10 Best LEGOS For Girls Reviewed In 2020

Legos for Girls

Ever since time in memorial, LEGO toys have been at the forefront of kids’ toys and for a good reason. For starters, parents love these toys as they can resonate with them from their early childhood years. Secondly, they provide a lot of fun for kids while helping them develop their imaginative and creative skills. The LEGO brand offers an inexhaustible variety of toys to choose. That is why our review focuses on LEGOs for girls. We bring you some of the best LEGO toys that have been the most popular with the girl child.

NameAge GroupCustomer RatingPrice
LEGO Roller Coaster8-12 years4.8View Price
LEGO Summer Pool5-12 years4.9View Price
LEGO Disney Princess Castle6-12 years4.8View Price
LEGO Moana's Ocean Voyage6-12 years4.8View Price
LEGO Friends Puppy Daycare6-12 years4.8View Price
LEGO Moana's Island Adventure5-12 years4.6View Price
LEGO DUPLO1.5-5 years4.8View Price
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls7-12 years4.8View Price
LEGO Horse Vet Trailer Building Kit6-12 years4.7View Price
LEGO Cupcake Café6-12 years4.8View Price

Top Rated LEGOS for Girls

Here are the best legos to gift your girl this season.

1) LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster (for 8-12 years)

lego friends amusement park roller coasterThe best LEGO gift you can get your daughter is the LEGO Friends Amusement Park.

It is a miniature amusement park fitted with a host of fun activities that can be enjoyed by multiple players whenever your daughter has a playdate.

The four mini dolls; Andrea, Emma, Matthew, and Naya, included in this toy set are based on the LEGO series and enhance multiplayer gaming.

The highlights of this toy set are the roller coaster ride and the Ferris wheel. The roller coaster setup comes with four roller coaster carriages and a functional 27-inch long roller coaster rail.

The Ferris wheel, on the other hand, has a rotating mechanism and has carriages that can carry up to 6 LEGO mini-dolls.

What’s in the Box:

  • 4 carriages (each sitting a mini-doll), functioning light brick, entrance area with opening safety barrier, control panel with levers, camera and a long track with various obstacles along the ride
  • Dining area includes a popcorn cart with turning wheels, 2 tables, 4 stalls and an Amusement Park information stand with a map
  • Accessory elements include 2 tickets, coin, bill, 2 photographs, a map, boxes of popcorn, watermelon slices, apple, hot dog with bun, water bottle, soda bottle, sunglasses and a hair bow

But that’s not all; you also get a functional 12-inch high drop tower and various amenities such as a hotdog stand and a photo booth.

A coin, sunglasses, map and various foodstuff are also included in the packaging to round up the amazing amusement park experience for your little angel.

Let’s face it; all kids love amusement parks. Therefore, you can never go wrong with this LEGO amusement park toy set.

With this toy, your baby girl will enjoy the fancy rides and activities that you get in a real amusement park.

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2) LEGO Friends Heartlake Summer Pool (for 5-12 years)

lego friends heartlake summer pool

The Heartlake Summer Pool is one of the newest LEGO toys to be manufactured.

As one of the latest LEGO toy designs, the Heartlake Summer Pool toy set is fully equipped with amenities; you can only find at a five-star swimming pool complex.

The main features of this LEGO swimming pool complex include a hot tub Jacuzzi, a diving board, and a wavy slide.

The wavy slide is mounted on a drop-top tower and drains into the pool while the diving board is also suspended on the drop tower.

The 5-star amenities equipped with this toy set include an aquarium, hot tub Jacuzzi, poolside bar, TV area, bed area, and a fountain.

What’s in the Box:

  • Swimming pool features a wavy slide, diving board, rubber ring, air mattress, aquarium, shower, TV screen, two speakers, fountain, a swim-up bar and steps down to the hot tub area
  • Toilet block
  • Lifeguard stand
  • Accessory elements include a ball, glasses, cherries, pineapple, bill, newspaper, basket and an ice cream

Your daughter can enjoy all these amenities with the Andrea and Martina mini dolls.

She can also use the dolls for activities such asplaying ball, eating or relaxing on the poolside bed area while reading a newspaper.

Who doesn’t like a swimming pool? With this Heartlake swimming pool, your little angel and her LEGO mini-dolls will get to enjoy the simple pleasures a 5-star swimming pool offers.

