Best Simpson Pressure Washers In 2020

simpson pressure washer

Pressure washers have become extremely popular over the years for both professional contract cleaners and DIYs. This is owed to the fact that they are extremely powerful and efficient machines that makes cleaning easier, faster and more fun. A description which perfectly fits the Simpson brand of Pressure washers.

This brand is popular for producing some of the best-performing pressure washers on the market that help eliminate dirt and grime from the toughest of surfaces. Simpson’s gas-powered pressure washers particularly stand out as great tools for carrying out all types of cleaning jobs, whether it is a light, superficial cleaning exercise or an intensive cleaning operation. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into three of the best Simpson pressure washers.

NameEnginePressureFlow RatePrice
SIMPSON PS3228-S Gas Pressure WasherHONDA GX200
196 CC
3200 PSI2.8 GPMView Price
SIMPSON MSH3125-S Gas Pressure WasherHONDA GC190
187 CC
3100 PSI2.5 GPMView Price
SIMPSON MS60763-S Gas Pressure WasherKOHLER RH625
196 CC
3000 PSI2.4 GPMView Price

3 Best Simpson Pressure Washers Reviews

1) SIMPSON PS3228-S – Our Best Pick

simpson power washerThe Simpson PS3228-S is our best pressure washer from Simpson’s brand.

On paper, the PS3228-S is incredible; it is powerful and has all the features you could need from a pressure washer.

Its decent price also adds to its appeal. But we know that potential buyers like yourself are more interested in how it performs in the real world.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of specifications on how it performs in real life, starting with its engine.


Forgetting about what’s on paper, you get to see the best of the PS3228-S pressure washer in the real world while in action.

A large part of its brilliant performance is down to its high-powered gas engine. The PS3228-S is powered by a Honda GX200 OHV engine which is known to be extremely efficient and reliable.

The highly reliable 200cc GX200 engine from Honda is also environmental friendly. It complies with EPA and Carb emission standards.

For performance output, that Honda engine been tweaked to provide optimal performance for the Simpson PS3228-S pressure washer.

One of the main tweaks made to the engine was an upgrade to the engine’s start operation to make it instant. And secondly, the combustion chamber was reduced in size to help minimize fuel consumption.

What’s more, the engine comes with a three-year limited commercial warranty while its pump comes with a five-year limited commercial warranty.


Performance-wise, you will be smiling at how easily the PS3228-S eliminates dirt, filth, mildew, and grime from tough spots around your home.

This is largely thanks to the highly-rated Honda GX200 engine which has a performance rating as follows; an impressive 2.8 GPM at 3200 PSI.

This makes the PS3228-S one of the most high-performing pressure washers you can buy. The most impressive thing is that the PS3228-S can be used to clean any surface with haste. All one needs to do is adjust the pressure intensity to suit the surface you are cleaning.

For hard indoor surfaces such as marble floors, you can use higher pressure while a lower pressure is recommended for sensitive surfaces such as window panes and wooden floors.


The high safety standards of the PS3228-S are two-fold whereby they are meant to prevent avoidable injuries and property destruction. This has been achieved through its professional spray gun.

The spray gun comes equipped with a child lock mechanism to prevent you from accidentally pressing the trigger and hurting someone or damaging surrounding property.

Secondly, the safety features are put in place to protect vital interior components of the PS3228-S from damage. This has been achieved by the heavy-duty welded steel frame that encompasses all the interior components to protect them from impact by external forces.


The PS3228-S comes loaded with a bunch of accessories, the first of which is the high-pressure hose. This item is not as fragile as the regular garden hoses and measures 25-ft long to provide maximum reach.

What’s more, the hose is optimized for heavy-duty usage thanks to the non-marring, kink and abrasion-resistant technology that goes into the production of the hose.

With the PS3228-S, you also get accessories such as M22 connectors for the hose as well as four different size nozzle tips (0¬ 15¬ 25¬ 40© for cleaning different surfaces.

This means you can now clean rooftops, driveways, outdoor furniture, vehicles, patios, sidewalks, bricks, garden fences and more with a simple change of a nozzle.

Quick tip

Because the PS3228-S looks compact, you might get the impression that it’s lightweight, but that is not the case.

It weighs slightly above 70 pounds which takes it to the heavier side of the scale compared to electrically-powered pressure washers in its class. Its heavy weight is down to its large, powerful engine.

But on the brighter side, the weight becomes insignificant thanks to the PS3228-S’ premium pneumatic tires which provide ease of mobility.

