10 Best Transformer Toys [2020 Update]

Transformers Toys

The Transformer movie series is one of the most popular movie franchises to have been released in the 21st century. The storyline is based on millions of years of rich history filled with alien technology and endless battle between robots from different galaxies.

The storyline makes for an interesting and entertaining viewing. If you are a fan of the movie franchise or if your kid loves the transformer robot action figures, this review is for you. We dive into the transformers realm to explore the best transformer toys to add to the collection.

Transformer Toys Reviews

Here are the top-rated transformer toy for your kids.

NameAge GroupCustomer RatingPrice
The Last Knight - Bumblebee6 years & up3.9View Price
The Last Knight - Grimlock6 years & up3.9View Price
Transformers Megatron Action Figure6 years & up4.3View Price
The Last Knight Barricade6 years & up3.9View Price
Force Team Combiner Ultra Bee6 years & up3.9View Price
Transformers Berserker Figure6 years & up3.9View Price
Playskool Transformers Rescue Bots Figures12 years & up3.5View Price
Playskool Transformers Doc-Bot Action Figure3-7 years4.6View Price
Transformers Voyager Class Scorn8 years & up4.3View Price
Transformers Grimlock One-Step Changer5 years & up4.1View Price

1) Bumblebee – The Last Knight Armor Turbo Changer

Bumblebee Transformer Toy FigureWho doesn’t love Bumblebee? His great personality makes him the most reliable transformer, and when it comes to protecting the world from evil forces, he’s as mighty as they come. He’s fierce in battle and always has Cade Yeager’s back in the transformer series.

This Bumblebee toy set is inspired by The Last knight movie from the Transformer series. Bumblebee features knight armor that powers up whenever he is under attack from enemies.

What’s more, Bumblebee’s black and yellow color scheme make him easily identifiable. You cannot mistake him for another transformer.

As any true transformer should, Bumblebee transforms from an action figure to a Chevrolet Camaro. Once in vehicle form, your young one can drive Bumblebee across all terrains in search of adventures.

You also get an instruction manual with this action figure that outlines Bumblebee’s functions as well as care and maintenance routines.

To wrap up, the Bumblebee figure is a true reflection of the Bumblebee character in the Transformers series. He is favorite among many Transformer fans, and your little one will be happy to have him in his/her action figure collection.

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2) Grimlock

Grimlock Transformer Toy FigureIn any world, there has to be a balance between good and evil. Otherwise, the world would be a dull place to live in. It is also the natural occurrence in life.

In the Transformers series, there are the good guys, and the bad guys and the Grimlock character happens to be among the bad guys.

Putting aside his evil nature, Grimlock is one of the toughest battle warriors in the Transformers series.

He transforms into a fire-spitting T-rex dinosaur, one of nature’s most savage predators to have ever walked on earth.

His detailing is inspired by the Last Knight Transformers movie, and his silver body color further depicts his ice-cold traits.

With the Grimlock action figure, your young one can shift between a robot and a savage T-rex in just three steps.

When in robot form, the Grimlock is gentle and can be used for adventures. In T-rex mode is when the Grimlock becomes hostile and therefore ideal for battle.

To conclude, the transforming Grimlock action figure is one of the coolest transformers and a great toy for your kid to have.

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3) Transformers MV5 Turbo Changer – Megatron

Megatron Transformer Action FigureIn the entire transformer series, Megatron has been terrorizing the earth. Not only are his actions killing people but they are also leading to a destruction of property.

To the world’s population, Megatron is the definition of pure evil because he has no regard for human lives and property.

As the leader of the destructive Decepticons, Megatron main mission is to wipe out the entire earth’s population. Once he does that, his kind can settle in, occupy earth and he can rule over them.

To his fellow Decepticons, Megatron is a savior of his kind; they don’t care about the wellbeing of earth, her people and are willing to destroy it.

With the Megatron action figure, your little one will get to relive and create their own transformers adventures.

They can choose to play the role of Autobots (guardians) or destroy the imaginary planet. Just like in the movie, the Megatron action figure transforms into an evil mega truck.

Which kid wouldn’t want to have the mighty Megatron action figure in his collection? Despite the fact that Megatron is mostly evil, he is a formidable opponent and a great addition to any kids’ action figure to balance the fight between “good Vs. evil.”

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4) The Last Knight Premier Edition – Deluxe Barricade

The Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe BarricadeIn the world of transformers, anything can be expected. It is a world rich with alien technology and millions of years of ancient history that one cannot begin to comprehend.

However, one constant in that realm is that there is always a looming battle about to take place. The battle in this series is never ending, spanning across millions of galaxies for millions of years.

With the Barricade figure, your kid can be right there in the mix of history. Like in the movie, the Barricade action figure transforms into a high-tech police car.

The transformation from robot to a police car and vice versa takes 11 steps to complete. Despite the many steps, it is easy to complete thanks to the instruction manual in the packaging.

Whichever mode he is in, the barricade action figure is always ready for action thanks to his extensive range of weapons.

As a conclusion, your child cannot have too many good guys on his side. The Barricade which is an Autobot will help him protect the world from the destructive Decepticons.

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5) Ultra Bee – Force Team Combiner

Ultra Bee Transformer Action figureIn the transformer series, strange things happen all the time that it has become the norm.

Well, when it comes to Transformers action figures, the Ultra Bee is the strangest thing to come out of the series.

There’s no such character as the Ultra Bee in the Transformers movie series. Instead, he is a special character developed for this robot figure collection.

He is a combination of 4 transformers characters; Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, and Grimlock characters.

The creators took the best qualities out of these four characters and blended them to form the specially-crafted Ultra Bee action robot.

The Ultra Bee robot comes in different pieces in the packaging that combine in a simple click to form a complete action robot. The tough action figure is even equipped with a sword for obliterating enemies in battle.

Why have one Transformer when you can have four transformers in one at the price of one?

Despite the unnatural combination of 4 transformers into one, the Ultra Bee action figure robot is well-detailed and looks cool for any kid’s robot collection.

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Final Words

That wraps up our review of transformer toys. Toys belonging to a movie or TV series work best when combined. When you have a single transformer toy, the gaming possibilities are limited, but when you add more characters to your toy collection, everything changes. The gaming possibilities become unlimited. Your child can invite their friends and role play with the toys to create new, fun-filled adventures.

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