficulty, on the other hand.

After having set up the game field according to the card, the next step is to look at the bottom of that card, where some colored squares can be seen. These indicate the number and color of additional towers that may be placed. However, the position of these is up to the player.

The ultimate goal is to put a small marble on top of the highest tower and let it fall in such a way that it smoothly rolls from one tower to the next, reaching the bottom without fail and finishing safely in the landing piece.

So, what else can we say? It’s a highly unique, well thought-out puzzle game that’s a real physics-based brainstormer, tough even for us adults. With 60 cards of highly varying difficulties, it promises fun for a long time.

2. Ripotik Caster Board

ripotik caster boardCaster boards, also sometimes called waveboards, have become almost a symptom of teenage youth over the past few years. They’re quickly ‘worn out’ by the time puberty has gone past its peak, but for those under the age of 15, they’re a nice toy to have.

Designed as the spiritual successor to skateboards, caster boards amplify the already ingenious concept by separating the front and rear parts of the board, allowing them to be flexed easily by shifting weight from one foot to the other or shimmying about from side to side.

Tricks that weren’t possible with a standard skateboard or longboard now are with this design, and many tried-and-true maneuvers and methods have become more complicated in turn.

This does mean caster board pose a slightly steeper learning curve, but on the other hand, they’re a uber-stylish method of transportation among teens that allows for some truly awesome driving if you’ve got the know-how and the necessary experience.

Also This particular board bit Ripotik is a great example of what a caster board should be like. Strong, well-made, but with excellent flexibility and style, this is a no-compromise solution for young teens just starting out. The $50 price tag is more than reasonable, too.

3. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

owi 14-in-1 solar robotRemember LEGO Mindstorms, those cool LEGO-branded robots, combining simple electronics with infinite potential and creativity thanks to LEGO bricks-based construction? Well, OWI is trying something similar with their Solar Robot, even if the exact specs and even the underlying concept are somewhat different.

The OWI, as the name implies, is completely solar-powered, making it environmentally friendlier than the LEGO solution, which relied on batteries. Another big difference is the fact that the OWI is a pre-built machine of its own, not a parts bin that you can build anything you want out of. The real highlight is the whole ‘14-in-1’ affair, though.

By rearranging various building pieces without changing the central mainframe and the OWI’s characteristic ‘face’, one can switch between 14 preset robot designs. These can travel on land via wheels or legs and even in some cases float or swim on water.

Not as much freedom of choice as with the Mindstorms is provided here since the parts can only be combined to form any of these 14 presets, not concepts of your own or anything like that, but truth be told, the 14 included designs are more than enough to promise long-lasting fun. Besides, as an introduction to programming and electronics, as well as environmentally-friendly electricity, this is a great teaching tool, too.

4. LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Building Kit

lego star wars bb-8 building kitWith the recent success of the new Star Wars movie, Episode VII, and the announcement of two more installments in the series, countless new pieces of merchandise and tie-in products have showed up on the market.

A good example is the LEGO BB-8 Building Kit, with which one can construct a relatively faithful scale replica of the robot of the same name from the movie. It is a good example of LEGO kits architecture.

Sure, the real prop rotated in a uniquely funny way, the main body rolling on the floor, its head hovering above and staying central, but it should be obvious that this can’t be replicated using the highly sophisticated technology of, well, LEGO blocks.

In all other respects, though, the BB-8 Building Kit is as good as Kits of this kind from LEGO come. It’s very detailed, instantly recognizable, easy to assemble, yet complicated to pull off, with literally over a thousand parts to take into account, and it’s poised to become quite the long-term project from the getgo.

Unfortunately, as with most of these high-quality LEGO building sets and kits, expect to pay a premium, namely over $125 for this particular one. Chalk it up to supply and demand.

5. LEGO City Police Station

lego city police stationAnother LEGO kit? Yes, but a wholly different one, if you would take a look.

This time, we’re dealing with one of LEGO’s popular City building kits, you know, those that always feature someone shouting ‘Hey!’ in their ads? This one is centered around the police, an amazingly common theme with toys for young lads around the age of ten, simply because most develop a strange interest in the subject right around that particular age.

Well, what can you say about the building kit? It’s phenomenal, like most, if not all the ones that LEGO makes. There are hundreds of parts to fiddle with, yet, in true LEGO fashion, nothing is too complicated or really difficult to understand.

Since this is a LEGO City kit, all the individual buildings and vehicles and whatnot can be arranged in any imaginable constellation, allowing for role play and some truly imaginative design work.

Just make sure you’ve got the room to fit all this kit in; fully built, the Police Station is only a few dozen times smaller than its real-life counterpart.

