5 Incredibly Useful How to Choose a Pressure Washer Tips For Buyers

How to choose a pressure washer

How to choose a pressure washer : When you look at the pressure washer market today, there are many brands and models.

And every single day, a new model is released into the market making it extremely hard to select a pressure washer that suits you.

For this reason, we’ve created a guide that answers the question, “how do you choose the best pressure washer?”

Our guide will take you through some of the key features of pressure washers and some of the things you need to consider when selecting a pressure washer.

That way, you can invest wisely in a pressure washer that meets your expectations.

What features do you need

Pressure washers come equipped with various features. Some features are less useful than others depending on your cleaning goals.

Let us now explore the features you need in a pressure washer when cleaning a car and when cleaning stubborn grime;

  • For Automobiles Cleaning

Any pressure washer can clean a car with ease.

However, we discovered that pressure washers with detachable detergent tanks are more convenient to use.

Also, look for a pressure washer with an angled lance to help you clean under the wheel arches.

  • For stubborn grime

High-powered pressure washers are more suitable for eliminating stubborn grimeon your patios, Driveways etc.

Their raw power makes it easier and faster to get rid of grime from surfaces.

If your washer is not powerful enough, you can attach a rotary nozzle to help you clean stubborn grime.

A rotary nozzle rotates the jet of water with speed to increase its cleaning power and prevent the high-pressure jet from damaging the surfaces you’re cleaning.

Other effective features that help get rid of stubborn grime include a rotating brush and a patio cleaner attachment.

However, most pressure washers are not equipped with these attachments, but luckily they are sold as aftermarket attachments in many retail and online stores.

When buying a pressure washer and you don’t want to spend extra on attachments, you can narrow down your search and look for a model that comes with the attachments you desire.

But if you don’t mind spending extra, simply look for a good deal on these attachments and purchase them.

What the best pressure washer has

A power level that suits your needs

Your needs should dictate the power level of your pressure washer.

It does not make sense to own an industrial-grade pressure washer if you are buying a pressure washer for your household.

Some industrial-grade pressure washers are rated at 4500 PSI which is simply too much power for home chores such as furniture cleaning, vehicle cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

The low-powered pressure washers produce sufficient power to tackle most cleaning tasks at home.

They are also safer to use, and you will less likely injure or damage people, pets, and property while operating them.

Another advantage is that you will also end up saving big bucks when you opt for a low-powered pressure washer for your home.

Similarly, you don’t want to purchase a domestic-grade pressure washer for commercial or industrial use.

They simply won’t produce enough power for most industrial cleaning jobs.

Sure, you will save some money with a residential-grade washer but it won’t be of much use and will end up frustrating the user.

Maintenance requirements you can handle

Although they are more powerful, gas-pressure washers require regular servicing; they require a change of oil every now and then to operate at optimum levels.

Electric washers, on the other hand, don’t need any maintenance.

This is important to remember when choosing between a gas and an electric washer.

An adjustable water spray

Some cleaning jobs require some level of finesse and require you to adjust the water pressure.

This can be achieved by changing the spray nozzles and tips to obtain the pressure output you desire.

Easy setup and maneuvering

When it comes to mobility, pressure washers with large wheels are easier to move and are more stable.

A pressure washer with a storage space for items such as power cord, high-pressure hose, and hand trigger is also easier to move.

Pump protection

Most high-end pressure washers come equipped with mechanisms that protect the pump from overheating.

Thermal relief valves help cool the pump by circulating cool water through the pump when not in use.

Appropriate warranty coverage

It goes without saying that you should only purchase a pressure washer that has a comprehensive warranty coverage.

At the least, the warranty should provide a one-year cover for the washer.

Ensure the warranty covers vital components such as the motor, engine, and pump.

Find the best pressure washer for you

We’ve categorized pressure washers into three categories to help you find the ideal washer for you.

The three categories of washers are based on price, where there is budget, mid-tier, and top-tier pressure washers.

  • Budget: Their price range falls between $80 and $150. They produce low-pressure which is good for small tasks such as cleaning furniture, bicycles, and vehicles.
  • Mid-tier: Their price range falls between $150 and $280. They produce more power than budget washers and can handle small cleaning tasks better than budget washers. You can also use them for slightly more intensive cleaning jobs.
  • Top-tier: Their price range falls between $280 and $600. These machines provide high-end power and are ideal for handling heavy-duty cleaning jobs. They are also more robust, and that makes them suitable for use in commercial and industrial environments.

See some pressure washer tips for new buyers.

5 Incredibly Useful how to choose a pressure washer Tips For Buyers

  • Gas/Electric: Gas washers are powerful but are heavyweight, more expensive and operate with a lot of noise. Electric pressure washers may be less powerful but are lighter, less expensive, more energy efficient and operate quietly. Draft a pros and cons list for both models to decide which suits you best.
  • Cleaning Power is Key: The determinants two determinants of a pressure washer’s power are; PSI and GPM. PSI measures the pressure output of a washer while GPM measures the amount of water the washer dispels per minute. Higher PSI and GPM levels translate to more power and vice versa.
  • Durability: If you are buying a pressure washer for commercial or industrial use, it needs to be more robust than a residential-grade pressure washer. This is because a domestic pressure washer will not be subjected to the harsh environmental conditions found in commercial and industrial parks.
  • Nozzles: The two types of pressure washer nozzles you can get with your pressure washer are adjustable spray nozzles and quick-connect spray nozzles. Both types allow you to alter the pattern of water to tackle various cleaning tasks.
  • Cleaning Systems: Most pressure washers have cleaning systems that feature detergent tanks and detergent injection systems. The injection system sucks detergent from the tank and mixes it with water for enhanced cleaning performance.

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Final Words

Just to sum up, choosing a suitable pressure washer for yourself requires you to take time and think about the cleaning jobs you’ll use it for and how often you’ll use it.

Once you’ve established those two things, you will be in a much better position to find one that’s powerful enough to meet your cleaning goals and one that has all the features you desire.

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