10 Best Portable Bassinet & Cribs for Newborn Infants (2020)

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Cribs, or bassinets, as they are sometimes called, are a must-have item for any fresh parent. The protection and care they provide for a young baby are simply irreplaceable. Even getting your little one a bed at an early age is actually less safe and worse for their health than choosing an appropriately-sized crib. And getting one that can easily be taken with you on the move just adds more real-world usability, so why not go for that option, too?

But how go about picking one? After all, with a market so diverse, doesn’t shopping for one become too complicated too quickly? Fear not, though, as we have preemptively taken care of just that very problem for you. Here, we have compiled our top picks for the best portable bassinets & cribs currently for sale. Enjoy!

NameMaterialRecommended WeightParent's ratingPrice
Fisher-Price AquastoneLead Free20 Pounds4.2View Price
SwaddleMePolyster20 Pounds4.1View Price
Fisher-Price RainforestSoft Fabric20 Pounds4.6View Price
Graco Pack 'n PlaySoft Fabric/Mesh40 Pounds4.7View Price
The First YearsCotton/Polyester20 Pounds3.9View Price
Fisher-Price BassinetSoft Fabric20 Pounds4.2View Price
Graco Dream SuiteCotton30 Pounds4.0View Price
Dream On Me KarleyPolyster15 lbs4.3View Price
Dream On Me CribWood, Mattress40 Pounds4.0View Price
Graco Travel Lite CribSoft Fabric, Mesh15 lbs4.6View Price

Best Portable Bassinets Reviews

Here are the lightweight & portable bassinet along-with cribs given below.

1. Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – Best Baby Bassinet

Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper, AquastoneFisher-Price has become synonymous with low-priced, well-made toys and merch aimed at young children, toddlers and even newborns. This particular model, a crib called the Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, changes the formula up a bit.

Instead of relying on a great price-performance ratio alone, this bassinet is designed mainly to be a high-quality, feature-packed product that can be seen as a benchmark for the competition to try and best. Has it worked out? In short, yes!

The namesake for the Rock ‘n Play is its ingenious automatic rocking feature, controlled by a small console on the side of the stand. Yes, you read that right. You can actually tell the crib to rock back and forth on its own, and the speed is adjustable, too.

You can even play some songs with the built-in speaker.

Don’t you just love technology? Of course, this does mean you’ll need some juice to keep all that high-tech stuff running even while you and your little one go to sleep, so always remember that the Auto Rock ‘n Play needs to be constantly plugged into a wall socket to properly work. Also, portability is a little limited compared to other entries on our list thanks to the sturdy legs, which, even when folded down, don’t do much to hide the crib’s rather large and bulbous figure.

2. SwaddleMe By Your Side – Best Bedside Sleeper

 SwaddleMe By Your Side SleeperThe Swaddle Me By Your Side is a novel concept; a bassinet that is actually portable, yet still incredibly comfortable. And when we say portable, we mean it: No disassembly or folding down required.

The crib itself is designed to be compact enough to be carried in the average person’s arms without any problem; if it does need to be propped up, there are foldable legs on the underside for that. The whole assembly is just about large enough to support a two or three month-old with some acceptable wiggle room, but older occupants might have a problem with there not being enough space for comfort.

So, with the SwaddleMe, you can position the crib on your bed besides you, next to your bed or anywhere else, with or without the legs, and when it comes to transport, it’s easier than even most bassinets specifically branded as ‘portable’.

If flexibility, ease of use and space are the three main criteria you’re shopping for, the SwaddleMe is the definite answer.

3. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – Best From Fisher Price

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Rainforest FriendsSimilar to its Fisher-Price sister product also features on this list, the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper possesses most of the same basic features: A sturdy, albeit slightly bulky construction for a portable crib, great build quality and an accommodating, comfortable form factor as well as a highly similar design and appearance.

The key differences between the two are just as obvious, however. Whereas the Auto Rock ‘n Play, as the name implies, features its own ingenious automatic rocking feature, the cheaper Rock ‘n Play lacks this.

The crib can still be rocked by pushing it slightly, though. There is actually a side panel on the Rock ‘n Play, in a similar fashion to the Auto model, but this one controls a feature that curiously is not found on the more expensive version: A vibration setting.

It’s far from an automatic massage, but it gets the job done, sending smooth, soothing vibrations through the fabric which generally have a very positive effect on babies and toddlers.

We wonder why Fisher-Price thought it would be a good idea not to include a few of this model’s interesting features in the more expensive Auto model, but alas, this one’s there if you want them, and it’s only $40, after all.

4. Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go – Best Co Sleeper

Graco Pack 'n Play On the GoLooking at the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go immediately begs the question: Why do portable cribs seemingly have to include an apostrophe in their name? On a more serious note, it also showcases an interesting design approach when it comes to the whole idea of being ‘portable’.

Instead of designing a crib that’s portable from the getgo, like the SwaddleMe by Your Side, for example, the idea behind the Graco was to simply create a bassinet of average form factor that can, when the situation requires it, be folded down, retracted, dissected and made as small as possible in the shortest amount of time and with the highest possible level of ease.

In practice, the Grace Pack ‘n Play On the Go feels much like a traditional crib to use, but once you disassemble it, you notice how easily everything folds away, how small the whole assembly can get, if you want it to, that is, and how much sense it makes.

This really is the bassinet for people who don’t like compromises. Want one that’s comfortable and large, with big supportive feet, a high sleeping position and plenty of cushioning? Fine. You want to take it with you, but haven’t got much room to spare? That’s fine, too, at least if you’re using the Graco.

5. The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper – Best Bassinet

first years close and secure sleeperThis ultra-compact crib is not much more than a primitive slab, as thickly cushioned as its diminutive appearance allows, that you put your baby inside of, hoping for it to stay there till the next morning.

No, it’s not very safe, a stark contrast from the Graco model above, for example, which featured surrounds on all sides to keep just that from happening, but at least it’s cheap, small, practical and you can truly put it anywhere.

In portability, it exceeds even the SwaddleMe By Your Side, and the already tiny bassinet can be folded to further decrease its footprint, becoming so ridiculously small it’s impossible to think of any reason why you would even want or need anything of a lesser size.

The only real feature to speak of besides the physical crib itself would be the small nightlight, mounted just above where the head of the baby normally rests.

It can be slightly swiveled or even completely removed, and when turned on, it provides just about enough light to see, but not enough to wake a sleeping baby. So, for those who crave the end-all-be-all in portability, this is it, without a doubt.

Bassinet vs Crib

Both have a common feature ; they provide comfortable & cozy place for your newborn infants to sleep. But when you talk about the difference, there is only one but a very big difference; “The size”. Generally Cribs are bigger in size while bassinets are known for comparatively little size and portability. The portability feature of bassinets make it appropriate for travelers and is loved for this. Depending upon the use and choice of the parents, they can go for either of these.

Final Words

To make a long story short, in choosing the perfect portable bassinet, you’ll mainly have to look out for a gradual compromise between portability and capability’”or will you? As some products on our roundup have shown, that must not always be the case; some may get away with combining the best of both worlds, and even the price may not rise up to restore the balance sometimes.

Or in other words, if you look past convention and simply scour the market as hard as we did, you can find the perfect product. It is out there, somewhere. And with that, we wish you the best of luck with finding that perfect one yourself!

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