75 Best Girl Toys Gift Ideas (For 1-13 Year Olds) 2020

girls toys gift ideas

Believe it or not, toys are a very important thing especially for a girl child to make sense the world around them. Toys can be educational, creative, imaginative, enchanting, magical or simply just cool. Not only do playtime activities become a supplement for the formal learning in a school but also it provides a instrument to bridge the gap between her and the real world.

The list we have created, is made taking these points into consideration. We worked hard to review these products to determine which ones would really be educational in continuing the developmental growth of the girl child. So let’s see the “WOW LIST” for Best Girls Toys Gift Ideas.

Pick The Right Girl Age Below First

Best Gifts for One Year Old Girl

Birthdays may be magical but the first one is the most magical of them all, one could argue. And that’s exactly why we think celebrating its must be done in a fittingly magical and special way. Of course, no birthday is complete without some presents, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. In this comprehensive overview, we are going to take a look at the best gifts for 1-year-old girls. Read on!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Surprise & Sounds Home4.8Fisher-PriceBuilding Toy
Moosical Beads4.6VTechCrib Toy
Musical Rhymes Book4.6VTechToddler Toy
My First Tug Boat4.8Green ToysWater Toy
Picnic Basket4.8LeapFrogPretend Play toy
Grab and Spin Rattle4.7Bright StartsCrib Toy
Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth4.5Wild RepublicPlush Toys
Rock-a-Stack Blocks Bundle4.6Fisher-PriceBuilding Toys
Kiki the Interactive Plush Monkey4.4Fuzzy FlyersPlay Toy
Musical Duck toy4.8TOYKToddler Toy

1. Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

fisher-price little people surprise & sounds homeWho could forget about the most classic girl’s present of them all, the toy home? This example by Fisher-Price is thoroughly modern in style, but the old-fashioned nature of the toy itself won’t fool anybody, perhaps not even your child.

The setup is as anyone will remember it from the last time they saw a toy like this: Two floors (“why is it always two?”) three figurines to inhabit the place, a fully furnished interior of course and let’s not forget the folding joint in the center, used to flip open the entire house and turn it into a cross-section of itself to make restructuring and tidying up the place easier.

What else could we add? That it’s well-made, that the colors and art style are as innocent as you could possibly imagine, that it’s seriously under-priced at $40 or maybe that it is one of the most well-reviewed toys of its kind currently for sale?

Notwithstanding all that, the fact remains: If your girl has a thing for toy homes, then this is one of the best ones you can get her.

2. VTech Little Critters Moosical Beads

vtech little critters moosical beadsTactile and audible toys, helping children train their yet-to-mature senses during their toddler years are pretty commonplace, but few are as versatile or as well-made as the Moosical Beads by VTech.

Filling an abundance of roles at once, from plush toy to entertainment device to electronic teacher, the Moosical Beads rounds its great functionality off with a kid-friendly, cute design.

Since it can help young girls practice counting and the alphabet as well as some basic vocab, like geometric shapes and colors, its usefulness can easily extend beyond simple play, but it doesn’t disappoint in that field, either.

With the built-in speakers, the Moosical Beads can interact with your child by singing songs and responding to certain touches and button presses with spoken phrases, evoking a connection that amplifies the already strong bond between a girl and their plush toy.

If you strictly want a versatile toy for your little girl, you can stop searching and buy the Moosical Beads; you won’t find anything else come close. Even if that’s not your intent, though, we have to say VTech’s modern, tech-laden approach to traditional plush toys is extremely interesting, not just for its educational value.

3. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

vtech musical rhymes bookIt’s a fact that listening to music is healthy, and as you would expect, this holds true even for the youngest ones among us. That is the reason why the VTech Musical Rhymes Book was created.

The Book holds six popular nursery songs and their lyrics on its colorful, thick pages, including recordings of them to sing along to. Additionally, there are five buttons on the side which teach the characteristic sound of various well-known musical instruments.

So, the Musical Rhymes Book’s purpose is mainly educational in nature, most would say. Still, it’s undeniable how much fun the little ones seem to be having with it.

What’s also undeniable is the long-lasting effect music can have on someone if introduced in the right context. Or, in other words, where adults will maybe see the Book’s content to be lacking, young girls will enjoy and remember its songs for a long time to come.

4. Green Toys My First Tug Boat

green toys my first tug boatOkay, funny name aside, what girl really dreams of owning a tug boat? this is a good example of the kind of toy that not only needs imagination to function, but also will probably never fully die out precisely for that reason.

It’s simple; just fill the boat via the front spout, or don’t, if you don’t like your little one constantly trying to produce waterfalls with it and put it in the water.

Due to its shape, it will easily swim on the surface, even when filled to the brim. Like floating toys in general, it can be used for play or as a practical, fun way to rinse and wash your little girl’s hair when bathing.

As previously hinted at, the kids just love to use the front spout to create small waterfalls over and over again, so don’t think it will go unused if you leave them alone with it in the bathtub!

5. LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basketPicnics are probably the most common of family traditions, so why not celebrate the next one with a very special kind of picnic basket?

The LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing basket is lovingly designed for girls, with a cute face, built-in speaker, cartoonish looks and a full picnic already included in the asking price!

Well, not a real one, of course, this basket is mainly intended for the stage in young girl’s lives when they first begin experimenting with make-believe and role-playing games, so the LeapFrog would make a great set of props to use when playing among and with friends. Still, for what it is, a toy, the LeapFrog Picnic Basket is wonderfully crafted.

The perfect toy for a little girl growing up, it fills its target audience with wonder and anticipation of the things they’re going to do, say and make when they’re old. And isn’t that one of the best parts of being young, knowing there’s a great future lying ahead? We think so.


Which of these presents you will ultimately pick, should be clear. Still, with our recommendations in mind, think about every idea you just read about through, reflect on them and apply them to your personal circumstances, your child and her interests. We’re sure you’ll come up with a great present for your little one. Crossing our fingers for you!

Best Toys for 2 year old Girls

Okay, her second birthday has arrived. Or, preferably, it is about to. We know your knee-jerk reaction already, having experienced it ourselves countless times: Quick! Quick! What shall I buy? How much money will I need? Where? When? What?

Now, calm down, because we are going to go through all this, clear this whole mess up, and we’re going to do it in a relaxed and civilized manner. Let’s go like this: We will show you our top 5 picks for the best toys for 2-year-old girls, and you can just make up your own mind about the decision, okay? We hope you find some useful inspiration in there!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Bath Toy Fishing Game4.2FajiabaoBath Toys
Pound & Tap Bench4.4HapeMusical Toy
Activity Cube4.6VTechLearning Toy
Dinosaur Toys4.93 Bees & MeAnimal Figures
Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game4.3Melissa & DougPlay Toy
Letters and Numbers Bath Toys4.6MunchkinBath Toys
Musical Rainbow Tea Set4.8LeapFrogPretend Play Set
DUPLO Creative Play4.8LegoEducational Toy
Learning Lights Remote4.4LeapFrogLearning Toy
Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy4.7MunchkinBath Toys

1. Fajiabao Bath Toy Fishing Game

fajiabao bath toy fishing gameDon’t mind the simultaneously hard-to-pronounce and unprofessional-sounding, unimaginative name, because this is one great, addictive game for toddlers.

You know that fishing game for kids, the one where you have to target their magnetic mouths with your hook and catch as many of them as you can to win? This is the same principle, but made simpler to accommodate the younger target audience.

The fish’s mouths and the magnets inside them have been removed in this version to make it safer and easier to play for toddlers.

That’s right, no magnets here, instead, the fishing pole this game uses is more like one of those claw-type arms that are used in old-fashioned arcade machines, the kind where you can, if all the planets align and the gods act in your favor, win a plush toy by grappling it with the arm and not letting loose.

That same challenge applies here, too keeping balance, not letting go of the fish once they’re caught. As such, it’s a different discipline than the Bath Toy Fishing Games more famous brother, which mainly relied on timing and reflexes.

Oh, and, if the name hasn’t made it clear already, yes, this game can be played in the bathtub, courtesy of all parts being fully waterproof and amphibious.

2. Hape Pound & Tap Bench

hape pound & tap benchWhoever thought of the idea to combine the brainless action of Whack-a-Mole with a musical instrument, not to mention market it to kids under the age of five, deserves an award for sure.

The Hape Pound & Tap Bench basically consists of two separate parts, a xylophone, which can also be used separately, and the Bench itself. Both rely on playing with the included hammer.

It goes like this: With the bench and xylophone connected to one another, the Pound & Tap works by hitting the colored balls embedded into the top of the bench with the hammer, causing them to fall down and on the xylophone below.

As the balls roll over the keys, your little one can learn about the musical scale and come to terms with which key corresponds to what exact noise.

It’s all perhaps a little mindless and without real educational value, some would say, but it ramps up the fun factor tremendously and if you don’t like the idea, then just use the xylophone as a standalone instrument!

3. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

vtech busy learners activity cubeImagine a Rubik’s cube, but for toddlers, and instead of solving the world’s most ingenious puzzle, the task is to learn as quickly and efficiently about as many topics as humanly possible

That is a good description of what the VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube is, in a nutshell at least.

Containing every exercise suitable for this age group you could think of, from training the alphabet to counting and simple math to the sounds of animals to basic vocab to experimenting with shapes, sounds and music, this one’s got everything.

It’s a fairly self-contained little thing, being very small overall, but as you can imagine, this is only a side-effect of the cube being six-sided, five of the sides containing parts of its rich educational and playful content, the sixth used simply as a base to rest it on. If education is a high priority for you as a parent or guardian, then this one’s a no-brainer.

4. Dino Friends Dinosaur Toys Set

dinofriends dinosaur toys setIt’s not that difficult to see why dinosaurs are so fascinating to children at a young age. After all, they’re eerily similar to some animals roaming the Earth to this day, like lizards and birds, for example, but their dramatic extinction and their imposing looks, as well as their sheer size are all things that understandably overwhelm and fascinate a young mind.

