10 Best Trolls Toys (2020) – They Are Weirdly Good

Trolls Toys

With toys, two ingredients are needed to make them a success among children; they are, the fun aspect and the engaging/immersive aspect. Trolls are one of the rare toy sets on the market that bring those two aspects together in their toys.

But this wouldn’t be possible without the creativity of DreamWorks and the innovation of Hasbro Gaming for making these toys a reality. With these toys, Hasbro Gaming took the Trolls show from the giant film network, DreamWorks and turned it into a series of games that young kids can enjoy. This review looks at some of the best Trolls toys you can buy for your little one this Christmas.

NameAge GroupCustomer RatingPrice
Just Play Station Toy3 years & up4.1View Price
Trolls Operation Board Game6 years & up4.1View Price
Trolls in Trouble Game5 years & up4.5View Price
Play-Doh Trolls Salon3 years & up4.7View Price
Trolls Frenzy Set4 years & up4.6View Price
Troll Tree4 years & up4.0View Price
Trolls Poppy Harmony Figure4 years & up4.3View Price
Trolls Poppy's Coronation Pod4 years & up4.3View Price
Hedstrom Trolls Hopper Ball3-15 years3.9View Price
Trolls Nail Art Set3 years & up3.8View Price

Trolls Toys Reviews

Here are the highly-rated troll toys for your kids. Among the top 10 trolls on the market, we have reviewed the first 5 products. So without further ado let’s start with our first ranked troll that is Just play Troll Station Toy.

1) Just Play 65030 Trolls Station Toy ( For 3 years & up)

just Play 65030 Trolls Poppy Style Station ToyIf you are going to buy any Trolls-inspired toy, it should be this Poppy Style toy. It is the perfect replica of the Poppy character in the trolls show.

In this toy set, Poppy is her normal vibrant self. The doll’s large puppy eyes and ear-to-ear smile are the highlights of her radiant face.

But that’s not all, Poppy’s pink hair is terrific and can be styled in many different ways.

In short, your young girl will love playing with Poppy and her magnificent hair.

This doll set also comes with eight different styling accessories and a storage space for storing the accessories after styling.

The hair accessories include differently styled barrettes that can be used to style Poppy’s hair. Two mini combs for combing Poppy’s hair are also included in this doll set.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1 Poppy Style Station
  • 1 hair comb
  • 2 mini hair combs
  • 3 hair barrettes
  • 2 hair ties

When Poppy’s hair is styled according to your little girl’s liking, she can finish off Poppy’s look with a tiara-like barrette for the perfect makeover.

In conclusion, this doll set is perfect for little girls. It is not only fun to play with but helps improve your daughter’s styling skills.

What’s more, she can use poppy’s styling accessories on her hair. Lovely.

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2) Trolls Operation Board Game ( For 6 years & up)

Trolls Operation Board GameIf your child loves operational board games, they are going to love the Trolls edition of the game. The Trolls board game can be a fun-filled family experience, full of laughter and excitement.

It is about getting rid of charms stuck in Poppy’s hair as well as her friends’ hair. This board game tests your control and the precision of your hand motion with tweezers.

If the tweezers touch undesignated areas, the buzzer goes off, and the next player takes their turn. The most precise person wins the game.

At the end of the game when all charms have been collected, the person with the most charms is declared the winner.

What’s In The Box:

  • Gameboard
  • Tweezers
  • 12 plastic charm parts
  • Instruction manual

The packaging includes a Troll-themed game board, a set of tweezers, 12 charm pieces, and an easy-to-read instruction manual.

Like most board games, the Trolls operation Board game creates an immersive gaming experience for your kids. It is also a lot of fun and fosters healthy competition in kids.

All in all, unlike most Trolls toy sets, the Trolls board game is gender-free and can also be enjoyed by any member of the family who enjoys a little playful competition.

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3) DreamWorks Trolls in Trouble Game ( For 5 years & up)

DreamWorks Trolls in Trouble GameThe Trolls in Trouble is another Trolls-themed board game to feature on our list of the best toys.

If you are familiar with the Trolls series, you know that the Bergens always have an annual feast where they feed on helpless Trolls.

In this board game, you are supposed to guide the Trolls home safely to keep them from being feasted on by the Bergens; a task which is not as simple as it sounds.

In the Trolls in Trouble game, the always-lurking Bergens can pop up at any time to feast on the Trolls.

This all-inclusive gaming set features, a Pop-O-Matic dice roller with two dice, game board, a Guy Diamond mini-figure, 16 troll pawns, and four adhesive foam pads.

What’s In The Box:

  • Gameboard
  • Pop-O-Matic dice roller
  • 16 troll pawns
  • Guy Diamond troll figure
  • 4 adhesive foam pads
  • Instruction manual

The players are supposed to avoid the Bergens and get all their trolls home safely to win the game. Players can take full advantage of the zip lines to get their pawns home faster.

The final verdict is that the Trolls in Trouble is an engaging board game, mostly thanks to its extensive list of features.

It is also simple to play, such that if your child loves board games and the Trolls show, they will love this game.

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4) Play-Doh Trolls Salon ( For 3 years & up)

Play-Doh Trolls Press 'n Style SalonBring the magic in the hair by use of these delightful and colorful pals who are ever ready for a party.

With hands-on Play-Doh creativity and fantastic Dreamworks Trolls characters you’ll surely live in your own world!

The time for the next holiday is almost, and Branch and Poppy need assistance to get ready!

The good news is that you can grow bright Play-Doh hair for these two heroes by use of their own hair chair pod.

These hair chair pods comes with all the necessary tools to give them customized styles!

Inside The Box:

  • 2 figures
  • unassembled chair
  • hair book-mold
  • scissors
  • 7 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound

To begin growing hair for the toy trolls, just load the chair with the Play-Doh compound. Then slide Branch or Poppy on the chair.

Then press down on your chair to grow extended hair. After this, get ready to start making hairtastic customizations!

Just add some hair flair to your styles by making accessories using molds all over the playset base, including bows and flowers.

For more creative coiffures, you can make use of the hair mold to create a style which all the Trolls will love.

When a time for change comes, give Branch and Poppy a haircut using scissors and start the process all over again!

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5) DreamWorks Trolls Frenzy Set ( For 4 years & up)

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy's Fashion Frenzy SetGet yourself in on the fluffy-haired joy! Teamed together by the loop of the bright colored hair they all share, Chenille and Satin like to design styles and dresses for their best friends.

Start playing with these ergonomic favorites on classy adventures with the Fashion Frenzy multi-pack of the Poppy.

With inspiration from the movie, the set has four characters which are, Chenille, Fuzzbert, Poppy, and Satin.

More interestingly, this colorful figure boasts fashion fun and wild hair.

The set also has a headband and a comb for a wide array of hairstyling!

Inside The Box:

  • 4 figures DreamWorks Trolls Poppy, Satin, Chenille, and Fuzzbert
  • 1 Comb 
  • 1 Headband

If you are looking for a holiday gift, DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy Set is undoubtedly your best bet.

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Final Words

When it comes to Trolls toys, there’s a little of everything for everybody. If you have a baby girl, you can choose to buy her the Poppy doll or the Nail Art toy set as they have proven to be popular among little girls. As for little boys, they will love the wide range of Trolls action figures on offer. You can also choose to go for gender-neutral trolls such as their famous board games or the Hopper Ball for your kids. The beauty such toys is that they can be enjoyed by the entire family, not just the kids.

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