40 Most Comfortable Shoes Best for Standing All Day at Work In 2018

most comfortable shoes for work

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It is important for every professional men or women, to find the most comfortable and supportive pair of shoes for office or work, especially when they know that they have to stand all day at work. Working long shifts while standing can play havoc to your feet. To avoid this, you need to find a comfortable, lightweight and a cool pair of shoes which prevents your feet from fatigue, sweats & smells.

Not only this but they should also provide enough support & cushioning at right places for people suffering from blisters, foot pains and other feet related painful conditions. This all can be achieved by a pair of good fit shoes and better foam cushioning material. All these qualities can be found in a best work shoes.

In this review we have covered wide selection of men’s & women’s shoes, which offers long term comfort and support to your feets. These stylish shoes listed here are quite popular in 2018 work shoes category. Now let us start with the women first.

Best Women’s Footwear For Comfort and Pain Relief
Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day at Work
Comfortable Women’s Walking Shoes For Standing Longer Periods
Comfortable Men’s Walking Shoes For All Day Comfort

Best Women Shoes for Standing All Day for Comfort & Pain Relief

NameTypeCustomer RatingsMaterial
KEEN Slip On ShoeSlip-on4.3Full-Grain Leather
Merrell Dassie Buckle Slip-OnSlip-on4.4Leather
Dansko Professional MuleSlip-on4.2Leather
Clarks May Marigold LoaferSlip-on4.3Synthetic
Earth Clover Dress PumpPumps4.4Brush Off Leather
Skechers Softie Slip Resistantlace-up4.3Leather
CLARKS Sillian Bella Jane Mary FlatMary Jane Flat4.3Synthetic
Franco Sarto Bocca LoaferSlip on4.3Leather
Dansko Professional Tooled ClogSlip on4.1Leather
Dr. Martens 8065 Jane MaryMary Jane Flat4.3Leather

1. KEEN Women’s Full-Grain Kaci Slip On Shoe

keen women slip on shoeFeaturing a beautifully designed strap with a floral pattern made using a laser, KEEN Women’s Kaci Full-Grain is a true definition of elegance for a modern woman.

Its upper part is water resistant, keeping your feet dry even when you are in an area with water splashes.

Its lining features a breathable mesh which keeps your feet well aerated while Cleansport NXT feature controls odor on the pair of shoes’ insole as well as the linings.

The footbed of this pair of shoes is made of recycled foam which offers you cozy support for long hours. Its outsole is made of rubber and so it doesn’t leave marks on the surface on which you step. They are among the best shoes for crews for standing all day.

2. Merrell Dassie Buckle Slip-On

merrell dassie buckle for womenBeing a slip on shoe, Merrell Dassie is effortless to wear. The upper part of this pair of shoes feature full-grain as well as leather materials for comfort and durability.

Its straps are adjustable and have a buckle closure for easy wearing and exact fit. With a side goring, the shoes do not only fit perfectly but have a plush feel which makes them some of the best shoes for standing all day.

Their heels have air cushion for absorbing impacting shock, leaving you feeling comfortable even after standing for ten hours. The insoles are contoured and comprise of a closed cell foam known as ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) for light underfoot comfort.

When you feel that your choice for best shoes for women for standing all day is bad, you can always go this shoe and you’ll get incredible comfort out of it.

3. Dansko Professional Mule

dansko professional muleWith a heel measuring about two inches and the size of its platform being roughly 0.75 inches, Dansko Professional Mule are among best shoes for standing all day nike.

The PolyUrethene outsole of this shoe is not only durable but has a rocker bottom which pushes your foot forward and absorbs any shock that may otherwise make you feel uncomfortable upon standing for a long time.

Its wide heel strike and PolyUrethene inner frame make you feel more stable when standing for many hours. If you are looking for best shoes for standing all day UK, then you can’t go wrong with this pair.

4. Clarks May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

clarks may marigoldClarks May Marigold was among the best shoes for standing all day 2015 and still tops this year’s list. With a synthetic sole, this shoe is durable while its 1.5-inch heel and 0.5-inch platform make it very comfortable to wear for a long time.

