10 Best Water Table for Kids | Table Playsets (2020)


You can start keeping your little ones amused and out enjoying the freshness of summer air with these state of the art water table for kids. They are not only fun to play with, but also assist in enhancing a kid’s fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and much more. They, therefore, provide a two-fold benefit to your loved ones. Some of the water tables we reviewed here are ideal for indoor use during the rainy days.

Water play is fascinating for children when blended with engaging activities such as toys and moving parts. We searched through hundreds of water table playsets to spot the best water table for kids. So, If you’re looking for a perfect water table for your toddlers, be assured that you have come to the best place!

Water Table Comparison Chart

NameAge GroupParent's RatingsPrice
Little Tikes Play Table2-6 years4.2View Price
Step2 Water Table1.5-8 years4.4View Price
Little Tikes Picnic Table1.5-5 years4.6View Price
Step2 Sand Table2 years & up4.4View Price
KidKraft Train Set & Table3-15 years4.1View Price
Step2 Pond Water Table1.5-8 years4.5View Price
Step2 Picnic Table1.5-4 years4.6View Price
Step2 Duck Water Table1.5-15 years4.4View Price
Splash N Scoop Bay2-5 years4.1View Price
Step2 Wild Whirlpool1.5-15 years4.1View Price

This list is revised every month to keep the audience updated.

Water Table for kids & Playsets Reviewed

Here are the top rated water table & playsets starting from number one down below.

1. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table – Best Kids Water Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play TableThe exciting water play table assists in developing early motor skills with fun characters. Your kids will drop playful balls down the spiral, watch them as they move around and lastly down into the water.

They will move the Ferris wheel to scoop and then drop the balls. The character balls of this Waterpark Play Table can also be utilized as squirt balls. Just fill your cup with water and pour them into your funnel to power the twin water wheel.

The Seas Waterpark Play Table includes one water cup and five round characters which squirt water. This fun Little kids water table is full of countless ways and features to play.

Children will enhance their exceptional motor skills, sharing their imagination and abilities while having hours of a good time.

Let your kids see how the water is making the wheels to turn, or let them enjoy splashing around with these exciting outdoor water toys. The dynamic water table for children is just the perfect height – kids will play for hours! This toy can hold as much as seven gallons of water.

Best for Age: 2-6 years


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2. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table – Best Step2 Water Table

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water TableYour kids have never experienced a great water table such as the Step two Spill & Splash Seaway Play Water Table. Your young adventurers can make their own cascading waterfall on the Step2 Spill & Splash multi-level and highly sensitive play table.

This is undoubtedly the best outdoor toy for multiple kids to splash and splish around as they improve their exceptional motor skills. The toy is manufactured in USA of USA imported parts and USA parts.

Assembling the toy is just but a breeze, but adult assembly is needed. The innovative two-tiered water play table lets your loved ones to make their own waterfall. They can catapult their favorite water figures back to the water table by use of the table side springboard.

With a centrally located water spinner, they can create their own whirlpool. This Play table boasts two water squirting figures to provide extra water play fun.

So, if you are looking for an outdoor toy to provide your children with many hours of fun as they develop their exceptional motor skills, you’ll surely go the right way with this piece.
Best for  Age: 1.5-8 years

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3. Little Tikes Picnic Table – Best Picnic Table

Little Tikes Picnic TableThe Little Tikes Junior Picnic Table is sized perfectly for younger children. This outdoor/ indoor plastic picnic table is able to unlock and fold for easier storage and portability.

The stylish umbrella offers protection against UV during summer time. More importantly, there are no tools needed to assemble it or disassemble it, you just fold and you are done.

The picnic table can accommodate as much as four children. The kid’s picnic tables are made with popular Little Tikes topnotch quality, which wipe clean effortlessly.

This picnic table is simply the best table for outdoors or indoors. It features a classy umbrella with UV protection to provide shade during playtime.

