10 Best Work Gloves (2020) | A Must Protective Gear for Professionals


Are you tired of getting dirt, cuts, and bruises on your hands while doing what you love? Then it is time for you to invest in a nice pair of work gloves.

These are invaluable additions to any craft toolbox whether you are a handy repairman or simply a DIY home gardening enthusiast.

Here is all you need to know about what your options are and how to choose the best working gloves for your specific needs.

Types of Work Gloves

There are majorly 6 types of gloves. Below are their types & use:

  1. Disposable Gloves – These are often used when handling biohazardous materials as well as slightly irritating chemicals. As the name suggests, you have to throw them away once you are done with a specific task.
  2. Aluminum Gloves – Aluminum gloves are designed to help with safe handling of really hot items. You probably wouldn’t need these for your basic gardening or DIY woodwork. However, if you are working with things like molten metals then they are the perfect choice.
  3. Leather Gloves – These are without a doubt the most versatile of the bunch. You can use them when handling mild chemicals, hot materials, dirt and even sharp objects. The flexibility of the leather also gives them the advantage of protection in addition to the multipurpose protection.
  4. Chemical Resistant Gloves – These are way better than disposable gloves when it comes to providing protection against highly corrosive chemicals. They are made from chemical-resistant materials including rubber and PVC.
  5. Cutting Resistant Gloves – Cutting gloves as the name suggests are used to provide protection against injuries when handling sharp tools and objects. More often than not they are made from tough Kevlar material.
  6. Fabric Gloves – These can be made from a variety of materials including cotton, polyester and many others. If you live somewhere with brutal winters, you probably already own a pair of these. In addition to protecting your hands from frost bite, these gloves can come in handy when you need a little extra grip when handling your working tools and equipment.

Product Comparison Table

NameMaterialCustomer RatingPrice
CLC 125M HandymanSynthetic Leather4.0Check Price
Ironclad GUG-04-LSynthetic Leather4.2Check Price
Mechanix WearThermal Plastic Rubber4.3Check Price
G & F 15226MNylon4.4Check Price
Mechanix WearSpandex4.4Check Price
Vgo AL-8736Synthetic Leather4.2Check Price
Ironclad TCX-22-SLeather4.4Check Price
TarvolSynthetic Leather4.0Check Price
G & F 3100L-DZCotton & Rubber4.6Check Price
CLC 124LSynthetic Leather4.1Check Price

Best Worke Glove Reviews

1. CLC 125M Handyman Flex Grip – Best Work Glove

You know that annoying feeling you get when your gloves keep slipping off? You do not have to worry about that with these gloves.

The use of stretchy spandex ensures a comfortable and secure fit. It has a unique snag-proof design.

The material will therefore not rip or get caught in splinters or sharp objects.

Finally, you have a lot to look forward to in terms of protection through the cold insulated padding. This design protects your hands from cold/heat-related injuries or discomfort.

Design Flaws

The material is made predominantly of synthetic leather. While this offers toughness and impact resistance, it is significantly less durable than real leather and other materials like latex and aluminum.

  • Water-resistance
  • Shrink-proof
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Not very durable
The gloves are great if you are planning on working with wood or on wet surfaces which is common in gardening. The pair is also great for handling both hot and cold objects in manual work.

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2. Ironclad GUG-04-L – Best General Utility Glove

One of the best features of this pair is the presence of localized protection. This comes in the form of padded inner palms and rubber-reinforced knuckles. These special features provide additional protection against high impact forces as well as strain.

The gloves are made from a special blend of Nylon, leather, and terry. This combination provides both strength and flexibility.

The design also includes adjustable Velcro fastening around the wrist. This allows you to customize the gloves fit and secure them on your hands while you work.

Design Flaws

The gloves, unfortunately, have poor construction. This results in tearing and ripping at the seams when subjected to continuous labor. To avoid this, avoid over-using them and consider getting an extra pair.

