10 Best Minnie Mouse Toys In 2020

Minnie Mouse Toys

Hey there! I am sure you have heard of Minnie mouse toys, but you are not sure of the change they can bring to your child’s life. Remember how sad you baby looks when awake? This scenario should not be the case. Of all the toys I have seen children use, a number of them make their play time even worse. The good news is that there are those that make kids extremely happy and jovial. Let us discuss the top five.

NameAge GroupParent's RatingsPrice
LEGO DUPLO 12-5 years4.8View Price
Disney Minnie Mouse Doll5 years & up4.7View Price
Melissa & Doug Wooden Doll3-6 years4.8View Price
Minnie Mouse Racer Car1.5 years & up4.3View Price
Mickey Mouse Bath Toys2 years & up4.8View Price
Delta Children Deluxe Toy3-8 years4.3View Price
Fisher-Price Junior Minnie's Helpers2-6 years4.4View Price
LEGO DUPLO Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique2-5 years4.7View Price
Disney Plush, Minnie Mouse3 years & up4.4View Price
Just Play Minnie's Plush3-6 years3.5View Price

Minnie Mouse Toys Reviews

Here are the reviews of popular Minnie Mouse toys on the market.

1. LEGO DUPLO 1 Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s Cafe – Best Mickey Mouse Cafe Set

LEGO DUPLO 1 Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s CafeA beautiful toy specially designed for adorable kids who love fun, elegance and play.

This fantastic toy has a window, chair, and table in addition to a delivery plane that features a propeller. Kids who love Mickey Mouse would enjoy practicing pretend play using this fantastic toy.

It can be created to a Minnie Mouse café that makes and sells a variety of cakes. Kids get an opportunity to practice what they see their parents doing and add a taste of their imagination. Bricks that resemble a teapot, cakes, cupcakes, and camera make the café look more real.

The size of this beautiful toy is appropriate for every young kid; a height and width of fifteen centimeters, and a depth of five centimeters.

Its bricks are easy to assemble hence children do not need to struggle much while playing. Decorated with attractive colors thus every child would not resist a play with the toy. This great toy can be used in school, at home or when out for an adventure by kids aged between 2 and 5 years.

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2. Disney 18’’ Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush Doll – Best Minnie Mouse Doll

Disney 18’’ Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush DollWhat more would your baby want to carry around and show off to friends than this great doll? Dressed in pink and made with high-quality plush material makes it more adorable.

It is a dream turned into reality for every child. Your child will enjoy tagging it around for adventure and role play with other kids. Thorough stitching of the toy ensures that it serves your kid for an extended period.

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse experience would not be worth it without this awesome Disney 18’’ Minnie Mouse in Pink Dress Plush Doll. Its color, design, shape, and everything about it makes it unique and eye-catching.

Every classy parent would want their children to possess such a lovely doll. It is light in weight thus can be easily handled by young children. Surprisingly, its price is not much in comparison to the joy it gives your kid and its high quality.

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3. Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll – Best Minnie Mouse Magnetic Wooden Doll

Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden DollIt is a boutique like dressing room that makes play and fashion more appealing. Kids can show off their creativity and sense of fashion by creating different cloth designs that would impress Minnie Mouse.

The package comes with more than thirty-five wooden magnetic pieces that can be mixed and matched to come up with adorable cloth sets. Playing and having fun with this incredible toy enables children to discover their talents, passions and life purpose.

They also get a chance to practice their imagination and creativity. Your child can use this beautiful toy during free time, both indoors and outdoors. Children can compete amongst themselves and celebrate those who create the most stunning outfits.

Similarly, they can work together and later celebrate their efforts together. Children develop a sense of togetherness through combined efforts.

Melissa & Doug Company is known to offer high-class kids toy that inspires creativity and offer a broad range of playsets. With this toy, your kid will have fun and stay busy all day long. Its price is pocket-friendly.

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4. Minnie Mouse Push and Go Racer Car – Best Minnie Mouse Car

Minnie Mouse Push and Go Racer CarIf you want your baby to learn how to crawl and walk fast, then you need this pleasing Minnie Mouse Push and Go Racer Car. One push is enough to make it move then your child will gladly follow it.

In the process, a baby who could only sit will start crawling and finally take the first baby steps. Parents can use this toy to strengthen mother-child bond as they play together.

Similarly, your kid can play with siblings or friends using this toy. It is brightly colored with a cute Minnie Mouse sitting on it; so attractive.

Your kids will learn the cause of movement and the effects in addition to motor skills with time. Impacting such knowledge to kids at an early age is healthy to their brain development.

It is 4.5’ long, a convenient size for young babies. As kids move around with this toy car, they are involved in physical exercise as well contributing to healthy growth. Let your kid have some precious fun moments; purchase the toy at a pocket-friendly price.

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5. The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Squirt Toys – Best Minnie Mouse Bath Toys

The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Squirt ToysDo you struggle to keep your child in water during bath time? Does your baby cry when he or she sees bathing water?

Most parents can relate, but the secret to a happy birth is The First Years Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Squirt Toys. One package comes with three different Disney toys. Every toy in the pack is pretty and of a unique design.

Your child will enjoy a bath with beautiful Disney toys floating in the water. They are small in size uniquely made for little hands. Their shape and design are pleasing to the eyes thus your child will remain jovial throughout bath time.

This gorgeous toys squirt in tube water creating a view any child would enjoy. The toys are not bulky and are made with non-toxic material hence convenient and safe for use by little kids. The smiling Minnie mouse and a floating ball like toy are enough to make your kid happy and relieve bathing stress.

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Final Words

With the list above, there is no reason whatsoever to keep your child sad and inactive. Every parent has a duty to in a good play time for their kids. A happy child is a healthy child. Toys do not only make playtime fun but also help in positive mind and boy development. The benefits gained from play with Minnie mouse toys is far much worth than the cost of purchase. Make an instant purchase then get ready to see a new smile on your child’s face.

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