10 Best Building Toys For Kids In 2020

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You wouldn’t want to raise a bored child, who sleeps all day, would you? Or is that adorable kid’s birthday coming soon and you are wondering what present to give? Worry no more. Kids love and enjoy playing, alone or with friends. Building toys are fantastic; they are not only fun to use but also inspire creativity. However, not all display the best qualities. Among the many toys options available in stores, I have tested several and made a list of the best and most convenient for all kids. Read along for more information.

Comparison Chart

NameAge GroupParent's RatingsPrice
K’NEX Motorized Building Set7 years & up4.5View Price
Melissa & Doug Building Set3-8 years4.4View Price
Boon Building Pipes Set3 years & up4.3View Price
Picasso Tiles3 years & up4.9View Price
IMDEN Magnetic Building Set3 years & up4.5View Price
TINKERTOY Building Set3-15 years4.6View Price
VIAHART Brain Flakes3 years & up4.8View Price
ETI Toys3 years & up4.6View Price
K’NEX 100 Model Building Set7 years & up4.7View Price
K’NEX 70 Model Building Set7-15 years4.6View Price

Building Toys Reviews

Here are the highly-rated building toys for your kids.

1. K’NEX Motorized Building Set – Best Construction Toys

K’NEX Motorized Building SetThis remarkable set of building blocks comes with five hundred and twenty-nine pieces; rods, wheels, and long and short connectors. They can be easily connected to form a 3D shape.

Unlike other sets, K’NEX Imagine- Power and Play Motorized Building Set comes with a motor powered by a battery; whatever you kid creates becomes functional.

This amazing set is packed in a durable box convenient for both storage and carriage. Every kid feels classy when walking around with the package. Instructions on how to create different models are given in a clear and concise manner for every kid to understand.

The blocks encourage kids’ imagination and creativity raising their understanding of technology, arts, math, and engineering. On top of the knowledge gained, children enjoy the activity.

Skills that are of the essence in the development of a child are acquired as the children struggle to build. For example, problem-solving skills, eye coordination, eye-hand coordination among others. Quality of these blocks is unquestionable; they will serve your kid for an extended period.

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2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set – Best Kids Builder Sets

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks SetMelissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set come with 100 wooden pieces of different colors.

The blocks inspire creativity and imaginations; your child will comfortably build dollhouses, castles or towers. Besides the color difference, the wooden blocks made of 9 different shapes; cubes, rectangular prisms, half circles, triangles, arches, cylinders, and rectangular planks.

The shape and size difference forces kids to be more creative; this boosts the growth of a child’s mind.

Playing around with these blocks gives children a chance to put into practice science theories they learn in class. These incredible blocks are safe for use by kids; they are smooth, weigh lightly and their edges are not sharp.

Coatings on the toy blocks are non-toxic. The blocks are made as per United States toy standards. Every child aged as low as three years can play with these beautiful objects to build amazing structures. Knowledge, fun and creativity are all taken care of.

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3. Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set – Best Toy Construction Set

Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy SetThinking of giving your kids bathing time a new touch? If so, then these unique bath toy pipes will serve you well.

One package contains five pipes shaped differently and of individual functions. They are brightly colored to attract any kid. With different shapes, water flows in various ways for every pipe.

The pipes can be joined together to form a chain or used separately. The tubes suction to the wall allowing water to flow through them creating a breathtaking view; your kids will run into the bathing tube when they see the pipes.

These beautiful pipes are free from PVC and BPA hence safe for use by kids as young as twelve months.

Regular cleaning using warm water and soap should be done to get rid of bacteria harmful to your child. After cleaning, they should be dried and stored safely for the next play time. The material used to make the tubes is strong and durable.

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4. Picasso Tiles – Best Building Blocks For Toddlers

Picasso TilesPicasso tiles have no limit to the size of structure your kid would want to create; can be assembled to form a big beautiful castle or a small structure depending on the number of tiles used.

The attractive pieces inspire creativity and broad reasoning; this has a positive effect on the brain development of your child. The tiles are colored differently and are of unique shape and sizes.

The earlier a child is introduced to these incredible play tiles, the earlier they develop a sense of shapes, color, and design.

A play set that incorporates Picasso tiles creates an unbreakable bond between kids; they work together, compete and celebrate success. A child as young as three years learns the skills of collaboration and togetherness.

Kids can enjoy their time alone with their friends and make decisions regarding the game without the influence of adults. Picasso tiles package is a perfect present choice for your child; they will have fun and learn at the same time. These beautiful play objects encourage pretense play among other games in preschool.

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5. IMDEN Magnetic Building Set – Best Magnetic Building Set

IMDEN Magnetic building setCombining these incredible magnetic blocks can form a variety of patterns; plane, vehicle, ship or even a dog.

Amazingly, these tiles can be used together with other blocks of similar size such as Picasso and Magformers. For this reason, kids with different block sets can combine their pieces and build as many patterns as possible.

Children who get a chance to play with these excellent pieces develop a love for color, geometry, and creativity. The magnet in these blocks makes them unique; they are made using permanent magnet that can sustain magnetism for a prolonged period.

Similarly, they are made using durable material hence free from wear and tear. This pretty toy blocks safe for child use; the ABS plastics used to make them are non- toxic.

They are tightened to prevent breakage while being handled. Also, their edges are not sharp hence no harm expected while in use. Kids can enjoy their free time using these blocks while in school, at home or while on adventure trips. The package comes with a plastic carriage bags convenient for storage and movement.

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Final Words

Now you have all relevant information needed for purchase. A playful child is a healthy child. Whether in class or at home, indoors or outdoors, your baby will always be active. Prices are affordable hence no much strain on your finances. Choose one of the building toys above and make an order immediately. You will not regret!

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