This umbrella is easy to remove to bring indoors or have it stored away. Whether you need an outdoor or an indoor water table, Little Tikes Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella will undoubtedly be your best bet. Just get one today and make a perfect birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift for your kids.
Best for  Age: 1.5-5 years

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4. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table – Best Sand Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand TableThe Naturally Playful Sand Table features a Kid’s sand table cover which safeguards your play sand after they are done with playtime.

The sand table lid boasts elastic straps and a lock underneath to assist safeguard your sand table against inclement weather and neighborhood animals. This Playful Sand Table boasts a five-piece tools set which include sand scooping claws!

The Step2 kid-favorite is a well-raised sand table which keeps the sand at an easy to reach the level for kids. The Playful Sand Table includes a tool’s set which contains two shovels, claw rakes, a bucket, as well as a safeguarding lid that has elastic ties which assist in keeping the sand tidy and dry.

This Playful Sand Table also boasts in roadways on a lid to provide for more imaginative and exciting play.

The soft, wood textures of the Sand Table blends with conventional residential landscapes. This toy can hold as much as forty pounds of sand. Assembling it is just a cup of tea, but adult assembly is required.
Best for  Age: 2 years & ups

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5. KidKraft Ride Around Train Set & Table – Best Table Playset

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set & TableWith the awesome Ride Around Town Train Set, your young conductors have a busy whole community at their disposal! The train set offers your loved ones hours of exciting and imaginative play as the table assists in keeping playtime off the floor and very close to the eye level.

Built of composite wood products, the set comes with 100 colorful pieces including vehicles, structures, figures, and animals. The exciting set is big enough for multiple ages of kids to play with at once.

This provides all of your little ones with many hours of imaginative fun and impressive play. For convenience, a handy storage bin is tucked neatly underneath to provide for a tidy play space.

To offer an attractive, real-world environment, the Train set & table comes with a landscape board setting which is melamine-coated. The board features pastures, an airport runway, lakes, and bridges. There is an area available to place a plastic mounting setting which features a working winch and a moveable crane.

During testing, we found that the Ride Around Town Train and table set is well-built and exciting to play with. Following the detailed, step-by-step guide, assembling the table took us less than thirty minutes to complete. Quality artisanship and presence of various hand-painted wooden figures and vehicles added a charming look which seems to lack from most plastic toys.
Best for  Age: 3-15 years

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6. Step2 Rain Shower Splash Pond Water Table Playset – Best Splash Water table

step2-rain-shower-splash-pond-water-tableThis set by Step2 is one big package full of fun activities, perfect for those toddlers who are just too full of energy throughout the day.

It’s not just a substitute for a bathtub; this neat toy provides kids with more than ample room for experimentation, curiosity, and ingenuity.

There are so many parts, in fact, that the Step2 Playset can be quite a hassle to assemble, at least for the first time. Still, with a no-nonsense layout and very colorfully indicated mounting spots for the various toys and do-dads, neither assembly nor storage should require you to look anything up in the manual.

Thankfully, the Step2 is toolless, which makes the entire affair that much easier. As for its features, well, it’s the perfect kid’s summer toy.

There’s lots of stuff to play with, and since the entire table is sectioned into two levels, a small group of kids can divide their play, or use the different heights to create a shared game. Ultimately, a lot is up to their imaginations, and that’s best in a toy like this.

For when playtime is over and the Playset needs to be put away for storage, or just left dry and neat where it is, there’s a convenient drain plug. The catch? Not just one; a hundred. Dollars, that is.

In conclusion, with the high price in mind, we still found no reason not to recommend the Step2 Water Table Playset to any parent on the lookout for this type of toy. It’s a great investment, and a great learning tool for the kids, too, without compromising on the fun any bit.
Best for  Age: 1.5-8 years

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7. Step2 Sit and Play Kids’ Picnic Table – Best Kids Picnic Table

step-2-picnic-tableThis one does stretch the definition of ‘water table’ a bit, but then again, was there ever a clear one, to begin with?

In any case, like the rest of the products in this roundup, the Sit and Play table is both a toy and a piece of miniature furniture suitable for kids to sit on, play with and such.

