5 Best Miter Saw Stand & Some Factors You Must Know


Splurging to take home a high quality miter saw is not a bad idea.

Miter saws are among the most versatile cutting tools out there. Having a good one in your workshop will make completing your future projects so much easier.

It’s not enough to have a good miter saw though. You also need to pair it up with a similarly reliable miter saw stand.

In this article, we will discuss the different characteristics you’ll see in the best miter saw stand. We will even take a look at some of the top miter saw tables that are available right now.

The Different Types of Miter Saw Tables

Before you go out and purchase a new miter saw table, you will first have to learn more about the different types that are available. You will be able to select from five different types of miter saw tables. We will discuss them in greater detail below.

The Compound Miter Stand

For the most part, compound miter stands are fashioned out of metal, thus making them more durable than many of their counterparts. You will also often see miter saw tables featuring plank construction. That means that these stands are typically made using beams that are spread apart with planks spanning the gaps.

To support the compound miter stand, manufacturers often include two sets of legs.

Aside from being extra durable, compound stands are also lauded for being portable. You can easily bring them along if you have to travel to different job sites often.

Don’t fret if you are not fond of the look of one particular compound miter stand because this workshop addition is offered in a variety of styles.

The Table Top Miter Stand

Table top miter stands will provide users with a nice, flat surface to work on. That added stability is going to come in handy if you’re still getting used to the miter saw.

One downside to using a table top miter stand is that the saw has to be bolted on to it. Upon doing so, you will drastically limit its mobility and possibly hinder your own work as well.

Still, you can live with that little inconvenience especially since these stands can support a wide variety of miter saws. Even if you have one of the larger miter saws, you should have little trouble fitting it on to a table top stand.

The Rail Miter Stand

Similar to the table top miter stands, rail miter stands are capable of holding saws of all sizes.

You don’t have to sacrifice mobility just to enjoy that greater versatility though.

Rail miter stands are equipped with metal legs that can be easily pulled out. Once pulled out, the legs typically end up resembling a horizontal rail. To further secure your miter saw, you can make use of the included crossbars that can be situated anywhere on the rail stand.

You also have the option of setting up the rail miter stand anywhere in your workshop, which is why so many people prefer this to the alternatives.

The Wheeled One-Hand Folding Miter Stand

The name already hints at the distinguishing feature of the wheeled one-hand folding miter stands. You can set this table up for work or for transport using only one hand.

To do so, you will have to release a mechanism that will then collapse the table. The collapsed table can then be pulled into an upright position for transport. From that position, you can release the mechanism again and this time, doing so will result in the table unfolding for work.

If you are looking to get a miter saw table to take on the road, the wheeled one-hand folding miter stand is arguably your best option.

The Traditional Miter Stand

When it comes to sturdiness and stability, it’s hard to beat the traditional miter stand. These items are usually built to support plenty of weight. They may also be bookended by two sawhorses.

Thanks to the stability and durability of the traditional miter stand, you can even use it to hold additional tools to save space inside your workshop.

For hobbyists who are only going to use the miter saws in their workshops, a traditional miter stand makes sense. For others who are in need of more mobile miter stands, they will want to look elsewhere.

Comparison Chart

NameMax CapacityLength SupportCustomer RatingsPrice
DeWALT DWX726300 pounds8 feet4.2View Price
BORA PM-4000500 lbs9.66 feet4.6View Price
Evolution EVOMS1330 lbs9.83 feet4.2View Price
Bosch T4B__18 feet4.5View Price
WEN MSA330330 pounds10.5 feet4.2View Price

Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews

Let’s now get to some of the top miter saw tables that are currently available to see if one of them is the item you’ve been seeking.

1. DeWALT DWX726 Rolling Table – Our Winner

dewalt-dwx726-tableWe’re kicking off this list with the DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Table from DeWALT. This particular DeWALT product makes the case for being the best rolling miter saw stand by showcasing a variety of user-friendly features.

The stand features three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering. Depending on the layout of your current worksite, this table can be adjusted to better suit your needs.

The steel used in the construction of this miter saw table enables it to bear loads of up to 300 pounds. The work supports present on the table also allow it to hold additional materials.

Should the need arise for you to move this miter saw table around, the rubber wheels will aid with the smooth movement of the whole thing.

Mounting rails present on the stand enable it to host a greater number of miter saws.

It’s regrettable that the instructions included with this DeWALT offering are somewhat confusing and make the assembly process more complicated than it needs to be. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any reason to complain about this stand.

