3 Best Karcher Pressure Washers In 2020

Karcher Pressure Washer

The importance of cleanliness in a homestead cannot be overstated. It allows people to live well, not to mention, it is plain healthy. And that is where Karcher Pressure washer come in. The Karcher brand has been active in the pressure washer market for decades and has garnered a reputation for producing some of the best products. The brand’s reliable machines are designed to keep your home clean with minimum effort and come fitted with plenty of safety features.

So if you are expecting visitors at home, simply whip out your this pressure washer to clean your home. Not only does it provide a solution for every cleaning task but cleaning will take place effortlessly and in hastily thanks to the effectiveness of the washers. This review looks at three of the best bang for your buck Karcher brand pressure washers you can buy, starting with our best pick below.

NameMotor/EnginePSI & WarrantyWater VolumePrice
Karcher G2700Karcher KPS 196cc2700 PSI/3 Years2.5 GPMView Price
Karcher K2000_2000 PSI/3 Years1.3 GPMView Price
Karcher K5.5402,000 Watts2000 PSI/1-year1.4 GPMView Price

Karcher Pressure Washer Reviews

Here are some top-rated karcher pressure washers below.

1) Karcher G2700 – Best Pick

gas pressure washerThe Karcher G2700 is a robust machine designed to deliver ample cleaning power for the household.

It features a gas-powered engine and is one of five Karcher G-models. The other models include the G2200, G3000, G3000k and finally the G3000 OH.

The G2700 is powered by a 196cc Karcher KPS engine that produces 2.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute) of water at 2700 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).


As for the design, the Karcher G2700 is optimized for various functions. First, its robust structure is designed to provide maximum durability to tackle any rigorous tasks thrown at it.

Secondly, the G2700 spots a compact build for easy and strenuous use. And thirdly, this gas-powered machine comes equipped with folding handles that allow compact storage after use.

Engine & Pump

It would be an injustice to talk about the G2700 and fail to mention its impressive engine and some of its specifications.

First of all, the Karcher G2700 features a motor/pump orientation where the 196cc KPS engine is connected to an aluminum axial direct drive pump.

These two components work together to shoot out 2.5 GPM of water at a pressure of 2700 PSI making the G2700 one of the most powerful pressure washers on the market. The main work of the gas engine is to provide power while the pump’s work is to increase the water pressure in the outlet tubes.

So, water comes in through the vertical water inlet made of zinc then it is discharged by the M22 threaded trigger gun with increased pressure. The engine and pump are the major contributions to its 48.5 pounds overall weight.


When it comes to accessories, the G2700 is loaded to the gills. First, it comes with a 25-ft PVC water hose for maximum reach, a zinc-plated spray wand with a QC nozzle adapter and an onboard tank for storing detergent.

You also get five quick-connect nozzles that take different shapes and sizes to regulate the pressure output for tackling different cleaning tasks. The G2700 comes with a commercial-grade trigger gun that features a child lock system.

This is a nice safety feature to have especially if you have kids in your household. It also comes fitted with 10-inch pneumatic tires which concludes the list of the standard accessories that come with the G2700.

The pneumatic tires provide some level of shock absorption on rough, uneven surfaces.

Aftermarket accessories

Luckily, the G2700 is compatible with many after-market accessories. So, if you feel that the standard accessories are not enough for your cleaning needs, there’s a variety of after-market accessories you can choose from.

For instance, you can upgrade to a 50-ft hose made from commercial-grade rubber to extend the range of your washer. Other aftermarket accessories include; a 15-inch surface cleaner that produces even cleaning of sidewalks, patios, and driveways.

Next aftermarket accessory is a universal rotating wash brush that cleans sensitive surfaces by using the water pressure to rotate. Lastly, there’s a pump guard that protects pressure washers against freeze downs and corrosion thus prolonging the life of the washers.

Quick tip

Unfortunately, the G2700 is not all perfect. It has a noisy operation, and after a period you might notice some oil leaks around the pump.

However, you should not be alarmed as this problem is not unique to the G2700 but rather is shared across all gas-powered pressure washers. The oil leaks are caused by harsh operational vibrations and are not a sign of mechanical fault.

  • Powerful machine
  • Easy assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a child lock safety mechanism
  • Comes equipped with engine oil
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Comes equipped with various cleaning accessories
  • Minor oil leaks due to vibrations
  • Loud operation

Our final verdict is that the Karcher G2700 is the best pressure washer for your buck. It strikes the best possible balance regarding performance, efficiency, and practicality.

So, when you buy the Karcher G2700, you are getting a powerful gas-powered machine that provides an efficient cleaning performance. In short, the G2700 guarantees you a cleaner household and a better cleaning performance if you own a car wash.

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2) Karcher K2000 – Runner-up

karcher electric pressure washerNext up is the Karcher K2000. It is an electric pressure washer designed for high-performance home and garden cleaning.

True to Karcher’s promise, the K2000 series delivers a quicker, cleaner performance. The K2000 is one of five K-series models and happens to be the most powerful variant.

Other K-series models include; the K1700 cube, K1700, K1800, and K1900.

Build quality

A high-quality build is the least you can expect from a Karcher pressure cleaner, and the K2000 series is no different.

It features a welded metal frame that wraps around all the vital components of this washer for maximum robustness. What’s more, the oversized wheels of the K2000 series are pneumatic to allow you to use the washer across all terrains.

Motor and performance

Unlike the G2700 with its gas-powered engine, the K2000 series comes with an electrically powered motor. The advantages of the electric motor of the K2000 is that it provides a more refined and efficient performance than that of the G2700.

The tradeoff is that the gas-powered motor of the G2700 produces more power than that of the K2000. That said, the electric motor of the K2000 series produces more than enough power to perform all household chores.