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3) LEGO Disney Princess Castle Toy (for 6-12 years)

lego disney castleThe LEGO Disney Princess castle should be high on your gift list this Christmas for your daughter.

This castle is inspired by Disney’s animated classic, The Beauty and the Beast series.

The enchanted castle toy set features a large multiple story castle as the centerpiece.

The large castle features an impenetrable gate, a revolving dance floor, a second story balcony, and a large chandelier on the inside.

What’s more, this enchanting castle toy set comes equipped with 374 pieces to enrichen the Beaty and the Beast experience.

Among those pieces, you get the Beauty (Belle) mini-doll and a Beast mini-doll that transforms to become a handsome prince.

What’s in the Box:

  • Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle with a revolving dance floor, second-story balcony, and a chandelier
  • 2 mini-doll figures: Belle and transforming Beast/Prince
  • Plus Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette, Wardrobe and Stove
  • Accessory elements include a book, magic mirror, cakes, goblet, frying pan and a wig

But that’s not all, the famous animated castle pieces such as Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Chip and others are included with this toy set.

Every young girl dreams of becoming a princess someday.

With the Belle’s Castle, you can make that dream come true for your little girl.

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4) LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage (for 6-12 years)

moana boatInspired by the popular Disney movie, Princess Maona, the Princess Maona Ocean Voyage is the next best LEGO toy for girls.

This toy set features 307 pieces for your little girl to put together.

When fully assembled, the pieces form the TeFiti Island like in the movie and an ocean canoe with a removable sail.

Like in the movie, you get a big Maui mini-figure, a Maona mini-figure, HeiHei the rooster mini-figure and two Kakamora pirate mini-figures.

The other pieces include the heart of TeFiti, a map, a catapult, and a table.

Once everything is in place, your little angel can use Maona to ride the canoe and dock it on TeFiti Island for exploration.

What’s in the Box:

  • Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage canoe with sail, opening deck, and a transforming Island of Te Fiti
  • Moana mini-doll figure
  • Maui big figure
  • Heihei the rooster
  • Two Kakamora
  • Accessory elements include a banana, pineapple, map, oar and the heart of Te Fiti

What’s more, with this toy set, the adventure never ends, your little one can explore the entire ocean with her canoe.

With HeiHei and Maui, your daughter can call her friends and seek new adventures across the sea.

Lastly, the Princess Maona Ocean Voyage set is compatible with all LEGO gaming sets.

Also, the pieces are easy to put together; No adult assistance is required, and your daughter and her friends will have a great time assembling the pieces.

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5) LEGO Friends Puppy Daycare (for 6-12 years)

LEGO Friends Puppy DaycareIf your daughter loves puppies, the Heartlake Puppy Daycare is a must have LEGO toy for your little girl.

This toy set is a great replica of a real-life daycare center for puppies.

The main structure features a n open top one-story building for easy accessibility and a garden attached to it.

Inside the building, you get an office with ample space for playing while the garden area is where all the fun lies.

The garden is well-equipped with many puppy amenities.

What’s in the Box:

  • Andrea and Mia mini dolls, plus a Husky and a Pug
  • Heart lake Puppy Daycare building with an opening door, bath, grooming station, dog beds, feeding area, office area and a doggy door out to the garden
  • Agility obstacles, functioning roundabout, and podium
  • Accessory elements include a computer, phone, grooming brush, dog shampoo, hair bows, feeding bowls, dog biscuits, bones, fire hydrant, shovel, bucket, ball, stick and a trophy

It features a puppy playground, sleeping area, a feeding area as well as a puppy bath and grooming station to keep the puppies clean.

The puppy daycare toy set also features two breeds of puppies as well as an Andrea and Mia mini-figures.

Andrea and Mia can set up an agility course on the playground area with various obstacles to enhance the puppies’ agility.

Puppies are adorable creatures. The Heartlake Daycare is a great place to bring young puppies to be cared for during the day.

Your little girl and her band of friends assume the role of custodians of this puppy daycare to ensure the puppies are safe and having a good time.

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Final Words

LEGO toys are a lot of fun for kids. What I like most about these toys is that they are compatible with each other and that imagination is the only limit to the possibilities on offer. This means you can buy all these LEGO toy sets and let your young one create a realm of her own using the toy pieces.

For instance, with the toys mentioned above, your little angel can combine them and create a large castle with amenities such as a swimming pool, dog daycare, cupcake bakery, and an education center.

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