  • Three-position pneumatic assisted raising and lowering allows for easier access to whatever you’re cutting
  • Capable of supporting up to 300 pounds
  • Mounting rails can be quickly adjusted to fit numerous miter saws
  • Rubber wheels allow for faster movement
  • Instructions included can be difficult to follow

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2. BORA Portamate PM-4000 – Best for Heavy Materials

bpra-portamate-pm4000Moving from one work site to another can be a hassle if you’re not using the right equipment. The BORA Portamate PM-4000 Miter Work Stand aims to resolve that issue by being extra portable.

When the time comes for you to use this stand, you can reach underneath the table and swing out the folded legs. You can then secure the legs by using some snap-in pins. If you’re moving to a new location, you can quickly fold the table up and compress it down to a small package.

This stand only weighs 30 pounds as well, so you can easily place it inside your vehicle for traveling.

Despite the lightweight form of this stand, it is capable of holding plenty of weight. To be more specific, it should be able to hold 500-pound loads.

There are some issues worth pointing out with this stand though.

For one, it doesn’t come with wheels, meaning you’ll have to carry it whenever you’re just moving a few feet over. The stand is also fixed at 36 inches above the ground. You are the one who will have to adjust if that height is not working for you.

  • Will hold up to 500 pounds
  • Easy to fold and unfold for quick transport
  • Only weighs 30 pounds, making it ideal for traveling
  • Easily attachable saw mounts are included with this stand
  • Stand is fixed at 36 inches above the ground
  • No wheels are attached to this miter saw table

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3. Evolution Power Tools EVOMS1 – Compact Folding Stand

evolution-powertools-evoms1If you don’t have a sizable budget but find yourself in dire need of a new stand for your miter saw, the EVOMS1 Compact Folding Miter Saw Table could be exactly what you need.

This miter saw table can be had in exchange for less than $100. Because of that price tag, it’s hard not to think that you are getting a substandard product. The EVOMS1 certainly does not fall into that category though.

Weighing only 34 pounds, you will have no trouble bringing this stand anywhere you need to go. Unfortunately, it has the same issue as the product listed above in that it doesn’t come equipped with wheels. You will have to lift it off the ground to move it to a different spot.

You may also struggle with cutting at times because this saw only features a working height of 29.5 inches.

Other features such as the quick-release brackets and the load capacity of 330 pounds do work to make this miter saw table more functional though.

  • One of the more affordable miter saw tables
  • Capable of supporting tools that weigh a total of 330 pounds
  • Quick-release brackets allow for easy addition and removal of the miter saw
  • Only weighs a total of 34 pounds
  • Does not feature wheels for easier movement
  • Working height only ends up at 29.5 inches

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4. Bosch T4B Portable Gravity Rise – Best for Lengthy Material Support

bosch-gravity-riseConvenience is king for the Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Table.

Setting up this stand involves getting some help from the Gravity-Rise system. It’s a system that works remarkably fast. You can go from storage to working and vice versa within a very small amount of time.

Working areas are not uniform. If the surface this stand is on is too high, you can tweak the leveling feet to account for that. You can do the same thing if the stand is too low.

You also don’t have to do a lot of preliminary cutting because this stand features 18 feet of material capacity.

Even though this is a Bosch product, it is also compatible with a wide variety of miter saws created by rival companies. That’s another reason for why this item can be considered as the best rolling miter saw stand.

The only real issue with this product is the pricing. At well over $300, it’s significantly more expensive than many of the other items featured in this list. It’s certainly worth the extra cash, but it may not be a realistic purchase for everyone.

  • Bosch’s Gravity-Rise system makes it possible for users to quickly set up and store this stand
  • Leveling feet allows for quick height adjustments
  • Will hold up to 18 feet of material
  • Compatible with numerous miter saws
  • Significantly more expensive compared to the previously reviewed stands

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5. WEN MSA330 – Collapsible Rolling Table

wen-msa330-standLast up, we’re taking a longer look at the MSA330 Collapsible Rolling Miter Saw Table from WEN.

Unlike the miter saw tables we’ve already reviewed, this WEN offering features outlets. Those are not the most significant additions, but if you’re trying to save as much space as possible, they will help out a lot.

With a working height of 33 inches, this stand doesn’t force you into any awkward positions, but you’ll still wish that the height could be tweaked.

Being able to support loads that weigh up to 330 pounds and materials that can extend up to 10.5 inches long is also impressive for such a budget-friendly miter table.

The wheels included are durable, but they are in awkward spots. It’s hard to understand why the manufacturers didn’t just install the wheels lower on the table.

The manufacturers also note that this stand is compatible with the majority of miter saws that are available today. From what we’ve seen though, it doesn’t fare as well when it’s asked to support the larger tools.

