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Monster High Dolls

Little girls and dolls are inseparable. In this review, we feature Monster High dolls, which are inspired by the popular Monster High series. With the great attention to detail, these dolls are great collectible items and great fun to play with for young girls. These dolls are based on the characters of the Monster High series. Their uniqueness and true depiction of the characters of the Monster High series are why they are popular among young girls. If you are a doll collector or planning to get your little girl this doll, don’t go anywhere, this review is for you.

NameAge GroupCustomer RatingsPrice
Monster High Skelita Doll6-10 years4.7View Price
Monstrous Rivals 26-10 years4.4View Price
Batsy Claro Doll6-15 years4.5View Price
Isi Dawndancer Doll6-15 years4.7View Price
Treesa Thornwillow Doll6-10 years4.1View Price
Draculaura Doll6-10 years4.7View Price
Spirit Draculaura Doll6-10 years4.5View Price
Clawdeen Wolf Doll6-10 years4.3View Price
Music Class Cleo Doll6-10 years5.0View Price
Peri & Pearl Serpintine Doll6-15 years4.7View Price

Monster High Dolls Reviews

Here are the top-rated dolls for your kids.

1) Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector Doll

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Collector DollIf you are going to get your little girl a Monster High inspired doll, why not get her a Skelita doll?

In the Monster High series, Skelita Calaveras is the daughter of the powerful ruler, Los Eskeletos, and is the main character as well as a favorite character in the show among kids.

The Skelita doll is the carbon copy of the Skelita character in the popular series. In this toy set, she comes dressed in an Oaxaca traditional Mexican dress with high heel shoes and hair accessories. The diva’s dress is black and features vibrant floral designs on its print.

Skelita’s shoes are pink and come with a yellow flower ribbons attached to them while her long black hair features two ponytails that are held together by a mixed color floral hair piece.

To complete her awesome but killer look, her dress is finished with a layer of white lace at the bottom with custom hearts and skulls embroidery.

All in all, the Skelita Calaveras doll is a must-have doll in your little girl’s Monster High collection.

Don’t be surprised to see your daughter refuse to unbox her to preserve her.

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2) Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2-Pk Dolls

Monster High Welcome to Monster High Monstrous Rivals 2The opening of the iconic Monster High High School brings together two eternal rivals in the form of Moanica and Draculaura.

When these two characters come together, you know that drama is on its way; this is the case with their animated dolls.

This doll set features two dolls, Moanica and Draculaura. In this doll set, their attire is borrowed from the Dance The fright Away’ Monster High storyline.

The two fashionable divas spot their fashionable clothing, leaving them looking beautiful and vibrant. In this set, Draculaura attire features tight fit jeans with a sleeveless top and denim jacket.

That’s not all; her pink shoes match with all her other accessories such as the earrings, belt, necklace, and handbag. Lastly, her long flowy hair completes her gorgeous look.

Moanica, on the other hand, wears a simple yet elegant attire. From the top, her hair is tied in a single bundle at the back to expose her green earrings.

Her body is covered by a black, full-length sleeveless dress and black shin-length boots.  Her black dress features vibrant pink patterns to match her pink clutch bag.

In conclusion, this two-pack doll set is high on the list of Monster High dolls your little angel will want to own. With this doll set, your little girl will get two Monster High characters for the price of one.

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3) Batsy Claro Doll

Monster High Brand-Boo Students Batsy Claro DollIn the monster-infested Monster High realm, monsters can pop up at any time to scare away the students in the school. Also in the Scare-master storyline, three new monsters visit Monster High School to terrify the students.

In this storyline, the Batsy Claro character dresses up and goes to school as normal. Little did she know that she was about to get the fright of her life that day.

This doll set is inspired by that story-line. The Batsy doll is clad in the same outfit as seen in the Monster High storyline.

Like most students of Monster High, Batsy Claro’s attire is inspired by her scaritage. Batsy is clad in a cute short and a strapless top.

Her vibrant short blends in perfectly with her green top and her knee-high green shoes. But it is with her accessories where Batsy slays. Interestingly enough, all her accessories are made of bones.

She has a queen-like crown on her face and matching white earrings. Her exceptional Angel-like wings and green purse complete her stunning look.

In conclusion, Batsy is very good-looking. Her nature-inspired look blends well with her scaritage. What’s more, her bony Angel-like wings look super cool.

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4) Monster High Isi Dawndancer Doll

Monster High Brand-Boo Students Isi Dawndancer DollIf you’re all caught up with the Monster High series, you know that the character Isi is the best dancer in the entire high school. Apart from her impeccable dancing skills, her fashion sense is second to none.

If your daughter is a Monster-High-doll collector, she’ll love having the Isi in her doll collection. In this doll set, the Isi doll looks as amazing as the Isi character in the popular Monster High series.

Her daring fashion sense stands out and makes her radiate among other dolls. With the Isi doll, it is easy to see why they say, “Looks kill.”

In true Isi fashion, the Isi doll spots print tights and a baggy long-sleeved top. Her vibrant top contrasts perfectly with her light blue, shin-top wedge heels.

Her accessories include a tiara, bunny ears, a golden necklace, a bracelet and a light blue handbag that matches her shoes.

In the packaging, your little girl also gets a hairbrush, passport, journal, and a doll stand.

In conclusion, the Isi doll is a great doll. She is super pretty, and it should come as no surprise if she becomes among your little girl’s favorite dolls.

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5) Monster High Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow Doll

Monster High Garden Ghouls Treesa Thornwillow DollThe Treesa Thonwillow doll is unlike the other dolls in the series and is a must-have doll in your little angel’s Monster-High-doll collection. She’s unique.

Unlike other the other dolls with their killer looks and fantastic fashion sense, Treesa’s special trait is that she grows like a tree.

Your little one will appreciate the unique traits of the Treesa doll and will enjoy playing with her ever-growing branches. Her cool branches can spread out in all directions and harbor life.

Treesa’s branches produce flowers as food for the butterflies, spiders and other bugs living in her branches. That said, don’t expect less with the Treesa doll when it comes to fashion and looks.

She’s pretty, and her attire comprises of a simple two-tone dress. The top half of the dress is black while the bottom half features patterns of different colors. But that’s not all; the Treesa doll can be detached from the tree trunk and used as a normal doll.

To wrap up, the Treesa Thornwillow is a great doll to add to your little girl’s doll collection due to her unique traits.

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Final Words

The Monster High dolls collection offers a great variety of dolls to choose from. If you are buying a doll for your little one, be sure to get her her favorite character from the series. These dolls, are an exact replica of the characters in the Monster High series.

This means you cannot get away with buying your little girl just any doll thinking that she will not notice. That said, to give your daughter the best Monster High experience, one doll will not suffice; instead, you need to get her more than one doll as she continues to grow.

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