Don’t stereo-typically go and label an early interest in prehistoric creatures as a boy’s thing, like oh-so many parents do! In fact, lots of girls become interested in the subject matter right around the same age as boys, and for them, there are the Dino Friends Dinosaur Toys.

This set, including four of the toys, provides excellent value at just $20, but that isn’t the reason you should buy it. Instead, as countless reviews show, the Dino Friends have become a favorite of countless girls and boys around the world.

Put simply, they’re fun! Since the little dinos ride on wheels, they have no dainty little legs to break off and are generally thought to be pretty well-made and long-lasting, which is a nice bonus, don’t you think?

5. Melissa & Doug Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game

melissa & doug plush bowling gameBowling may not come to mind immediately as a toddler-friendly game to play, and let us assure you; in its default form, it isn’t, but this variation by Melissa & Doug might just be able to pull off the concept of Bowling for two-year-olds.

With six pins for simplicity’s sake and a cloth ball, it’s safer, easier to set up and simpler to understand than the real deal. So far, so good.

The appeal of the game is further improved by the striking visual design, the pins look like the kind of creatures you’d expect to see on Sesame Street, the included travel bag and the pins optimal weight distribution towards the bottom, something we really didn’t expect to see on a kid-oriented product like this, but really improves the game play and makes it feel more like actual Bowling than any other attempt to do so we’ve tried.

At $17, the set provides tremendous value, and with no real downsides and plenty of fun, we don’t see a single good reason not to go for the Plush 6-pin Bowling Game by Melissa & Doug.

Round Up

We know what you’re thinking: How am I supposed to choose from these five if you absolutely recommend me each one? We don’t have an absolute answer to that. The truth is, any of our five toys will be a perfect present provided they’re gifted to a child in the correct age range.

Now, it’s your turn, though, to make heads or tails of this all. Inject some personal thought into this affair, try to imagine what kind of toy would make your little one happier than any other. Then, just go for it! We hope you succeed and find something great for your girl without too much stress!

Best toys for 3 year old girls

Baby girls are beautiful, that is for sure. They would want nothing less than what they deserve; classy, gorgeous and convenient. Best toys for 3 year old girls are readily available but finding and choosing those that portray the best qualities is not an easy task. As I struggled to pick one for my daughter, I came across several and did thorough research on their properties and quality. The best and most efficient toys are listed below.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Princess Castle Play Tent4.8FoxPrintTent Play Toys
Wooden Doll House Animals4.8HapePlay Set
Little Apps Tablet4.4VTechTech Toys
Barbie Tough Trike4.4Fisher-PriceAdventure Toys
Scribble and Write4.3LeapFrogLearning Toys
Paper Bag Puppets4.7ALEX ToysPlay Toy
Disney Moana Adventure Doll4.4jakksDoll Set
Deluxe Makeup Palette3.9IQ ToysMake-up Set
Karaoke Machine3.7Little PretenderMusical Toy
Beauty Boutique Play Tent4.1PlayhutTent Play Toys

1. Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent

fox print play tentThis beautifully colored tent is specially made for adorable baby girls who value play and peaceful rest.

Its size and shape make it possible to assemble it in different regions of the house; preferably all corners. For ventilation purposes, this fantastic castle is specially designed with two windows on the side.

Besides, it has enough space to accommodate up to three girls. Backyard adventure can never be dull when this tent is involved; assemble it and let your kid play all day long with her friends, practice role play, hide inside and later take a nap inside the tent.

The best part is that the tent glows in the dark; it creates a beautiful view that any kid would love. As kids enjoy their free time away from adults, they become more independent, creative and imaginative.

Erecting the tent does not require much energy; it measures 41.5” by 41.5” by 54” when adequately set. The support poles are inserted into sleeves hence no contact with kids. It is made of a durable material that cleans quickly and can be folded to fit in a light carriage bag.

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2. Hape Family Pets Wooden Doll House Animals

hape family wooden dollA nice-looking dollhouse that features a puppy, bunny and a cat; the pets make it possible to engage in role play. Your kid can spend some quality time of fun with friends and the pets.

Also, every pet is provided with a sleeping space and a food dish; with these accessories, it enjoys every minute at home together with a happy family. The toy encourages imaginative role play and improves storytelling abilities.

Let your child talk, be creative and laugh with friends as they spend time with the lovely pets. Hape Family Pets Wooden Doll House Animals is made from durable wood from legally approved sources.

The paint used is long-lasting, and its wooden design makes the toy more attractive to kids; they can have fun with it over an extended period without damage. The more your kids use Hape toys, they more they sharpen their natural skills. Award your baby girl with this lovely toy set, and you can never regret this decision.

3. VTech Little Apps Tablet

vtech tabletThis gorgeous tablet is characterized by a screen that changes color frequently, piano keyboard and letter buttons. It inspires electronic role play that instills an understanding and love of electronics by kids in early years.

This classic education toy adds knowledge on letters, number order, counting, and matching. Also, it has twelve educational activities of different progressive levels. Your kid can play alone and with friends and at the same time gain essential skills and knowledge that broadens her mind.

Your child and Cody the Smart Cub can socialize in actions that involve the piano, calendar and pretend camera. Volume can be reduced or increased as per the will of the child or shut down when not in use to avoid battery energy wastage.

It requires two AA batteries to work; parents are advised to use new batteries frequently for perfect functioning. This attractive toy is specially made for kids aged between two and five years. Any child would love the pink color it features; it is a perfect gift for baby girls. It is sold at a budget-friendly price.

4. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

fisher-price trikeFisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike is the best gift you can give your daughter for outdoor rides fun and adventure. This quality made toy is made of durable tires that can move on a rough ground without a tear; kids can maneuver wherever they feel comfortable.

Under the seat, this attractive toy features a hidden storage partition where kids can hide they secret stuff, drinks or snacks as they go for an adventure. Baby riders enjoy comfortable movements with the help of easy to hold handlebars, stable, wide wheels, and large foot pedals; they can maintain balance as they roll.

Its tires are rugged hence allow kids to enjoy long & safe rides even at high speed. As your girl enjoys the ride, she engages in physical exercise, especially on the leg muscles. Similarly, the toy teaches motor skills.

Fun, practice, knowledge and skills gained are all of the essences in the growth and development of children. This tricycle is brightly colored and eye-catching; every girl would want to ride on it. Its price cannot exceed your budget.

5. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

scribble and writeImprove your baby’s writing skills in her early years using this LeapFrog Scribble and Write. Just by finding the light on the toy’s screen, kids can draw accurate figures and letters in both uppercase and lowercase format.

It features letters A to Z and numbers 1 to 10. Step by step guidance on how to scribble and write is given; levels of accuracy are provided by the NEW mode it features. It is a simple to use toy that uses only one surface and its light weight it allows easy portability.

Kids learn as they engage in exciting activities; they practice and understand better what they learn in class. Both left handed and right handed children can comfortably handle the toy.

Beyond writing, this excellent toy educates on letter sounds, eye-hand coordination, and counting. This remarkable educational toy is designed for kids aged three years old and above. A complete package contains a Parent Guide and LeapFrog Scribble and Write. The most preferred batteries for best functioning are Polarized Batteries.


With any of the toys discussed above, you will raise a healthy, bright and active baby girl. Play is necessary for healthy development and physical fitness. All the toys above are brightly colored hence an excellent choice for girls. Every toy in the list is durable and of high quality. Purchase one or more at fair prices.

Toys for 4 year old girls

At 4-years old, your daughter is beginning to come off the age where any gender-fluid toy is good enough for her. At this age, her personality is changing and she will want more feminine toys to go with that changing personality.

Therefore, if your daughter is turning 4-years old or it’s the holiday season or if she’s been outstanding in something and you are thinking to yourself, “Which are the best toys for 4-year-old girls?” Worry no more as you are in the right place. This guide will help you find a toy that your 4-year-old girl will appreciate.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Creative Brick Box4.7LEGOCreative Toy
Let's Play House Dust!4.6Melissa & DougPretend Play-Set
Stencils and Drawing Art Set4.8Creativ' CraftLearning Toy
Marshall's Fire Fightin' Truck4.5Paw PatrolPlay toys
My First Purse4.6KidooziePretend Play
Surprise & Sounds Home4.8Fisher-PriceConstruction Toys
Barbie Dreamhouse4.2BarbieHouse Play-Set
Chelsea Doll Cottage4.1KidKraftHouse Play-Set
Pretend Makeup Signature Set4.4Little CosmeticsMake-Up Set
Solid-Wood Building Blocks4.8Melissa & DougBuilding Toy

1. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

lego creative brick boxWhen it comes to exploring the creative minds of 4-year-old girls, nothing matches the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box. If your little girl loves LEGO toys, this creative brick box will prove very useful to her.

This is because it comes equipped with 484 LEGO pieces in 35 different colors to play with. With this Creative Brick box, 4-year old girls can build anything that comes to their minds. This is largely thanks to the special pieces included in this toy set such as framed windows, eyes, green baseplates, windmills, flowers, 18 rims and tires and more.

What’s more, is that this creative LEGO box comes equipped with a colored-manual that features pictured models to inspire your little one’s creativity. Some of the pictured models your little angel can construct include a train, a tiger, vehicle, house, etc. But that’s not all, one cool thing about these models is that they can all be created simultaneously.

Lastly, if the 484 LEGO pieces included in this toy set are not enough to build the objects of your little girl’s imagination, she can use pieces from other LEGO toy sets for their compatibility. And once they are done constructing, you can collect all the leftover pieces and store them safely in the storage box provided.

2. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust!

let's play house dustThe Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust is a toy set like no other. This realistic and practical toy features a 6-piece cleaning set that fosters responsibility in young kids in a fun way. This 6-piece cleaning set includes a mop, broom, dustpan, duster, hand brush and a storage stand; all of which are sized for kids aged 4-years.