Round Off

So, what did you think of our list? Recognize any differences to your presents from last year? Perhaps so, but let’s not get discouraged. This is a time of celebration, after all, and fear of change is really not what your child or you need right now. So, following that spirit, think about our top five and your future selection, and try to think about what your boy really wants and needs. Only you can make that final decision, as only know your boy that well enough!

Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys – What Do 11 Year Olds Like For Their Birthday

Everyone seems to remember their teen years either very fondly or strictly in a negative light. With boys, it’s usually either the father or mother that sticks out, that affects this negative or positive view of things in the most significant way. As parents and guardians, it should be our duty to make as many future memories of today’s boys youths positive ones, don’t you think?

Well, one big part of being young is play, and one big part of how to get access to that play is getting presents. So, in the following, let us take a look at 11-year-old-boy birthday gift ideas!

NameParent's Ratings
Lionel Train Set3.7
Kids Laser Tag Set4.5
NFL Board Game4.6
Snap Circuits Electronics Kit4.8
Razor Dune Buggy4.5
Spin Master Games4.2
WowWee Toy Robot3.9
Elenco Electronic Playground4.2
Djubi Classic4.4

Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

1. Lionel Polar Express Train Set

lionel polar express train setRemember back when you had train sets? If you’re male, you probably do; they’re just such a classic present for young boys, it’s almost impossible not to think about them when compiling a list such as ours.

This particular set is not just a fancy train on rails, but a very particular fancy train on rails, namely the one from the children’s hit animated movie, The Polar Express. Being a movie tie-in product, expect to pay extra, $80 is the asking price, and it’s above-average in every way, to say the least of it.

On the other hand, whether your boy is a fan of the movie or not, also expect some serious build quality from this set. In spite of not consisting of that many parts, just one locomotive, tender and two railcars in addition to the 32 pieces of track, each and every one of them feels solid, much less of a flimsy toy than most train sets.

And, to top it all off, you get a high-quality remote control with built-in sounds from the movie emanating from the toy train at the press of the corresponding buttons.

We’ve really got no complaints about the Lionel Polar Express Train Set we could put here, just some warnings. First, make sure you’ve got some AAA batteries lying around; you’ll need them for the R/C controller. Second, also make sure you can swallow the high cost.

2. Best Choice Kids Laser Tag Set

best choice kids laser tag setThe Best Choice Kids Laser Tag Set, ‘Best Choice’ being the name of the manufacturer in this case, not our personal recommendation, feeds off of the recent craze for the light gun-based team sport by making its high price of admission and exclusivity a thing of the past.

Now, even younger teens can practice and play laser tag with their friends instead of having to go to specialized, paid events where they’ll be facing tougher, older, mostly adult competition.

With four guns included, this set seems to be lacking its tags at first glance, but when you look closer, you discover it’s actually the guns that serve a dual purpose as tags. This necessitates some seriously precise aiming, as only the roughly hand-sized disc on the side of the light guns is the one that detects hits.

On the other hand, the guns also feature many other, handy functions, like LEDs that inform the players about their remaining ‘health’ and lights that can, when properly set up, be used to distinguish between teams.

On the subject of setting up: With the button-based interface, dozens of different play styles, game modes and settings can be configured for an endless amount of playable variations of laser tag. Perfect.

3. NFL Game Day Board Game

nfl game day board gameFootball! What a controversial word. Depending on where you’re from, it might be used to refer to any of two wildly different disciplines of sport. Thousands of relationships have formed and subsequently shattered over football, and the media coverage, we are talking about the American variety here, just to be clear, is second to none.

One would think there’d be something more interesting than this particular team sport, something more worth reporting about, but skip through all the big channels during the height of the season, and all you’ll see is football.

No wonder, then, that tie-ins like the NFL Game Day Board Game have been created, more to honor the actual game they’re based on than for any other purpose.

It’s an obscure concept at first, making a board game out of American football, and it stays that way for a long time until you really get used to it, but you know what? It can actually be pretty good fun.

Still, the NFL Game Day Board Game is mainly recommended for fans of the sport due to its excessive pandering to that audience of fans. Playing without knowing the rules of the real deal, for example, is nearly impossible.

4. Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

snap circuits sc-300 electronics discovery kitElectronics and education might not be what you immediately think of when trying to come up with age-appropriate presents for 11-year-old teenage boys.

But the SC-300 just happens to combine both into a really interesting, fun package that works in so many more ways than just to teach children about basic circuitry.

This is how it works: With 60 different parts and a grid to put them on, boys can combine a multitude of individual pieces, such as simple transistors, resistors, switches and wires, which all snap together easily for maximum convenience, to create proper, working electronic circuits and systems that mirror real-life applications such as batteries and phone lines.

