What Is a Baby Sprinkle – Facts & Ideas


Baby showers haven’t just popped up in recent years. The concept of showering a new mom with gifts has been the tradition for decades. A baby sprinkle, on the other hand, has become increasingly popular and might be in the forecast for a seasoned mom.

What is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle, also referred to as a “Sprinkle Shower”, is like a toned-down version of a baby shower for an expectant mom that has already had a baby. Baby showers are traditionally given to new moms in preparation for the arrival of their first born with essentials. But second-time, third-time or however many-more-time moms still need things too!

A sprinkle is a fun way of celebrating experienced moms with a sprinkling of little things they will need for their newest addition. Plus, parties that revolve around babies are fun and exciting, not to mention a great excuse to have cake!

When to Host?

A baby sprinkle is given typically 8 to 10 weeks before the expecting mom’s due date. You want to plan it with enough time ahead of their due date, similarly to a baby shower, so she can enjoy the party and make necessary preparations.

So when is it fitting to host a baby sprinkle for a mom-to-be? A baby sprinkle may be a great way to celebrate an expecting coworker by her colleagues. A mother with one (or more) boys that is expecting a girl or vice versa will want and need new gender-specific items.

A baby sprinkle brunch would also be a great way of showing your support and welcoming a new neighbor that is expecting. These are all opportune times to throw a sprinkle shower for an expectant mom (or dad).

How to Plan – Baby Sprinkle Ideas

When it comes to planning a baby sprinkle vs shower it’s much simpler to pull off, although there are still important aspects that need to be taken. Planning and having a checklist will keep the stress to a minimum and ensure everything is taken care of.

1. Set a Date

You will need to set a date, time and location. The whole point of throwing a sprinkle party is to honor the mom-to-be so she will be the go-to person to choose the most appropriate date and time. If you’re planning it to be a surprise baby sprinkle keep it low-key without spilling the beans to get pertinent information. Find out important dates that she may not be available through casual conversation or put on as if you’re planning a get-together with her and some friends at a location that will be fitting for the occasion.

Next, you’ll want to choose a theme. This isn’t necessary, although a cute way to keep everything cohesive from decorations to invitations. Some common baby sprinkle ideas for themes revolve around the concept of the sprinkle itself with rain drops, umbrellas and similar things. The theme can also be centered around the gender of the baby, if known.

2. Make a Guest List

This type of party is typically celebrated with family and close friends. Remember, sprinkles are much more casual and laid back than showers so keep this in mind with the guest list limiting it to the closest people of the guest of honor.

For instance, a baby sprinkle brunch or breakfast at the mom-to-be’s favorite place might include immediate family and close friends for a ladies only event. For a co-ed party you would want to include dad-to-be and the significant others of the guests.

3. Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Choosing a baby sprinkle theme makes choosing an invitation design much easier and simpler. Send invites to the guest list as a little reminder about the upcoming event including details of the date, time, and location.

If the mom-to-be has a wish list of items needed this may be mentioned on the invitation, however, a registry isn’t typically listed on a baby sprinkle invite.

Instead, a sweet and subtle suggestion can be added such as ‘ome sprinkle “name of mom-to-be” with love’. Also include additional details such as kids or spouses are welcome.

4. Decorations

Planning the decor for a sprinkle party won’t be as elaborate as a shower, but little details will make a nice touch to tie everything together.

Keep the element of the theme in your decor with things like centerpieces and wall hangings that will create a backdrop for pictures. If the sprinkle shower will be held at a venue, be sure to have signs directing guests where to go.

For an at-home sprinkle party tie balloons or a ribbon to the mailbox or at the road to indicate where the party is at for guests that may be unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

5. Set the Menu

You will want to have something to offer guests at the sprinkle for refreshments including bite-sized treats and sweets. In keeping with the theme of the sprinkle, you can incorporate actual sprinkles on some of the treats such as baby sprinkle cupcakes with mini cupcakes. Consider kid-friendly favorites in your menu if kids will be welcome to the event.

6. Games or Activities

Having an activity related to the theme or concept of the baby sprinkle is always a fun way to entertain and enlighten guests. Traditional baby shower games can be included or you can invite guests to create their own custom gifts for a personal touch such as decorating onesies using fabric crafts provided.

Also offer guests a suggestion box or basket to provide the mother-to-be with helpful tips and advice for another personal touch. Don’t forget to include something for kids such as craft table.

7. Gift Ideas

Baby sprinkle gift ideas are usually centered around necessities such as diapers, onesies, and practical items the expectant mom may need. It can also be something personal for the baby-to-be such as a customized blanket, a baby book, or article of clothing.

You may want to include party favors for guests to show your appreciation for their attendance to honor the mom-to-be.

8. Don’t forget the siblings

Baby sprinkle parties are generally held for a subsequent pregnancy, so an older sibling or siblings should be celebrated as well. Including them with the party planning is a great way to help them prepare on their new role as a big brother or sister.

Have a game that includes the older siblings or offer a gift for their new role such as a cute personalized outfit or books.

Also don’t forget to send thank you note/card to your guests. This will make them feel special.

Final Words

As baby sprinkle parties gain popularity, there is still some controversy in etiquette on hosting a party with gifts for a mom expecting a subsequent child. Nevertheless, this small celebration is a nice and sweet gesture to show love and support for any expecting mom welcoming another member to the household.

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