It has a fabric lining which offers your feet a soft feel and enhanced breathability. Its footbed is made of ortholite while the outsoles feature Thermoplastic rubbers for improved comfort and durability, respectively.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes with all-day comfort, perfect fit as well as with little minimal compression, then Clarks Women’s May Marigold may be your ultimate choice. They are some of the best shoes for standing all day on concrete.

5. Earth Clover Dress Pump

earth clover dress pump for womenEarth Clover Dress has a synthetic sole for long durability and the length of its heel is about 1.25 inches. The size of the heel is ideal for those people who spend a significant amount of time standing.

Featuring classic lift, small metallic decorations as well as curving leather layers, the shoes look incredibly stylish.

The heel of this pair of shoes has much padding while its insole features enhanced arch support and latex cushioning with different densities for effective absorption and the displacement of shock.

Considering all those features, Earth Women’s Clovers are some of the best shoes for standing all day overweight.

6. Skechers for Work Softie Slip Resistant Shoe

skechers work shoes for womenSkechers have rubber soles which are not only non-marking but also prevent you from slipping and last for a long time.

The linings of these shoes are perforated for improved breathability which prevents the accumulation of bad odor and leaves your feet feeling aerated.

The upper part of this shoe is made of soft leather for durability and a beautifully designed panel that is fully laced up for a cool look as well as comfortable fit.

Its heel is approximately 1.5 inches long, a height that’s ideal for long hours of standing. These shoes from Skechers are some of the best shoes for standing all day Australia.

7. CLARKS Sillian Bella Jane Mary Flat

clarks sillian bella mary jane flat for womenWith a heel size of 1.5 inches and a removable ortholite insole, this pair of shoes offers you the much-needed comfort and stability for standing all day without feeling muscle strains on your legs.

Its lining is soft, offering a soft feel to your foot and the shoe features stretch fabric panels to enable you to walk comfortably.

The shoe’s upper is also well perforated for proper air circulation to keep your foot well aerated and prevent the accumulation of bad odor. They are among best shoes for standing all day with plantar fascitiis.

8. Franco Sarto Bocca Loafer

franco sarto boccaIf you are interested in the best shoes for standing all day Canada, then Franco Sarto Bocca Loafer for women has your back.

This shoe has a rubber sole that lasts for a very long time besides offering good traction. Its heel is roughly 1.25 inches high and its platform is 0.5 inches wide, the shoe measurements which are suitable for standing for a long time.

The shoe isn’t only comfortable to put on for a long period but provides the elegance that a modern working woman needs.

Its upper features a partially polished leather material and tonal stiches which give it a fantastic look. They are among the best shoes for women for standing all day at work.

9. Dansko Professional Tooled Clog

dansko professional clog for womenWith a heel height of around two inches, Danskos are neither too high nor too low but has an ideal height found in the best shoes for women for standing all day shoes.

The width of the platform of this shoe is roughly 0.75 inches for enhanced stability while its midsole is contoured for arch support.

The shoe’s toe box is spacious, keeping your feet comfortable even for an extended period.

Its locker bottom sole is made of polyurethane for the protection of your legs, feet as well as the back from the strain that can result from standing for a long time. They are among best shoes for women for standing all day teaching, among other professions that require much standing.

10. Dr. Martens 8065 Mary Jane

dr martens 8065 mary janeDr. Martens Women’s 8065 is one of the best shoes for women for standing all day funny due to foot muscle stress. The size of its shaft from the arch is roughly 2.5 inches while the height of its heel is around 1.5 inches.

With a platform width of nearly 0.5 inches and a trendy finish featuring buckle straps, the shoe offers much-needed stability for long hours of standing and is classy to fit the fashion needs of a modern woman.

It is one of the best shoes for women for standing all day on feet. Wrap up If you’re looking for the best shoes for women for standing all day and leg or the best shoes for women for standing all day back, any of the above-listed is a worthy buy.