With a staggering 305 projects included in the extensive documentation, as well as the ability to create a design of your own, the SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit is edutainment done right.

5. Razor Dune Buggy

razor dune buggyFor young fans of all things automotive, and for those who like to explore the planet in the most imaginative ways possible, there’s the Razor Dune Buggy, a unique vehicle designed to accommodate young teens.

The buggy is simply constructed, but the chassis and drive components are very high-grade for a kid’s product. Powered by an electric motor, the buggy can travel at speeds of up to 10 mph.

Sounds slow, perhaps, but any rate of speed feels exhilaratingly quick sitting in that tiny, ultralight vehicle’s seat. Child-friendly controls, not unlike those of a bike and completely forgoing foot pedals for hand-reachable controls, make it easier to learn how to drive the Buggy.

With a practical, though not fully off-road capable rear suspension and a tough build, the Razor Dune Buggy probably is one of the greatest ways to introduce a young teen to the world of automobiles.

Rounding Off

What’ll it be, then? Nippy dune buggy or electronic edutainment game? Or perhaps something wholly different, something in between? The choice is yours, as always. We hope you learned as much as possible from this list of ours, got some neat gift ideas for your boy. That’s all for this age group!

Best Toys For 12 Year Old Boys

For your boy’s twelfth anniversary, how about getting rid of those cookie cutter, one size fits all-esque gift ideas and come up with something radical, something unique, something personal and new and fresh? Of course, we know what you’re thinking. But how am I supposed to get an idea for something like that? His birthday / Christmas Eve is only xyz months / days / weeks away!

We hear you, we hear you. In fact, that is exactly why we have created the following list of the best gifts for 12-year-old boys, just to help you out on your search. Go read on below!

NameParent's Ratings
Star Wars Inventor Kit4.0
4M Experimental Kit4.0
Spirograph Deluxe Set4.6
Grow 'N Glow Terrarium4.1
K'Nex Building Set4.6
Crayola Scents Marker4.5
LEGO Chicago Building Blocks4.6
Boy Craft Catapult Wars4.1
LEGO Technic Helicopter4.7
Swing Ride Building Set4.7

Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

1. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

star wars droid inventor kitWhat pubescent boy doesn’t love Star Wars? We don’t know of any. Almost universally acclaimed, the franchise has won over many hearts ‘almost just as many young ones as adults’.

With this Droid Inventor Kit, young boys can build a fairly accurate replica of the droid R2-D2, made famous by the original trilogy, and the kit allows for far more than just construction, too.

After the droid has been assembled, a big task in and of itself, it can be remotely-controlled via a compatible smartphone using the bundled app.

Since the droid model features both built-in electronics as well as external servo motors, it can not only drive on the ground, but also make noises and flash lights eerily similar to its movie counterpart.

But not only can it be controlled; the droid is also partially autonomous, being able to detect obstacles and do basic route planning.

Within the app, numerous so-called challenges are available, missions and puzzles that need solving by intelligently using the features and capabilities of the Droid. Some even require modifying it beyond the blueprint provided in the box.

All in all, for fans of the movie series, and for those with any interest in engineering in general, the Droid Inventor Kit is not only a great educational tool, but also an amazingly well-made robotic product for kids that will not cease to turn heads and be fun.

2. 4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

4m crystal growing experimental kitFor those scientifically-minded lads out there, there’s the 4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit. Many will do an experiment involving growing or shrinking salt crystals at some point in chemistry class, but for a twelve-year-old, that may still be a little far in the future.

To give them an early taste of just how interesting and fun the subject can be, why not introduce them to the world of crystals by letting them have a go at it themselves?

The 4M Kit includes everything a budding young scientist needs, including seven different types of crystals to experiment with and numerous basic tools and chemicals to induce their growth and manage it. The finished results can be showed off in the included semi-transparent containers.

Although the experiment takes a few weeks to conclude and not much happens during the act, not to mention that the result is obvious from the getgo, young boys find a great sense of gratification in having ‘done it right’, having followed all the necessary steps to create one tangible result.

And for that very reason, the gratification and feeling of success that it offers, the 4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit is one great gift idea.

3. Spirograph Deluxe Set

spirograph deluxe setHas your boy got a foible of sorts for the arts? Then a Spirograph might just be the right kind of present for him.

Introduced in the 60s, Spirograph has become a brand name associated with drawing tools for young children that support creative thinking and imagination without the hurdle of learning intricate drawing techniques that adults starting out with art often face.