  • Easy setup and operation
  • Incredibly powerful engine
  • Compact design helps with storage
  • Sturdy, durable frame and tires
  • Environmental friendly thanks to its energy efficiency and low carb emission
  • Fitted with many safety features
  • Comes equipped with various cleaning accessories
  • Notifies you when you need to change the engine oil
  • Heavy compared to other pressure washers
All you need to know about the PS3228-S pressure cleaner is that it has been designed, engineered and manufactured to meet all of your cleaning goals. This powerful machine provides a maximum cleaning performance and is ideal for contractors or DIY homeowners who want to get rid of dirt, filth, and grime.

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2) SIMPSON MSH3125-S – Best Runner-up

simpson msh3125 The runner-up Simpson washer is the MSH3125-S model which is also a gas-powered pressure washer as is the case with the PS3228-S featured above.

In fact, that is not the only differences these two pressure washers share.

Specifics of that are in the sections that follow below, starting with the engine.

Interestingly, both of these machines share some components, but they also differ in many ways.


As previously stated, the MSH3125-S is a gas powered pressure washer, and it shares the another Honda GC190 engine besides GX200 in the Simpson PS3228-S washer.

This is a good thing because that engine is a piece of engineering genius from Honda with its performance, efficiency, and reliability.

That said, the engines are configured differently for the two pressure washers to give them different characteristics.

Paired with the engine, you get a OEM technologies axial cam pump that features power boost technology. This technology helps the MSH3125-S produce high water pressure for cleaning all forms of dirt and filth.

When it comes to maintenance, the engine is equipped with an electrical oil sensor that alerts you when you need to replace the oil. The OEM technologies axial cam pump, on the other hand, is completely maintenance free.


Since the Simpson model MSH3125-S and PS3228-S shares the different engine and pump, they produce the different amount of power. The performance levels are also different for both models.

The engines are configured in different ways, and that alters the performance of both models and gives pressure washers completely different characteristics.

In the real world is when you can truly differentiate the performance levels of both models but even on paper, the power output varies.

In the case of the MSH3125-S, the performance ratings are as follows; 2.5 GPM at 3100 PSI while the performance rating for the PS3228-S is as follows; 2.8 GPM at 3200 PSI.

In real life usage, it means that the Simpson MSH3125-S shoots out less water than the Simpson PS3228-S with a little less pressure.

Build quality

If you are buying a pressure cleaner for your home, you are not as concerned about its build quality as a professional contract cleaner would.

This is because apart from the rigorous activities involved in cleaning, a professional cleaner has to load and unload the washer from a vehicle as they move from place to place.

This movement makes the washer prone to accidents and therefore has to be tough to survive such accidents.

Luckily, the MSH3125-S provides that toughness and rigidity. It is made from an high strength welded steel frame which has its own benefits.

First, the welded steel of the MSH3125-S is much stronger than aluminium and thus is more durable.

Secondly, the welded steel frame of the MSH3125-S is also heavier than aluminium making it a whole lot stable while washing it around.

Thanks to the welded steel build, the overall weight of this pressure cleaner is 65 pounds which is significantly lighter than the PS3228-Sb which weighs a monstrous 70 pounds in comparison.


The MSH3125-S comes equipped with all the accessories you would expect it to come with especially given its premium price.

It comes with a highly-flexible 25-foot MorFlex high pressure hose that is non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant for durability.

It also comes equipped with M22 connectors for the hose. Lastly, it comes equipped with five different quick nozzle tips for tackling various cleaning jobs.

Quick tip

As is with most gas-powered pressure washers, the MSH3125-S is no exception when it comes to noise. When operational, the MSH3125-S is a little noisy.

Therefore, it is not advisable to use it very late at night or very early in the morning if you want to avoid clashing with the neighbors over noise.

And lastly, it is slightly expensive than other models that share the same engine and pump. (See Simpson PS3228-S.)

  • Electrical oil sensor that alerts you when an oil change is needed
  • Easy to start engine
  • Highly-durable welded steel
  • Heavyweight nature enhances stability
  • Powerful engine produces a satisfying cleaning performance
  • Can clean any surface; both sensitive and hard surfaces
  • Compact design makes easy storage
  • Multiple uses; commercial or home
  • Loud operation
Our final verdict regarding the Simpson MSH3125-S is that it is a great pressure washer. It fits your bill perfectly than the other two Simpsons, and it is well worth your hard-earned money. The MSH3125-S is sturdy, compact, and powerful making it ideal for contractors that specialize in professional cleaning services.

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3) SIMPSON MS60763-S – 2nd Runner-up

simpson pressure washersThe third best Simpson on our list is the MS60763-S which is gas powered pressure washer like the other two Simpsons listed above.

Naturally, being third makes the MS60763-S slightly less powerful than the other two models, but it also means that is costs considerably less.

