15 Games to Play When Bored (for Kids)


Do you feel so bored at times when things don’t go the way you want them to? Or simply uninterested when at home? Have you been looking for ways of restoring your fading mood? If yes, then you have come to the right article. Getting something to psyche you up and restore your good feel can be great, right? Here are some games to play when bored at home.

Video Games for Kids

1. Trivia Machine

Put your knowledge to test by trivial pursuit Miniclip’s version. You play the game by spinning the wheel and solving the puzzle. You may choose from several categories such as movies, history, and music and three skill levels: genius, scholar, and elementary. You’ll reach the top of the ladder by answering fun trivia questions. You’ll enjoy the surprising answers you get.

2. Funky Truck

Here, you spend hours jumping over bumps and climbing hills while racing a huge truck. This way, you gain extra points for racing in style. On the slightest touch, you’ll be kept on your wheels or be flipped on to your hood.

3. Overwatch

If you love playing first-person shooters and you are a fun of multi-player online games, then it’s worth trying this game. This is one of the best multi-player games. It focuses on superheroes whose main goal is to strive to restore calm in a war-torn world. If you think of yourself as a superhero, spend your time playing Overwatch. It’s enjoyable.

4. Hearthstone

If you prefer card games based on strategy, Hearthstone can be your gem. The game is simply designed to pick up. It only takes a short time to win your first battle. In order to play unusual spells, you’ll use your cards. Each card will have a different result on your rival. To gain an advantage over your enemy for instance, some rare cards will help you to call forth magical creatures.

5. Guild wars 2

This game offers a constantly growing world filled with PVP options, community challenges, and a coherent storyline. The game comes with no subscription fees so once you buy the title, it is all yours! NCSoft is also assisting players by offering extra free content to this game.

6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is a huge game in almost every aspect. The story is epic, the world is massive, and the game contains sufficient content that can fill a series of books. The game has a base game and two expansion packs that add around extra 40 hours. This means that for additional 20 Euros, you sufficiently have enough for an extra game. This game is more than enough to make you stay without boredom for a very long time.

7. Pokemon Go

This is the first virtual game to play when bored within the Pokemon frachise that is developed by experts behind Ingress. In this game, you’re basically the Pokemon trainer and you need to move looking for new Pokemon and possibly catch them. The GPS technology enables the avatar to go with you everywhere. This is, therefore, one of the best games to play when bored on phone.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a puzzle game involving interlinking the broken pieces to come up with a complete image. Do you love to play puzzles? This is a good game to try out. There are many free available puzzles to play in the game and they are still adding more of the same every day.

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Fun Games for Kids

9. Truth or Dare

A group of players will sit in a circle to spin a bottle. The player pointed by the bottle has to either choose‘truth’ or opt for ‘dare’. If he goes with ‘truth’, he will have to answer all the questions asked by the other players. If he opts for ‘dare’, he will have to perform any task requested by them.

10. Jenga

A group of people tries to remove blocks from a wooden block’s tower placing them on top. The goal is to remove and place a block on top without destroying the tower. When the tower is disrupted and falls, the last team or player who moved a block successfully becomes the winner.

11. Treasure Hunt

The aim of this game is to find the goal by following some clues. The most exciting thing about the game is that it can be played outdoors and indoors as well. This is undoubtedly one of the best games to play when bored at work.

12. Pictionary

This is an exciting game that gets everyone busy and involved because it is just a breeze to play. To play the game, get yourself a marker, a whiteboard and loads of enthusiasm! Let each individual draw clues and the others can guess. The clues may be on famous people, Bible parables, popular brands, or even movies.

13. Water gun war

Outdoor activities during summer are the most ideal ways of keeping your children busy under the unforgiving sun. Get regular water pistils or super soaker water guns for your children and then play the freeze game. The player hit by a water jet should freeze in their place. They can only start playing again when hit by another jet of water.

14. Twister

In this game, you just need to spin the dial to see the person who can hold himself or herself up in the twisted position for the longest time. The looser cleans the dishes. It is such a fun and innocent game and one of the best games to play when bored at home.

15. Board Games

You can choose your board game depending on the number of your family members. The list of Board game is vast, including pentagon, suitcase detectives, murder mystery mansion and monopoly, among others. Purge your boredom with your family with board games. See Best Board Games here.

Final Words

Either when things don’t go the way you plan them to, or when you lack anything to do, you tend to get bored. Whichever the case, the best thing to do is something that can end your boredom. There are a variety of games to play with family members or friends when bored. So, the next time you feel boredom beckoning, turn your laptop or smartphone on and play some of the games listed above.

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