The Spirograph achieves its easy, but beautiful approach to drawn art by making use of geometry: Spirograph artworks aren’t drawn freehand, but with the help of the so-called Spirograph wheels.

These have a variety of differently-shaped holes in them, and when used in combination with the larger rings, as well as some of the miscellaneous shapes and differently-colored pens included in the package, one can create stunning abstract art consisting exclusively of different combinations of the mathematical shape ultimately known as a roulette curve.

For those who started doodling sooner and with more passion than the rest, the Spirograph is the perfect present. The days of complaining about ‘not getting it to look good enough’ are officially over.

4. Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium

grow 'n glow terrariumEvery parent will likely hear of it at some point: ‘Mom! Dad! I want a pet! Seemingly every second young kid gets obsessed with the idea of raising and caring for an animal all by themselves, boys favoring dogs, birds and reptiles in particular.

But just like every other parent, your sense of responsibility will most likely kick in at hearing your lad’s question, or if phrased that way, his demand. You will thus do the right thing and tell him that he still has to learn how to care for a living being, how to provide for it and how to avoid a grave disappointment.

A quick, easy and nonetheless fulfilling way to do this is to get your boy a small terrarium, where they can start growing plants and, once they got the hang of that, move on to some less challenging, small animals that can be held in such containers, like lizards or some small crustaceans.

The Grow ‘N Glow, despite the name promising some light and action, is really just a beginner’s terrarium in its simplest possible form: a glass canister with a screw-on cap and some minor, mostly cosmetic accessories. Still, what you get is well-made, and it only goes for about $10.

The Grow ‘N Glow name is a bit misleading; it actually refers to the optional add-on lighting device that can be bought separately. Still, for those who can’t resist the urge of pet ownership, this terrarium is a great start.

5. K’Nex 70 Model Building Set

k'nex 70 model building setIf your boy is enamored with those LEGO Technic and LEGO City building sets, then this one by K’nex will seem like some sort of wild dream to them.

A staggering 70 different kinds of models can be built using the included 705 building pieces, which range from animals to buildings, tools and vehicles. Each model is made up of structural parts, similar to LEGO blocks except in appearance, and functional parts like wheels, gears, small switches, knobs and joints.

This means that, for example, a car model can do much more than just stand around and let others bask in its complexity and the builder’s expertise; it can drive around, articulate its wheels and use its suspension system just like the real-life object it represents.

With unrivaled variety, in-depth technical detail and a lot of edutainment value, the K’nex 70-model Building Set can not only save you tons of money, being essentially 70 products in one, but it also is a blast to toy with and all of its six dozen models are great fun to build and look at.

Round Off

This might sound like an unusual piece of advice to make, but don’t hesitate. You read that right, do not hesitate. What we mean by this is that, although the contenders on our list were chosen according to relevant criteria, with advice both from experts and the general public’s opinion and constructive, critical reviews, your intuition still might be your best bet when it comes to making the final buying decision. Keep that in mind!

Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys

13 years, has it been that long already? You can probably see the signs: A change in appearance, both physically and in terms of fashion sense, a deeper voice starting to settle in, new interests, friends, foes, new hobbies, maybe even very early signs of sexual promiscuity.

In any case, the thirteenth year “which represents the peak of puberty for most boys” is a wild ride, so you better prepare for it properly! To make it a good time for both of you, though, why not indulge your boy by granting him a big anniversary present?

Whether it’s for his birthday, some holiday or even a wholly different occasion, it can’t hurt to show some love every now and then, especially during these exciting times, can it? So, without further ado, read below to find out about our top picks for gifts for 13-year-old boys like yours.

NameParent's Ratings
Razor Kick Scooter4.7
Holy Stone Predator4.4
Foosball Table4.2
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit4.2
3Doodler 3D Printing Pen3.9
GoSports Slammo Game Set3.9
Nerf Hammershot Blaster4.7
Nerf Modulus Regulator3.9
LEGO Eiffel Tower4.7

Toys For 13 Year Old Boys

1. Razor Kick Scooter

razor kick scooterIf you thought the golden age of scooters was over for today’s kids, think again!

The funky mode of transportation from the 90s is still very much alive and well, and it’s easier to get into it than ever.

A great example of that is the Razor A Kick Scooter. Simple in construction, with the only major ‘extra’ feature being a fender-style rear brake, something that you’ve got to expect from any high-quality scooter nowadays.

Constructed almost fully out of aluminum save for the wheels and handlebar, it’s a tough machine, but thanks to folding joints, it’s just as practical to take with you on a trip as any plastic scooter.

In the end, scooters, like their brethren, skateboards, are a matter of preference.