The electric motor of the K2000 uses induction technology rather than universal technology and thus is more efficient. When it comes to performance levels, K2000’s motor is fully certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association.

The PW101 performance standard rate the K2000 power output as follows; 1.3 GPM of water at 2000 PSI. Lastly, weighing at just 25 pounds, the K2000 is easy to move and maneuver, therefore, making cleaning easier.

Ease-of-use features

The Karcher K2000 is fitted with a bunch of features that simplify its usage. First, the K2000 comes fitted with dual detergent tanks with a selector knob.

Each of the two tanks measures 0.5 gallons and allows you to switch between two different detergents for different cleaning tasks.

This feature comes extremely handy where after cleaning the car, you can clean the driveway immediately with a simple switch of a selector knob. No need to swap out the detergent.

The second ease-of-use feature is the pressurized hose reel. This feature uses pressure to store the 25-ft thermoplastic hose neatly after your cleaning activities.

The third ease-of-use feature is the on/off foot switch which eliminates back strain when trying to reach the on/off button.

The fourth and last ease-of-use feature is a removable storage bin. It allows you to store your personal belongings such as keys and phone when cleaning and the power cord after cleaning.

Maintenance, Repair & Warranty

One advantage of featuring an electric motor is that the K2000 requires little to no maintenance. You only need to store it well after use.

In terms of repair, this machine comes with a Rapid Exchange Program that provides free and quick replacement of faulty components during within the duration of the warranty.

What’s more, it comes with a generous three-year warranty that guarantees you at least three years of high-quality performance.

Quick tip

The K2000 does not have any notable drawbacks, but if we’re nitpicking, the long power cord and the lack of batteries might cause you some headache down the line. The long power cord is prone to forming tangles, and untangling can be extremely annoying and time-consuming.

The lack of batteries means you cannot use the K2000 series during a power outage unless you have a backup power generator. This problem is shared across most electric powered pressure washers, so there’s no getting around that fact.

  • Ease of use
  • Powerful cleaning performance
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • High-quality build
  • Significantly reduces cleaning time
  • Dual detergent tanks
  • Power cord increases the chances of tangled wires
  • Lacks batteries to store power

All things considered, I would recommend the K2000 series to any homeowner who wants an efficient cleaning machine.

Sure, you will have to deal with the challenges posed by an electric pressure washer, but at the end of it, you are getting a high-quality cleaning machine that will end up saving you a lot of time and cleaning effort.

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3) Karcher K5.540 – 2nd Runner up

karcher power washerLast but not least is the durable Karcher K5.540. It is an electric-powered pressure washer that’s built for extensive cleaning jobs around the household.

The Karcher K5.540 is one of six in the Karcher KX series models and is the top of the line model in that series.

What’s more, the two-wheel based K5.540 features a large plastic cover that hides the motor and other interior components for a neat exterior look.


Beneath the plastic cover of the K5.540, you get a water-cooled induction motor that powers the pressure washer. With water vents that run through the entire electric motor, water can circulate the motor thereby cooling it.

This helps lower the operating temperature of the motor thus improving the motor’s performance and efficiency while significantly prolonging the motor’s life.

The performance ratings of the K5.540 are as follows; 1.4 GPM of water at 2000 PSI. While these ratings don’t match the performance levels of gasoline-powered units in its class, the K5.540’s motor runs much smoother and quieter.

An added advantage of having the induction motor is that it drastically reduces the weight of the K5.540. This machine only weighs 31 pounds making it one of the best power-to-weight ratio pressure washers you can buy.


The power-to-weight ratio affects the performance of the K5.540 positively. Its lightweight nature makes it easier moving the machine from place to place.

The water-cooled induction motor of the K5.540 produces a class-leading 2000 PSI which is roughly 40 times the pressure of your typical garden hose.

But that’s not all; the K5.540 comes equipped with a Dirt Blaster spray wand that increases its pressure by up to 50%.


The first item on the accessories list you will notice is the 25-ft long high-pressure hose to provide maximum reach.

You can connect the high-pressure hose with a quick-connect trigger fitted with a child-safety lock for enhanced safety around the household. The K5.540 comes with a choice of two wands that you can use depending on the task at hand.

It comes with a VPS wand for adjusting the pressure level for normal cleaning and a DirtBlaster spray wand that increases for pressure up to 50% for intense cleaning.

Next item on the accessory list is an onboard detergent tank that has a capacity of 1 gallon to store your detergent.

Lastly, you also get a removable storage space that can be used to store personal belongs such as phones, wallets, purses, keys, etc. while cleaning. The removable storage space also comes in handy as it allows you to store the power cords once you’re done with cleaning.

Quick tip

If you are using the K5.540 series as your first pressure washer, you’ll be majorly impressed by its performance.

The problem comes in if you’ve previously used a gas-powered pressure washer where you will feel the difference in power.

Compared to a gas-powered machine, the K5.540 is slightly underpowered and may frustrate you getting rid of tough grime.

  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid exchange program warranty and a one-year warranty
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Water and energy efficient
  • Low-maintenance non-corrosive pump
  • A little under-powered

If you do regular cleaning at your home and value safety, reliability and durability then our verdict is that you must have the K5 540. This machine performs at its best in a residential setting where it can be used for various cleaning jobs.

In short, the K5 540 will guarantee you cleaning results that rival any professional cleaners while providing reliability and safety for all the members of your household.

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Final Words

This concludes our pressure washer review for Karcher Brand. Our recommendation is the Karcher G2700 which is the most powerful among the three pressure washers. Being the most powerful washer means it can tackle any cleaning jobs thrown at it and it makes it a whole lot easier to remove tough grime. But ultimately, the buying decision lies with you, and you will be happy with either of the three Karchers listed above.

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