10 Best Robot Toys (2020) – Turn Your Kid into a Gadget Geek

Robot toys

Robot toys have captured the creativity and imagination of both kids and adults all over the globe. Today, all special occasions including Christmas won’t be complete without buying one of the latest and the most innovative robot toy the world has to offer.

As a result, the market now has super-cool technologically advanced toys which match all ages and stages of life. More importantly, they are becoming better and better and friendlier than ever. If you are looking for the best gift to give for a birthday, you’ll certainly never go wrong with any of the robot toy listed below.

Robot Toys Comparison Table

NameAge GroupCustomer RatingPrice
Cozmo8 years+4.3View Price
LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox7 years+3.9View Price
WowWee Robot Dog8 years+3.4View Price
Elegoo Smart Robot Car8 years+4.0View Price
LEGO Creator Robo7 years+4.8View Price
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Game6 years+4.2View Price
WowWee RC Robot4 years+3.0View Price
4M Tin Can Robot8 years+4.1View Price
Thinkgizmos RC Robot5 years+3.9View Price
Fisher-Price Bright Beats9 months+4.3View Price

5 Best Robot Toys Reviews

Here are the 5 star rated robot toy for your kids.

1) Cozmo – Best Robotic Toy

CozmoCozmo is a loyal sidekick and a super computer all at once. It can express many emotions at once thanks to its cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

From persistent to playful, curious to smart, he features personality x 10. Cozmo knows your face, name, and quirks.

More importantly, he goes on evolving the more you hang out. He is build of 300 plus parts which create one super entertaining and super smart robot. He does not only move but also explores with curiosity.

Cozmo not only learns; but also plots and plans. He not only sees you; but also knows you. He is also equipped with Code Lab, which is an excellent platform for new coders.

Cozmo is much easier than you would think and more tough than he outwardly looks.

There is no need to assemble parts together. All you require is a compatible Android or iOS device as well as the free Cozmo application.

Factors like durability and security have been rigorously enhanced and tested.

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2) LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 – Best Building Toy

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101The flexible LEGO building system is combined with innovative technology to build a state of the art robot.

You can boost your creativity by the use of the fantastic LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox.

Just download the free tablet application to your gadget and follow the easy to understand instructions to create and do coding to any of the five multi-functional models.

Experience Vernie -; a talking and moving robot and the Multi-Tooled Rover 4 (M.T.R.4) which is a versatile, robust rover with four different tool attachments as well as a spring-loaded shooter.

Experience also, the Guitar4000 – a musical tool which features sound effects and pitch bend. Have a chance to meet Frankie the Cat which is an interactive pet that expresses its mood, plays, and purrs or the Auto Builder which is an automated production line which actually builds miniature LEGO models!

Just bring your imaginations to reality with the app’s, icon-based, intuitive coding interface and perform a wide range of exciting activities specifically designed for each model.

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3) WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog – Best Robotic Dog Toy

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy DogWowWee CHiP is your best robot companion featuring all the lovable characteristics of a real dog. He shows affection, likes playing and quickly learns new tricks.

When you roll his ball, he will certainly bring it straight back to you. If you pick up his front legs, he will dance with you. When you rub your nose against his, he will nuzzle right back.

WowWee CHiP is a technology breakthrough. He is equipped with a very adaptive personality. His character changes and grows over time.

CHIP’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied to information from a wide range of high tech sensors. Its real-time processing assists CHiP to speak, listen, feel, and see, as he independently explores his own world.

His innovative SmartBand technology allows him to identify you as his only owner.

The chip will welcome you, greet, follow, and play with you like a natural puppy. He will also tell you to know when he needs attention or he’s feeling hungry.

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4) Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit – Best Robotic Car Kit

Elegoo Smart Robot Car KitThe Elegoo Smart Robot Cat Kit features multiple modes including auto-go, obstacle avoidance, line tracking, and infrared control modes.

You’ll learn how to load programs in every mode and command your car to run as instructed.

The most exceptional interactivity which you can experience with this robot will positively motivate your interest and creativity in order to discover how and why it functions this way.

Getting to learn electronics isn’t as complicated as you may think. With the next generation robot car kit, you will find it more interesting than ever before.

If your family, friends or your little-loved ones are attracted to the world of robotics and electronics, this kit will definitely be an excellent choice and the best gift for them.

It will definitely assist them to kick-start their first step on the journey of electronic.

A smart robotic car wouldn’t be smart enough if you can’t effortlessly control your robot car with your smartphone. Just download the Elegoo BLE Tool from Google Play and combine with HC-08 Bluetooth module from the manufacturer and start controlling your car freely.

In the tutorial provided, you’ll also learn how you can edit and send signals to the board in order to make it run.

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5) LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy – Best Creative Toy

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot ToyLEGO Creator lets you impress your friends, family, and kids with the next-generation robot toy model! The characterful Robo Explorer boasts a gray, azure, and black color scheme.

It also features rotating body and head, bright-green eyes, working tracks as well as posable arms combined with working claw and searchlight.

You can rebuild this three-in-one LEGO Creator Robot into a good Robot Dog by use of a light-up jetpack.

You can also rebuild it into an awesome Robot Bird with light-up eyes!

The Robo Explorer stands as much as 11cm (4 inches) tall while Robot dog stands above 7cm (2 inches) tall. On the other hand, Robot bird stands over8cm (3 inches)tall.

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Wrapping Up

Robot toys are now one of the most favorable gifts during kid’s birthdays, special occasions, and holiday seasons. We found robotic toys which one can control with his/her smartphone being the most favorable. These toys do not only offer great fun, but they are also very educational.

Whether you desire to learn to code yourself, or you want to inspire and assist your children to get started, a smartphone-controlled robot is one of the best ways to start. Notably, you don’t require doing any coding at all to have fun with these toy robots. But you can do the coding if you want to make the toys do specific things.

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