It is waterproof and does come with a 42-inch umbrella, so there would certainly be no problems with using this in any kind of damp environment, or in even, say, in a pool or such.

Since it’s just four plastic pieces, easily snapped together for action and back out for storage, there is no risk of damaging or losing any parts in the mid of play.

With enough seating for four and a generously cheap price point, the Step2 Sit and Play is also surprisingly practical.

Though not a water table per se, the Sit and Play Picnic Table is nevertheless a very capable addition to any playroom, and its perfectly suited toy for use in or around water, too. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether once a year or every day, this one is worth taking a look at.
Best for  Age: 1.5-4 years

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8. Step2 Duck Pond Water Table

step2-duck-water-tableThis water table, as basic as it might seem, has quite a few tricks up its sleeve that makes it special enough to receive recognition on this list of ours.

There’s lots of stuff to play with here, from a water turbine, operated by a child-sized hand crank, of course, two pairs of squirting toys, a slide and more.

It’s large enough for two, and with that neat drain plug we already loved on other Step2 products, we don’t have to stress how positive the review experience of this one was.

Again, though, what can only be described as a common pattern across the range appeared; the Duck Pond Water Table is just as inconvenient to initially assemble as its alternatives.

Also, we found some of the material choices to be sub-optimal at best; many long-term reviewers commonly report mold buildup on this particular model. It would be best for this reason to store the Duck Pond water table indoors and only take it out when needed.

In spite of the headache-inducing assembly, we can only recommend this Step2 Water Table as a great children’s toy. Blending education with fun has arguably never been this easy, though we sometimes wished during testing that, in a hypothetical future model, Step2 could make it easier still.
Best for  Age: 1.5-15 years

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9. Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay

step2-splash-and-scoop-bayThe Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay interestingly combines a fun water table with a ‘scoop bay’ to play around in, which can be filled with water to be used as a second playground, or perhaps with sand.

Alternatively, there is a large add-on lid full of water-based accessories and toys to play with that snaps onto and covers the scoop bay, which basically makes the Splash N Scoop a somewhat enlarged water table with a few extra gimmicks when used that way.

Whatever the case, apart from this unique feature, this water table performs similarly to most other Step2 products of this kind, with the exception of its size; 3 gallons of water, plus all the additional pieces that can be configured, make for a very extensive set that needs some room to work.

This only exacerbates the problem that so many other Step2 water tables already have, namely the arduous assembly process.

The Splash N Scoop Bay’s party trick is its size, the sheer number of things you can do with it, and it did an admirable job of showing off its capabilities during our testing. While you will need the space and time to set and time to set it up properly, rest assured the kids will surely love it.
Best for  Age: 2-5 years

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10. Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table

step2-wild-whirlpool-water-tableThe Wild Whirlpool is probably one of the more compact water tables on the market, but the small footprint doesn’t mean there’s any kind of compromise on functionality or fun.

On the contrary; this Step2 water table makes as much out of its diminutive dimensions as possible, with more features than many much more expansive, and expensive, contemporaries.

In fact, there are so many different optional pieces that come with the Wild Whirlpool that there’s a serious danger of losing some of them, especially due to their small size, so you’d better make sure to store the table away somewhere with care, making sure all the separate parts are secure.

Compared to other water tables, this one perhaps experiments a lot more with the things you can do with nothing more than water. From a sieve-like container to a funnel and more, this water table gives kids a bit more room to experiment with their play than you’d expect. Which is just one more reason to have it featured in a best-of like this, right?

In the end, the Step2 Wild Whirlpool is for those adventurers and explorers among toddlers, those who are just never satisfied with simple play and always invent their own games. Not only does this Step2 product offer a lot more content for this purpose, but its nature and playstyle is much more open-ended and liberal than most others.
Best for  Age: 18 month -15 years

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Wrapping Up

Water play tables for kids are indeed one of the best ways to keep children busy and cool during summer! Inspire imaginative play by allowing your children to play with the sea creatures and swimmers as they splash around in the wild and wet wonderland. Learning how to share and motor skill development are just extra bonuses that accompany water play fun.

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