3 Best Pressure Washer Nozzles & Nozzles Color Code Guide

Pressure Washer Nozzles

We all know the importance of pressure washing machines when it comes to cleaning your household. But these washers comprise of many inter-dependent components that work together to complete your cleaning tasks. This guide sheds light on pressure washer nozzles as they are a crucial component when pressure washing. Without a spray nozzle, a washer is simply a garden hose on steroids. With a spray nozzle, your pressure cleaner becomes a multi-functional cleaning machine with the ability to change the spray angle and pattern to adapt to various cleaning needs.

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Pressure Washer Nozzle Reviews

Here are the top-rated nozzles for your pressure washer.

1. DUSICHIN DUS-025 Spray Nozzle Tips – Best Reviewed Nozzle

DUSICHIN DUS-025 washer Nozzle TipsThe DUSICHIN DUS-025 features a 5-pack set of nozzle tips. The nozzle tips measure ¼-inch and have a size rating of 2.5 GPM. This 5-pack set is ideal for all brands and models of pressure washers rated at 2.5 GPM.

The package of the DUSICHIN DUS-025 features;

• A single soap nozzle made of brass
• A 0-degree stainless steel nozzle (red)
• A 15-degree stainless steel nozzle (yellow)
• A 25-degree stainless steel nozzle (green)
• A 40-degree stainless steel nozzle (white)

If you own a pressure washer with a higher or lower performance rating, don’t worry because the DUSICHIN DUS range offers up to 14 different washer nozzle tips with sizes ratings ranging between 2 and 10 GPM.

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2. Obecome Spray Nozzle Tips – Best Nozzle For Replacement

Obecome Nozzle TipsThe Obecome is a 5-pack set of spray nozzle tips for pressure washers.

The nozzle tips come in various spray angles that allow you to change the spray pattern for cleaning all surfaces as well as hard-to-reach areas.

The spray nozzles tips are color coded to help you to distinguish them when cleaning.

The package features;

• 65-degree soap nozzle made of brass
• 0-degree stainless steel nozzle (red)
• 15-degree stainless steel nozzle (yellow)
• 25-degree stainless steel nozzle (green)
• 40-degree stainless steel nozzle (white)

The Obecome set of nozzles are designed to handle water pressures of about 4000 PSI.

If you own a residential or commercial-grade pressure washer, the Obecome set will help you meet your cleaning goals.

What’s more, this set is compatible with other pressure washer attachments such as a quick-connect wand for more cleaning application.

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3. Twinkle Star Spray Nozzle Tips – Best Rated Nozzle

Twinkle Star Nozzle TipsIn a similar fashion to the spray nozzles featured above, the Twinkle Star features a 5-pack set of washer nozzles.

The set is made of high-quality brass and stainless steel materials for toughness and durability.

The nozzles are color coded to help you differentiate their function while cleaning.

This complete set features;

• A black soap nozzle made of brass
• 0-degree stainless steel nozzle (red)
• 15-degree stainless steel nozzle (yellow)
• 25-degree stainless steel nozzle (green)
• 40-degree stainless steel nozzle (white)

The Twinkle Star nozzles all measure ¼-inch for a universal fit and feature a quick-connect design for swift connection.

Setup is easy where you simply snap it up securely, aim, point and spray away.

The robust design of the nozzles allows them to handle water pressures of up to 4000 PSI at 2.5 GPM.

The different angles allow you to alter the spray pattern to accommodate your cleaning needs.

For instance, you can switch between a narrow and wide-angle nozzle to clean hard-to-reach areas depending on the cleaning efficiency of the nozzles involved.

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The Importance of Nozzles During Pressure Washing

If you’ve ever tried cleaning the wheel wells of your vehicle or watering plants using a hose, it reaches a point where you feel the water pressure is not enough to achieve your goal.

When watering plants that are located far away, the water pressure might not be enough to reach the plants.

When cleaning the wheel wells of your vehicle after some off-roading, the water pressure may not be enough to get rid of the mud that has solidified.

In such cases, you end up blocking the hose with your finger to increase the pressure of the water. This is how spray nozzles work.

They restrict the flow of water to a small opening called an orifice to increase the pressure further.

Use The Right Tip For The Job

Red: Zero Degree

Red is a symbol of danger or hazard, and that is the case with the red/0-degree nozzle.

It concentrates all the pressure into a single stream of water.

The red nozzle is used for getting rid of tough grime and stains on hard surfaces.

The red nozzle produces a concentrated stream of water that can cause serious damage to fragile surfaces such as vehicles and windows as well as injury to people and pets.

Yellow: Fifteen Degree

The yellow nozzle dispels water at a 15-degree angle to mimic a chisel.

This chisel-like water pressure is highly effective at peeling mold, mildew, and old paint off surfaces.

Keep in mind, yellow nozzle produces narrow spray-angle and therefore should be used on tough surfaces such as steel, concrete, brick, etc.

Green: Twenty-Five Degree

The green nozzle produces a 25-degree spray angle which is effective for most cleaning jobs around the home and business area.

The wide spray angle of the green nozzle is ideal for general cleaning as it’s gentle on sensitive surfaces such as wood, yet very effective at eliminating dirt.

White: Forty Degree

The 40-degree spray angle of the white nozzle offers the widest angle of spray for offers a smooth and gentle cleaning performance.

It is suitable for mild cleaning jobs such as washing vehicles, furniture, windows, etc.

Black: Sixty Degree Soap Nozzle

Soap nozzles are always black across all pressure washer models for uniformity.

Some people call it the chemical injector pump and most are made of brass.

Soap nozzles work by reducing pump pressure to activate the siphoning tubes.

When the pressure is low, these tubes suck soap from the tanks and deposit it into the water stream.

Turbo/Rotary Nozzle

The turbo or rotary nozzle combines various functions as its name suggests.

It combines the general use of the 25-degree angle with the force of a 0-degree nozzle and a pulsating action that that rotates the water jets at between 1800 – 3000 RPM.

The turbo/rotary nozzle provides maximum cleaning power thanks to the force of the 0-degree nozzle yet gentle cleaning thanks to the 25-degree spray area and the rotating water jets.

When operation, the turbo nozzle creates a cool cone-shape.

Adjustable/Variable Nozzle

An adjustable or variable nozzle has an adjustable orifice that allows the users to change the angle of spray by rotating the knob.

In short, the adjustable/variable nozzle is a five-in-one nozzle.

Final Words

Pressure cleaners are dangerous machines regardless the pressure washer nozzle you are using. Obviously, a 0-degree nozzle will cause more damage or injury, but a wide-angle nozzle will do the same to you. Pressure washer injuries are hardly noticeable at first as they are not painful at the time of inflicting yourself with the injury. But after you’ve settled down a few moments later, you’ll begin feeling terrible pain.

And upon examination, you’ll be surprised to see that the impact ripped apart your skin to a point where you can see the white meat under your skin. Therefore, always observe the recommended safety measures when handling pressure washers and their spray nozzles.

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