10 Best Crib Toys (2020) for Newborns

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Babies spend a lot of time in cribs, and therefore they need toys to keep them busy and entertained. But who said that these toys couldn’t have other function? Toys can provide lots of functions for babies; they can be fun, educative, or they can also offer a soothing effect or teething relief, and even help with the baby’s cognitive development. In this review, you will find crib toys that offer all these functions and other more that will help your baby during his infant months. It features toys suitable for each stage of your baby’s development.

NameAge GroupParent's RatingsPrice
Baby Einstein Musical Toy0-3 years4.7View Price
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball0-3 years4.5View Price
Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether3 months above4.3View Price
Baby Einstein Dreams Soother0-3 years4.1View Price
Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle0-3 years4.7View Price
VTech Critters Moosical Beads0-2 years4.6View Price
Tiny Love Mobile0-3 years4.3View Price
VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy0-2 years4.5View Price
Lamaze Freddie Firefly0-3 years4.8View Price
Infantino Spiral Activity Toy0-3 years4.1View Price

Popular Crib Toy Reviews

Here are the highly-rated crib toys for your infants.

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy – Best Crib Musical Toy

baby einstein take along tunes musical toyBabies aged between 3 and 36 months are super receptive to playful sounds and flashing lights, and this is where the Baby Einstein comes in.

It is a music box for babies, and if you walk into a baby toy store or access an online retail platform that sells baby toys, you’ll learn that the baby Einstein is a best-seller toddler toy.

When you handle it for the first time and listen to its soothing melodies, you’ll understand why both babies and parents are crazy about it. With seven classical melodies from popular baby TV shows, the Baby Einstein is a must have toy for your baby.

In regards to its build quality, the Baby Einstein is made of non-toxic (Lead and BPA-free) plastic in case your baby decides to put it in his/her mouth. What’s more, the outer casing is made of tough plastic that can handle impact when your baby decides to throw tantrums.

Thanks to its compact design and well-laid out buttons, your baby can pick it up with their small hands and begin listening to their favorite melodies. As the Baby Einstein melodies play, flashing lights come on and turn your baby’s crib into a dance floor. It gives your baby a platform where they can showcase their dance skills.

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2. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball – Best Crib Learning Toy

sassy developmental bumpy ballThe best way to describe the Sassy Developmental Ball is that it is a bumpy ball with multiple bumps across its surface.

These bumps are made of different materials and feature bright coloring and bold patterns that are highly contrasting. What’s more, the Sassy Developmental Ball produces gentle rattle sounds when squeezed.

This bumpy ball aims to stimulate three of your baby’s senses as well as help their brain develop. The different materials trigger your baby’s sense of touch and allow them to develop tactile sensitivity at an early age.

As for the contrasting bright colors and bold patterns, they strengthen your baby’s vision by teaching them how to focus. Lastly, the gentle rattle sounds help stimulate your baby’s sense of hearing by creating unique neural patterns and connections in their brain.

Lastly, we believe that some of the best toys for cribs are made from soft material as they pose the least threat to a baby. The Sassy Development ball is a great example of such toys. Since it is made of soft, bumpy material, you can leave it in your baby’s crib comfortably knowing your baby will be safe.

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3. Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether – Best Baby Teether

nuby icybite keys teetherIf your baby is showing signs of teething, the Nuby IcyBite Keys is the toy they need.

Besides aiding in the natural teething process, the innovative IcyBite Keys are made of different materials which feature contrasting colors to help stimulate your baby’s sense of touch and sight.

The IcyBite Keys looks like a set of keys joined together by a key ring. In the case of the key ring, it features an easy grip design for your baby’s little hands. As for the keys, they are dual-surfaced, where the top surface features a soft textured material while the bottom surface features an offset material.

This toy comes equipped with Purice technology which helps it retain its coolness for longer when stored in a refrigerator. The IcyBite Keys provide a cooling and soothing effect on the teething gums when the baby bites on the keys.

If your baby is over three months old and is going through the difficult teething process, ensure the IcyBite Keys are stored in the refrigerator for a few minutes before you hand it over to your kid. Lastly, the IcyBite Keys are made of a non-toxic BPA-free material for safe baby use.

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4. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother – Best Crib Soother

baby einstein sea dreams sootherIf you want to put your baby to sleep, there is no better toy for the job than the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams.

With oceanic imagery and continuous soothing sounds, this sea-themed soother will send your baby to dreamland in no time.

When in motion mode, it uses an underwater light effect to show Baby Neptune and his pals moving to the classical Baby Einstein melodies. Your baby will certainly enjoy it.

You can place the Sea Dreams Soother on a table beside your baby’s crib or use its universal crib attachment buckle to hang it on one side of the crib for easy baby reach. After the baby has fallen asleep, this soother will stay on and act as a night light to chase away the monsters.

The soothing effect runs for 25 minutes but comes with a toned-down effect. After every 10 minutes, a drift-off feature kicks in and softens the lighting as well as the melodies to help baby fall asleep faster. Other than that, this Sea Dreams soother comes with a choice of four soothing modes.

Ocean sounds-lights-motion and melodies-lights-motion mode use sound and imagery to send your baby to dreamland while ocean sounds only and melodies only mode use sound. Lastly, it comes with a remote control that lets you turn it off without waking your child.

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5. Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle – Best Crib Rattle

bright starts grab and spin rattleThe Bright Starts is a multi-functional toy that helps stimulate your little one’s senses and develop their brain function.

This is thanks to this Grab and Spin Rattle’s amazing features and design. What’s more, its plastic build is BPA-free and therefore safe for child use.

For starters, this toy features three differently textured links slide and rattle with contrasting color schemes.

When rattled, the Bright Starts engages your child’s vision receptors to track the toys movement. This helps develop your child’s hand-eye coordination at an early.

Next, the Bright Starts features an oval-shaped easy grab handle that’s suitable for your kid’s small hands. But that’s not all; the grip handle also features teething textures that provide relief to your baby’s sore gums during the teething period. Not only does the teething textures soothe your baby’s gums but also helps them develop jaw strength.

Lastly, the Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle come fitted with tiny balls fitted inside its oval cylinder. When shaken, the tiny colorful balls spin wildly and produce a rattling sound that engages your child’s ears and helps them develop their hearing sense.

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Final Words

Since your baby spends a lot of time in the crib with crib toys, you need to find soft, cushy toys and avoid hard, rough toys to protect your baby from knocks, cuts, nicks, and other forms of physical injury. Other than that, you should ask yourself, which we have tested in our list, if the toy has any developmental value for your growing baby. You should, therefore, look for toys that stimulate your baby’s mind and senses while teaching him/her lifelong lessons.

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