The Melissa & Doug cleaning toy set lets your young girl re-enact everyday chores when playing house with her friends. All cleaning equipment are built with top-notch wood handles for a realistic look as well as for a quality feel. All handles are fitted with hanging loops for a tidy storage on the upright, wooden storage stand.

And, it only gets more realistic from there. For instance, the broom and hand brush are fitted with soft bristles for sweeping gently across hard surfaces. On the other hand, the duster features soft, fluffy fibers that provide a gentle cleaning performance while the plastic dustpan attaches to all handles.

Without a doubt, any 4-year-old girl will love playing housekeeping with this toy set. It provides an immersive playing experience while boosting creativity and imagination. Lastly, as kids move and play with this toy set, their motor skills improve greatly due to the sweeping and mopping motions.

3. Stencils and Drawing Art Set for Kids

stencils and drawing art set for kidsThe Stencils and Drawing is the ultimate art set for kids aged 4-years old. You can gift your little one this drawing toy set as a school, birthday or holiday gift. It is an indoor toy whereby your kids can enjoy it when it is raining or snowing outside.

So whether you are at home, on the road, in a plane, at a restaurant, etc. this Stencils and Drawing Art Set will keep your kids busy and entertained With contents such as colored pencils, drawing paper sheets, sharpener, pencil case, and a stencil bag, kids can use the Stencils and Drawing art set to complete both school and DIY art & crafts projects.

This art set also comes equipped with a carrying case that can fit all these accessories. With 12 A4-sized stencils boards, 20 premium A4 paper sheets, and 13 color pencils, kids can enjoy drawing vibrant shapes of their imagination. The thick and flexible stencils boards can be reused by simply washing them for your kids.

What’s more, kids can trace or even try to free-draw the large variety of shapes included with this toy set. With alphabetical letters, numbers, signs, geometrical shapes, flowers, animals, etc. your child will develop their drawing skills at a very young age. With the Stencils and Drawing art set, your kids will have so much fun that they will not realize that they are learning.

4. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fighting Truck

paw patrol marshall fire fighting truckIf your 4-year-old girl loves Paw Patrol and dreams of becoming a firefighter like Marshall, the ‘ruff-ruff’ fire-fighting rescue truck is the perfect toy to gift her during this holiday season. With this toy set, little girls can role-play Paw Patrol missions or create new adventures full of extreme fun, bravery, and teamwork.

This firefighting truck set comes with the Marshall pup-figure and functional wheels that allows young kids to drive it across surfaces. Besides the functional wheels, the fire-fighting truck is also fitted with a functional ladder that allows Marshall to latch onto to rescue the people of Adventure Bay.

If your child has other Paw patrol toy sets, they can team up with their friends to create new fun-filled adventures. With characters such as Zuma, Skye, Chase, Rocky, Rubble, and more having transforming vehicles, your little girl’s friends can combine their resources and go on rescue missions to save Adventure Bay from threats.

All in all, this Paw Patrol toy set with its cool fire truck vehicle and Marshall pup-figure is a toy set worth barking about. It provides cute doggy humor while developing problem-solving and teamwork skills in young ones.

5. Kidoozie My First Purse

kidoozie purseAs kids grow up, they see their parents with things, and they want to own similar things of their own. If your young daughter has been eyeing your purse, it may be time to get her a purse she can call her own. And when it comes to kids’ purses, the Kidoozie My First Purse is the best purse for kids of 4-years of age and above.

As the first purse your 4-year-old daughter will own, this toy set is both fun and educational for young girls. The Kidoozie kids’ purse is perfect for developing critical thinking skills as it creates a realistic role-play that’s modeled after everyday grown-up activities.

With its adorability and adventure-readiness, the Kidoozie inspires the growing minds of toddlers and preschoolers to grow their mental faculties. My First Purse is fitted with only necessary accessories to encourage creative and active play in young girls overwhelming them.

For a realistic touch, the accessories that come with this toy set are accessories that most modern women carry in their handbags. Some of the accessories include a play cell phone, wallet, keys, pretend mirror, debit card, pretend lipstick and more. What’s more, all these materials are child safe as they are toxin free, feature rounded edges and are unbreakable.

Sum Up

When selecting this list featuring the best toys to gift 4-year-old girls, we found that all the five toys mentioned above were popular with most 4-year-old girls. This means that you cannot go wrong with any of the toys featured above.

However, before buying any of these toys, you should first consider your daughter’s personality. This will help you determine which toy will suit her best; whether it is the unisex LEGO and Paw Patrol toys or the more feminine Kidoozie and Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust toys.

Gifts for 5 year old girls

Nothing is more precious to me like my five-year-old daughter! If you are reading this, then you can probably relate. Baby Girls are amazing and seeing them smile gives me a rush. Anyway, picking the best gifts for 5-year-old girls is real hustle, they are too many to choose from. For the love I have for girls, I researched what they love and the toys that would best suit their preferences. Have a look at the best five listed below.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Kids Toys4.3TOYKPlay-set
Food Groups4.5Melissa & DougPlay-set
Walkie Talkies for Kids4.2UOKOOTech Toys
Headbands Craft Kit4.5Faber-CastellCreativity
Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register4.3Learning ResourcesPretend Play
Majestic Mansion Dollhouse4.4KidKraftPretend Play
Magnetic Art Easel3.9LewoEducational
Brain Flakes4.8ViahartBuilding
Mermaid Doll4.5BarbieDoll
Shopkins Season 54.8ShopkinsMini-figures

1. Toyk Kids Toys – Hover Ball

toyk hover ballThis quality toy ball is made in a design different from the usual traditional balls hence easily attracts kids. It can move continuously and smoothly over a smooth surface. Also, it has a strong fan floats soccer that enables it to roll over rough surfaces.

It is made using durable plastic that is non-toxic and characterized by foam edge protection, hence safe for use by children. Unlike traditional balls, Toyk kids’ toy does not hurt kids’ foot or damage furniture and walls. Besides fun, children also exercise as they play with this fantastic toy; they can hit it up, sideways and run up and down to get it.

This perplexing toy ball can be used for indoor fun or outdoor adventure as well. Your kid can play with family members or invite friends for some exciting moments. This quality made toy can relieve your baby girl off stress and make her happy and jovial all day or night.

Good news is that even in the dark, your child can still use the ball; it displays strong led light with the help of AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package but are readily available in stores. New and old cells should not be used together for proper functioning. This toy best suits kids aged three years or more. Give your girl the opportunity to have a good time by awarding her this good-looking toy.

2. Melissa & Doug Food Groups

food groupsIntroduce your child to different types of food and healthy dieting using Melissa & Doug Food Groups. It comes with twenty on wooden pieces painted to resemble foods; milk, bread, fish, steak, egg, cheese, watermelon among others. The meals are packed in four adequately furnished wooden crates according to their class; for instance; dairy products, grains, proteins and fruits, and vegetables.

Foods can also be placed in the containers according to their colors; it all depends on what the kids want. This beautiful food toy set motivates kids to participate in pretend play; children take up different roles and practice what they see their parents do.

They can serve a balanced diet or be creative and come up other exciting activities, for instance, act as chefs, nutritionists or mothers; it all depends on their creativity. Kids can enjoy their own time with friends and make decisions solely without parents’ interference; they learn natural skills in the process.

This toy set teaches proper nutrition, number skills, sorting, grouping and color identification. These skills will improve children’s performance in class and broaden their minds. The wooden food pieces are smooth and small enough for little hands hence can be easily handled by kids. The sturdy food set is crafted to last over an extended period. Thus kids can play with for many years as they grow.

Any 3 years old or more kid can lay with the wooden pieces, alone or in the company of others. Girls enjoy role play; get one for your cute baby girl at a budget-friendly price.

3. UOKOO Walkie Talkie for Kids

uokoo walkie talkieWalkie Talkies for Kids is the best gift ever you can give to your child. It specially designed to attract kids who love class and beauty. This breathtaking walkie talkie pair is small in size hence can fit a little hand, and its light weight makes it possible for kids to carry it around.

Any kid aged four years or more can operate and have fun with the toy. It features twenty-two channels and can function over three miles range allowing distance play in open outdoor adventures. It is made using an environmentally friendly and durable material suitable for use by children.

Sound quality is at par and volume can be adjusted to suit the current environment or to maintain volume that cannot damage the ears. Kids can play even in a crowded place without any communication difficulties.

This fantastic toy does not require any unique skills to operate; hence any kid can use it comfortably. It has push buttons to change from one broadcasting channel to another. Play is also possible at night or in the dark all thanks to the flashlights, it contains. Prolonged outdoor adventures are made possible by power saving mode function. In case of low battery, the machine alarms the user to change batteries. This impressive package can be a suitable Christmas or birthday gift for your kid.

4. Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

creativity for kids fashion headbands craft kitKids can create beautiful varieties of headbands using this creativity set. The full package comes with everything that relates to decorations; ten satin headbands colored like the rainbow, flowers, ribbons, a butterfly, rhinestones, feathers and much more.

Kids can make many unique headbands, compete with friends and show off the creations to other kids. After making the fashionable headbands, girls can wear them or offer as gifts to their friends and family. This great set teaches different skills such as creativity, motor skills, construction and color awareness. These skills can be of the essence in better class performance and healthy growth and development.

Play with this toy headband set encourages togetherness and teamwork among participants. The collection can be incorporated into small group activities in school or at home.

This kit makes both indoor and outdoor adventure more enjoyable and active. The pieces are specially crafted for comfortable handle by kids; the material, size, and shape are all safe for children to use. Any kid aged five years or more can comfortably handle the pieces and come up with unimaginable headbands. Purchase a set for your girl ASAP so she can learn, create, explore and pretend. Price is unimaginably low as compared to its quality and abilities.

5. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

learning resources pretend & play calculator cash registerMath cannot be boring anymore when this good-looking toy cash calculator is involved. It educates on math skills such as subtraction, addition, sorting, and counting. In addition to fun and excitement with this cash register, children can learn and practice what they were taught in class.