Having sampled many positive reviews concerning these shoes from customers, we can confidently say that they are all among best shoes for women for standing all day swollen and the best shoes for women for standing all day flats.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day for Men

NameTypeCustomer RatingsMaterial
Dockers Men's Gordon Cap-Toe OxfordOxford shoes4.0Leather
Skechers Cottonwood Goddard Slip OnsSlip-on4.2Leather
Clarks Cotrell Edge OxfordsOxford shoes4.3Leather
Bostonian Bolton Slip-OnsSlip-on4.2Leather
Rockport Northfield OxfordOxford shoes4.2Leather
Skechers Cottonwood Elks ShoeOxford shoes4.2Leather
CLARKS Tilden Free Slip-On LoaferSlip-on4.1Leather
Dockers Shelter Plain-Toe OxfordOxford shoes4.0Leather
Rockport Slip-On LoaferSlip-on4.4Leather
Deer Stags Plain-Toe OxfordOxford shoes3.6Leather

1. Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford

dockers men gordon cap-toe oxford shoeDress shoes are known for looking a little too much alike to anyone but die-hard connoisseurs, and, well, the Cap-Toe Oxfords by Dockers are no exception.

If you know what dress shoes look like, you don’t need to look up any pictures of these; they’re almost exactly the same thing.

Available in a wide selection of colors ranging from ‘Businessman Black’ to ‘Seventies Pop Star Silver’, not leaving out the oh-so stereotypical tan brown, of course, these Dockers get the dress shoe look about as right as you could.

Even the one-inch heel, which looks like it could be used effectively to stomp even the largest bugs to death without any problem, seems both imposing and elegant enough to grace any dance floor, no matter how expensive. Speaking of which, the Dockers are honestly not, not really, starting at just under $50.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s Cottonwood Goddard Slip Ons

skechers men cottonwood goddard slip onsNow, the untrained eye may mistake these, the Cottonwood Goddards by Skechers, for dress shoes. Be warned, though, as they are not.

First of all, they’re slip-ons, which, in this day and age, is an almost immediate and ultimate dis-qualifier.

Secondly, their slip-resistant, thick rubber soles are clearly optimized for the workplace and we don’t mean the office and would arguably look out of place anywhere else.

Still, one has to say that the Goddards don’t look half bad for a worker’s pair of slip-ons. They’re rugged, sure, but they also have proper leather, nice contours and a padded collar that somehow manages to look pretty inviting. And you can certainly bet on them being comfortable and tough enough to last a lifetime. For $40 and up, what have you really got to lose?

3. Clarks Cotrell Edge Oxfords

clarks cotrell edge oxfordsYet again a completely different style, the Cotrell Edge Oxfords by Clarks try to fuse the elegance and simplicity of traditional dress shoes with styling motifs from today’s running and walking shoes.

What you get is a stunning mix of leather, fabric, metal, rubber and cotton. Specifically, metal eyelets, leather stitching all around, rubber soles, flexible fabric for the tongue and a fluffy, cotton-padded collar.

Okay, well, it’s not actually genuine cotton, at least we’re pretty sure it’s not, but that’s besides the point. With an aggressive stance, but yet enough professionalism so as to not look ridiculous when worn by an adult human being, the Cotrells are an interesting proposal.

A competitive price and five color schemes “even though almost all of them are brown” makes them even more interesting.

4. Bostonian Men’s Bolton Dress Slip-Ons

bostonian men bolton dress slip-onsSlip-ons, once more, but this time, they’re more elegant, more fashionable, more professional, more uptight, more! Made by little-known brand Bostonian, the Boltons are a very simplistic-looking piece of footwear, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting than the competition.

Leather as high-grade as this is a rarity in the low-price market the Bostonians are positioning themselves in, as is a flexible, cushioned removable insole with arch support.

The square toe gives these slip-ons a kind of a working man’s look, but perhaps that was intended so. The overly grippy, thick rubber outsole certainly points in that direction, which means the Boltons are most likely to impress those who want to marry tough dependability befitting their work with a healthy dose of style. If that sounds like your thing, Bostonian has you covered. Or rather, your feet.

5. Rockport Northfield Oxford

rockport northfield oxford shoeStyle! High-grade materials! Leather that comes with weather marks straight from the factory!

Okay, so perhaps the Northfields’ exact design language won’t appeal to all, but something that has to be said about them is their sheer visual versatility.

Here is a pair of great shoes that will surround your feet with comfortable, pleasing sensations anywhere you go, and nowhere will you get strange looks for wearing them?

Fancy restaurant or construction site, it doesn’t matter, the Northfields will feel right at home. Granted, so perhaps it would be better to pick the glossy black finish for the former and a weathered tan brown for the latter, but what are those six color options for, if not that?

