How to Pressure Wash a Concrete/Brick Driveway

Driveway Pressure Washing

If you are looking to clean your concrete/brick driveway, you’ve come to the right place. We are about to show you how to pressure wash your concrete or brick driveway in this guide. We will cover every little detail to ensure you have the most desirable driveway in your entire neighborhood.

This guide should help you get rid of mildew, mold, dirt, and filth that may damage your driveway.

It will also help you restore your driveway’s original look and status at no cost. You will end up saving hundreds of dollars in paying professional cleaners and thousands of dollars you would have used to renovate/replace your driveway. Before we dive into the procedure and the various techniques you should use to clean your concrete or brick driveway, let’s start with the tools and equipment you should have on hand to complete this task.

How to Wash your Driveway

Tools & Equipments

It goes without saying that you need a pressure washer to pressure wash your brick/concrete driveway. You will also need to have nozzles tips for adjusting the angle of spray.

Detergent, rotary nozzles, and surface cleaning attachments are some of the optional items and tools that can come in handy in cleaning your driveway. Once you have all these items, the next step is to set them up.

A crucial step in setting up a pressure washer is choosing a correct nozzle tip and adjusting the pressure to suit the pending job.

In this case, if you are interested in cleaning a concrete or brick driveway, you need a pressure washer with a performance rating of at least 2700 PSI at 2.8 GPM as the benchmark.

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Any washer with higher performance ratings would also be suitable for the job. It is important to note that any pressure washer rated at 2700 PSI at 2.8 GPM is an extremely powerful washer and users must operate it cautiously.

Quick Tip

To make sure you don’t damage or degrade your concrete/brick driveway, you need to select a nozzle tip with the widest angle.

When water is sprayed out of a wide-angle nozzle tip, it hits your concrete/brick driveway gently hence getting rid of dirt while preventing damage to the surface.

If you’ve been to a car wash, you’d think pressure washing is the easiest job in the world. And it is, but; before you get to a professional level, you need to know how to set up your pressure washer correctly.

Otherwise, you risk it shooting out water in all directions, and that may cause serious injury and damage to people, pets, and property in the vicinity.

Therefore, be sure to set up your pressure washer correctly before you start cleaning your brick/concrete floors.

How To Pressure Wash Your Concrete Driveway

Once you’ve set up your cleaning equipment, follow this seven steps to pressure clean your concrete driveway;

Step 1

The first step involves clearing all obstacles occupying your concrete driveway. Everything from vehicles, bicycles, toys, and other obstacles should be moved to give you ample space to pressure clean.

Step 2

Now, select a 25-degree or a 40-degree spray nozzle and attach it to the high-pressure hose. Turn on the washer and spray down the entire surface of your concrete driveway to get rid of overlying debris like twigs, leaves, grass, and rocks.

Step 3

If you are going to clean with detergent, ensure you select the most effective detergent for cleaning concrete surfaces. The detergent should also be kind to your pressure washer to avoid unnecessary damage. Now, remove the nozzle 25-degree or 40-degree nozzle you had used earlier to spray down your driveway and insert a soaping nozzle.

Step 4

Turn on the machine and use the soaping nozzle to soak the driveway with detergent. Allow the concrete driveway to soak up the detergent for about 5 – 10 minutes to break down grime, mildew, stains and other forms of filth.

Step 5

At this stage, your concrete driveway should now be ready for blasting to get rid of filth. You can use a cleaning attachment at this stage to make cleaning faster, easier and more efficient. A cleaning attachment provides a pulsing flow of water and a large angle of spray to eliminate the filth from your driveway. It also protects your concrete surface from damage as a result of high-pressure water hitting the surface.

Step 6

Next, use a rotary nozzle to get rid of dirt and stubborn stains. A rotary nozzle operates in a similar fashion as a surface cleaner. It uses pulse/rotation technology to dispel water, which then peels grime, filth, and dirt from the concrete surface. A rotary nozzle and a cleaning attachment are gentle on your concrete driveway making them ideal for this cleaning job.

Step 7

Once you’ve completed the steps above, your concrete driveway should be clean. Now, give it a good final rinse. This can be done using a 25-degree or a 40-degree nozzle.

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How To Pressure Wash Your Brick Driveway

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cleaning your concrete driveway, here are three steps to pressure clean your brick driveway;

Step 1

Use a wide-angle spray nozzle to soak your entire brick driveway with water. A wide-angle spray nozzle is ideal for this step because it is gentle on brick surfaces. It will get your brick driveway wet to keep it from absorbing detergent.

Step 2

Once your driveway is soaking wet, the next step involves applying detergent. Select a soaping spray nozzle and proceed to spray down your entire brick driveway with detergent, and making sure the entire surface is covered. Leave the detergent on the surface for about 5 – 10 minutes to let it eliminate dirt.

Step 3

Lastly, attach a 25-degree or 40-degree spray nozzle to rinse away all the detergent together with dirt, grime, and filth to leave your driveway sparkling clean. When cleaning a brick driveway, you don’t want to destroy the mortar, therefore, you should use less pressure and more detergent whenever you are cleaning a brick surface.

Final Words

There are many reasons as to why you’d want to clean your concrete or brick driveway. Perhaps you want to increase the value of your property or your next door neighbor influenced your decision to get one.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to wash your concrete or brick driveway, this guide will provide you with the technical know-how on how to go about it effectively. We hope this guide helps you meet your cleaning goals. So what are you waiting for. Go and start washing your driveway.

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