Kids will have the ability to distinguish money from any other look alike and probably its worth. This toy has a calculator that has a bright and visible LCD screen. To save on batteries, the calculator uses solar energy.

This excellent set makes a beautiful classic sound when the cash drawer is opened. The sound encourages kids to continue playing and gaining educational knowledge.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register features big buttons so children will not miss a target. Punching in and recording prices using small hands will be an easy task. Its size is substantial making it look realistic hence attracting pretend play. Its length is 10.5”, a width of 9.5” and a height of 5.5”.

This colorful toy contains thirty pretend United States notes; forty plastic made coins, instructions, and toy credit card. It creates a liking for math, time, measurement, algebraic thinking, and money. Kids aged three years and above are capable of handling this toy with ease.


Everything that glitters is not gold! In simple terms, do not pick any gift you come across without the knowledge of its functioning and quality. With the list above, you will not need to struggle much, just choose one and make an order instantly. Prices are affordable; quality is on top of the mark. Get one and thank me later.

Gifts for 6 year old Girls

Okay, this is the scenario: Your young girl is turning six soon—or worse, has already done so—and you’ve got no idea what to gift her as a present. Perhaps it’s not so absolute; perhaps you simply want to add a cherry on top of the cake you’ve already bought her. Perhaps not. Whatever the case, we’ve here to help you out, being the selfless bunch we are. So, on the following few pages, enjoy our roundup of the best gifts for 6-year-old girls!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Headband Kit4.4MazichandsArts & Crafts
Connect 44.7HasbroPlay
RC Flying Ball3.8EpochAirPlay
Light-up Tracing Pad4.3CrayolaImaginative
Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box4.4EnchantmintsPlay
Shimmer and Shine Sparkle Mosaics3.9ALEX ToysEducational
Holiday Doll4.5BarbieDoll-set
Friends Stephanie's House4.8LEGOBuilding
Chelsea Doll Cottage4.1KidKraftPretend Play
Ferry Boat with Mini Cars4.7Green ToysBath-Toys

1. Mazichand Headband Kit – Best Arts and Crafts for Girls

fashion-headband-kitIf you haven’t noticed it already, let us inform you that these fashion headband kit are huge with today’s youth. Or still are, as we should say; the trend never really died off to begin with.

Anyhow, due to their recent surge in popularity, the need for these headbands has skyrocketed to the point where more and more kids want to create them themselves. As more and more are starting to wear these headbands, it’s also important to be able to make one that looks unique and not like an off-the-shelf, mass-produced product.

Mazichands Arts and Crafts Fashion Headband Kit addresses both of these desires by giving young girls the ability to freely and easily design almost any kind of headbands they want by simply combining individual, colored & Designer Strips to make one-of-a-kind, patterned heaband of certain lengths and thickness.

If your little one has been bitten by the headband bug, or is likely to, and likes to do some DIY every now and then, the Arts and Crafts DIY Headband designer kit for Girls is a fantastic present and a definite recommendation on our part.

2. Connect 4

hasbro connect 4Hasbro’s Connect Four has been a staple part of nearly every family’s game connection for years, and even though they seemingly re-release the product every few years, making adjustments to the looks slightly every time, the basics never really change.

It’s still mind-boggingly simple, yet addictive and fun and that doesn’t just apply to children. The rules have remained largely unchanged since the game’s initial release in 1974.

It’s still a game for two players where the goal is to be the first to line up at least four of your so-called checkers, or playing discs, in a straight or diagonal line before the other player does so to win.

Easy to understand and hard to master, it’s got all the qualities a great, family-friendly game for all ages needs. If you haven’t got this one already, you know what to put on your Amazon wish list.

3. EpochAir IR Helicopter Ball

epochair ir helicopter ballR/C toys are generally seen as boy’s toys, though we don’t really know why that is, do we? After all, in the real world, girls spend just as much time playing with them as the members of their opposite gender, if not more in some cases.

Perhaps it’s due to the preconception that R/C sports cars and helicopters are designed in a way that is a little bit too masculine and thus won’t appeal to young girls. That thought is completely thrown out of the window by the EpochAir IR Helicopter Ball.

Styled to resemble a flying, dual-rotor disco ball, the EpochAir glows, shines and rotates as it hovers elegantly just some inches above the pilot’s hands.

Using infrared beam technology, the Helicopter Ball can detect its distance to surrounding obstacles and will automatically adjust its speed, heading and altitude accordingly. With the optional included remote control, the Ball can even be controlled from afar, too.

A great choice to lighten up the mood, literally, the EpochAir is an airborne ball of fun: At $18, you can get it for much less than equally well-equipped, if ordinary R/C helicopters, and the looks alone are worth more than the price by a big margin.

4. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

crayola light-up tracing padFor those aspiring young artists out there, the Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is a great option for practice, play and overall fun.

You might think a plain sheet of paper is enough, but with a tracing pad like the Crayola, which doubles as a desk lamp thanks to the built-in LEDs, far more accurate, wrinkle-free artworks are possible. And with the included tracing paper, the Crayola is more than just a nice holding frame; it’s a great teaching tool for young girls.

Due to a great, sturdy build, we expect the Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad to last; not that it really needs to be exceptionally crafted, as the whole setup is very simplistic.

Rather, it’s a straightforward idea, executed in a nearly flawless fashion. If your little girl needs some additional encouragement to draw, or perhaps sees some flaw in her work herself, then the Crayola might just be the perfect thing to cheer her up and give her a helping hand. Or a helping sheet of paper, to be more precise.

5. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

enchantmints ballerina musical jewelry boxWe see them in the movies all the time, in children’s cartoons and some Disney’s classics even, but never do we get the idea they might suit our child as a present at all: Musical boxes.

It’s a common trope in storytelling; the protagonist gets a musical box as a present, usually from their parents, at an early age, which slowly evolves into a piece of memorabilia as the sound of the music becomes a synonym or is otherwise used in place for the events of the story that took place during the character’s childhood.

It’s not too far-fetched or fantastical an idea, though. A musical box, as long as it is as lovingly-made as this one by Enchantmints, can very well be a great gift, one that will surely stand the test of time and remain worthy of being remembered.

This certain model is as classic as they come: Three little cupboards, barely small enough to contain a pencil each, or perhaps a tissue box if you squeeze it in, and a ballerina figurine on a pedestal, flanked by a mirror at eye level.

It’s the quintessential musical box design for young girls, and it’s exactly the one we see used so often in fiction, but isn’t that what makes this gift so magical? Knowing that, just like Princess Anastasia, this will be the one gift that its recipient will be remembering and thankful for for years to come?

Round Off

We hope you now find yourself a little closer to having worked out the perfect gift idea for your little girl. Of course, we won’t even try to claim to be fully and utterly accurate on this; after all, it’s your girl, so you should know best what suits her best. Simply regard this roundup as a list of some of your options, specifically some of the options we were convinced about. In any case, to make a long story short, we wish you good luck with finding the perfect gift for your little one!

Gifts for 7 year old Girls

Seven years, huh? Time really does fly by, doesn’t it? Well, as much as that can be a curse, for some young girls, it’s a blessing, as each anniversary means one more day where the whole world really does revolve around them, and where they get some great presents from their parents, siblings and friends. To befit their expectations this time around, some brainstorming will probably be necessary.

After all, this is the seventh time you had to come up with such a present, and the options will only get fewer and fewer in number as time goes on, right? Not necessarily. In the following roundup, we will take a look at the best—in our opinion—presents and gift ideas for 7-year-old girls. Enjoy!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Scratch Art4.6Melissa & DougLearnning
Math Dice4.5Think FunEducational
Let's Go Fishin'4.0PRESSMAN TOYSPlayset
My Fairy Garden4.2PlayMonsterPlay-set
My First Sewing Kit4.3ALEX ToysTailoring
Stamp Pad4.7Melissa & DougPretend-Play
Yeti in My Spaghetti4.6PlayMonsterLearning
Googly Eyes Game4.4GoliathPlay
Malia's House4.1Build & ImagineCreative
Hair Chalks4.1GirlZoneMakeup-set

1. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art

melissa & doug scratch artThis is a gift for the artistically-minded among young girls in particular. With Scratch Art by Melissa & Doug, one can create stunning-looking, rainbow-colored notes and cards with just a wooden stylus at your disposal.

Basically, each of the 125 paper cards included consists of a layer of shiny rainbow paint covered by a black matte film. Etching your message into the card scratches the black layer away, revealing the colors lying underneath, and what you’ve got is a really unique-looking piece of paper!

Whether it’s a gift card, part of a letter or just a simple note, Scratch Art can really bring some enjoyment and uniqueness into crafting your own short messages. In a sense, it fuses drawing with writing through the etching process, bringing out the best artists and writers in those who play with it.

All in all, for those who really like to doodle a lot anyways, Scratch Art can only ramp up the fun factor whilst teaching your girl a thing or two about drawing and writing along the way, too.

2. ThinkFun Math Dice

thinkfun math diceRight, so we just covered art, what subject’s next, you wonder? That’s right, math! Though not really a fan favorite of most young children, and that’s putting it lightly, most, even us adults, unfortunately never or only rarely get to experience how fun math can really be, and that’s what furthers its image of being a boring subject in the first place.

The ThinkFun Math Dice try to put a stop to this. How? By inventing the most fun, child-friendly, math-based game they could think of. How does it work? Very simply.

A two-player game, each player takes turns rolling a special twelve-sided die, called the target die. Next, on the same turn, five regular dice, called scoring dice, are rolled as well. The goal is now to combine at least two of the numbers from the rolled scoring dice, via subtraction or addition, to get the number on the target die as a result. The more dice are used in the calculation, the more complex and harder to solve it becomes, but then again, the more spaces on the playing board per turn is the player allowed to advance.

As a fun math exercise like no other, the ThinkFun Math Dice can really help in shaping your girl’s view of math as a subject for the better. And besides, it’s also an addictive game for the whole family.

