10 Best Legos For Boys [2020 Update]

Legos For Boys

Kids have wild imaginations. They can go from being a superhero to a race car driver or a military soldier in an instant. As a parent, it is good to cultivate their imagination in a controlled and fun way. When you think about it, there are no better tools to shape a child’s mind in a fun and immersive way than LEGO toys.

No toys can inspire the level of creativity and imagination LEGO toys offer. Hence why we compiled a list of some of the best LEGOs for boys. These Legos you can gift your little man for the upcoming Vacations.

NameRecommended AgeOur RatingPrice
LEGO Brick Box 4 years & up4.7View Price
LEGO Building Blocks4 years & up4.4View Price
LEGO Superhero Toy4-7 years4.6View Price
LEGO Star Wars Toy8-14 years4.6View Price
LEGO Space Shuttle Kit7-12 years4.7View Price
LEGO City Fire Ladder Truck5-12 years4.7View Price
LEGO Shark Attack Kit4-7 years4.9View Price
LEGO Creative Supplement4 years & up4.8View Price
LEGO Architecture New York City12-15 years4.6View Price
LEGO Treehouse Building Toy7-12 years4.7View Price

Top Legos for Boys Reviews

Here are the highly-rated lego sets for boys.

1) LEGO Creative Brick Box 10696 – Best Lego Set for Boys

best lego for boysThe Creative LEGO Brick Box is a fun toy set that fosters the creativity in kids. It comes equipped with many different LEGO pieces that fit together to form objects of your kid’s imagination.

One advantage of the Creative Brick Box toy set is that its LEGO pieces are compatible with all LEGO toy sets. If your young one has other LEGO toy sets, they can combine the pieces to build something really special.

The special pieces included in this toy set include vital building pieces. Such as base plates, framed windows, flowers, wheels, animal parts, and more pieces.

What’s more, the different pieces feature different colors to keep your child’s creation fun and vibrant.

With 18 separate wheels, your kid can create a hybrid vehicle inspired by the designs of a locomotive and a truck as per their imagination.

The vehicles and locomotives created from this toy set have proved to be popular with young boys who dream of operating such machines.

To get started on the building journey, your kid can draw their inspiration from the images provided in the colored instruction manual included in this toy set. They can easily construct locomotives, animals, factories, houses and much more simultaneously.

With this Creative Brick Box, your young one’s imagination is the only limitation.

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2) LEGO Bricks 10692 Building Blocks – Best Rated Lego Set

best rated lego setThe Classic LEGO Creative Bricks is a building block toy set just as with the Creative LEGO Brick Box featured above.

This Classic LEGO is a learning play set that’s designed to encourage boundless imagination and creativity in young kids.

But since creativity is not a skill that can be switched on and off at will, the team at LEGO included some construction ideas in the toy set to inspire your little one’s creativity.

If your little one exhausts the construction ideas in the packaging, you can find other ideas on the LEGO website.

When it comes to turning creative imagination into reality, your little man can use the 221 LEGO pieces to create a real-life model of their imagination.

The differently colored LEGO pieces are compatible with all LEGO playsets. Special pieces such as propellers, the pairs of eyes, windows, doors, and wheels, etc. can be used to build things such as planes, vehicles, monsters, etc.

Just as with most LEGO toy sets, your child’s imagination is the only limiting factor to the possibilities offered with this Classic LEGO building blocks.

One useful addition that comes equipped with this toy set is a plastic storage box. Kids are notorious for being untidy where the leave everything lying around. The storage box allows you to clean up after they are done playing to keep the house tidy and store the LEGO pieces safely.

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3) LEGO 10724 Superhero Toy – Best Figure Lego Set

best figure lego setIf your young man loves comics and superheroes, the Juniors LEGO superhero toy set should be high on your list of gifts to get him. It is based on DC Comic’s popular superheroes series which are based on heroes saving the world from evil plots.

This toy set comes equipped with a Superman, Batman and a Lex Luther mini-figure. With every superhero movie or comic, there has to be a bad guy.

In the Superman superhero series, Lex Luther is pure evil and is one of Superman’s biggest rivals. This is because Lex is super wealthy and determined to go to the darkest of places to get the better of Superman.

In the LEGO Juniors, it is your little boy’s duty to protect people from the evil plans of Lex. Luckily, with Batman and Superman on his side, he is more than well equipped to neutralize Lex’s evil plans and keep everyone in the world safe.

Apart from the cool mini-figures, the LEGO Juniors also features a catapult, Lex’s futuristic vehicle as well as the famous Batman effects which include his Bat cave and Bat mobile.

If there’s one thing, this toy set guarantees is that your kid and his friends will love the functionality of those accessories. He can use the catapult to make Superman fly while both Lex’s and Batman’s unique vehicles are completely functional.

Both have space for a mini-figure and have rolling wheels for movement.

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4) LEGO 75153 Star Wars Toy – Best Lego Star Wars

best lego star warsThe making of LEGO toys based on popular TV and comic shows has proven very popular with fans of LEGO toys as well as fans of the popular series.

Following in this spirit, the AT-ST Walker is the next best LEGO toy set and is based on the generation-defining Star Wars series.

If your son is into the Star Wars series, this AT-ST Walker is one of the best LEGO toys you can gift him.

The three mini-figures in this toy set; Baze Malbus, an AT-ST Driver, and a Rebel Trooper give your son and his friends an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Star Wars experience.

Apart from the mini-figures, this Star Wars LEGO playset comes with a fully-loaded and fully-functional AT-ST Walker. It comes with an opening top hatch for accessibility.

In regards to movement and adjust ability, this walker features functional legs as well as a wheel-active top section. What’s more, the driver and passengers of the AT-ST Walker can attack rebels with Walker’s canisters.

With this toy set, your child and his friends can recreate the fun events from the Star Wars series or create new, exciting adventures.

For instance, the driver and Baze can hop into the AT-ST Walker to hunt for rebels. The possibilities are endless.

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5) LEGO Space Shuttle 31066 Building Kit – Best Space Shuttle Lego

best space shuttle legoIf you offered your son a spaceship, a moon rover, and a moon station today, our best guess is that he would probably rip your arm off grabbing the three items.

Which young boy hasn’t dreamt of going to space one day? Well, you can make his dreams a reality by gifting him with the Space Shuttle Explorer toy set.

This 3-in-1 toy set comes with 285 LEGO pieces that can be assembled to form either a space shuttle, moon rover or moon station. Other than that, it also comes with a satellite piece, a mini-figure, a jet-pack piece, and more.

But as one of the coolest ever LEGO toys, the 3-in-1 Space Shuttle Explorer misses out on the top spots since you cannot have the three variants at the same time.

That said, the functionality of this toy set more than makes up for that deficiency. Your son can jump in the space shuttle to explore the moon.

Once he reaches the moon, he can use the space shuttle into a 6-wheeled rover to explore the moon’s surface. He can then use the jetpack and the rover’s robotic arm to build a moon station. The possibilities are endless.

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Final Words

When something is great, it stands the test of time, and it is hard to think of a time when LEGO toys didn’t exist. They have been there for centuries and will continue being there for centuries to come. The beauty of LEGO toys is that they are so much fun no matter your age; you can join in and start a construction project with your young boy.

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