3 Britax Car Seats In 2020 – Reviewed and Compared


When choosing an infant seat for your little one, Britax is a no-nonsense option. This year, the Britax car seat company is celebrating their 80-year anniversary, and if that tells you something on its own, hold on till you hear the rest. Excellent consumer ratings? Check. Made in USA? Check. Bombproof construction? Check. And, most importantly, you also get all these goodies for pretty sweet, pretty few dollars. Need anything more to be convinced?

NameTypeWeight LimitParents RatingPrice
Britax B Safe-35Infant Seat35 lbs4.2View Price
Britax MarathonConvertible Seat65 lbs4.5View Price
Britax AdvocateConvertible Seat65 lbs4.2View Price

Best Britax Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Here are some top rated convertible car seats from Britax.

1. Britax B Safe 35

brita-b-safe-35The B Safe-35 is one heck of an infant seat. This becomes readily apparent when you first take a look; it’s a hulky, bulky beast, with actually less than half of the visible parts of the contraption being comprised of, you know, the actual seat.

The rest is designed to maximize safety and comfort to every degree, with things like enlarged carrying handles, safety locks, switches, adjustable structural bars and latches to accommodate strollers, umbrella-style weather protection, plastic moldings all around with extra deep cushioning and flexible padding to counteract shock damage—and the list goes on.

There are even indicators near the bottom of the base to tell you exactly at what angle the seat is sitting or standing to help with the mounting process and assure precision.

To call this thing a mere ‘seat’ wouldn’t do it justice; after all, you are buying much more than solely a place for your child to make themselves comfortable in with your money here.

Rather, the B Safe, as its name implies so discreetly, is designed as a maximum security vehicle of sorts, a take-anywhere safety device for your child that can adapt itself to serve its duty in nearly every situation imaginable, while always keeping them safe no matter what.

That is also why the B Safe features so many handles, latches and pullbars; you really can take it with you wherever you go, and you should, according to Britax, who’ve tested the device in a variety of environments for optimum safety.

Unfortunately, in spite of the vastness of this offering—even the color choices are out of this world in terms of sheer variety—and even the surprisingly affordable price tag—$230, or $130 without the modular mounting baseplate—the B Safe disappoints slightly when it comes to the way it’s put together.

Sure, it stays in place, sure, it feels heavy and looks like it can take a beating, but still, there’s too much Chinese plastic involved for it to feel convincing. Sorry, Britax, but you’ll have to improve on this one a bit before we can call it perfect.

  • Amazing variety in and number of features
  • High quality
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Generous mounting options
  • Customizable to the highest degree
  • Price-performance ratio like no other
  • A little finicky and flimsy in places, which may impact on safety
  • Perhaps not so sturdy as it looks; lots of plastic used in the construction
First and foremost, the Britax B Safe-35 is amazing value. It combines features from numerous sorts of appliances without compromising on any of them while maintaining a healthy, easy-to-swallow price point. Still, even Britax cuts some corners every now and then, and this becomes very apparent when you look at the way the B Safe is built. It won’t last a lifetime, but efficient, flexible and economical, it sure is.

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2. Britax Marathon Car Seat

britax-marathon-car-seatUnlike the B Safe above, the Britax Marathon is a more subdued, regular offering of an infant seat.

No modular mounting capabilities, no extra safety features, no high-tech gizmos and weather coverings or any add-on contraptions; just a well-designed, snugly-fitting seat.

There’s still all that’s needed for optimal safety, though. In what seems to be shaping up to become somewhat of a Britax tradition, the Marathon, too, is available in dozens of fancy color schemes.

From impact-resistant elastic rubber strategically positioned within the base to a 7-position reclining dial that can, with some stretching, even be operated by the occupant, there are quite a few things to play with here, just nothing excessive, nothing that you won’t need or make use of.

Depending on your child’s age, the Marathon can be installed in either a front-facing or rear-facing configuration and includes different mounting ports for each.

Also, for extra stability and a tight fit, the entire frame of the seat is one piece of molded steel that encases the occupant not just from the rear, following the shape of the spine to aid with proper posture, but also from the sides, holding them firmly in place during the ride.