With a thick, and we do mean thick outsole that absorbs nearly any impact, a truly well-made midsole for once, full water-proofing, ventilated surfaces and an interior that is almost too luxurious and accommodating for this low price, the Northfield Oxfords by Rockport are just about right for anyone. Those looking for individualism will probably be better off with something more specific,though.

6. Skechers for Work Cottonwood Elks Slip-Resistant Shoe

skechers cottonwood elks slip-resistant shoeThe name says it all: This is for work. What kind of work, you ask? Well, listen to the name again. Cottonwood. Elks. What do you associate these two things with? Lumberjacks? Snowy forests? Both at the same time, even?

you’re on the right track; these shoes were designed for those who operate in trickyenvironments, that much is clear.

With a fully slip-resistant outsole almost as high as the rest of the shoe, it seems, and dependable materials “the leather shows just about enough stitching so as not to fall apart immediately, which makes cleaning easier, not to mention those fancy metal eyelets “the Cottonwood Elks are tough, period.

Still, they don’t forget about comfort in all of this, with great padding and a fit that doesn’t force your feet into awkward postures in the name of safety or function. Add to that a low price, and you’ve got a perfect deal for those hard-working, elk-hunting lumberjacks among you. Or, well, anyone who can appreciate the above.

7. CLARKS Men’s Tilden Free Slip-On Loafer

clarks men tilden free slip-on loaferSee that name? ‘Tilden-free’, it says. You surely scratched your head at reading it at first, maybe even tried googling it, but to no avail.

What is it, you may ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The Tilden Free Slip-on Loafers are not ’tilden-free’ because there’s no such thing as ’tilden’ to be free of in the first place.

Clarks made it up. What for? Who knows. The thing is, all that Tilden Free means in this particular context is that you’re getting a very, very fancy-shmancy pair of loafers at an affordable cost.

With a slim, crammed toe tip that points upwards as those of nice dress shoes tend to do, and a thick heel that doesn’t shy away from showcasing the strong, robust outsole on its underside, you could easily show up with the Tilden Frees on any, literally any dance floor in the world and no-one would find a decent complaint. Unless there was something wrong with the rest of your outfit, that is.

8. Dockers Shelter Plain-Toe Oxford

dockers shelter plain-toe oxfordTrue, ‘Shelter’ might not have been the best of names, but the shoe itself has a lot going for it, right?

Such as the unique looks, including weathered-down leather, an overly thick, prominent heel and outsole, round metal eyelets and body-colored, synthetic laces, right? Not really.

True, most of the styling cues that the Shelters employ have been done to death before, even on many other Dockers products, but that doesn’t make them bad footwear, now, does it?

No, of course not, especially as they do have their unique, redeeming qualities, first and foremost of which is the exquisite wear comfort. Thanks to a nice arrangement of finely-tuned soles, thick padding and a great shape overall, your feet will be delighted to sit in these. And, ignoring all those pesky styling debates and dumb discussions about pricing, that’s what really counts in the end, right?

9. Rockport Leader 2 Bike Slip-On Loafer

rockport leader 2 bike slip-on loaferWith such teenie language as ‘Leader 2 Bike’, the number being a stand-in for the word ‘two’, in case you haven’t got it, one might assume the, well, Leader 2 Bike to be a very juvenile, pubescent, hormone-laden kind of shoe.

You know, brash, flashy and overly childish? That is surprisingly not the case at all.

Instead, what you have here is a very professional, honestly made loafer “professional
as in, all surfaces are treated with anti-microbial lining to prevent the wearer’s holy feet from contracting any disease” and it isn’t even that cheap.

Prices start at roughly $80, so the people buying these are certainly not fifteen-year-old bikers. To be honest, the reason for the peculiar name may have been the bicycle-toe design all along, and it’s easy to guess there’s not much more to it than that, especially given the target audience.

10. Deer Stags Men’s Times Plain-Toe Oxford

deer stags men times plain-toe oxfordDeer Stags may not hold any real value as a brand name, but their shoes make a statement, and not everyone’s can say that of themselves.

With an ultra-glossy leather finish straight out of the box  ” in fact, we think they may have overdone that part “and thick padding on the inside to ensure a great wearing experience, coupled with a synthetic, anti-slip outsole, though the ‘anti-slip’ part is to be taken quite lightly, the Times Plain-Toe Oxfords look like an interesting proposition.