3. Let’s Go Fishing

lets go fishinLet’s Go Fishin’ truly is a classic, and it fully deserves that title. A game for two players or more, the object is to catch as many ‘fish’ as possible in the given target time. Simple enough, you may think, but with more than two or three participants, whether young or old, the game can quickly evolve into a cutthroat contest of reaction times and reflexes.

The fish, being not too keen on getting caught themselves, will constantly shut and open their mouths at seemingly random intervals, so you will have to get the timing of positioning your fishing pole right, too.

While earlier versions of Let’s Go Fishin’ used magnets for the fish’s mouths and the pole’s tips, so that the two could fuse together when they were close enough, signaling a catch, the system in place now is much more simplistic: As every part of the fish and poles consists of plastic, you have to work with the friction of the opening and closing mouths and wedge your fishing pole in to guarantee a catch. The result?

The game is more timing-dependent and finicky than ever, which is a good thing. A really good thing.

4. My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

my fairy garden – tree hollowGranted, not every young girl is a fan of miniature toy sets, but for those who are, the My Fairy Garden might seem like something out of a dream. it’s an incredibly dynamic and fantastic-looking assortment of figurines, toy homes and miscellaneous models, all based on the same, underlying ‘fairy world’ fantasy theme.

Unfortunately, the whole set in its entirety would not only take up a lot more space than most can afford, it would also be incredibly expensive.

As such, it might be a good idea to start off with purchasing just one of its many parts, like this one, the Tree Hollow. It’s a relatively small, mostly plastic doll’s house with some fairy figurines included.

What really makes it special are its five gardening areas. Unlike what you would expect from a mere toy, you actually get real soil, seeds and some appropriately-sized miniature gardening tools out of the box, allowing your child to grow beautiful small plants on top of the already magical-looking Tree Hollow. This alone makes it more than worthy of our recommendation, don’t you think?

5. My First Sewing Kit

alex toys my first sewing kitThe market for children’s toys is full of ‘My First __’-products, and the My First Sewing Kit doesn’t even try to be anything but a good example of that.

Still, judging it by its own merits, it’s a very well-made kit with great educational value alone, not to mention the fun your girl will be having with it, too.

The content is reasonably easy to grasp; just some basic embroidery floss, stuffing, scissors, tape, sewing needles, pins, a thimble, some buttons and a roll of yarn.

With all of these tools, no matter what kind of sewing project your little one will be undertaking, rest assured it will be going smoothly and effortlessly. The fact that the kit doesn’t include any sort of manual or instructions beyond the basic health and safety warnings is a testament to its philosophy; learning by doing is what it’s all about.

Summing Up

We hope our little roundup provided you with some great inspiration, but unfortunately, this is where we have to draw the line and our list comes to a close. We hope you enjoyed it! See you again sometime!

Gifts for 8 year old Girls

Come on, you don’t have to feel ashamed. With this much going in your life, it’s understandable that you simply don’t have the time to go out and look for a present this year around, at least not all on your own, without any bearings or help. Speaking of which, that’s what we’re here for. Anyway, we didn’t write this to waste your time, so let’s get this started already, shall we? Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for gifts for 8-year-old girls, including yours. Enjoy!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Inspiration Art Case4.8CrayolaArt & Craft
Sidewalk Mandala Stencil4.0ALEX ToysDrawing Set
Smash Journal Kit4.1Fashion AngelsCreative
Piper Computer Kit4.1Piper
App Controlled Robot4.3Sphero
Smart Toys
Science Kit4.1Creativity for KidsScientific
Spirograph Design Set4.6KahootzEducational
Sorry! 2013 Edition Game4.3HasbroPlayset
Magnetic Mini Tile Art4.44MMagnet Toys
Disney Frozen Beauty Kit3.9TownleyGirl

1. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

crayola inspiration art caseWhile this product is obviously meant for the more experienced artists, at least as experienced as one can be at eight years of age, it can also serve as a brilliant introduction into the world of painting and drawing if you want it to be.

The Crayola Inspiration Art Case includes almost any kind of colors you could think of, from markers to pencils to crayons and fresh drawing paper.

In total, the case packs a whopping 140 individual parts, all contained within the nevertheless very compact and stylish form factor.

Young girls can easily practice drawing techniques with the Crayola, like shading or foreshortening, but even if it’s just for simple doodling, the Inspiration Art Case does its job extremely well, owing to a high-quality build and great value given the low price and high amount of content. For just $20, you can get a lot of things out of the box. Literally.

2. Sidewalk Mandala Stencil

alex toys sidewalk mandala stencilIf you think back to your favorite activities and games from back when you were eight, drawing chalk mandalas on the sidewalk or playground may not be among the things you’ll remember, but even if those kinds of artworks weren’t your cup of tea, you saw your friends do them all the time.

That is how prevalent mandalas are; cross-cultural, cross-generational, and probably never going to vanish unless we completely deprive our earth of its chalk resources.

With the ALEX Toys Sidewalk Mandala Stencil kit, you can ignite that very passion in your little one, if that hasn’t happened already, that is. It’s a very simple product; just 6 colored pieces of chalk and a roughly 60cm large, nice stencil to create awesome patterns and shapes with.

Whether your little one has already been bitten by the mandala bug like her peers or not, the ALEX Sidewalk Mandala Stencil kit promises fun for hours on end, and the liberal nature of the contents mean a child can just use their own imagination to create nearly anything.

3. Fashion Angels Emoji Smash Journal Kit

fashion angels emoji smash journal kitHand-written journals, though going slightly out of fashion with some youth due to the prevalence of smartphones, still are highly popular and written by countless kids all over the world every single day, sometimes chronicling entire lives. If your girl isn’t writing one already, why not start now?

With the Fashion Angels Smash Journal Kit, she’ll have everything she needs; a light-up pen, 100-page paper journal, over 200 small stickers and some colored tape for decorating those many pages.

The attention to detail and variety included in the box is simply astounding, as is the high value considering you can get it all for less than $20. To go with the times of the information age, influenced by smartphones and the internet, the Kit even includes some emoji-style decorations.

All in all, for writing a journal, whether starting from new or continuing from a previously finished example, the Smash Journal Kit by Fashion Angels Enterprises is, just like the name would make you presume, a fashionable, up-to-date and totally kid-friendly option that will bring tons of writing joy.

4. Piper Computer Kit

piper computer kitSpeaking of our modern times, how about going one step further and getting your little one a truly high-tech toy? The Piper Computer Kit is a semi-educational building set for constructing and learning to program on one’s own, homebuilt PC. It’s one of those toys designed specifically to make kids familiar with STEM fields at a young age, but that’s not a bad thing in any way.

In fact, did you know that there’s a global shortage of women in STEM fields currently? Your child’s generation could be the one to change that forever!

Included in the Kit is a Raspberry Pi 3, a common make and model of single-board computer that is inexpensive and easy to run, as well as some peripherals, like speakers, an LCD display, LED lights and optical mouse, and wooden structural parts to build a fitting PC case with.

Of course, a full building plan and all required tools are part of the Kit, too. When fully built, the Pi can be used to play a highly customized version of the popular Minecraft video game; one can even freely program within the game to add new content.

A greater introduction into the world of IT we haven’t seen, not for this age group or any other, and the time for it couldn’t be any better. So, what are you waiting for?

5. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

sphero star wars bb-8 app controlled robotSphero, who specialize in rolling and driving R/C toys, released their BB-8 App Controlled Robot to coincide with the release of the seventh Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

With a new entry in the series having just been released, sales of Star Wars merch and toys have drastically gone up, and for good reason. The kids of today will fondly remember today’s Star Wars movies just like their parents remember the original trilogy, but the market has obviously changed in the past forty years.

Now, with the wonders of modern technology, children can profit from toys like this BB-8 Robot, a much more intricate and complex example than the R/C cars and helicopters of old times. It can intelligently detect obstacles, looks just like it does in the movie—the head and body are kept together by magnets—and is propelled by revolving gyroscopes in the main body; the controls work on any smartphone and are activated via Bluetooth within a range of up to 30 meters.

It even features gesture controls and some AR capabilities—that’s short for Augmented Reality, in case you hadn’t heard. A fest for those who love technology, and for those who just love Star Wars, too, the Sphero BB-8 App Controlled Robot is a great present for any young girl.


We hope our short list served its purpose well and that you were able to take at least some inspiration from it. With any of the above top picks, you may have to lighten your wallet a bit, but then again, you’ll be putting a smile on the face of a young girl for a long time to come. Speaking of the devil, why are you still reading this? Go and get her the present she deserves!

Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls

Just one more year, and it’ll be a whole decade for her. Don’t you think that’s reason enough to gift her a truly unique present this time around, one she’ll be thankful for for more than just a couple weeks or even months? We think so. That is why we’ve assembled this overview, to help you decide which gift idea is best for your child. In reviewing some of the best stuff on the market, we’ll show you the best gifts for 9-year-old girls available today. Read below if you want to find out.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Electronics Discovery Kit4.8ElencoTechnical
Bocce Ball Set4.3Hey! Play!Play
My First Science Kit4.5Scientific ExplorerScientific
Light-up Terrarium Kit4.4Mini ExplorerPlay-kit
Droid Inventor Kit4.0littleBits
Robot Toy
Osmo Genius Kit4.6OsmoEducational
Deluxe Art Set4.3DariceArt Set
HedBanz Game4.6Spin MasterPlay-set
Pizza Co. Game4.6OsmoLearning
Kano Computer Kit4.1KanoTechnical

1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

snap circuits jr. sc-100 electronics discovery kitThough the name reveals a lot on its own, the SC-100 isn’t as simple as you might think. Much more than a simple educational tool, the Discovery Kit emphasizes on playful learning and fun combined with a truly awesome way to introduce young girls to the world of IT and electronics.

Included in the set are dozens of parts, enabling hundreds of unique creations. The underlying theme remains constant, though: Electronic circuitry. By strategically laying out snap wires, resistors and other parts, one can create a fully working circuit easily, but that’s not all. The electricity needs to go somewhere, too, remember?

