10 Best Toys For Boys (2020)


When it comes to ‘the best toys for boys’, there is a dizzyingly high amount of offerings to choose from. Sure, you have your comic books, R/C cars, action figures and many more. But there are so many other imaginative ideas for toys that suit a young lad. Some of which have only recently sprung up as a result of our digital age. Let’s take a look at the hottest toys out there that will fulfill any young boy’s dreams.

List of Toys

NameRecommended AgePrice
Mazichands Bracelet Maker Kit6 - 10 yearsView Price
PlayStation 4 Pro6 & upView Price
Hot Wheels Garage Playset5 - 12 yearsView Price
AquaDoodle Drawing Mat2 - 7 yearsView Price
Stomp Rocket3 & upView Price
RioRand Cartoon Costumes1.5 - 8 yearsView Price
Pull Back Vehicles3 & upView Price
TOYK Hover Ball3 & upView Price
EpochAir Flying Ball6 & upView Price
Kidwinz Binoculars Set3 & upView Price

Awesome Toys For Boys Reviews

Here are the highly-rated boys toys listed below.

1. Mazichands Kids Bracelet Maker Kit – Best Bracelet Making Kit

bracelet making kitWe know what you’re thinking. ‘This is a girl’s toy!’ We hear you. We know that the title says so, but hear us out.

Although the Bracelet Maker was designed primarily with girls in mind, that is not how things went.

Along with similar sets and toys, it became a worldwide sales hit, it quickly became apparent how both young girls and boys greatly enjoy playing with it,with a much smaller discrepancy between the genders than you might expect.

The Bracelet Maker is one of the more creativity-based toys we have on our roundup, revolving entirely around the concept of crafting your very own friendship bracelets.

Color, thickness, length and more are all ambiguous; the child is really playing the role of the designer here.

We like the idea of the Bracelet Maker, and there can be no argument about how much the boys are fond of it, so who are we to judge its merit based on the name alone?

If there is one true, real-life case of ‘looks are deceiving’ or ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, then this toy is it.

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2. Play Station 4 Pro – Best Video Game For Boys

Play Station 4 ProVideo game consoles have been the staple of the masculine gender’s childhood dreams “often times unfulfilled” for about thirty years or so.

The currently most powerful and most popular one of them all, sharing its place on the throne of home gaming with the Xbox One X, is the PlayStation 4Pro.

There’s everything a boy could want from a console of this kind: Graphics power, lots of exclusive games, up to 4K resolution (which is in vogue right now, you know) and more to brag about.

There is no doubt about it: no matter his age, your child will be more than just happy with a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Everyone knows its value and appeal and everyone wants one.

In the end, if you think a video game console is what you want to gift your child, then a PlayStation 4 Pro is the definite, end-all-be-all answer.

No compromises are to be found except, perhaps the price.

$400 sounds like a lot, but you might as well be buying pure happiness and gratitude with that money. Think you’re up to it?

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3. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset – Best Car Playing Toy

amazon ps4 proHot Wheels is just one of those toy brands that not only never gets old, but specifically, exclusively targets young boys.

This particular set is any Hot Wheels fan’s dream; a highly delicate and detailed multi-storey garage set with corresponding Hot Wheels cars to play with.

There are a lot of parts to stick together, so just the assembly itself will surely be a lotof fun, not to mention the actual playing experience.

It is a very intricate set, though, and will not only need some space, but also a significant initial investment of about $100, more than most toys branded ‘Hot Wheels’.

If your boy has got any interest at all in Hot Wheels toys, or cars in general, this thing will be a hit.

Yes, it is huge, yes, it is expensive, but it also promises fun without end, so what’ll it be? $100 in your wallet or a smiling young boy?

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4. AquaDoodle Drawing Mat with Neon Color – Best Educational Toys

best educational toysAquaDoodle hit the scene a few years ago, immediately stunning critics.

Kids of both genders widely enjoyed the unique approach to traditional crayon drawing, and today, the AquaDoodle is among the top choices when it comes to toys for children ages 4 and up.

You’ve probably already seen the ad, but let us reiterate on the AquaDoodle’s main selling point:

It gives your kids all the fun of drawing with crayons, but without any of the impracticality and without the chore of having to wash everything off the floor, carpeting or even worse, front porch afterwards.

Of course, it’ll cost you more than a pair of crayons too, but the long-term benefits and less headaches at exactly the same level of fun for your child are obvious.

If your child loves to draw, an AquaDoodle mat is a no-brainer.

If they don’t, it’s still a great choice.

At about $30 for one mat, they’re less expensive than they sound, and, in the end, your boy’s satisfaction is all that really matters, right?

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5. Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow – Best Rocket Toy

stomp rocketsThe Stomp Rocket has been a highly popular children’s toy for quite a while now.

The concept is very simple: It consists of a small, air-filled sac, connected to a tube, which in turn is connected to a small foam or plastic rocket that sits on a tripod.

Jumping on the air bladder will obviously cause the air to escape and send the rocket flying sky high.

The Jr. Glow version of the Stomp Rocket is no different, except that is has been optimized for young boys and girls ages 3 and up, with less power and a glow-in-the-dark feature.

This makes the StompRocket usable both indoors and outdoors.

In practice, the Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow proves itself to be one capable and not to mention fun, boy’s toy.

When used outside, it’s basically two games in one, first comes the launching, then the running.

If multiple kids are playing, it won’t be long before they’ll start racing each other to the landed rocket.

But no matter how it is used, the Stomp Rocket has always created lots of smiles and it doesn’t look like that is going to stop anytime soon.

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Remember, the above are just our top picks out of hundreds of possible ideas for great boy’s toys. If you think nothing on our list quite fits your boy’s image or character, that’s no problem! Just go out there and find the best present for him that you can. We hope we did give you some useful inspiration in any case and wish you good luck with your purchase!

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