How To Potty Train a Girl – 15 Simple Steps for Potty Training


Probably you are learning how to take care of your baby for the first time. Well, as you may have expected things to happen naturally. Knowing how to carry out this responsibility on time can lead to minimal stress. Below are the tips on how to potty train a girl that makes new parenthood easier.

When to Start Potty Training Girls

It is essential to understand when to train your daughter as it would determine your success. As your daughter grows, you should be keen on any sign she is ready to learn potty training. Kids are ready for potty training starting at one and half years. Well, sometimes it may extend up to the age of three years, therefore, delay potty training.

How to Potty Train a Girl

The most satisfying feeling for a parent is seeing her daughter’s transition from using diapers to using the toilet. For the change to succeed, you must learn below essential tips that would make the whole process easier.

Buy the Right Equipment

Getting the right potty training equipment for your daughter is the first step to ensuring your success. Your daughter may be selective in choosing a potty. It would be an excellent idea if you let her pick her favorite. There are varieties of potties available in the market, and you should be sure to purchase a girly-potty.

Make Your Girl Comfortable with the Potty

You should make her understand that the potty belongs to her. Show your daughter how to sit on the potty and let her know its purpose. You should use a potty seat to make the size of the potty more appropriate for her. It is essential to keep the equipment closer to the toilet to facilitate the transition to using the bathroom.

Use Cool Underwear

Since it is training time, it might not be a good idea to let your daughter continue using diapers or pull-ups. It is time to take your daughter on a shopping spree so she can choose her best panties. If she likes the panties, she is more likely to keep them clean therefore would be eager to learn.

Let Her Watch and Learn

You would agree that toddlers learn most of the things by imitation. Give your daughter an opportunity to learn from you. You would have to show how to sit on the potty and also to undress.

Show Her How to Undress

Teaching your daughter how to undress is one of the initial steps in potty training. Remember, during the practice; it is crucial that you let your daughter use underwear as she would feel when she is wet rather than when using diapers. However, prepare for clean-ups in case of accidents.

Set up a Training Schedule

Make sure you establish training routine for your girl to get used. The most important thing is to understand her natural tendency to feel the urge to pee and use it to come up with a training schedule. Her body would naturally adapt to this routine and would help your daughter cop well with the training.

Set Aside Some Naked Time

Let your daughter play naked near the potty. She would feel more comfortable to use it as she may not be used to undressing. However, you should observe her as accidents may happen when she stays without diapers. Naked time would make your training useful as she would feel the use of potty as natural.

Teach Her to Sit and Wipe

You may be lucky that you are training a girl as you may not have a lot of troubles teaching her to aim as compared to boys. However, it is crucial to educate your daughter to be hygienic. The proper wiping technique would help to prevent urinary infections. You should teach her to wipe from front to back, and you should physically assist her until she is ready to do it on her own.

Motivate Her

Accidents may discourage your daughter from potty training. She may feel upset whenever she messes, and you would not be a surprise she would want to go back to diapers. It is your responsibility to reinforce her confidence that accidents are reasonable and one day she would get over it. Remember, you require her determination to get through training.

Talk Positive But Do Not Shame Her

It should not surprise you when your daughter messed up even after practice. Accidents sometimes happen and what is important is for you to treat her lightly. She may feel upset and try to explain to her it is normal for a mess to occur.

Increase the Fun Factor

For your training to progress well you better make it a lot of fun. The trick is to use games during potty training. Increasing pleasure would make her see the practice itself as a game rather than a stressful process.

Celebrate Her Success

Eventually, your daughter would show improvement in her potty training. It is your chance to bribe her as it also a way of celebrating your relief. Show her you appreciate her process for taking her out for shopping.

If Failed Keep Trying

Learning is a process and it should not disappoint you when your daughter fails potty training after repetitive trials. Make your training exciting and appreciate every progress she makes.

Potty Train Your Girl at Night

Even after daily routine potty training, you may find your daughter still bedwetting at night. This is because her bladder muscles are yet to develop. At this stage, you may again use pull-ups as you potty train her during the night. Your daughter would learn how to use the potty at night and she would minimize or stop bedwetting accidents.

Lose the Diapers

It is time to let go of diapers. Training your daughter has never been easy and you could not wait to see her without diapers. It is time to show her she has made a significant step and reinforce her confidence by letting her give out her diapers to younger kids.

Final Words

Getting your girl to master potty training skill may not be easy until you understand all above steps on how to potty train a girl. Eventually, you can’t wait to go over the days of cleaning the messy accidents. The tips on how to potty train a girl would go a long way toward ensuring your daughter remain hygienic as well as making work more comfortable for you.

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