It’s also important what kind of clique your boy is part of, if any, since the ‘coolness’ factor of these things largely depends on its perception by the particular group of people your boy surrounds himself with.

A very subjective decision to make, then, but if you’ve got to do it, you know which make and model to pick.

2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

holy stone hs170 predatorBelieve it or not, and we would gladly forgive you for doing the latter, but drones have fully and utterly entered the consumer mainstream, including the children’s toys sector.

This not only means that it’s possible to buy a teen-friendly remote-controlled flying drone for cheap nowadays, but that the cultural impact these devices have made, now that they can be owned and flown by the average Joe, is very likely to make your boy want one. Badly.

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is one of the best-performing, most cost-efficient and most interestingly-styled drones in the entry-level market segment, and for good reason. With a great dual-axis analog controller, LED lighting for navigating in the dark, a range of 50 meters, just about right for both indoors and outdoors use, and low-speed, but high-efficiency quadruple rotors with guards to protect against collisions.

All of this, and some smaller details like the highly popular exterior design and paint job of the drone, as well as its, for this price point, unusual maneuverability and stunt capability, round off the picture that is being painted here: The Predator may just be the best beginner drone for teen boys out there, period.


dbpower mjx x400wOkay, so let’s imagine the following scenario: You bought your lad a drone to start flying with say, a sub-$50 product like the amazing Holy Stone Predator above but now he’s reaching its limits, literally. The range will probably be what puts him off first, then come further complaints, like the lack of a camera and the low speed.

All in all, the message your boy is sending you this way is obvious: He wants some more high-quality gear. Easy said, easy done, we say and present you with the ultimate in mid-tier drone technology, the DBPOWER MJX X400W.

For $80, quite a step up from more newbie-oriented models, you get a high-definition, belly-mounted camera, almost insanely high speeds, there is even a switch if you want to limit the craft’s velocity to a safer, more ‘indoors-capable’ rating, great maneuverability and all the features you have come to expect from other drones, especially ones like the Predator.

You get what you’re paying for, so expect the MJX to be much better-made overall and more feature-laden compared to most entry-level offerings. That is not just limited to the drone itself; we found the camera and controller to be quite exceptional in these respects, too.

4. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

sport squad fx40 foosball tableIf you can get past the awkward name, the FX40 is pretty straightforward. Okay, come on now, it’s table football, how are you supposed to innovate on a concept so simple and novel? Make no mistake, though, this table is very well-made. Heck, the ‘goal’ is even made out of bare metal!

Speaking of which, the FX40’s only real original design trait is said goal. Unlike most football tables you are going to find online for sale, this one features a goal whose platform sits on a level plane with the rest of the playing field.

On most of the competition, the ball falls downwards into a little tunnel upon hitting the goal, coming out at the other end via a small hole.

Thankfully, all the fuss of fishing the ball out is nullified with this design decision. Apart from that, there’s not too much to talk about here. Provided the interest for the sport is already there, just make sure your lad has got someone to play with and let the games begin!

5. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

anki overdrive starter kitIf your lad happens to be a fan of automobiles, he’s probably thought about getting one of those Carrera toy sets at some point. Featuring licensed, real-life cars and tracks, they are the best of the best and the most expensive, often by a big margin.

Anki Overdrive is a nice budget alternative, and unless your boy is afflicted with the illness known as brand bias, he won’t be able to resist. Anki Overdrive isn’t just a competitor to long-time favorites like Carrera, though. In fact, it’s innovating wherever it can, it seems.

For example, instead of the cars travelling on rails embedded in the tracks, Anki R/C cars are free to drive and steer anywhere on the road, which makes driving just that much more difficult when your opponent can literally push you off the grid by brute force.

Each car is controlled via a mobile device of your child’s choice, wirelessly, of course, and even if he hasn’t got someone to play with, an intelligent AI installed in each car, courtesy of a built-in CPU, can take over and provide a real challenge if desired.

It’s certainly a highly unique experience, we found the Anki set to have an overall ‘young, ambitious tech startup feel’ attached to it and an alternative to other track and car sets worth noting, but do take in mind the Anki still won’t come in dirt cheap. Prepare to spend three figures on sets like these, no matter what. If you’ve got to do it for your boy’s sake, though, it’d better be one as good as this.

Rounding Off

So, we have laid out all the options in front of you, dear reader; now, it is your turn to make of them what you will. Trust your intuition this time, you’re going to need it when dealing with someone as temperamental and whose movements are as objectively hard to predict as those of a highly pubescent boy and think every one of our options through.


Or, who knows, perhaps our list only provoked you to think of something even better, something we just didn’t think of? In any case, we wish you good luck with your buying decision! Signing off!

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