Depending on the child’s height, the headrest can be adjusted in 12 steps. This seat also features Britax’ patented EZ-Buckle system, allowing hassle-free positioning of all straps and belts while maintaining a seating posture that minimizes shuffling and sliding of both the occupant and the seat itself.

Of course, this does come at a price. $280 isn’t a lot to ask for, say, an upgraded version of something like a B Safe-35, a universal seat, but for the decidedly single-purpose Marathon, it is quite a bit. Even worse: When this model came out just shy of a decade ago, it was worth $340!

Thankfully, those times are over, and Britax has become a bit more sensible. Additionally, in comparison with the B Safe, we noticed some moments during the initial installation process that weren’t exactly as hassle-free as the owner’s manual would have us believe.

  • Tight, safe and sturdy build
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Safety-essential features, but no excess
  • Optimized for protection and practicality
  • Can be used front-facing or rear-facing
  • A tad bit expensive, though more affordable than it was a few years ago
  • Somewhat difficult to install
If you don’t mind a lengthy, sweat-inducing and somewhat stressful experience when first mounting the Marathon and installing it into its (hopefully) fixed place within your vehicle, and if the price tag doesn’t sound like it’s too steep for you, then this Britax model is near-perfect for those looking for a relatively basic, but nevertheless feature-rich infant seat that maximizes safety and usability.

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3. Britax Advocate ClickTight

britax-advocate-clicktightThough it might sound at this point as if Britax pulls the names of their products out of a huge bin of torn-out dictionary pages, we can’t really find that many faults within the actual product behind the title ‘Advocate’.

This seat is, in basic terms, a heavily upgraded variant of the Marathon. The biggest, and most readily visible difference, is heavily increased padding and cushioning all around.

In fact, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the young body, like the head, legs and pelvic region, there are up to three times as many layers of protective padding compared to the Marathon.

Even the steel frame has been strengthened and reinforced by adding more mass and thickness to it.

You would think that such a larger, safer system might be more cumbersome than the compact Marathon, that Britax might have been forced to work a compromise into this design, but that is simply not the case here.

Not only does the Advocate include the Marathon’s ClickConnect system, allowing it to be mounted facing the front or the rear at your choosing, but it also features the very same 7-position reclining adjust and an upgraded version of the headrest adjust system; this one has 14 settings compared to the original’s 12.

For some weird reason, though, the Advocate’s product design not only culminates in it improving on the Marathon’s strengths; it also exacerbates its weaknesses. Thus, this model is even more expensive at $350 and even harder to install given the larger number of parts and the physically increased size of the seat, which can often prevent you from properly getting a look at what you’re doing.
  • An improvement over the Marathon in every functional, practical way
  • Safer, more resilient and tougher than any other Britax model
  • Built to last for ages
  • Still maintains the smaller models’ flexibility and versatility
  • Very expensive
  • Tough to install

See the Advocate as a Marathon Extreme Edition or something of the sort: Safer, tougher, larger, heavier, sturdier, more of a pain to haul around and harder on the wallet, too.

It makes sense that it will most likely not appeal to the majority of buyers who haven’t already seriously considered a Marathon, and those will need to ask themselves, looking at this alternative: Do I really need those slight advantages at the cost of those slight pitfalls, or can I live with something more regular? For all those who do want the best, no-compromise solution Britax has to offer, well, this is it.

See installation process for different positions.

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Final Words

Companies of all sorts, operating in every industry, tend to have some sort of diversification policy when it comes to their marketing strategy: They want to cover as broad of a niche within their segment as they can, without alienating buyers and without trying their luck by doing something that’s out of their league.

Oftentimes, this leads to prospective buyers not understanding what exactly it is the company wants to sell them, or why they should be even presented with the choice between products A, B and C.

Can’t they just make up their mind and sell something specific that suits me, you might have asked yourself at some point? Of course, it isn’t that easy.

Usually, at least. We work towards changing that. By spending countless hours on research and comparison tests just like the one you just read, we can inform buyers of what kind of product may suit them far better than any PR pamphlet ever could.

We hope that we succeeded this time around in informing you of your options, of bringing you a little closer to the right kind of buying decision—a confident, educated one. Cheers, and till next time!

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