With the included building tasks, one can mimic the use of circuitry in real life situations instead of just building proof-of-concepts. For example, a task may be to create a circuit that feeds electricity stored within a battery to drive an electric motor at a specified speed, or sound an alarm at a certain voltage.

These tasks come in many difficulty levels, the initial few being mostly just fun exploration of the subject matter, and some of the later ones being true brain-teasers, both for children and adults alike!

2. Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

hey play bocce ball setBeing the highly popular, competitive sport that it is, Bocce is a great, uncomplicated way to introduce young kids to physical exercise, strategy and similar ball-based games all at once.

To do so without making things overly complicated, how about a child-friendly, cost-efficient yet nonetheless true-to-the-rules set including everything you need to set up a game of Bocce? Well, this one by Hey! Play! is just that, and it ticks all the right boxes.

You get eight Bocce balls in the package, four of which feature beginner-friendly scoring patterns, the other four more generously-spaced ones as you would find on an intermediate’s or pro’s set. Additionally, all balls are color coded and their markings etched in white.

Besides these, you also get a simple, white Pollini and a bag to store all the gear in. Compact, easy to play and a great introduction to the sport, this Bocce Set leaves nothing to be desired and is a perfect present for any active girl who loves playing out in the open.

3. Scientific Explorer My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit

scientific explorer my first mind blowing science kitThe SC-100 has already shown us how to go about edutainment, and science edutainment in particular, but how about we ramp it up a notch?

How about a set that teaches kids, without boring them even slightly, the basics of physics, chemistry, biology and other scientific fields beyond the experiments they’ll be doing in school? Well, that just so happens to be what the My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer is.

Included in it are 20 pieces, among which you’ll find test tubes, pipettes, measuring scoops, baking soda, citric acid, vegetable oil and other at first glance weird-looking ingredients used to conduct amazing experiments.

From testing acidity to color-changing concoctions, the 11 experiments, dubbed ⁡‘activities’, are varied and plentiful enough to fascinate for quite some time.

Of course, lots of attention has been paid by Scientific Explorer to ensure optimal safety and child-friendliness of the included content. After all, it’s much more fun when you can do what you want and those nagging adults don’t have to step in, right?

4. Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit

mini explorer light-up terrarium kitBehind a self-explanatory title lies a rather self-explanatory product; the Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids is pretty hard to explain as anything but that. The Light-up part refers to an LED integrated into the colored lid of the glass terrarium, shining down on the contents like an artificial sun.

However, even though the basic premise of a child-friendly terrarium to grow some plants, maybe hold small animals like snails and some lizards in won’t throw anyone off their chairs, as won’t the light-up feature, which is arguably pretty common by now, the Mini Explorer Terrarium does include a lot, and we do mean a lot of extras out of the box in spite of only costing $30.

You get some soil, rocks, sand and many ways to decorate the terrarium, as well as some Chia seeds. There’s a spray bottle for cleaning and a Micro-USB-to-USB cable for charging the lighting feature up, too. With all this content, the Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium for Kids should be your young girl’s best bet for her first great step towards pet ownership. Better start small, sure, but why not start with something great, too?

5. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

star wars droid inventor kitWith Star Wars rising popularity recently, both among girls and boys, it should be no wonder that toys like this Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit are becoming increasingly popular.

A relatively faithful replica of the famous R2-D2 droid from the movies, the Inventor Kit is much more than just a building exercise akin to a LEGO Technic kit. As the bot features real, working electronic componentry on the inside, not unlike what you would find on the inside of a modern PC, it can be remotely controlled, and not just that, one can program on it with the included app, too.

It features some novel capabilities, like obstacle detection and gesture controls, and what makes it all more interesting is the fact that no component layout is preset; the young girls working with the Inventor Kit can arrange and re-arrange every part of R2-D2 as they please. In fact, they must do so in order to succeed at the dozens of challenges provided by the app, which require R2 to complete various tasks.

Thus, a complete rebuild of the robot, reconfiguring it to suit its current objective, is not that uncommon. Probably one of the most creative toys out there, and the rightful winner of countless awards, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is definitely recommended for those tech-savvy girls out there.

Closing Words

You have probably seen this coming already. Unfortunately, we’re here to confirm your suspicions: this overview ends without a conclusive, objective verdict, and it certainly wouldn’t do so if it were possible any other way. The thing is, that there’s no such thing as the single best gift for any 9-year-old girl in general.

Rather, there’s one for every single one of them, every individual person, and you, as the one who’s giving the present, have the task of knowing its recipient well enough to make the final decision on your own. Think you’re up to it? Of course, you could always consult this article if you’re unsure. we’re crossing our fingers for you!

Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

Every decennial birthday is magical, but one could say the first is the most magical of them all. It is from this day onward where everything folds into place; school life, dreams for the future, the first signs of puberty, or in other words, the great process of maturity that will only truly finish well into your girl’s tweens has now reached its turning point. To celebrate that, we’ve arranged a list of the best gifts for 10-year-old girls just like yours, to help you get her the best present ever this year round. Enjoy!

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Headband Designing Kit4.4MazichandsArt & Craft
Crystal Growing Kit4.04MScientific
Gravity Maze4.7Think Fun
Electric Inferno Roller Coaster3.8K'NEXPlay Set
Mani-Pedi Party Kit4.2ALEX ToysMake-up
Microscope &
Activity Journal
4.3Educational InsightsScience
Baseplate Supplement4.5LEGOBuilding
Hair Chalk Pens4.1GirlZoneMakeup Kit
Mystery Blind Box4.1MattelMinecraft
Make-Up Portfolio4.5Fashion AngelsMake-up Kit

1. Headband Designing Kit from Mazichands

fashion-headband-kitWith the Fashion Headband Designing Kit by Mazichands, your little one will be able to create stunning and fashionable colored, patterned headbands of all kinds.

With today’s youth, Headbands are as popular as ever, but not just as a simple fashion statement. Some also like to wear matched headband to show their fashionista side, or as a memento of some kind.

The Headband Designing Kit allows nearly any shape, design and pattern to be created, and there’s enough material provided to make lots of them for family and friends, too.

In any case, as young girls nowadays are just crazy after these headands, granting them the ability to make some of their own can only be considered one great birthday present, right? And for that alone, the Headband Designing Kit by Arts and Crafts for Girls simply can’t be beaten.

2. 4M Crystal Growing Kit

4m crystal growing kitCrystals are the object of fascination by many; in fact, they have been throughout much of human history. It’s easy to see why, as their lush colors, unusual growing patterns and stunning geometric shapes with clear-cut edges look unlike anything else in nature.

No wonder crystal-like products and appearances have often been associated with luxury and exclusivity, then. Having established that, we think you can only imagine the smile forming on any child’s face upon telling them that they can create their very own crystals, even grow them at home without any fancy equipment or extreme effort!

That is exactly the opportunity that the 4M Crystal Growing Kit provides them, and it doesn’t cut corners on the presentation, either. You get quite the pretty-looking transparent cases to present your grown crystals with, not to mention everything you need to grow a large variety of different crystal types. Overall, there are seven experiments to be performed, but literally experimenting by oneself, just mixing the ingredients and seeing what grows out of them is equally fun.

However it is used, one can’t deny the 4M Crystal Growing Kit is high-quality. And for that, as well as for the fascinating subject matter, we can only recommend it.

3. Gravity Maze

gravity mazeA puzzle game of the unique kind, Gravity Maze tries to combine simple physics with a challenging game premise that only gets more and more difficult as the game goes on.

The game consists of a large, grid-like playing field where towers are placed at certain positions indicated on a playing card. Every tower has its own color that corresponds to its height.

A special grey tower, the shortest of them all, is the target tower. Now, it is the player’s duty to arrange certain additional towers, also indicated on the card, on any position on the game grid so that, when the small playing ball is put on the highest tower, it will fall in an orderly fashion from tower to tower, eventually landing on top of the target tower at the bottom.

All towers have concave tops to make this a little easier, but don’t get your hopes up! Some of the later levels and their cards can be truly challenging, and not just for little girls, either! Truly, this is a puzzle that can entertain and confuse just about anyone without ever getting old.

4. K’NEX Thrill Rides – Electric Inferno Roller Coaster

knex thrill rides – electric inferno roller coasterWith a staggering 639 pieces all in one huge cardboard box, the K’NEX Electric Inferno Roller Coaster seems imposing, if not overwhelming from the start. That is until you open said box up, when things only get more extreme.

What we have here is a truly gigantic roller coaster scale model set with nearly infinite possible building combinations, but also with one big feature that sets it apart from contemporaries: Functionality.

Unlike most toy roller coaster sets, the K’NEX is driven by a complex set of gears and electric motors that can be configured by the builder, meaning the coaster car can be test-driven around each track in a pretty realistic fashion!

Thanks to the ubiquity of the moving parts, any coaster model built with the K’NEX set is going to be pretty intricate and detailed, as the two blueprints provided in the box immediately prove.

Case in point, complexity doesn’t have to be confusing. However, even when it is, as is the case with the K’NEX Electric Roller Coaster, it can be a lot of fun. And isn’t that what matters most? Fun? We happen to think so.

5. ALEX Spa Super Mani-Pedi Party Kit

alex spa super mani-pedi party kitA true classic, manicure and pedicure sets will probably never cease to be associated with the imaginative powers of young girls and the deep connection that can form between two ‘BFFs’.

This set includes nearly everything; there’s nail polish, glitter, stickers, files, tweezers, brushes, really, we can’t think of anything the ALEX may possibly lack. For any playful occasion, the Party Kit, as it is fittingly called, offers enough content to satisfy the girls’ sometimes frighteningly high requirements, and it does so cheaply, efficiently and with little drama.

What’s more, nearly all of the contents of the Party Kit are designed to be easily removed, even without specialized agents like nail polish remover or anything of the sort. A nice bonus for when you find your girl has locked herself in her room playing with the Kit, only to come out hours later looking like a wannabe rock star.

