3 Best Recaro Car Seat Reviews In 2020


To be honest, when it comes to car seats for kids, I am not quite sure I would have settled for one manufactured by a company that specializes in manufacturing automobile car seats. Recaro Car Seat, however, is one I will make an exception for. Not often do you see a company specialize in different areas of manufacturing and still manage to carry out an excellent job?

Well, you may be silently saying to yourself, “if Recaro car seats are so amazing, why am I just hearing about them?” You may be right about their low profile, but do not let that deceive you. Recaro brand of car seats which includes Recaro baby seat, Recaro booster seat, and Recaro infant car seat, are some of the best in the market and you won’t be making a mistake if you opted to get one for your kid.

Take it from someone who was also a “doubting Thomas” like you. Having said all that, it’s probably fair that I clearly state why I got a Recaro car seat for my kid and also tell you a little about some of their best products.

NameTypeWeight LimitPrice
RECARO J1 RC370.551Convertible19-79 PoundsCheck Price
RECARO J1 RC370.559Convertible19-79 PoundsCheck Price
Recaro RC 550.02Infant5-55 PoundsCheck Price

Recaro Infant Car Seat Reviews

Here are some recommendations from Recaro.

1. RECARO J1 Select child seat Cardinal Red RC370.551

recaro-j1-select-child-seat-cardinal-red-rc370.551This certainly stands out and it is no wonder that it’s my first choice. I don’t know about you but I really love my boy to appear flashy while retaining an intimidating look.

Recaro Cardinal Red RC370.551 gives you exactly that. It has a power handling of 200W (intimidating, if you ask me).

It equally features a mica-filled poly cone; a Santoprene rubber surround and a pressed still basket for maximum comfort, protection, and resilience.

I may have thought twice about placing it as my number one but its red color is absolutely irresistible (for lovers of red like me anyway).

The Cardinal Red RC370.551 is bold, beautiful, flashy and elegant and I am sure your kid would love it.

Is There Anything Wrong With it?

Well, most people believe nothing can be a 100%. And they may be right. For the Cardinal Red RC370.551, its expensive price tag is its biggest letdown.

With the discounts you may get on a site like Amazon, the price still remains a bit of a challenge. Other than that, this car seat remains the “bomb”.

  • It has a high temperature 8 layer copper voice coil
  • Linear conex spiders, and a rubber gasket (Single magnet)
  • It possesses an FEA optimized motor structure
  • The major default in most Recaro products is their expensive price tags
If you can look beyond the seemingly expensive price tag, the Cardinal Red RC370.551 is a great acquisition, especially for your kid. Its full padding, design and extra protection make it a top car seat and a companion every kid should have.

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2. RECARO J1 Select child seat haze gray RC370.559

recaro-j1-select-child-seat-haze-gray-rc370.559My second favorite is the gray RC370. 559. Though it’s not as flashy as my number (thanks to the gray color), it still has some pretty amazing features and cost a little lesser.

So if you are on a budget, this may just be the perfect fit for you. The RC370.559 is one of the Recaro infant seats that also have protection as the watchword.

It is fully padded from top to bottom, with two lovely extended containers that can house your baby’s extra feeding bottle and play items.

It has a full shoulder to the waist belt and a holding waist belt to help firmly secure your child to the seat.

Also It equally has a rubber surround with power handling a little below 200W.

The RC370.559 is durable and lasts longer, so it’s only right that it occupies my second spot.

  • A little less expensive
  • It has an FEA optimized motor structure
  • Available in a gray non-flashy color
  • Availability of other color options would have made this Recaro car seat perfect given its low price
The RC370.559 is the perfect Recaro baby seat if you are on a budget. Regardless of its low price, it still has some great features that will be perfect for your baby.

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3. Recaro Start Zero Seven No Black RC 550.02

recaro-start-zero-seven-no-black-rc550.02Last but certainly not is the least is Recaro Start Zero Seven No Black RC 550.02.

This car seat is not necessarily beautiful and intimidating but it has some really cool features, most of which are meant for the protection of your child.

The seat can easily adjust to 10 different positions even with the baby in it. And it has side protection for his/her head, neck, and spine.

It also has specialized energy absorbing foams throughout the seat to protect your child’s head and torsos.

It is an excellent car seat that goes for a very good price too.

  • RC-550.02 is made with extra features to help your child against the possible dangers of crashing
  • It is not too expensive and it can house children weighing up to 65 pounds (supposing your child weighs that much
  • It’s all fully padded and provides the much-needed stability
  • Availability of a variety of colors would have been awesome
This Recaro car seat may not be the biggest or most flashy but it does provide everything else, especially if you are more concerned about child safety.

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Why Choose Recaro?

The reasons are pretty obvious and you would see them for yourself when you purchase one of Recaro’s specialized car seats. If you are a concerned parent like me, you would definitely be buying a product that can guarantee…

  1. Safety: Recaro brand is one built on safety. The structuring of their car seats tells the story and their obvious bias for keeping kids safe.
  2. Durability: Everyone wants a durable product especially when kids are concerned, and Recaro can give you exactly that.
  3. Longevity: These brand of car seats last long and can provide comfort for your kid for a very long time (some lasts throughout childhood and can be transferred to the coming generation). No one wants to change car seats every three months.
  4. Comfort: Recaro seats are well padded and strong, leaving your child fully tucked in and firm.
  5. Beauty: Recaro knows everyone wants their baby to appear in a sparkling form every time, and the lovely designs of their seats give you just that. With that also out of the way, let’s look at three of my favorite Recaro car seats.


Asides the obvious difference in design and structure, most Recaro car seats are a lot alike and offer the similar features. However, you can rest assured that you would be getting optimum satisfaction from whichever brand of Recaro car seat that you opt for.

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