  • Machine washable
  • Secure and adjustable fastening
  • Offers firm grip
  • Poor chemical and cut resistance
  • Low durability
With the firm grip offered, these are ideal when handling machinery and tools in factory settings and in construction work.

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3. Mechanix Wear – Best Tactical Gloves

This is another great option that is made from synthetic leather.

Despite the material’s shortcomings when it comes to durability, the gloves are strong and very impressive in terms of protection.

You can wear them for a wide variety of safety purposes whether you are handling electric wires, factory machinery or carpentry tools.

It features unique TrekDry construction meant to promote aeration. This keeps the hands dry and warm. You, therefore, do not have to worry about drowning your hands in your own sweat or getting smelly gloves.

Design Flaws

The wrist is secured with a hook and loop fastening mechanism. This offers the benefit of snug fitting. However, the mechanism is not adjustable and thus cannot be customized to your hand and wrist size as the wearer.

  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable fit
  • They are flexible and dexterous
  • Limited applicability
If you want a combination of flexibility and protection when handling tools delicate tools, then this is the right pair for you. It could be anything from electrical wiring work to mechanical repairs.

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4. G & F 15226M nitrile coated work gloves – Best Garden Gloves for Women

These simple gloves are made entirely from Nylon.

This material offers great flexibility which is important when handling gardening tools.

The gloves also feature nitrile coating for additional protection from water and dirt as well as improved grip.

They also feature an ergonomic design that is meant to maximize your comfort as the wearer. That way, you do not have to worry about straining or things like blisters after a long day tending to your garden.

Design Flaws

These gloves are advertised as a one-size-fits-all solution. However, for people with bigger hands than the average adult, this is not always true. So if you fall into this category you might want to find more size-specific gloves.

  • High flexibility
  • Waterproof design
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Are reusable
  • They are not durable
These are perfect for simple gardening needs. They are comfortable and waterproof allowing you to carry out a variety of activities from planting and weeding to harvesting.

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5. Mechanix Wear 185220 – Best Glove for Mechanics

This pair of gloves is made from Spandex which means you can look forward to a lot of agility and flexibility.

The material is also reinforced with a thermoplastic coating for protection against high heat.

The gloves feature Mechanix’s signature TrekDry construction. This makes them breathable and therefore comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

They are available in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and others. You, therefore, do not have to worry about fitting your big or small hands into the so-called one-size-fits-all options.

Design Flaws

Unlike other models from the Mechanix Wear line, the originals lack impact protection and palm padding. This significantly limits them in terms of applicability.

  • Highly flexible
  • Adjustable wrist fastening
  • Breathable for comfort during long periods of use
  • Inadequate protection against impact
They are ideal for mechanical repairs, especially on vehicles. It could be anything from fixing the engine to changing tires.

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6. Vgo AL-8736 – Best Multi-Functional Glove

These gloves are made from a blend of Synthetic leather and spandex.

The combination offers the best of both worlds with tough resistance and great flexibility.

The design features a shirred elastic wristband. This is meant to keep the gloves firm and secure when working.

They are also available in a variety of sizes which ensures a higher likelihood of finding the perfect pair for easy and comfortable use.

Design Flaws

The materials used are highly permeable material to water and dirt. So you can expect wet hands and dirt under your nails. This is unfortunate as the gloves are marketed predominantly as a gardening and landscape set.

  • Great ergonomic design for comfort
  • Flexible material
  • A wide variety of sizes for a perfect fit
  • Limited grip control
The ergonomic design and great fit make this pair ideal for working with delicate tools. This includes tools used in gardening and landscaping. To be on the safe side, avoid direct contact with mud or other wet earth while using these gloves.

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7. Ironclad TCX-22-S – Best Synthetic Leather Gloves

They are made from a combination of leather, nylon, and terry. This ensures flexibility, quality protection, and durability.

The design also features fingernail guards which are important for high impact tasks including construction work and carpentry.

One unique design feature is the presence of a sweat-wipe pad behind thumb. You, therefore, do not have to use your sleeve or take off your glove to wipe off your brow sweat.