Then you take a gander at the $20 price and realize that all of those fancy-looking features are made out of rather not-fancy materials.

Still, for bargain hunters and those looking to piece together a certain style of wardrobe with little effort, and those who don’t need their shoes to last them a lifetime, these Oxford-style dress shoes by Deer Stags may be just about right.

Most Comfortable Shoes for Walking and Standing on Hard Surfaces

Comfortable shoes are must for every work environment, whether you are in a corporate office, field job, behind the desk, a retail outlet or any other work place. People who have sitting jobs are less worried about the features like structure, comfort & support of their shoes.

These features are totally different for a person who is doing a standing job or walking on hard surfaces for longer or double shifts. For them it is important to find a pair of shoes which is more shock absorbing, with better cushioning and support.

You can consider some other features while hunting these shoes like lightweight nature, Quality materials, Breath-ability of shoes, Slip-resistance on the sole and a most important factor that is “Look”. Among all look is the second most crucial feature which everyone looks for.

Along with comfortable these shoes needs to be attractive and appealing. The following part of our review features comfortable shoes for men and women walking on hard surfaces all day. Some of these are slip-on and some are lace-up shoes. You can choose the type and color you like.

Best Women’s Shoes for Walking on Concrete floors

NameTypeCustomer RatingsMaterial
Skechers performance shoesSlip on4.4Mesh Fabric
Dreamcity walking shoesLace up4.4Fabric
TIOSEBON walking sneakersSneakers4.6Fabric
New Balance WW577 walking shoesLace-up4.3Leather
Vionic Classic ShoesLace-up4.0Leather
Skechers performance walking shoeSlip-on4.4Mesh Fabric
RYKA Sky Walking ShoeLace-up4.2Leather and Mesh
New balance WW877 Walking shoeLace-up4.2Suede/mesh upper
Skechers performance go walking shoeSlip-on4.6Fabric
Saucony ProGrid ST2 walking shoeLace up4.5Full-grain leather

1. Skechers performance women’s go walk 4 pursuit shoes

skechers-performance-women-go-walk-shoesThese quality sketchers are specially made for women yearning to walk comfortably on rough or soft grounds over long distances. Sketchers performance women shoes are so light; it feels like you are wearing socks.

They have a good grip thus no chances of slippage while walking on the terrain. Similarly, the shoe flexes perfectly, making natural foot movement possible.

They give the lower back and hips enough support thus no chances of ache or discomfort on this body parts. They are the best walking shoes for women with arch support all thanks to tampering midfoot design.

New Goga Max footbed empowers every step. Sketchers performance women’s go walk 4 pursuit shoe features,\ 1.25 inches heel, mesh fabric, rubber sole, seamless construction, soft mesh upper and 5GEN midsole cushioning. The footbed is bamboo lined to control antibacterial smell.

2. Dreamcity women’s water shoes sports lightweight walking shoes

dreamcity-women-water-shoes-sports-lightweight-walking-shoesThese are among the best supportive walking shoes for women; in water or on dry ground. They are made of 90% fabric rubber sole and an air mesh cover for maximum air circulation.

Solyte midsole technology prevents midsole breakdown and improves bounce back.

Water grip outsole, on the other hand, makes walking on wet and slippery grounds possible these shoes are easy to clean; you can remove the inner sole and drain water, all dirt will flow out.

When the shoes are wet, you will still feel okay in them; the comforDry sock liner does the magic. They dry up faster with the help of the hole below and the open mesh on the upper side.

3. TIOSEBON Women’s athletic casual mesh walking sneakers

tiosebon-women-athletic-casual-mesh-walking-sneakersThe upper fabric of these shoes allows enough air circulation thus your feet can breathe. Their outer sole is highly elastic, resistant to slip and can manage any terrain without damage.

Individuals with wide feet are well taken care; they can have the 0.5 size up. They feature a beautiful design and are very light; what every woman needs.

These shoes are a perfect choice for casual wear; they are fashionable and beautiful. They clean easily and dry fast. They feature an elastic top line so you can wear and remove them effortlessly.

The Solyte midsole offers exceptional bounce-back characteristics and durability. The ComforDry sock liner offers a healthier, drier and cooler shoe environment. Ranks top among the best walking shoes for women 2017.

