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Deodorant For Kids

As puberty hits and childrens’ sexual features start developing, one of the things that will immediately strike you is one thing, especially with boys: The smell. As hormone levels rise and body hair begins growing en masse, boys will right around the age of ten start to exhibit the, for their gender, usual body odour. Girls will follow a few years further down the line, but generally, this process happens with both genders right between the ages of 10 and 13, being fully completed three to four years later, if not sooner. Thankfully, to combat this, there are numerous products out there to control a growing child’s scents, the most popular of which are arguably deodorants. To help you a bit with choosing the perfect one for your child, let’s take look at some of the best.

Deodorant For Kids

NameAge GroupParent's RatingPrice
Fresh Kidz Boys Deodorantupto 14 years4.3View Price
Organic Fields of Heather Deodorantupto 14 years3.6View Price
Fresh Kidz Girls Deodorantupto 14 years4.3View Price
Truly's Organic Cream Deodorantupto 14 years4.4View Price
Love Myself FOREVER Deodorantupto 14 years3.7View Price
Tom's of Maine Boy's Deodorantupto 14 years4.2View Price
Tom's of Maine Girl's Deodorantupto 14 years3.7View Price
808Dude Deodorant for Boysupto 14 years5.0View Price
Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorantupto 14 years4.8View Price
Dirty Kids Organics Deodorantupto 14 years5.0View Price

Top Rated First Five Product Reviewed

Market is full of competition and there are millions of product for this purpose. But only a few serve the purpose. And those few only qualify to fit in our list. So here is the 5 best starting with Fresh Kidz.

1. Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant – Best For Boy Kid

Fresh Kidz Boys Natural DeodorantThis product, obviously aimed at the male gender, is designed for children and young adults ages 8 and up, though any age range is going to be pretty much arbitrary when talking about a product like this.

The deodorant comes in four different flavors and is sold in small, 1.86 fl oz packages. To be as skin-friendly as possible, the Fresh Kidz is designed as a roller, not a spray.

This is great for children with skin conditions, particular allergies or those who just prefer a smoother, softer touch instead of the harsh stream of a deodorant spray, which is sometimes perceived as slightly painful by young teens whose bodies haven’t fully developed yet.

For $7 a bottle, Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant is a skin-friendly, healthy and attractive solution that, thanks to five different flavors, is guaranteed to smell great. A simple product for solving a simple problem at a simple price. What more could you want?

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2. Organic Fields of Heather Coconut Dream Deodorant – Best Cream Deodorant

Organic Fields of Heather Coconut Dream DeodorantThe Coconut Dream flavor of the popular ‘Fields of Heather’-branded model line is a great unisex choice for a deodorant, whether for young teens or tweens.

It comes in a slightly above-average-sized 2.5 fl oz. Bottle and is wholly organic, meaning no chemical compounds or synthetic components.

It does include slight amounts of Aloe Vera and some Vitamins and Essential Oils, which are mainly meant for soothing the skin and encouraging detoxing, but can unfortunately cause allergic reactions on some individuals.

Like many health-conscious solutions, this one is a roller, though the rolling surface has been made especially large on this particular model and flavor to make it easier to use and prolong its longevity.

Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, the Coconut Dream-flavored Fields of Heather deodorant is effective, comes in a larger package than most, smells great and is completely organic, too. Just watch out for any allergies your little one might have, will you?

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3. Fresh Kidz Girls Natural Deodorant – Best For Girl Kid

Fresh Kidz Girls Natural DeodorantWe’ve already covered the Boys version of this deodorant, and most of the same goes for this female-specific version.

The main difference is the smell; while the Boys flavor features a whiff of citrus and a fresh, appealing tone, the Girls version consists of lavender and vanilla which form a soft, tender floral scent. Both flavors do come in the same 1.86 fl oz. package, though.

They also last roughly as long; the manufacturer posts 24 hours as its average, and both versions easily achieve that value if applied correctly.

Truth be told, there are no real discernible differences besides the odor.

Just like its ‘Boys‘ counterpart, the Fresh Kidz Girls Natural Deodorant is a healthy, practical, inexpensive and attractively-styled compact package for a deodorant, including great scents and easy, comfortable roller application.

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4. Truly’s Organic Cream Deodorant – Best Organic Kids Deodorant

Truly's Organic Cream DeodorantTruly’s All Natural Deodorant for Kids is a great option for parents of children just hitting puberty.

It’s got a neutral, but pleasant scent and features coconut oil and exclusively organic ingredients; no GMOs!

In spite of the ‘for Kids’ label, there aren’t many differences between this version and the regular, age-non-specific one of the same name.

Still, Truly’s Deodorant, shipped in its rather unique cream form, to be applied to the skin by hand, is known to be of high quality, with a great scent that can stay on for much longer than the posted 24 hours.

The creamy consistency of the deodorant itself, and the fact that it is available in countless additional flavors, is just a nice bonus.

Okay, so perhaps $12 for 2.5 fl oz. is not the best deal in the world, but you do get some great product, and that’s what counts, right?

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5. Love Myself FOREVER Organic Deodorant – Best Long Lasting Kids Deodorant

Love Myself FOREVER Organic DeodorantLike many others, the Love myself FOREVER is a brand of purely organic, health-focused deodorants available in a handful of different flavors. This particular one smells of lavender, which makes it more suitable for girls in most cases, though the odor isn’t that bad on boys, either.

Note that a NAKED version, featuring no scent at all, is also available.

The Love myself FOREVER contains coconut oil, baking soda and some essential oils, too, with no use of Aloe Vera or any other allergy-triggering substances, not to mention of course a total lack of any synthetic ingredients.

The scent is rated to stay on for some 24 hours after being applied, and it does manage that figure in real life testing, albeit barely. Like the Truly’s, this deodorant is also cream-based, though its soft enough in consistency to also be used as a slightly large roller.

All in all, at $12 for 3 fl oz. and great quality, you can’t go wrong with some Love myself FOREVER. We definitely recommend it.

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Final Words

Any of the above five deodorants are great choices for kids, be it male or female, and what mainly separates them is their scents, their application and their ingredients. A careful dissection of all these different aspects is needed to answer the most important question, that is: Which is best for my child? We hope that, with this guide, you have found your answer.

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