So, even if it’s a little of a cliché, the ALEX Super Mani-Pedi Party Kit provides plenty of fun for the girls, and, again, that’s what counts most.


Of course, it would be way too difficult, if not impossible now to decide on a clear, indisputable winner of our roundup. Instead of trying to do that, let’s rather declare each and every one of our contenders a possible winner. Possible? What do we mean by that? Possible, as in, it may be possible that any of our top five hit the right spot with your child, but we couldn’t possibly know, could we? What we’re saying is, we’ve laid the cards out for you; it’s your time now to make the final decision. Good luck and success!

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

It’s taken its time, but now it’s finally here again. Your little one’s birthday has arrived once more. Of course, this prompts a truckload of organization, planning ahead and some more planning ahead. Part of that will inevitably include the day’s highlight, the presents. But what if you’re grasping at straws when it comes to this fundamental birthday element? Or perhaps you just want to juice up the gift you’ve already got planned with something else? Whatever your scenario, we’re here to help. In the following list, our highly experienced team of pros will review and compare the best gifts for 11-year-old girls to give you and idea as to what options you have at your disposal.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Magic Show Suitcase4.1IdealPlay
Bloxels3.8MattelGame Set
Science Kit4.2Scientific ExplorerScience
Solar Robot3.6OWITech
Nintendo Switch4.5NintendoVideo Games
Bears vs Babies4.4Exploding KittensCard Games
5 Second Rule4.5PlayMonsterCard Games
Dixit4.5DixitCard Games
3D Printing Pen3.73DoodlerCreative Toy
Logic Game4.8Think FunEducational

1. Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show SuitcaseKicking off our list is the Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase. Behind that mouthful lies a deceptively simple, but genius product. You’re the one looking for a present for a teenage girl, so you probably know some of their quirky mannerisms, like taking exceptional pride in outsmarting adults.

That specific feeling of pride is what the Ideal Suitcase is exploiting here, and we do mean ‘exploit’ in the most positive form possible. Basically, the Magic Show Suitcase contains instructions, props and everything else that’s necessary to pull off the eponymous 100 magic tricks to fool the audience and look as skilled in the art of wizardry as possible without years of training.

As we said, it’s a simple idea, but pulled off very well, especially thanks to the variety of those 100 tricks. There’s the classic rabbit in the hat, card tricks, apparent levitation, magical rolling dice and more.

In short, the 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase is sure to impress the girl it’s intended for, making her assume the role of a master magician for once, and the rest of the family, too, being the (hopefully voluntary) audience to a truly magical spectacle. How’s that for some birthday fun?

2. Bloxels – Build Your Own Video Game

bloxels – build your own video gameVideo games are a mainstay of pop culture, that much’s for sure. And, as your girl goes through her teens, their influence will only rise. That’s mostly a good thing; video games of many kinds have been linked to all sorts of cognitive advantages and positive side effects.

However, if you personally don’t know much about the subject matter, picking any given title out of a retail store can feel disconcerting. Do you even know what you’re buying there?

Not so with Bloxels, a unique approach to video gaming as a whole. Instead of handing you rules and forcing you to play along, Bloxels lets the user create the rules, and by extension, their own, fully fleshed-out games.

Bloxels consists of two modules, a physical game board and a digital game app. On the board, players lay out colored blocks in certain patterns or shapes to create the basic artwork for their game. This is scanned into the game app and then processed.

Eventually, players will have designed enough assets to fully switch to the digital side of things and start to program the game’s rules, conditions, story and mechanics from the app. When that’s finished, it’s time to play!

All games can also be published through the Bloxels app, which makes it even more rewarding to create a game from scratch. All that being said, we see no reason not to give Bloxels a recommendation it has truly earned itself.

3. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

scientific explorer disgusting science kitScience Kits, aimed at making scientific discovery and research reachable and interesting for children, essential at an age where fewer and fewer people study STEM fields per generation, are nearly ubiquitous nowadays, but how about one that stands out from the pack?

The Disgusting Science Kit by Scientific Explorer may just be your best bet in that case. And yes, you read that name correctly. This one-of-a-kind kit concerns itself mainly with scientific experiments from the field of biology, but some chemistry is thrown in, too.

Of course, the subjects of the individual experiments are deliberately chosen to be as revolting as possible.

From synthesizing a snot-like compound to analyzing the smell of cheesy feet, there’s some truly, uh, disgusting stuff in there. Probably not the best kind of game to play with, or even in the presence of the whole family, the Disgusting Science Kit is one thing though, and that’s fun.

We’re no psychologists, but the kids seem to like the idea, girls especially. So, you gonna buy it?

4. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

owi 14-in-1 solar robotA more conventional kind of teen science kit, the OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot is exactly what it sounds like, down to each individual letter: A lightly programmable, semi-autonomous robot that’s powered by a small set of solar panels and can be reconfigured, LEGO-style, in 14 different body patterns for driving or walking on land and swimming in or hovering above shallow water.

Few of the 14 configurations are truly practical, but they’re fun to build for all ages, and the girls seems to find pretty much all of them unbelievably cute-looking.

The solar charging gimmick can teach them a thing or two about environmental awareness, and there’s some light programming involved, too, not to mention the act of putting the robot together, which teaches basic engineering skills. All in all, a great example of how to do a science kit suitable for girls right.

5. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switchRemember when we said video games were a mainstay of pop culture? We weren’t fooling around.

The Nintendo Switch is the underdog among current-generation consoles, being less powerful than its rivals, but it does make up for those deficiencies with versatility, a friendly design—aggressiveness seems to permeate the rest of the market right now—and in true Nintendo fashion, a great library of family-friendly games for all ages and genders.

The Switch can be played alone or in large groups, on the move or at home, in tablet mode or with a separate controller; it’s truly the most adaptable console currently available. With great classics such as Super Mario and Zelda, your girl is never going to lose interest; in fact, she might just stumble across a future classic browsing through the Switch’s excellent, best-selling exclusive catalog of games.

Oh, and another Nintendo trademark that makes the Switch such a good buy: It’s pretty darn cheap, especially considering what you’re getting. $300 may sound like much, but we dare you to look at the competition’s pricing. It’s leagues worse.

Sum Up

So, which of our top picks did you think was best? Ultimately, it depends a lot on your personal circumstances, and we can’t speak for you or your child. Still, this being a top five list after all, we can say with some confidence that any of the products above are great presents befitting nearly any girl hitting the magical number eleven. We wish you good luck shopping and hunting for the best, though!

Gifts for 12 year old girls

Buying gifts for 12-year-old girls isn’t a piece of cake. Preteen girls are considered to be the most challenging age group to purchase gifts for when the holiday season kicks in. Who knows exactly what these choosy girls are into these days?

There are countless overwhelming options today thanks to social media and the new technologies. But worry no more because we’ve got your back with our top 10 gifts for 12-year-old girls. Just relax, stay tuned, and enjoy the information-packed reviews.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Make A Wind Chime Kit4.24MCreative
Spa Hair Chalk3.5ALEX ToysHair Color
Cube Game4.3HasbroPuzzle Game
Makeup Kit4.0SHANY Cosmetics
Classic Yahtzee4.7Winning MovesIndoor Games
Arts and Crafts for Girls4.4MazichandsDIY
Forbidden Island4.6GamewrightCard Games
Electric Scooter4.1RazorOutdoor Game
The Song Game4.6SpontuneousSong Game
Nintendo Switch4.5NintendoVideo Games

1. 4M Make A Wind Chime Kit

4m make a wind chime kitThe 4M Make A Wind Chime set is simple to assemble and fun to paint.

Experience the amazing sounds of the chimes and your kid’s attractive artwork on terra cotta pots.

It comes complete with instructions, chime rods, line, cord, brush, paint strip, and two terra cotta pots.

The chime kit accessories are fun, inspiring, imaginative, and very creative.

It helps your kids grow creativity and imagination and can provide years full of fun since they are durable.

The wind chime produces charming sounds as the breeze passes through it.

2. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

alex spa hair chalk salonALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon allows your little one to make her hair appear as vibrant as her mind! The kit comes complete with 24 hair elastics, hair beading accessory, 24 metallic beads, and five washable hair chalk pens.

The kit allows her to glide on temporary vibrant color as she adds strands of sparkling beads. She can apply hair chalk to her dry hair of a wide range of colors and then clean out easily by use of shampoo. Recommended for kids eight years and above.

3. Rubik’s Cube Game

rubik's cube gameRubik’s Cube Game is one of the best brain-teasing puzzlers. This game is still growing stronger featuring billions of puzzling combinations which have got a single solution!

Let your children scramble the squares which are beautifully colored on the multi-dimensional and addictive cube. Then turn, twist, and rotate matching up the colors again on all the nine sides.

The innovative game will challenge you to figure out how you can get all its colors matched on all the nine sides. The kit comes complete with rubic’s cube, solution guide, and a display stand.

4. SHANY Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit

professional makeup kitThe SHANY Carry All Makeup Kit is specifically built for beauty beginners. The kit boasts more than 30 different items of top quality makeup. Functional and full of fun, the set comes with a see-through traveling case featuring black and silver finishes.

The classy traveling beauty set offers everything you require for a full face look while on the go. The glam set is free of parabens and hypoallergenic elements making it very safe and healthy for your kid’s attractive skin.

What’s more? The versatile set also comes with nail essentials for your pedicures and manicures fun.

5. Classic Yahtzee, An Exciting Game Of Skill And Chance

classic yahtzeeClassic Yahtzee has always been one of the United Sate’s most famous dice games since it was introduced in the 1950s.

This game is played using 5 dice and if you get all the 5 dice with a similar number, then you have scored a Yahtzee. The title of this game is also the best hand’s name.

The dice cup features aluminum rim which is incredibly durable and strong! The kit also comes with an instruction sheet, a storage tray, eight bonus chips (four yellow, four red), score pad, and five white dice.