Compared to the PS3228-S and the ALH3425 models, the Simpson MS60763-S differs in many ways.

Let us now look at some of its specifications in detail and examine the differences starting with the engine.


The engine is the most significant part of a pressure washer. It is the equivalent of a brain or a heart in a washer, and the MS60763-S comes fitted with a Kohler RH265 OHV Engine.

This engine has a capacity of 196cc and features an overhead valve design for more efficiency. When operational, the engine starts instantly and runs smoothly with minimum vibrations.

For durability, the 196cc engine is covered by a cast iron silver liner to protect from against damage by external forces.

It also features a user-friendly Easy-Pull technology for instant startups and Accu-Fill technology for easy oil replacement.

Lastly, the Kohler RH265 OHV Engine is backed by a two-year warranty which guarantees you free repair or a complete replacement within the duration of the guarantee.


For performance, this washer’s engine is paired with a powerful axial pump to help you achieve your cleaning goals.

The pump is highly-efficient and low maintenance to deliver a professional-level cleaning performance whenever you need it. Thanks to the Kohler RH265 OHV Engine and the axial pump.

The performance ratings of the MS60763-S are as follows; an incredible 2.4 GPM at 3000 PSI thus having performance levels that almost matches the performance levels of the PS3228-S and the ALH3425 models at a fraction of the price.

Build quality

Above everything else, the build quality of the MS60763-S is optimized for safety and durability. Surrounding all the vital interior components is a steel welded frame designed to provide a secure enclosing for the washer.

For more safety and durability, the MS60763-S comes equipped with a dual-wheelbase tire configuration setup that features large pneumatic tires.


In regards to accessories, you get all the standard equipment such as a 25-foot high-pressure hose that is abrasion resistant.

You also get a spray gun and M22 connectors to go with the hose. The spray gun is fitted with a child lock safety feature to protect you and those around you from avoidable accidents.

You also get five different nozzle pieces that allow you to alter the pressure of water for different cleaning tasks.

Lastly, the MS60763-S comes with a detachable storage space that allows you to store your personal belongings such as keys, wallets, etc. when cleaning.

And when you are finally done with cleaning, the storage box can be used store the hose and other pressure washer accessories for tidiness.

When it comes to weight, the MS60763-S weighs a respectable 66 pounds with accessories and only 63 pounds without accessories.

Quick tip

The Kohler engine works great in the Simpson MS60763-S and makes this product significantly less expensive. However, based on numerous online reviews, the Kohler engine is not nearly as reliable as the Honda engine.

Therefore, the MS60763-S is best suited for home use where the engine won’t be strained as much as in a commercial setting.

  • Affordable price
  • Compact design allows easy storage
  • Powerful engine ensures maximum cleaning power
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Lightweight eases mobility
  • Easy setup and operation
  • High-quality build
  • Thermal relief system warns you if it senses overheating
  • The Kohler engine is not as reliable as a Honda engine
We conclude that the MS60763-S can be used in both home and commercial settings but is ideal for home use. This is because it is slightly underpowered and is not as rigid as the PS3228-S or the ALH3425 models. That said, the MS60763-S represents excellent value for money and can handle the demanding cleaning jobs at home or a small car wash.

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Final Words

As you might have noticed, this review features only gas-powered pressure washers. The lack of electrically-powered washers does not mean they are any inferior, but we figured buyers willing to splash this kind of money on a pressure washer would want a slightly more powerful machine.

And with the Simpsons pressure washers, all you get is raw power. This raw power of these washers makes them ideal for both home and commercial use. So, you can rest assured that whichever model you’ll end up buying out of these three will serve your interests perfectly whether you’re a contractor or a DIY.

2 thoughts on “Best Simpson Pressure Washers In 2020”

  1. What a waste of money the Simpson Power washer was. I used the unit maybe 5 times in a 1 year + 2month period and in the middle of a deck project it wouldn’t start and the oil was filled with fluid. I contacted Simson who said the unit had a 2 year engine warranty and when I took it to the local service they were told by Simpson the engine did not have a 2 year warranty, but only 1 year and it would cost me $100 to $180.00 to repair but they couldn’t guarantee it. So $365.00 later after wanting to buy a top of the line pressure washer knowing I would use it for years I have no money, no power washer, and the manufacturer and the store will not stand behind their product even after such poor performance. I had an electric unit for less than a $100.00 from Walmart that lasted longer than this. I will not buy a Simpson unit nor use Tractor Supply based on lack of commitment to what they sell after this experience and would not recommend either to anyone.

    1. The gas power washers are bit harsh and prone to wear & tear soon. Whereas electric washers are smooth and reliable. In case of warranty problems you must consult company authorised service centers. They will tell you exact stats.

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