4. New Balance women’s WW577 walking shoes

new-balance-women-ww577-walking-shoesThese shoes are made of high quality, durable leather, and a rubber sole. New Balance gives athletes the best comfort and balance that enables them to succeed.

This special sneaker is not only made for walking but also for racing or any other physical activity. Your feet can breathe through the leather outer cover.

You can fit perfectly after adjusting the hook and loop straps. You can only feel how good they after you start walking; they are light, classy and beautiful. Cushioning of the heel and inner sole makes them cozier when walking on any ground.

5. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

vionic-women-walker-classic-shoesImprove your strides with vionic women’s walker classic shoes. They feature removable orthotic with bacteria control treatment and podiatrist design.

These shoes are made of durable, water-resistant leather. Maximum support is given by the Orthaheel motion-controlling footbed plus a heel cup that realigns your steps.

EVA midsole absorbs shock; you can walk or run comfortably on a hard surface without fear of hurt. They are among the best walking shoes for women over 50.

Vionic women’s walker classic shoes have sock liner and a polyester upper lining. They look classy and serve over an extended period.

6. Skechers performance women’s walking shoe

skechers-performance-women-walking-shoeIt is time to look classy in Sketchers performance women’s walking shoes. They are made of fabric and synthetic; the fabric top stretches easily.

Similarly, these shoes have a large fore foot and pull on the heel to fit perfectly and zero struggle on/off.

Bad odor is eliminated by the antibacterial sock liner while ortholitefootbed guarantees comfort.

These shoes offer Cushioning support and have a resalyte midsole that absorbs shock perfectly. The outsole is flexible and has GO impulse sensors for sensory feedback. They are the best walking shoes for women with bunions.

7. RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

ryka-women-sky-walking-shoeEnhance your walk with RYKA women’s sky-walking shoe. Besides their beautiful look, they provide unlimited comfort when walking over any terrain.

They are covered by a mesh supported by overlays that allow your feet to access fresh air. Sleek midsole makes these shoe light thus you can walk for miles in them without the need for rest.

These amazing shoes offer services over an extended period all thanks to the rubber outsole. Sockliner prevents terrible odor and absorbs additional moisture that would tamper with your feet.

8. New balance women’s WW877 Walking shoe

new-balance-women-ww877-walking-shoeAre you searching for the best walking shoes for women with arch support? Then new balance women’s WW877 walking shoe is what you need.

It gives maximum comfort required by every athlete who intends to achieve a goal. A mesh cover allows free air circulation inside the shoes.

They are made of rubber sole that is strong enough to endure every ground without damage.

The midsole absorbs moisture and helps to eliminate any bad smell. This shoe weighs lightly and is blend of style, beauty, and convenience.

9. Skechers performance women’s go walking shoe

skechers-performance-women-go-walking-shoeNothing gives you the moral to be more active than good looking shoes. When in the Jim, walking or in the field, you need to be in a pair of sketchers performance women shoes.

These elegant footwears have a mesh upper and synthetic purposely for ultimate air circulation.

The shoes have a fabric footbed and fabric lining that enhances comfort. Resalyte midsole and outsole, on the other hand, offer support, durability, and traction.

These uncomplicated shoes feature resalyte cushioning, rubber sole and ortholitefootbed. They are free from bad odor.

10. Saucony Women’s ProGrid ST2 walking shoe

saucony-women-progrid-st2-walking-shoeSaucony women’s shoes are made of high-quality leather that warrants durability. With the rubber sole, you can effortlessly walk over rough or soft ground.

These shoes feature padded collar and tongue plus XT-900 material. Cushioning enhances relaxation while the outer sole keeps the shoe firm and comfy.

Saucony women’s pro grid integrity ST2 walking shoe reward handsomely.

You can adjust the top laces for a perfect fit. They possess best qualities hence the best walking shoes for women for travel.

Ronding off This Section

Every woman wants to look good when in casual wear or when engaging in physical exercise. Women walking shoes should be comfortable, convenient, durable and good-looking; anything less of the four qualities should not be considered.

The information above regarding the best walking shoes for women is thoroughly researched, clear, true and concise. Choose one or more of the shoes listed above at affordable prices. What’s more? All the shoes are durable, innovatively designed and are of high-quality. Order yours today and thank us later.

