Britax Frontier ClickTight Car Seat Reviews

britax frontier car seat

Fam! Y’all need to get this right. Any car seat will actually suit your baby. After all, isn’t that what it was meant to do? However, the struggle begins when you start nursing your baby’s neck, back or persuading them to get into the seat. If any of these is a concern, you probably have to shop for a working car seat. Well, the best recommendation is the Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight car seat. Here’s why you should have it cuddle your toddler as you travel.

Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

britax frontier car seat

Whose seat is this?

Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight accommodates toddlers within the weight limits of 25 lbs. and 120 lbs. Since it combines a harness system and a belt-positioning back booster, your baby will actually grow with it. By the time the kid is four years, you just need to transition to the booster mode without worrying about buying a separate seat.


Britax Frontier G1.1 is the successor of Britax Frontier 90 model, and therefore stands to be more advanced with great features. With a Click tight installation system, setting up this seat is as easy as pie. Simply buckle the seat belt and it securely clicks into position.

Boasting a 9-point harness, multi-position reclines and 2-position buckle, your baby is guaranteed a comfortable fit. To attain a snug fit, you can adjust the harness by moving it upwards, depending on the child’s height. The 3-position recline angle allows you to reposition the car seat to a more comfortable position.

Additional features include latch connectors, two cup holders, removable cushions, and side impact protection.

Height and weight limits

Frontier G1.1 car seat has weight limits of between 25-120lbs. When your baby is within 25-90lbs, you can make use of the harness position system. Afterwards, you can transition to the booster mode, which supports toddlers within the 40-120lbs. The height limit of the harness and booster modes is 20″-58″ and 23″-62″, respectively.


Britax Frontier G1.1 has really prioritized the safety of your kid. It is made up of Safecell impact protection system, which is only common to Britax brand. The system includes steel bars, impact-absorbing tether, double-layered foam, and an energy-absorbing base. To back up its safety capabilities, NHTSA reviewed, recognized, and awarded this car seat in 2015.

Britax Frontier Seat Pros & Cons

  • It is quite safe for your toddler
  • The 9-point harness ensures that your baby grows with the car seat without the need to replace it
  • Highest harness height, which accommodates even the tallest children
  • Britax Frontier G1.1 is easy to install
  • Washable covers, preferably hand-washed
  • Doubles up as a forward facing and a belt-positioning back booster
  • Two cup holders, efficient for holding drinks and snacks
  • Up to three recline positions to achieve a comfortable angle for the baby, especially when sleeping
  • Complies with FAA standards
  • Efficient side impact protection
  • Latch connectors for booster
  • EZ-buckle system allows you to easily get you baby in and out of the car seat
  • Moderately heavy
  • A very expensive model
  • The cup holders are not removable

Britax Frontier G1.1 is one of the best car seat models in the market. Most consumer sites have highly rated and recommended it for the unbeatable safety and protection. Even though your tod may be as tall as 62″, the car seat is just enough.

In as much as it costs an arm and a leg, Britax Frontier G1.1 is worth it. Installing the seat is a breeze. Unlike most models, which utilize the larch connectors, this one clicks in with the seatbelt. What makes it better than the rest is the maximum side protection it offers. Besides, it has been incorporated with chest cushions, which hugs the child to prevent falling to the front.

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Britax Frontier ClickTight Installation Process

Among the things that you’ll never want to encounter is struggling to set up a car seat correctly. Although you can find the directions from the instruction manual, it might be hard to grasp the steps, unless you’re an engineer or something close to that. However, Britax Frontier G1.1 installation is a simple process that even dummies can dance to the tune.

You can set up this car seat in two ways; using either the Clicktight installation system or the lower anchors. Clicktight is the most commonly adopted method. The process involves the following:

  1. Open the Clicktight by pinching the clamps inside the seat cover
  2. Pass the vehicle seatbelt via the belt path, which has green markings
  3. Fasten the seatbelt then close the Clicktight system

Both Clicktight and lower anchor installation processes are similar. However, the latter will not last you any longer especially if your baby weighs more than 40lbs. At this point, using a vehicle seat installation is mandatory. For the harness mode, you’ll have to use the tether anchor especially for kids weighing beyond 65 pounds.

Switching Britax Frontier ClickTight from Harness to a Back Booster

Did you know that Britax FrontierG1.1 is a convertible? Now you know! Well, you don’t have to invest more of your time and resources looking for a new car seat when your baby is about to transition. For as long as the kid is within the 25lbs to 120lbs weight range, there’s no hassle. You only need to switch from the forward facing to the back booster mode.

If your child has outgrown the harness, you only need a couple of seconds to convert the seat to booster mode. There is absolutely no need of unthreading the harness. Simply pack the straps in the seat’s interior and the mode changes.

Final Verdict

Britax is among the best brands, which boast safe and comfortable moments for your baby throughout the ride. However, you should understand that Britax Frontier G1.1 is not meant for infants unless you’re looking for trouble. For grown kids, it is the ultimate choice. The seat has all the features you’re looking for. If you evaluate Britax frontier vs pinnacle car seats, the former is expensive but has additional features. You’ll enjoy an easy-to-install system, side impact protection, greatest height limit, and a chest cushion. We wish you an exciting buying experience!

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