10 Best Professional & Kids Punching Bag Reviewed In 2020

Kids Punching Bag

Most parents misdiagnose a child with an active personality as overly aggressive or as having some sort of disorder. Often times, that is not the case. Instead, all that the little kid needs is some action, so to speak. They are just predisposed to moving around more, having some inner urge to flex their muscles every now and then.

One of the best tools to let them do this in a safe, practical yet helping manner are punching bags. Granted, not many of these are made specifically with children in mind, but generally speaking, almost any punching bag is suitable for any person, no matter the age or gender.

All it comes down to is quality, size and safety-related accessories. Don’t worry, though. Instead of having to spend hours looking for the perfect one, let us present you with our top picks for the best professional & kid’s punching bag available today.

Punching Bag Comparison Chart

NameBrandParent's RatingPrice
Everlast Heavy-Bag KitEverlast4.0View Price
Everlast Freestanding Heavy BagEverlast3.8View Price
Century Original WavemasterCentury4.5View Price
Everlast Elite Speed BagEverlast3.8View Price
Ringside Kid's Boxing KitRingside3.7View Price
Socker Bopper Power BagBig Time Toys3.1View Price
Century Aerobic WavemasterCentury4.1View Price
NFL Inflatable bagFremont Die3.1View Price
Desktop Punching BallTech Tools4.2View Price
Pure Boxing Tough GuyPure Boxing3.1View Price

Best Professional Punching Bags

1. Everlast MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

everlast mma heavy-bag kitA pro-grade punching bag by reputable brand Everlast, this Kit, designed for MMA practitioners, this piece of kit is guaranteed to grow with your child and their strength, and it is likely they’ll never get close to using it to its absolute limit.

These might sound like strange qualities to begin with, but it actually makes this punching bag pretty safe for kids: They’ll never get to knock it across the room, and its weight also makes it pretty stable and user-caused accidents less likely.

For added value, the Heavy-Bag Kit comes with some great boxing gloves, hand wraps and a bungee cord that can be used to add some additional resistance to the bag, just in case you’ll ever need that.

Regarding the build quality, few things can beat Everlast, and they got their name for a good reason. Simply put, the whole set will last and stand the test of time in grace and elegance thanks to a nearly perfect choice in materials and great craftsmanship all around.

All in all, there is next to nothing to criticize here; just make sure you’ve got the necessary room to spare, as the large size of a 70-pounder isn’t for everyone. The whole kit retails for $50.

2. Everlast 2228 PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

everlast 2228 free standing heavy bagAn alternative to their 70-pound solution above, the PowerCore uses a freestanding design with a tough, heavy base instead of the more popular hanging design found on most punching bags. The freestanding nature has a few positive attributes.

For starters, the whole setup process is much easier; simply fill the bottom portion with either water or sand, put the bag wherever you want on the floor and you’re done! No chains or wires to fiddle with.

Secondly, the heavy base makes the PowerCore even more stable than the already sturdy and resilient ceiling-mounted 70-pounder. The risk of an accident is nearly zero with this model.

Furthermore, the height can be easily adjusted, meaning you can really make this bag ‘grow’ with your child. There are, of course, some downsides to the floorstanding concept, otherwise all punching bags would be based on it.

First, it puts a lot of stress on the floor. Filled up, the bag can weigh about 250 pounds, or 115 kilograms! This means you’ll probably need to find out whether your floor can support this weight beforehand.

Additionally, floor-standing bags tend to be a lot more expensive than the more traditional-looking hanging designs. The PowerCore costs about $150, much more than the $50 ceiling-mounted design by Everlast we looked at above.

In this particular case, the PowerCore also doesn’t come with any accessories, whereas most cheaper bags do. Still, for pure quality, efficiency and safety, few solutions out there can beat it.

3. Century Original Wavemaster Training Bag

century original wavemaster training bagThe Century Original Wavemaster is another highly popular floorstanding punching bag. Falling into the same price slot as the Everlast PowerCore above at $140, its features and specs are very similar, as well, making a choice between the two a little difficult.

The Century brand is about as well-respected as Everlast is, so you’ll find fierce proponents and haters of both very easily. Let’s go over all the important differences between the two to make the choice a little easier.

The most readily apparent one, just judging from the looks alone, is the practical filler cap on the Century model. This is used for filling the base up, something that has to be awkwardly done with the whole bag lying sideways on the floor on the Everlast.

Next, the size of the two models is different. The century has a smaller punching area, but a larger base, and the height adjustment provides more range. Finally, when filled up to the brim, the Century can be a little heavier at 270 pounds, or 120 kilos.

4. Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

everlast elite leather speed bagThough some expert wouldn’t classify speed bags as proper punching bags per se, the tool’s usefulness and purpose are roughly the same.

One benefit of a speed bag in favor of the more regular punching bag is the size, of course, a speed bag taking up much less space.

This example, produced by trusty Everlast, is made out of high-quality, handstitched leather and, like most smaller speed bags, is filled with air.

This bag is great for beginners and can be used to both let out some stress as well as for more precise training and improving hand-eye-coordination.

The attractive low price, just under $30 in this case, makes speed bags traditionally more accessible to beginners, but do note that this one does not come shipped with any accessories you are going to need, such as mounting equipment, gloves or any safety kits.

Still, the Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag offers tremendous value, with much of the same qualities that make more expensive punching bags so great, but in a tighter, smaller and more affordable package.

Best Kids Punching Bag

5. Ringside Kid’s Boxing Kit

ringside kids training bag setNow, how about something designed chiefly for children, you say? Ringside has heard you, and their answer is the Kid’s Boxing Kit. It comes complete with a vertical, ceiling-mounted punching bag, gloves and headgear.

In spite of the pro-grade looks, this is a relatively dainty little kit, designed for children 5 years of age or younger.

There are versions for older children as well, though at that point, it doesn’t make much sense not to purchase a ‘normal’ punching bag and appropriate gear instead as the difference between ‘age-appropriate’ and ‘general use’ equipment grows smaller and smaller.

For especially young users, on the other hand, the Ringside Boxing Kit proves its worth. 

It’s durable enough, is well made and affordable to boot. At $29, no-one is going to complain about the price, that’s for sure. The fact that both the bag and gear are included in that price makes the proposition even better in terms of value.

Final words

The above punching bags, most of them suitable for users of all ages, are great picks on their own, but of course we can’t help but compare them with each other. In the end, there is no single best one, though, and that’s a good thing. There are just too many variables involved, too many personal preferences you need to take into account.

That’s where you come in. Which bag did you find best and why? Think about your requirements and the reason you came here to read this guide in the first place. We’re sure you’re going to find the bag that’ll suit your child just perfectly!

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