Most Comfortable Men’s Shoes Best for Walking on Hard Floors

NameTypeCustomer RatingsMaterial
Skechers Walking ShoesSlip on4.3Mesh
New Balance Hook and Loop Walking ShoeStrap4.2Leather
Reebok Walking ShoeLace up3.9Leather
Rockport Eureka Walking ShoeLace up4.2Leather
New Balance MW411v2 Walking ShoeLace up4.4Leather
Skechers Performance Men's Go Slip-onSlip on4.4Mesh
Brooks Men's Addiction WalkersLace-up4.5Leather
Propét Men's Life SneakersStrap4.3Leather
Propét Stability WalkerLace-up3.9Leather
New Balance MW577 Walking ShoeLace-up4.2Leather

1. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoes

skechers-performance-go-walk-4-incredible-walking-shoeFrom Skechers come the pretentiously-titled Incredible Walking Shoes, but do they really deserve that funky name? The short answer: Yes!

These Skechers Performance shoes are set out to impress, with style and comfort being their key selling points. Concerning the former, well, look at them!

They certainly are a very fashionable pair of walking shoes, with countless paint schemes to choose from, including mono, bi and tricolor variants.

With their thick soles, integrated one-piece tongues, pull holes instead of the often finicky flexible tabs and tapered, pronounced arches, they look sporty, and function does follow form in a certain way here.

Thanks to a ‘breathing’ design, meaning large portions of the shoe are ventilated, the Go Walk 4 are insanely comfortable to wear, even, no, especially after long hours of workouts, since the aforementioned ventilation effectively gets rid of annoying sweat buildup.

2. New Balance Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

new-balance-hook-and-loop-walking-shoeA Velcro walking shoe that’s not for kids? Sacrilege! Burn it!

We imagine some, if not the majority of prospective shoe shoppers to react this way upon first seeing a picture of the Hook and Loops, and it is understandable why you would immediately deny this unusual pair any chance of getting a spot in your collection, but for those who can deal with the thought of owning velcroed walking shoes, read on below.

So, how are the Hook and Loops by New Balance, actually? Pretty good. They’re well-ventilated, not as extremely as, say, the Incredible Walking Shoes by Skechers, but still very efficiently.

They also possess a very snug fit, with padding on the collar and tongue ensuring that it all stays comfortable, too. And they’re made out of real leather, a rare sight on pairs under $30.

3. Reebok Work and Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

reebok-work-and-cushion-walking-shoeThe Work and Cushion 2.0s by Reebok excel by not excelling at anything in particular.

They’re the supreme example of how conformity and not trying to reinvent the wheel can go a long way towards making a great product that’s focused on quality, not excessive style or innovation.

The Work and Cushion 2.0 is a very basic shoe, available in either black or white leather, with a perforated collar and elastic tongue. That’s it.

It works great, the materials are well-chosen, for a $30 pair, the craftsmanship is excellent and, thanks to the low-key, understated design, nobody is going to give you funny looks when you’re wearing them.

4. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

rockport-men-eureka-walking-shoeFor those whose wardrobe follows a mostly anachronistic, classic style, the Eureka walking shoe by Rockport is ideal.

With real leather in either chocolate tan, tuxedo black, brown or two-tone nubuck variants, these shoes look amazing and can fit in with any outfit.

There’s a lace-up vamp, padded collar and tongue that feel more comfortable than the competition by a long shot and, to top it all off, round metal eyelets that only complement the retro look.

Their price is higher than most on our little roundup “they start at $50 “but if comfort and style are your thing and you don’t want to compromise them when going for a jog, then these are the shoes for you.

5. New Balance MW411v2 Walking Shoe

new-balance-mm411v2-walking-shoeAnother New Balance product, the MW441v2 features a much sportier, more common and hip design than its velcro-equipped counterpart above.

With ‘N’ branding on the side, an adjustable padded tongue and short collar, it looks like a walking shoe is supposed to.

Available in a handful of both monochromatic and two-tone color schemes, it is also pretty flexible in the style department and should fit into nearly anyone’s collection easily.

Ventilation exists, but only on a small area on the side “not optimal, as the brilliant Go Walk 4s by Skechers have shown. Still, for those who don’t have such an intense regimen and still want to look good, the MW411v2s are a good choice.

6. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Slip-on Walking Shoes

skechers-performance-men-go-slip-on-walking-shoesThe Go Walk 4s were already a very minimalistically-designed pair of walking shoes to begin with, but the Go Walk 3s represent the cheaper, even more basic companion model.

No laces, a fixed tongue without any padding and the 4s’ signature pull holes all make for a unique-looking piece of apparel. The sole is worthy of special attention here: It’s full of studs, like that of a football shoe!

This gives you great traction when jogging or walking on almost any tricky surface.

To take care of the sweating problem most runners inevitably face, the Go Walk 3s, like their more elaborate sister model, feature a ventilation system that spans pretty much the entirety of the shoe excluding the outsole, but unlike the Go Walk 4s, this one sports a mesh-type pattern for a unique look.

7. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walkers

brooks-men-addiction-walkersFor a hefty premium of $100 and up, you can get yourself a pair of Brooks Addiction Walkers, and the name was clearly chosen well.

Thanks to an interesting build with a high, thickly padded collar and enough interior padding to serve as a cozy bed for almost any small rodent, these Brooks walking shoes are seriously comfy to wear, no matter for how long.

They don’t look that bad either, thanks to natural leather and an attractive, modern shape.

There’s exquisite arch support, too, but one thing threw us off: No ventilation of any kind, which is a big shame. Still, if you can live without it, the Addiction Walkers are probably the most satisfying pieces of leather and fabric to put your feet in at this price point.

8. Propét Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneakers

propét-men-life-walker-strap-sneakersThe Velcro epidemic lives on! Affordable luxury brand Propét is the second on our list to dubiously, almost inexplicably offer adult’s walking shoes with hooks and loops instead of the tried-and-true laces we’ve been used to ever since hitting puberty.

The Walker Strap Sneakers feature partial ventilation in three separate, small zones, which is better than nothing and combats annoying perspiration to a significant degree.

They also feature a relatively low-sitting collar and an adjustable, padded tongue. The rubber sole is nothing out of the ordinary, but is well-textured and provides good grip.

So, once more: If you can put up with the lack of laces, then this is a fine pair of walking shoes for just under $20 at their cheapest.

9. Propét Stability Walker

propét-stability-walkerPropét also offer a lace-up pair of sneakers, which will probably be an easier pill to swallow for most of us.

Available in nearly countless trims and colors, no box is left unchecked in the looks department.

There’s enough ventilation to make it practical to jog with the Propét s for hours on end, and the high collar as well as the tapered outsole provide great support.

Starting at a mere $15, you shouldn’t expect award-winning craftsmanship, but for what they are, the Stability Walkers are a nice pair to have.

10. New Balance MW577 Walking Shoe

new-balance-mw577-walking-shoeSimilar to the rest of their lineup, New Balance’s MW577 looks decidedly average from the outside, but packs practical ventilation, thick padding and a supportive shape for a blend of function and style. Mostly function.

Available in white or black, and starting at $35, it faces some tough competition from other brands, but we found the MW577s were well able to hold their own during testing partly thanks to their grippy soles, the comfortable, plush interior and the thick, padded collar which provided support with only few equals.

Materials used are mostly leather, thin fabric and rubber, but they’re the good kind, better than what you would commonly expect from something in this price point.

Ronding off This Section

Choosing a pair of walking shoes is largely a matter of preference. Yes, we may have spent quite a lot of time in this article debating over each pair’s respective real-world performance, but performance can only get you this far. Your choice should reflect your personal taste, first and foremost.

It should also blend in with the rest of your wardrobe, and it should most definitely be as usable and practical as you need it to be, depending on what you plan on doing with it. Keep this in mind, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of walking shoes in no time!

Wrapping it up

As should be fairly obvious, none of these pairs, or any others for that matter, may suit you perfectly, and that’s down to both your taste in style and your existing wardrobe. No single piece of clothing or accessory, that includes shoes, should ‘make the look’; they should all individually complement it.

Thankfully, most manufacturers nowadays have some sort of try-on-for-free program, which enables you to test whether any of these pairs match with what you’ve already got. And, not to forget, consult your heart and your mind. Don’t buy something you don’t like, simple as that.

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