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Are you craving for some crispy snacks only to remember you’re dieting? If this is relatable, you should try the power air fryer oven. With this oven, you don’t require any cooking oil to fry the French fries, chicken or onion rings. It prepares your meal effectively, faster and healthier. Therefore, you get to enjoy all roasted, fried, baked, or grilled meals without worrying about extra calories or fats.

NameQuantityWattageCustomer RatingPrice
Power 8 QT Air Fryer8 QT1700 W3.8View Price
Power 6 QT Air Frye6 QT1700 W3.8View Price
Power XL 3.4 QT Air Fryer3.4 QT1700 W4.3View Price

Best Power Air Fryer Oven Reviews

Here are the top-rated fryers from Power air fryer brand.

1. Power 8 QT Family Sized Air Fryer Oven

8-qt-power-air-fryerThe power air fryer oven 8 QT is not just a normal fryer. It is a multi-cook, doubling up as a rotisserie and a dehydrator.

If you want to prepare some fried chicken for the entire family, this is exactly what you’ll need.

This 1700W oven includes three air flow racks, extra large rotating mesh basket, ten skewers, and a rotating rotisserie spit.

The air flow racks ensure a constant circulation of air within the oven, at 360°. The air guarantees an oil-free cooking when baking, frying, grilling or roasting your meal.

What makes the 8-quart power air fryer oven stand out is the digital touchscreen display. This screen features 8 pre-set buttons, which allow you to access all the frying information, such as temperature and timer.

The power air fryer oven delivers a 100% healthy and natural meal. There’s absolutely no need of butter, fats or oil when preparing your French fries, salmon, onion rings, or hamburger. Thanks to the 360° airflow technology, the food turns out to be extra-crisp.

Additional features include a drip tray for trapping any excess fats, and a dehydrator, which is responsible for dehydrating fruits and veggies to ensure safe storage.

8 QT power air fryer oven is a bit costly compared to the competing models. However, the enviable technology behind it is worth a purchase. Although there are 3 recipe books in the package, some of the listed meals may take a longer time to cook than what the recipe states.
  • All the power air fryer oven accessories are safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent overcooking.
  • With a capacity of about 3.5 liters, the power air fryer oven is perfect for serving the entire family.
  • State-of-the-art touch screen display with up to 8 programmed settings.
  • The food tastes exactly like that which you’ve deep fried.
  • Very minimal to zero fats and calories, since this fryer drains and reduces the count.
  • Three free recipe books for trying out new fast-food dishes.Three free recipe books for trying out new fast-food dishes.
  • It is quite costly
  • Slow cooking
Overall, the power air fryer oven is the best when preparing a healthy snack for your entire family. You can use it for steaming, grilling, sautéing, or frying your chicken, onions, French fries, or steak.

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2. 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Plus

6-qt-power-air-fryerThis model has similar functions to the 8-quart power air fryer oven though they exhibit a few differences in their features.

Being slightly smaller than the former, the 6 QT may not serve the whole family, but it will be of much benefit to a couple.

It is also less expensive and available in a variety of colors. The most common and likable color is the power air fryer oven in black.

6 QT power air fryer oven plus features three air flow racks, an oil drip tray, recipe book, rotating mesh basket, and the dehydrator.

Even though you might be on a strict calorie-free diet, you can comfortably prepare some fried chicken and eat without any guilt.

The oven is very effective at reducing up to 400 calorie counts and draining excess fats without interfering with the food taste.

Just like the 8 QT fryer, this too has a wattage of 1700W. You can choose to manually set up the oven or use the eight pre-programmed buttons.

During the cooking process, you are free to check the progress of your meals. You can either remove the rotating mesh basket or watch the food through the transparent glass door.

6 QT fryer oven is slightly smaller. If you have a large family or you’ve got friends coming over, you might need a bigger model.
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Automatic shut-off when the timer goes off
  • Digital touchscreen display with 8 pre-programmed settings
  • You get 3 free power air fryer oven cookbook and access to the online recipe library in the company’s website
  • Drains excess fats and calories in the food
  • Slightly expensive than the competing models
  • It is quite small and won’t prepare a meal for the entire family
For couples or people who stay alone, 6 QT power air fryer oven is what you need. It is the healthier way of preparing baked, fried, or grilled meals without compromising with the original taste.

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3. Power XL Air Fryer 3.4 QT

3.4-qt-power-air-fryerThe 1500W Air fryer XL makes use of the rapid air technology in preparing meals, instead of oil, fat, lard or butter.

However, this does not mean that you’ll end up with a tasteless snack.

With seven pre-set functions, you can set the fryer depending on what you’re cooking. It can be French fries, baked snacks, fish, steak, chicken, or roasted food.

All you need is to set the temperature, switch the timer and watch as the meal literally prepares itself.

Unlike the other power air fryer models, this appliance lacks a rotisserie. Moreover, it is small in size and would not serve more than four people.
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Quite affordable
  • Touchscreen display with seven digital control settings
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Single meal preparation can only serve a maximum of 3 people
If you own the power air fryer oven XL, you don’t really need baking pans, grill, deep fryers, or toaster oven. This appliance is a multi-cook and would do everything, ranging from frying, sautéing, baking, grilling, steaming, to roasting.

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Final verdict

Power air fryer oven is the most healthy way of taking fried or grilled meals without worrying about weight gain or related complications. If you own any of these, your other kitchen appliances for baking, grilling or deep frying become useless. In the end, you’ll even spend less considering that you’ve got no budget for cooking oil or butter. The good thing about these ovens is that your food will have the exact taste as when deep-fried.

See Testimonial & food recipes videos from Power Air Fryer official Youtube page here.

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