Design Flaws

It features foam padding that is meant to improve protection against high impact. However, this results in poor air circulation and buildup of heat and moisture within the glove.

  • Durable materials and construction
  • Ultimate dexterity with the roll-top tips and palm design
  • It tends to get hot and sweaty in the glove
It is ideal for different manual tasks including gardening, carpentry and construction work.

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8. Tarvol Leather Gloves – Best Heavy-Duty Industrial Glove

This pair is made from 100% real cow leather. This ensures durability and protection from a variety of dangers including heat, slightly irritating chemicals, sharp objects and a lot more.

Unfortunately, there is no use of elastic material to promote flexibility and snugness in the fitting.

To make up for this, the design features a protective wristband that also acts as a way to secure the gloves on your hands.

Design Flaws

It has a one-size-fits-all design and if you have big hands you know that this is never true. The worst part is that there is no elastic that could help you force your way into the small gloves.

  • High-quality construction and material
  • Offers protection against a wide variety of dangers
  • Poor dexterity and flexibility
  • One size does not actually fit all
It is great for handling sharp objects in gardening, wood cutting, and construction.

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9. G & F 3100L-DZ – Best Gloves for Construction Work

These are full fabric gloves made from cotton and latex.

The cotton makes them warm and comfortable while latex promotes flexibility. The design also includes a textured palm surface.

This is meant to promote grip when the gloves are used to handle slippery tools.

The pair is available in small, medium and large sizes which make it easier to find the perfect fit that with one-size-fits-all gloves.

Design Flaws

The use of latex coating can cause problems if you are allergic to the material. This will result in a range of reactions from simple dermatitis to serious anaphylactic shock. So if you are allergic to latex you should keep searching.

  • Firm, slip-free grip on tools
  • Comfortable fit
  • Flexible design
  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Limited protection capabilities
These are like warm mittens you can take to work with you. They are perfect for handling cold and slippery tools.

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10. CLC 124L Workright Gloves – Best in Grip

This is the second pair of CLC gloves on this list and features the brand’s signature blend of synthetic leather and spandex.

This ensures agility when handling tools and protection from cuts, heat, and water. The main difference is that this pair’s design lacks cold weather insulation present in the CLC 125 model reviewed above.

It also has padded knuckles and fingertips for additional protection against high impact forces. Finally, the pair comes with a special elastic Velcro cuff for easy fastening and unfastening.

Design Flaws

As with the other CLC pair, synthetic leather is not durable. It tends to rip when exposed to continuous high friction use.

  • Shrink resistant
  • Tough material for protection against a wide variety of dangers
  • Can be stiff especially if the fit is snug
The tough material and agility offered, make the pair perfect for construction and safe handling of sharp objects like thorns in gardening and landscaping.

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Buying Guide – What to consider when choosing work gloves

  • Fit – Finding gloves that fit is important not only for comfort but for your safety. If you go too large there are chances of the gloves slipping off exposing your hands to danger. If they are too small they will be uncomfortable and restricting.
  • Material – The choice of material you settle for will be determined mainly for the task at hand. As already discussed, different materials are used in different types of gloves and for different activities. However, if you are working on a tight budget you will never go wrong with leather.
  • Durability – A good pair of gloves will not come cheap. You therefore need to ensure that you settle for something with excellent construction and high quality material. That way, durability is a guarantee and you can have your gloves around for a long time. There is no way to truly get full value for your money.
  • Flexibility – A good fit is ideal but you need to ensure that you still have some range of motion. Flexibility is important as it allows you to still be able to manipulate different tools and equipment. Think of the gloves as an extra layer of skin.
  • Safety – Finally, consider what type of protection the gloves are offering and compare this to your specific needs. It could be heat insulation, chemical resistance, protection from water and so much more.

Final verdict

Whether you are buying your first pair or a replacement set of working gloves, this set of tips and guidelines should come in handy. You could also consider our top 10 picks if you do not know exactly where to start your search. Now that you have this wealth of information, go forth and start your search for the newest addition to your handy work arsenal.

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