6. Arts and Crafts for Girls

arts and crafts for girlsRegardless of the occasion, Arts and Crafts for Girls is an ideal gift for your little ones of all ages. The rubber band bracelet set attracts the personality and interest of all types of kids.

Whether you want a fantastic jewelry set or something crafty to keep your loved ones busy when raining or something to make them creative, then you will find this as an excellent gift.

The bracelet making set lets your children make beautiful and unlimited friendship rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. It comes complete with all the tools including loom, hook, c-clips, and many others.

7. Forbidden Island

forbidden islandForbidden island game is an exciting cooperative board game. Every player must cooperate with the other players to win the game as opposed to competing with other players in order to win in most games.

Those playing will take turns to move their pawns around the island that is constructed by arranging beautiful tiles before the game starts.

With different characters to choose from, multiple difficulty levels, numerous game variations, and a wide range of optional island formats, Forbidden Island have got huge replay value.

8. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

razor e100 electric scooterThe Razor E100 Electric Scooter boasts a frame and a child-sized for eight-year-old riders and above.

The quiet operating electric powered scooter can run at a speed of as high as 10 miles per hour.

This delights both neighbors and children.

The state of the art technology, superior-quality materials, and the thrill of power all combines to bring into life this fantastic electric scooter.

To provide for a smoother ride, the scooter boasts two 8-inch pneumatic tires.

It also has a retractable kickstand for the on the go and off riders.

9. Spontuneous – The Song Game

spontuneous - the song gameSpontuneous is one of the hottest new party game in America. Whether you are looking for an exciting game to entertain your friends or a hilarious game to keep your family busy, then it’s time to look for Spontuneous song game.

Full of laughs, fast-paced, and fun, this is the most ideal game to entertain your next gathering.

The game is ideal for both large and small groups, for families, for adults, for teenagers, and for children.

It plays well with four to ten teams or players. The game sparks memories of music, particularly where one first heard a song.

It is surely one of the most ideal gifts for lyric and music lovers.

10. Nintendo Switch – Video Games

nintendo switch - video gamesNintendo Switch only delivers multiplayer and single player thrills at your home but also allows you to play the same title whenever, wherever, and with whomever you want. The handheld device has brought mobility to your home gaming system to allow for unprecedented video gaming styles.

When at your home, Nintendo will rest in the dock which links the system to your TV set. It will enable you to play with friends and family while you are comfortably sited in your living room.

While on the go, just lift your Nintendo switch from its dock and switch over to the handheld mode for gaming while on travel. You’ll just need to share Joy-Con and go on head-to-head with your fellow player when away from your home.

In Conclusion

Feel free to choose a gift from any of our list of top ten gifts for 12-year-old girls this festive season. All the reviewed gifts have been widely researched and we can guarantee that they are among the very best. You can also give your girl child any of these gifts at any time of the year. It is crucial to remember that your angel needs to be shown overwhelming love throughout the year. Wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Gifts for 13 year old girls

Girls got taste; this makes choosing a gift for them more difficult and confusing. There are way too many toys in the market but not all would suit gifts for 13 year old girls. Having been in the toy field for long, we have come across many customer responses and reviews and gained adequate knowledge on what makes girls happy. We have compiled a well researched review of the best gifts to such an age group. Check out the list below.

NameParent RatingsBrandCategory
Card Game4.5Exploding Kittens LLCCard Game
Codenames4.8Czech GamesCard Game
CW4 RC Drone3.8CheerwingElectronic Toy
Gallery Studio4.7Gallery StudioMake-up Kit
Suspend Family Game4.6Melissa & DougPlay Set
RC Helicopter Drone4.4Holy StoneTech Toy
Makeup Kit4.2SHANY Cosmetics
Architecture New York City4.6LEGOBuilding Toys
A5 Lux Scooter4.7RazorOutdoor
Texas Holdem4.0PokerCard Games

1. Exploding Kittens Card Game

exploding kittens card gameA perfect game for laser kitten and explosion lovers. Participants draw cards to a point where one of them draws an exploding Kitten, they explode and die thus kicked out of the game.

However, if the player possesses a Defuse card, the kitten does not explode since it is defused by belly rubs, catnip sandwiches or laser pointers.

The other cards in the set are used to mitigate the exploding kittens. This amazing game brings family or friends together and makes the party or play time more thrilling. Up to five participants can be involved in the game at a go.

The package comes with 56 cards, easy to understand instructions and a box. Purchase one for your kid at a budget-friendly price.

2. Codenames

codenamesCodenames is super good but a challenging game.

It involves two spymasters in a competition who are aware of twenty-five agents’ secret identities while their partners only know the gents codenames.

The two teams contest to connect with their agents before the other team. Spymasters give a clue, one word to be precise, and the team members are expected to guess words that differ from those of their competitors.

This game leads to great discussions, laughter and teamwork strengthening kids bond. Four players work best, but more can be incorporated to encourage more discussions.

Apart from fun, children become mentally active and smart as they try to guess the correct answers. 15 minutes play time is just awesome with Codenames.

3. Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone

cheerwing cw4 rc droneThis beautiful drone play package comes with a 2MP HD Camera that takes quality aerial videos and photos as it flies. The camera has a removable micro disc that stores adequate photos for some flights.

Flying the toy does not require any special skill, any kid can do it. Just one key and it is off in the air and one touch, and it comes down.

When the toy is uncontrollable, or on low power, One-Touch Down enables it to land slowly and safely. It features a headless mode that enables continuous flight whenever it loses direction.

Drown altitude can be controlled courtesy of the Altitude Hold Mode. Two batteries are included in the package. This quality made toy can also be charged using a USB.

4. Gallery Studio

gallery studioThis amazing wooden box contains everything needed to make the best art. It encourages kids to bring out their best artistic knowledge and creativity.

Your kid can draw anything that they think of; surroundings, materials they possess or even their imaginations.

The design tools and colors are perfectly arranged in the beautiful case with a silver handle awaiting the breathtaking artwork.

The full package includes 24 color pencils, twenty-four watercolor cakes, 24 paint brushes, 24 oil pastels and two drawing pencils. Every child aged three years and above can comfortably play with this fantastic art toy set.

Surprisingly, it is available at an affordable price. A perfect choice for a gift package!

5. Mellisa & Doug Suspend Family Game

mellisa & doug suspend family gameFamily game night cannot be more interesting without a Mellisa & Doug Suspended Family Game.

Players strive to hang and balance the rubber wire pieces on the stand, each at a time. The more the pieces hanged, the higher the tension as every player hopes that balance will be maintained. A wrong procedure will bring the tower down.

Both kids and adults can participate in the game; either alone or up to four participants. Development skills are gained by players such as eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and problem- solving abilities.

Similarly, children learn how to lose gracefully, play fair and take turns. This game package is an excellent gift choice for your kids.

6. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

holy stone hs170 predator mini rc helicopter droneThis incredible flying toy drawn features a headless security system that makes it easy to fly and control by children. It is designed with 2.4 GHz technology for low interference when on a flight.

Young pilots can control this drone over a range of thirty to fifty meters making the flight more fun. Even on a windy day, this amazing plan can still be used since it is wind resistant.

For six to eight minutes, the draw can have its way in the air before landing. 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System enables it to remain stable throughout the flight. When low on power, it only takes 45 to 60 minutes to recharge it fully. Any kid would be so happy to own this amazing toy.

7. SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit

shany all in one harmony makeup kitGirls love beauty; SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit is exactly what they need.

This stunning makeup kit comes with one hundred and seventy eyeshadow colors, blushes and lip glosses.

Applying the makeups brings out the best look not mentioning the confidence gained. Users can try out different colors or choose the best color from the variety provided.

Just a pinch of makeup is needed to make you look good; it lasts all day long. Makeup beginners can use the kit to find the best colors that suit their skin and learn how to apply it appropriately.

This pack is a great gift choice for any girl. Its price is budget friendly hence no strain on your finances.

8. LEGO Architecture New York City

lego architecture new york cityGive your kid a chance to build beautiful New York City buildings; Flatiron building, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and One World Trade Center.

The building blocks inspire creativity and teach architecture skills. The package comes with information regarding the building design, history and architecture.

These LEGO building blocks can be used together with all LEGO building sets that can be bought separately. Your child can build a ten inches high, one inch deep and nine inches wide New York City Skyline within a few minutes.

A complete pack comes with 598 building pieces that can be easily handled by 12 years old or more kid. Award your child this play set on her birthday or any other day.

9. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

razor a5 lux scooterThis super toy ride is of comfortable size and all-around awesome design.

It comes with extra-large wheels that ensure a smooth and safe ride by your kid.

Fold easily for appropriate storage and portability; young riders can move around with it without any struggle.

Its handlebars are conveniently designed such that they can be adjusted to fit the user.

With its well-built aluminum t- tube plus the deck, your kid can enjoy a safe ride with maximum support.

Has brakes hence the users can stop it whenever they want. Surprise your kid soon with this astonishing toy.

10. Poker Chip Set for Texas Holdem

poker chip set for texas holdemThis attractive poker toy set is a real deal for kids pay time.

It comes with two normal size card decks, per buttons and four unique colors, each for every value holder.

This game turns your living room into a casino with the multiple games one can try out.

It can be played during game night or you can award a poker lover the package.

The chips are quality made with a weight that makes you feel like you are holding the real casino chips.

The full set includes 500 chips; 200 red, 50 black, 150 white and 100 green.

The Verdict

The toys above will cheer up your 13-year-old girl. Apart from fun, they teach vital development skills that lead to healthy growth. Some of the games allow adult participation; hence strengthening the bond between children and parents. Choose one for your kid ASAP and you can never regret.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it folks. We have worked hard to build this girls toys gift ideas list age-wise and tried our best to cover different categories of toys which simultaneously leads to overall developmental growth of the girl kid. What are you waiting for? Go on and select your kid’s age group and finally gift her something which will be fun and educational both.

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