Important: The deadline for submission of the application is extended to 28-Feb-2018.

Last date for registration of students in TenBuyerGuide scholarship Program for availing scholarship for the current year (i.e. year 2017) has been extended up to February 28, 2018, as many aspirants have requested to extend the deadline, as they are yet to complete the article for submission.

This last date will not be extended any further. The students, who have not submitted article for the scholarship, will not be granted further time. Therefore, they must complete the registration process before February 28,2018.

TenBuyerGuide is a professional leader in reviewing products in different categories and guiding buyers in finding the best for their needs.

Example: Best Baby Monitor 2017

At TenBuyerGuide, we firmly believe in education, learning and giving back to our internet community. We are willing to go beyond and help others become successful in their carrier. proudly announces “TenBuyerGuide Annual Scholarship” for students currently enrolled in high schools, colleges and universities. Annual Scholarship Program

For more information on our scholarship program details, continue reading below.

Scholarship Details

Start Date(mm/dd/yyyy): 01/10/2017
Application Deadline(mm/dd/yyyy): 02/28/2018
Scholarship Amount: $1000
Total Award: 1

Eligibility Requirements for Year 2017

Gender: NA
Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in high schools, colleges and universities can apply for this scholarship program. Your content should be between 1000-2000 words on topic asked below and must be unique, creative and convincing.

Past winners are automatically disqualified from reapplying. TenBuyerGuide Employees u0026amp; their family members are not eligible for this scholarship program.

How to Apply

Write an article of 1000-2000 word count on following ideas into the article.

1) Why product reviews are important in online shopping?
2) How is this related to our website

Submit your article (attach .doc or pdf file) to us at our email along with the following information

A) Your full name, address, phone no. u0026amp; contact email
B) Name of your school/college/university currently enrolled
C) Your student ID proof (attachment)
D) Your photo (optional)

We’ll choose one winner among all the applicants based on several factors including creativity, uniqueness, convincing power etc.

Winner announcement will be made within 15 days from the deadline and winner need to reply back within 2 weeks from the date of announcement. Failure to do so will result in termination of the award and another winner will be selected by us.

By submitting your application, you are granting TenBuyerGuide, it’s agents and/or representatives permission to use your content for promotions and marketing purposes including all of your details.

Scholarship winner is responsible for any state and/or Federal income taxes payment due to scholarship receipt.