  • Will hold a combined load that weighs up to 330 pounds
  • Materials that reach up 10.5 inches in length can still be processed with the help of this stand
  • Outlets are included
  • This miter saw table is easily affordable
  • Wheels are located in weird spots
  • Not compatible with the larger miter saws

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Buyer’s Guide – The Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Miter Saw Stand

Miter saw tables can obviously differ from one another in some pretty significant ways. In order to find the stand that is going to work best for you, it is important to pay extra attention to the factors included below.

Identifying Your Type

As we just detailed in the section above, miter saw tables come in varying types. Those individual types also feature distinct characteristics that can make them better suited for certain types of workers.

The rail miter stand is probably your best bet just because it’s so versatile. You should be able to find room for it in your workshop regardless of the amount of space you have and it can also handle all kinds of saws.

For folks who need their miter stands to be travel-friendly, the compound and wheeled one-hand folding tables are good choices to consider.

Budget Considerations

We all want to save money when we can. Even while trying to acquire a valuable piece of workshop equipment like a miter saw table, it’s important to save money whenever possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much to get a quality miter saw table for your home. Numerous quality offerings are currently available for less than $300 and some are even sold for under $200.
You can choose to spend a bit more on your stand if you so desire, but do make sure that you’re paying extra for a good reason.

Is It User-Friendly?

Miter saws are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of them and things should stay that way. If you’re planning to get a new stand to pair up with your saw, it has to make using the power tool itself easier as opposed to making the entire process more complicated than it needs to be.

Rail miter stands can certainly be considered user-friendly because of how versatile they are. It helps that you can place them in a spot where they will be able to help you even more.

The wheeled one-hand folding stands also qualify as being exceptionally user-friendly.

Take Note of the Capacity

The stand’s capacity matters most if you have a larger miter saw. The last thing you want to see is your stand buckling from all the weight it’s being asked to carry. That could be a recipe for disaster.

Three types of miter saw tables stand out for their ability to handle plenty of weight.

The traditional stand is probably the best in terms of capacity because it can easily handle the miter saw itself along with additional tools.

If you can’t get your hands on a traditional miter stand, the rail miter and table top miter stands are great alternatives.

Does It Rate Well in the Durability Department?

You don’t necessarily have to get your miter saw tables from the international brands. However, if there is a case for doing so, it’s because the products those brands produce are guaranteed to be high quality and durable.

As for the most durable types of miter saw tables, the traditional and compound stands typically get the highest marks in that department. You can bank on those miter saw tables lasting for a long time in your workshop without their level of performance dropping in any noticeable way.

Rail miter and table top miter stands also rate well in terms of durability.

Safety in Stability

Whenever you’re using a high-powered tool designed to cut through thick pieces of wood in seconds, it’s never a bad idea to be extra safe.

With that in mind, you will want to look for a miter saw table that is very stable. Capacity plays a role in this as well as stands that can’t hold that much weight may not be able to remain stable for any extended period of time.

A traditional miter stand often offers exceptional stability because it is designed to remain stationary. Thanks to its flat surface, the table top miter stand can also remain very stable.


One more factor you will want to pay close attention to when choosing a miter saw table to get for your workshop is compatibility.

There’s a good chance that you’ll end up using more than just one miter saw to complete your projects. What’s important here is that the stand you’ll purchase will be able to support miter saws of all sizes.

When it comes to hosting miter saws of different sizes, the best choices are the rail and table top miter stands. Those items are adjustable enough that they should be able to easily contain whichever miter saw you choose to purchase for your home.


1. Can I make my own miter saw table instead of buying it?

– Yes. If you have a sizable piece of plywood plus a good complement of measuring tools and saws, you can create your own miter saw table.

2. How much importance should I place on price while buying a miter saw table?

– The truth is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a good miter saw table. Price should be a secondary consideration. Look at the stand to see if it comes with features you like first and then check if the price attached to it makes sense.

3. What is regarded universally as the best miter saw table option?

– Rail miter stands are the favorite for many at this point in time.

4. Is it essential to go for a known brand?

– Similar to price, branding is a secondary consideration. If a product’s features are good, then it’s just a good product regardless of which company made it. Still, it’s hard to blame anyone for purchasing from a brand they already know.

5. Can I extend my miter saw table?

– Many miter saw tables feature supports that will enable you to process longer materials.

6. Isn’t it dangerous to have wheels on a miter saw table?

– Since most tables rest on legs and wheels, you don’t have to worry about them moving all over the place once the saw is in motion.


Did you enjoy this article focusing on the miter saw table? Miter saws can be great power tools to have in any workshop, but in order to use them properly, you need to pair them up with the right stand.

Hopefully, you are now equipped with all the knowledge you need to find the best miter saw stand for your home.

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